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Flöck op Jöck - ich unternehme Wandertouren in Köln und im Umland. Die Touren plane ich entweder über komoot oder nehme auch an geführten Wanderungen des Kölner Eifelvereins teil (derzeit aufgrund der Corona Einschränkungen leider keine Aktivitäten).

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    1. RobertO

      .... the rain stops filling the streets
      Let's finally hear it again
      The sea and the waves ...
      (Let's go / Gunslinger)
      Hello! Greetings from East Friesland / Greetsiel 🐠🦀🐑✌️
      In order to read all the East Frisian thrillers that I took with me and to count the numerous dike sheep, I will only look sporadically in Komoot for the next 14 days. So, before my comments and contributions, you have some rest for a while :-))
      I wish you a good time and lots of great tours 🙋‍♂️

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Johannes and RobertO planned a hike.

    3 days ago

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  3. RobertO went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. RobertO

      Today's tour I took over from Komoot (unfortunately I don't know from whom) and just changed it a little. In the end it was a mixture of familiar and new sections of the route for me.The start was in Wormersdorf, very close to the sports field. After a short walk along the fields, you go into the shady forest, which gives off a noticeably pleasant coolness even in summer temperatures. The first destination is the Tomburg castle ruins. I always think that when you arrive at the top, the great view compensates for the ascent. After a very short stretch along the fire route, you go back into the forest and continue on a mixture of well-developed hiking trails and sometimes beautiful paths to the entrance to Hilberath. Unfortunately, the St. Martin church was closed, otherwise you can visit an old slider organ from the 17th century, which is the oldest playable organ in the Rhineland.The “Café in the old barn” in Hilberath had finally reopened. After a little more than half of the route, I of course treated myself to a delicious ice cream parlor as a reward. Before going back to the starting point, a short detour to the starting point of many hiking tours, the “gateway to the Eifel”, was of course a must.Conclusion: not a spectacular tour, but recommended due to the high proportion of shady forest paths and the moderate climbs even in summer temperatures.

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      • 7 days ago

  4. RobertO went for a hike.

    June 7, 2021

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    1. RobertO

      For today's tour I was once again inspired by the Stadtteile series in the Kölner-Stadt-Anzeiger. The start was at the terminus of line 12 in Cologne-Zollstock. Across my old home in Raderthal, it goes first over the Fritz-Encke-Volkspark into the outer green belt and then towards Rodenkirchen. The first highlight of this round is definitely the peony blossom in the forest botanical garden. The colors of these flowers are really impressive.The real goal, however, was the flood pumping station in Cologne-Rodenkirchen. After the devastating floods in the 1990s, a flood protection concept was developed and visibly implemented. In addition to the efficiency, attempts have also been made to adapt the systems to the surrounding landscape. But the technology is also impressive, the pumping system in Rodenkirchen can handle up to 8000 liters. per second, which corresponds to around 50 bathtub fillings!Apart from the beautiful Rhine beach, there is also a lot else in Rodenkirchen that is worth looking at. So also the landmark of Rodenkirchen, the chapel Alt-Sankt Maternus, built in the 10th century, in the historic town center.What hardly anyone knows is the warehouse for the mobile flood elements on the outskirts of Rodenkirchen, immediately to the left of the motorway bridge. The interior of this hall is extraordinary, three glass columns shine diffusely like cylindrical lanterns. These glass columns are also responsible for the statics at the same time. The two architects also received the NRW Architecture Prize for the interior design of this warehouse in 2011. I was lucky and, thanks to a friendly employee, was able to take a quick look into the hall. Otherwise the area is not accessible, which I think is a shame.

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      • June 7, 2021

  5. RobertO went for a hike.

    June 2, 2021

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    1. RobertO

      I ran the tour in a similar way last year. This time, too, the starting point was the Kaiserbahnhof in Brühl-Kierberg. Within sight of the workers' cathedral of St. Servatius, we first head towards Heider Bergsee. The lake and the shady trees give off a pleasant coolness. Over the Franziskussee it goes to the Bleibtreusee, then the Nordfeldweiher and over the Werkstattweiher then to the last lake on the circuit, the Margarethenweiher.For me it is not about walking as many lakes as possible, but I always find that each of these lakes has its own characteristics. The Heider Bergsee and Bleibtreusee are livelier lakes and offer swimming opportunities and other attractions. The other smaller lakes exude tranquility and are more of a nature reserve for plants and animals. The pond and water lilies, which are about to bloom, are very nice to watch.A brief note about the route: the shore path on the Bleibtreusee listed on Komoot is very attractive, but after about halfway it is only passable with climbing to a limited extent. Hence the note “with obstacles” in the title. Just stay on the main path at Bleibtreusee, then the route is very easy to walk. Here is the link for the revised route planning:

