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    1. Nicolet

      Wanderparkplatz_ Wildeckstraße, 74360 Ilsfeld
      Despite the many highlights, this tour left me with mixed feelings, so I would not recommend it unreservedly. The nice thing was that, as you would expect from a star menu, it continued to increase over the course of time. Starting from a nice parking lot, it went for a long time on wide paths and the little town Beilstein on this side to the Wunnenstein tower. Despite being lonely on a hill (and surrounded by beautiful paths there), the tower was closed due to the current situation. Again on broad paths but in beautiful green surroundings, we reached the equally insignificant village of Oberstenfeld, which nevertheless had excellent ice cream. The ominous thunder above us, after all, kept raining until we had our ice cream. Then there was everything that was possible. The hedge, behind which we ducked for lack of alternatives, eventually gave up resistance. Fortunately, the spectacle only lasted about 15 minutes and we left our cover soaked through. A really nice way to Lichtenberg Castle. Unfortunately, the castle was partially scaffolded and the paths around it were ransacked by construction machinery. It had also been decided to keep the castle gate locked despite the opening hours. After a 5 km dry spell, the pretty Hohenbeilstein Castle, where even the open-air catering had opened. Now finally beautiful paths and trails, two small lakes and from afar you could always look forward to the approaching, very pretty castle Wildeck with its half-timbered oriels. From there it was not far to the small delicacy at the end, the castle ruin Helfenberg. In contrast to the playful castle Wildeck, a simple, dark cube.

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      • 3 days ago

  2. Nicolet went for a hike.

    6 days ago

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    1. Nicolet

      The tour should be a homage to KISS, which (not only) inspires me with its sunrise tours. Since I was actually dreaming of the climb when the alarm clock rang at 3:00, it was surprisingly easy for me to get up. I had everything fixed the night before and was therefore quickly on the street. Nevertheless, when I looked in the rearview mirror while driving, I found that I had screwed up. The sky was already red. Falling out of the car in the parking lot, the cows just lifted their eyelids tiredly as I rushed past. On the pointed rock, I enjoyed my breakfast in peace during the rest of the sunrise.
      I couldn't stop my curiosity at the Hohenlochenhütte and looked into the barrel-shaped hut to find out what was inside. The sleepy pairs of eyes that looked at me were no less surprised than I was. I quickly moved on. I wouldn't have missed the piece between here and the Brandenkopf. It was far from beautiful. Three construction sites for wind turbines and huge, wide roads cut into the forest ran through the entire route. Countless trees had lost their lives here for environmental protection, I cannot say what the game thinks of it. I was lucky on the Brandenkopf, the tower was already open. It is not particularly spectacular, but for 60 cents you get the chance for an all-round view. Now finally dreamlike rock-root paths.
      At 9:30 a.m. my stomach asked for lunch. We hadn't bet like that.
      Next stop, Husen Castle, where the sign "Steep climb from here" motivated me to try it out and redesign my route. I was rewarded with the tree trunk sky ladder and a few nice impressions of Hausach. A bit along the river Enz, over a wooden bridge and from then on again on a steep path, strong energy reserves are tapped. Back at the car at 11:30 I got rid of all unnecessary weight and decided that I deserved another stroll with ice through Wolfach.

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      • 6 days ago

  3. Nicolet and Lada went for a hike.

    May 29, 2020

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    1. Nicolet

      The first three? Kilometers of the tour I thought I had planned a lot of rubbish today, as the path only took place on wide forest paths, which then turned into gravel paths. But from the Neckarriedkopfhütte, which is by the way very nicely located in the forest and offers a wonderful view, the route became a dream. Only narrow paths, sometimes over soft, sometimes through densely overgrown forest floor. The beam was burned to the face when it passed through man-sized foxglove fields. A dream in purple. At some point the enchanted path ended abruptly on a double-track ICE route. The moment we gave up our reluctance to cross it, I discovered a tiny underpass. Crossing the adjacent road, a huge old mill followed, up the mountain into the residential area of Neckargemünd. At the end of a cul-de-sac a piece of forest and the castle ruins of Reichenstein, beautifully situated and completely overgrown but not much to explore. Since the town center was not far, we gave in to the desire for an ice cream and started looking for an ice cream parlor. With renewed energy, we went in search of the lost place that I had found. A huge area with a completely overgrown former park in the middle of an old clinic. The story is interesting to read
      Now it was time to climb the descending meters of altitude again with a detour through the sea of rocks. From here in a partly very steep path on a direct path back to the Königstuhl.

