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About Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️
Distance travelled

3,029 mi

Time in motion

1179:00 h

Recent Activity
  1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️ went for a hike.

    a day ago

    SAARBURG - Stadtrunde und Warsberg - traumhaft! 🥰👍

    3.34 mi
    2.1 mph
    425 ft
    125 ft
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    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      Visited the beautiful city of Saarburg yesterday afternoon, very picturesque with the waterfall in the middle 🤩. An old town, beautifully prepared with everything that goes with it for tourism. We walked up to the castle via three market places with a 🤩🤩 view, strolled through alleys and along the

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      • about 4 hours ago

  2. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️ went for a hike.

    a day ago

    9.32 mi
    3.3 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,125 ft
    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      Moved into our apartment yesterday from 3 p.m. After settling in and shopping, we set off for the first tour under an overcast sky; Start from the front door to the above-mentioned dream loop. Too long to finish, we continued today.

      Highlight yesterday the vantage point at Vogelfelsen! 🤩 The route ran

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      • a day ago

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    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      No matter what the weather is like, the dog has to go! We zooge 6.15 h gene Busebersch, of course ram without Komoot ... wor jo nix talked ... and it word ä schäni Duur. Then we'll draw the same noo... 😂


      Nu hogge mer widder dehäm in the dungeon, awwer who early unnerweg isch can donors a reschde…


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      • June 19, 2022

    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️


      When I saw the tour of @Kauai on Sunday, I immediately noticed a great similarity with my planned tour from February 😂...

      We don't need 31 degrees today, so leave early... I took a path that was still unknown to me, and it turned out to be a good alternative to the cow path, but hardly used... but very

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      • June 17, 2022

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    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      Immerse yourself in hiking nostalgia...

      Very relaxed, quiet round on this sunny, hot holiday... with an early start.

      Exactly 10 😄 shady parking spaces on the old B 10 (much more in the sun). Ascent via a gravel path 🙄 (feeder to the shoemaker's path).

      Our tour went over soft sandy forest paths and paths

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      • June 16, 2022

    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      Much warm 🥵 with a cloudless sky and 28 degrees in the shade... which we only had in the ravines. Even rhymes 😂.

      Lovely and varied landscape in an eco-region with wine, grain (without Allehol!), meadows, fruit trees, some forest (here the pan forest) and as a geographical feature the ravines that gave

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      • June 14, 2022

    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      The Kranzwoog, which is getting smaller and smaller, delights the eye once a year with water lilies. 🤩

      Pretty, in the morning still shady round with a few "beauties". It can be greatly expanded with Kaletschkopf (also Felsen) and Hohle Felsen.

      Thanks to my cell phone, which seemed to be in a good mood

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      • June 12, 2022

  5. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️ went for a hike.

    June 10, 2022

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    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      What do 🐕 and 🙋🏻‍♀️ do when 👱🏻‍♂️ has to go to the doctor in Pirmasens in the middle of such a beautiful day? Well, use this circumstance to explore the Strecktal and Steinbachtal valleys...


      The Strecktalpark at the Dynamicum was impressive in terms of the season and the beautiful weather ☀️; but

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      • June 10, 2022

  6. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️ went for a hike.

    June 8, 2022

    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      …to get the most out of this day.

      Weather like in April. Still left this morning, just like that, without Komoot and planning with a half-empty battery...

      Still, something came out of it, probably familiar to most; no matter 😄.

      What is new, however, is that the Hochsteinkanzel has now been secured all

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      • June 8, 2022

    1. Rita mit Ronnie 🇺🇦☮️

      Excursion to the Black Forest.

      From Baden-Baden, where my dear husband will soon be in rehab, we first drove through the beautiful Baden Rebland; then on the B 500 with a station at the Schwarzenbachtalsperre and via Forbach and Bermersbach, also beautiful, to Geroldsau, where we would spend the night

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      • June 3, 2022

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