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About RobertO

"Gib jedem Tag die Chance, der schönste deines Lebens zu werden" - (Mark Twain)Meine Wandertouren unternehme ich meist im Kölner Umland oder auch in der Stadt selbst. Die Touren plane ich über Komoot oder nehme auch an geführten Touren des Eifelverein OG Brühl teil. Auch Gäste werden übrigens herzlich zur Teilnahme an Wanderungen eingeladen.Weitere Infos:

Distance travelled

2,085 mi

Time in motion

598:52 h

Recent Activity
  1. RobertO went for a hike.

    4 days ago

    Urlaub im Urwald - Rottauenwege und Waldkapelle 🥾😎

    6.77 mi
    3.6 mph
    525 ft
    550 ft
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    1. RobertO

      Vacation in the jungle


      I go there for myself in the jungle...

      How nice that I'm in the jungle:

      you can hike here for as long as

      one primeval tree stands next to the other.

      And on the trees, leaf by leaf,

      hangs vacation. Nice to have him!


      We rediscovered this poem by the unforgotten exceptional humorist Heinz

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      • 3 days ago

  2. RobertO and Sus went for a hike.

    June 17, 2022

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    1. RobertO

      The Ville is beautiful at any time of the year, in winter the tranquility, in spring a sea of wood anemones and in autumn the colorful foliage. In summer, the dense deciduous forests provide shade and the lakes provide a pleasant coolness. In addition, numerous water lilies are currently showing their

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      • June 19, 2022

  3. RobertO and Sus went for a hike.

    June 14, 2022

    10.5 mi
    2.6 mph
    1,950 ft
    2,650 ft
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    1. RobertO

      After the previous stage had gradually moved away from the Rhine, the route leads back down into the Middle Rhine Valley. In addition to pleasantly cool forest paths, there are always open spots and passages that offer a view of the valley. About three kilometers before the stage destination is the Neuwied

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      • June 15, 2022

    1. RobertO

      I am carrying out the reconnaissance tour (route hike) through the south of Cologne on August 10th, 2022 for the Eifelverein OG Brühl. Guests are also welcome. More information and registration at the following email address:



      General information and hiking program:



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      • June 13, 2022

  4. RobertO went for a hike.

    June 10, 2022

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    1. RobertO

      The tour was a continuation of my Rheinsteig stage hike from last year. Start and finish can be reached by public transport - the 9 euro ticket has already paid for itself! Another advantage is that you can use this ticket across the transport network. Anyone who has ever tried to book a ticket for the

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      • June 10, 2022

  5. Selma and RobertO went for a hike.

    June 3, 2022

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    1. Selma

      On this Cologne exploration tour I was again very lucky to have an insider with me 😊.

      Many thanks to @RobertO for the tour planning and accompaniment. As always, it was very entertaining and I really enjoyed it.

      I also really liked this part of Cologne.


      On the way, we received the news via the Nina Warnapp

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      • June 4, 2022

  6. Keith and RobertO went for a hike.

    June 2, 2022

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    1. Keith

      I went on my 666 umpteenth tour together with RobertO (thanks again for your planning). Exactly the right conclusion to my previous Moselle hikes. Have fun looking at the photos and a great song from a great band. (relatively unknown in Germany, didn't know them either until I went to one of their concerts

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      • June 3, 2022

  7. RobertO and 3 others went for a hike.

    May 27, 2022

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    1. RobertO

      Actually, the weather app had promised something else, but we accepted it as it was and started walking in a light drizzle, but in a good mood. Right at the starting point you already have a great view of the Benedictine monastery of Maria Laach.


      We continued along a beautiful flower meadow in the direction

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      • May 28, 2022

  8. Silvia, GEVI ⚧ and 163 others like this.
    1. RobertO

      @GF recently reported about water buffalos in Freudenthal here on Komoot: komoot.de/tour/769866921 (thanks for the inspiration). The winter before last I was already looking for the animals, but without success. Afterwards I found out that the animals have their winter quarters in the Wahner Heide and

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      • May 25, 2022

  9. Ingrid and 4 others went for a hike.

    May 18, 2022

    9.10 mi
    3.1 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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    1. RobertO

      Many thanks to @Ingrid and the Eifelverein OG Brühl e.V. for planning and organizing this beautiful hike through the Urdenbacher Kämpe. Despite the almost midsummer temperatures, the tour was a lot of fun in good company. At the final stop in the "Hotte-Hü" there was also a deserved cooling off 🧊🍺🙋‍♂️

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      • May 18, 2022

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