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About Selma

Wandern ist eine Tätigkeit der Beine und ein Zustand der Seele
(Josef Hofmiller)
Alle Fotos: ©Selma. Alle Rechte vorbehalten!

Distance travelled

1,085 mi

Time in motion

315:43 h

Recent Activity
  1. Selma and 🎶 🍀Aki🍀 🎶 went for a hike.

    a day ago

    Düsseldorf: Aaper Wald und rund um die Galopp-Rennbahn, nicht im 🐌 Tempo, aber mit 🐌

    7.12 mi
    3.5 mph
    500 ft
    500 ft
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    1. Selma

      Yesterday we met for the first time for a hike together in the Aaper Forest in Düsseldorf.

      Thank you so much @🎶 🍀Aki🍀 🎶 for planning this lovely round.

      I really enjoyed the tour with you!😊


      The start was at the Rolandsburg hiking car park near the horse racing track. From there it went through the Aaper

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      about 4 hours ago
  2. Selma and Mariu' went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. Yesterday we ran the 3rd stage of the Natursteig Sieg, from Merken to Blankenberg, i.e. in the opposite direction of the previous stages, because we wanted to make a final stop in Blankenberg.


      The stage is pretty much identical to 2/3 of the Drei-Tälererweg, which we walked a while ago. I hadn't looked

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      2 days ago
  3. Selma went on a Tour.

    March 11, 2023

    1. Yesterday I met a friend in Düsseldorf to visit a museum.

      Being able to explore the city with an insider was great fun.

      Thank you 😊.


      It started at the train station.

      Originally we only wanted to go to the NRW Forum.

      Instead of taking the subway, we walked. I was able to discover a lot that was new for me

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      March 12, 2023
  4. RobertO and Selma went for a hike.

    March 6, 2023

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    1. The "Schmitzchen Schleicher" hiking trail is a so-called permanent hiking trail and can be hiked in different variants (7, 12, 20, 32 and 42 km). Permanent hiking trails are offered throughout Germany, can be hiked all year round and can be done in any weather. This is the description of these paths

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      March 6, 2023
  5. Selma and Mariu' went for a hike.

    February 27, 2023

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    1. The day before yesterday we walked the second stage of the Natursteig Sieg.

      This time we parked at the Blankenberg train station and drove two stations back to the starting point in Hennef. From there we went on the access road, which we already knew from the first stage, back to the trail, that was the

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      February 28, 2023
  6. Selma and Johanna went for a hike.

    February 26, 2023

    8.61 mi
    3.3 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. Today @Johanna and I went on a great tour at Obersprockhövel.

      I saw the round at Johanna's last year and saved it.

      All the nicer to be able to walk them together now.

      The day with fantastic weather and in nice company was a lot of fun for me.

      Thank you very much dear Johanna 🤗


      The area is beautiful. There

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      February 26, 2023
  7. Selma went for a hike.

    February 22, 2023

    1. HURRA, finally a day that wasn't gray.

      Actually I hadn't planned anything, but the nice weather pulled me out.

      I've been planning to explore the Neue Bahnstadt in Leverkusen Opladen on foot for a long time.


      But there should also be a bit of nature, so my round began with a walk in the Wiembachtal.


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      February 24, 2023
  8. Selma went for a hike.

    February 20, 2023

    1. Rose Monday 🥳🎉🍬's alternative program:

      This A4 tour can be started from several hiking car parks. We decided to park on Scheurener Straße. This also had the advantage that the least attractive section could be completed right at the beginning. Unfortunately, you walk almost 2 kilometers along a road

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      February 20, 2023
  9. Selma and Mariu' went for a hike.

    February 16, 2023

    7.97 mi
    3.6 mph
    200 ft
    200 ft
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    1. Women's Shrovetide.

      We dress up as hikers and set off...



      Since it was forecast to be pretty gray today and it was also supposed to rain around noon, we decided to do this short, flat tour across from Wesseling.

      A while ago I saw a tour in this area at @Wanderheld (thank

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      February 16, 2023
  10. Selma and Mariu' went for a hike.

    February 11, 2023

    1. There are 5 marked* trails near Biesfeld.

      The circular route B1 has been on the to-do list for a long time.

      (* unfortunately the marking of the B1 is very incomplete.

      In some places there are new-looking metal signs, at other junctions and path passages there are no markings at all. You wouldn't find the

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      February 11, 2023
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