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      • May 30, 2020

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    1. Nicolet

      Today again with novel and flood of images :-)I normally shy away from such a long journey, but with their tours and tips Martina and Ronny67 made this tour so tasty that I couldn't resist. Tasty in the truest sense of the word, even the ice cream parlor was perfect. Thanks to you.This tour packed with highlights is really worth a trip. It starts with a path that is difficult to find and if nothing had hung a sign of the Way of St. James, we would have thought we were wrong. To warm up, the waiting tower was on the list, a small tower in the middle of the forest, which we later recognized from the hill opposite. Meticulously planned, an ice cream (this time with 3 balls) should strengthen us for the upcoming tour after a short stroll through the old town. Wertheim is beautifully situated on the quietly flowing Main and invites you to linger and be amazed. From the bank it went straight up a long zigzag staircase to Wertheim Castle. For 2 € you can pass a turnstile and visit the incredibly large castle with many corners to be discovered. An edition that is definitely worth it. Shortly before the exit, a wooden staircase is installed, which gives the impression that it is going to the restaurant, there are also no signposts. Curiosity pays off here. Suddenly there is a staircase around two corners, and in the end you can actually go up to the tower, which we almost missed. After leaving the castle we had just 6 km and almost two hours behind us. Another 20km should follow. Narrow paths, sometimes wider paths, then the White Tower, the courtyard garden and the little castle are already 2 km away. The landscape changed completely into high meadows swaying in the wind, the Main flowed quietly alongside, then the crossing of the particularly wide lock with an additional bridge. Here the entry into the adventurous path was not exactly straightforward and led through a green tunnel, suddenly a small quarry, and only following the path on Komoot between and through old building remains. The climb was worth it, an idyllic path along the “ridge” awaited us. I didn't have the course of the tour in mind and was therefore all the more astonished when the impressive tunnel portal from 1881 suddenly opened up on the narrow footpath. With the Grafiti decorated steel gate, it also looked different from a conventional tunnel. A paved path with a sidewalk that didn't seem to fit the year of construction also disturbed the normal feeling. The deeper you went, the more weird it got. Total darkness, no light that announces the end of the tunnel, strange noises further back. The noises turned out to be water dripping from the ceiling, again and again large indentations in the sides of the tunnel, in which several people could easily hide. Always in the expectation when it would get lighter, suddenly the surprise. The tunnel was bricked up, a door opening was left open. It looked more like a ruin, did you go out here? Far from it, the tunnel continued, but without asphalt, only with gravel, some indentations were not completely completed. The longer we went, the faster we became and the question arose whether it might be locked in the end. Suddenly, the tunnel made a bend, a little light. Seldom had I felt 730 m long and never before had a tunnel been so exciting. We were so caught up in the experience and the cold that had driven us to the bone that we hardly noticed for a long time that the path was now rather boring and only had to be completed. Finally, we were rewarded with a wonderful view of Wertheim Castle. Thanks again to Martina and Ronny for the great tips.