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      • June 2, 2021

  6. RobertO went for a hike.

    May 31, 2021

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    1. RobertO

      After the Komoot route on the Sahrbacher Höhenweg led me into the Eifel wilderness last year, I wanted to know again today. Very "old school" I had ordered a hiking map via the Freundeskreis Sahrbachtal, which was sent to me very quickly and unbureaucratically (if anyone reads this, thank you very much !!). With the help of the hiking map, I was able to plan the round perfectly using Komoot.The 17 km long high trail leads over the green Ahrberg Mountains of the Sahrbach valley from Kreuzberg train station past Lind, Plittersdorf, Effelsberg to Kirchsahr. The first ascent from Kreuzberg follows the Ahrsteig and leads up to the Breidert (altitude: 421 m). At the top you will be rewarded again and again later with fantastic views over the Ahr and Rhine valleys to the Siebengebirge. Shortly before Kirchsahr I left the Höhenweg again and walked a short distance down the Holzener Weg to Binzenbach. From here the valley path “Sahrbachweg” leads back to Kreuzberg in a relaxed manner.Conclusion: the circular hike leads through a varied nature, with many forests, green meadows and a multitude of wildflowers. The paths are well marked, well-developed sections alternate with beautiful hiking trails. The round can be expanded or shortened without further ado. If someone is interested, just let us know.

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      • May 31, 2021

  7. RobertO went for a hike.

    May 28, 2021

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    1. RobertO

      I took over the tour from Judith Mäh a few weeks ago, first of all thank you very much for this nice hiking recommendation.The 17 km long hiking tour combines the cultural landscape of the Siegtal with a historical tour through the medieval town of Blankenberg. I started at the hiking car park at the Steiner Mühle, below the castle ruins of the town of Blankenberg. On a beautiful path along the Sieg, it first goes through the Siegtal towards Merten. Via the Krabachtal and the Ravensteiner Bachtal, you then continue to the historic city walls of the city of Blankenburg.A good part of the route runs along the Natursteig Sieg, which I had never seen before. Forests, numerous wild meadows in bloom, the Sieg and various smaller streams characterize this round tour. Well-developed paths alternate with - in some cases - narrow hiking trails.Further information:
      By the way, hard to believe, Bob Dylan celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this week.

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      • May 28, 2021

  8. RobertO went for a hike.

    May 20, 2021

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    1. RobertO

      Who actually invented this original cologne? What many do not know, long before 4711 there was the scented water of a certain Mr. Farina. He had already brought his Eau de Cologne onto the market in 1709 and sold it very successfully all over the world.It must have been a terrible smell that wafted through the streets of Cologne at the beginning of the 18th century: Hardly any house had a toilet; people, even the nobility, washed themselves as seldom as possible for fear of illness - and household rubbish just threw them out the window onto the street. Johann Maria Farina, who was elected from Cologne, smelled particularly bad: he had an absolute sense of smell, could break down smells into their components and analyze them individually. Farina turned his gift into a profession - as a perfumer he wanted to give Cologne and the world a more fragrant note. He traveled all over the world, always looking for the ultimate fragrance. Farina had actually created a fragrance of the century, completely different from the heavy essences that were known until then. He called it “Farina Original Eau de Cologne” - Original Eau de Cologne - and thus created the world's first modern perfume.Due to its success, of course, many imitators became aware of this scented water. Patent protection in its current form did not yet exist, so that many other products quickly came onto the market. One of them was the merchant Wilhelm Mülhens, who was now also selling his eau de Cologne in Cologne's Glockengasse at number 4711.If you want, the whole story is interestingly explained under the following link:
      Not all photos are themed. When I walk through Cologne, I always find it difficult to walk past motifs. The Belgian quarter in particular would be worth a photo tour on its own, which I will certainly do soon.

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      • May 20, 2021

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