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      • May 28, 2020

  5. Nicolet went for a hike.

    May 24, 2020

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    1. Michael

      Funny if Nicolet doesn't write a novel about it 😳

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      • May 24, 2020

  6. Nicolet and Lada went for a hike.

    May 19, 2020

    2.98 mi
    2.2 mph
    800 ft
    750 ft
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    1. Nicolet

      Finally, there should be a short relaxing tour today. Then the Starzlachklamm offered itself. The large parking lot and the innumerable signs that a mask is compulsory in the gorge suggests that there are children and bowlers on weekends. At 8:30 we were at least the first and only and at the ticket booth (€ 3.50 / person) they hurried to set up the blocking table. The valley and gorge were very idyllic, only the sound of babbling and birdsong could be heard. We passed a not very long but very pretty gorge with impressive water hollows on narrow rock paths and footbridges. The following steep climb out of the gorge was at least as worth seeing and ended suddenly in absolute contrast, an alpine meadow illuminated by sun. Where the view of the snow-capped Alps opened, the sign of a nice hut offered Coffee To-go and it seemed very tempting to enjoy this view while sitting on the meadow for a while. But we were suddenly dismissed "naa, now ned" and quickly closed the door behind us. So after about 1 ½ hours we got back to our car and went home.

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      • May 20, 2020

  7. Nicolet and Lada went mountaineering.

    May 18, 2020

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    1. Nicolet

      This tour is difficult to describe with words or pictures and was by far the most beautiful of the three tours. For a change, it started off comfortably with an alpine meadow. While the other two seemed to consist largely of ascents and descents in serpentines, this was varied from start to finish and crowned by overwhelming views. The ascent to the first summit, the Breitenberg, went steadily but not steeply upwards and opened up ever more beautiful views, interspersed with little scrambling, a lowland Tyrolean like me. What follows now is described in as “one of the most beautiful tours in the Upper Allgäu”., vom first summit, the Breitenberg, you have an overwhelming view of what to expect, including the descending switchbacks on the descent. If the tightrope walk starts off comfortably with mountain pines, it soon becomes rough, karstic and above all scree. If you dare to take your eyes off the path, the breathtaking view will take your breath away in all directions. There are some unsecured scrambles, the steeper ones have ropes attached and they are consistently well marked with the white / blue symbol. The climb is rated as easy with Category B, which the locals overtaking us convincingly proved. The rock with many edges offered sufficient handles and steps to master them, the rope gave you additional security. As soon as there were no ropes, the mental strain was not insignificant for me. Lada was finally in her element and also stormed forward happily. The path between Heubatspitze and Rotspitze was again a comfortable path. At the Rotspitze it was then necessary to descend to 840 m from 2010 m. Here again a few scrambles awaited us, this time downhill, adorned with plenty of rubble and a small snow field. Now we could see the serpentines live and we didn't agree whether they had appeared steeper from the other side or not. Once on the first alpine meadow, we took a break and looked at what we had done today. Hard to believe.
      But we still had 7 km to the car in front of us, so we went on. Who would have thought that we would be happy about a wide, flat forest path? As a gentle end, we went a long way along the gurgling Ostrach.
      Although my Garmin watch showed about 100hm more than Komoot on every hike, it was still of the opinion that these should be regarded as "relaxation" and I finally had to do some sport again. Well then …

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      • May 20, 2020

  8. Nicolet and Lada went for a hike.

    May 17, 2020

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    1. Nicolet

      The absence of the promised morning sun made us dawdle and when we finally arrived at the planned parking lot at 8:30, it was already completely overcrowded. So the starting point was inevitably rescheduled, but this was not an advantage with the following serpentines, gradients and root paths. Two times during the ascent we came across the huge waterfall (huge more because of the length than because of the water masses). After that nothing distracted from the steady climb. At some point the forest opened, further on alpine meadows, then mountain pine and finally only scree. After 6 km we had already covered more than 1000 m of altitude and reached the top of the shooting range. A snow field blocked the way at an extremely steep point, so we stuck to the mountain pines, which we had copied from our predecessors. A few more snowfields followed, which could be crossed with due caution. The next summit, Ponten, again quite scree, was a bit upstream to the highest point and could be reached with a little scrambling along a narrow path. After 5 hours and just 8 kilometers and already 1320 hm (according to Garmin), we were at the crossroads to the third planned summit, which was karstically and enormously ahead of us. Even if it was difficult, we let reason prevail and started the descent, which helped us to take a leisurely break on an alpine meadow. The mountain rescue team had a hell of a lot to do today, we observed five flights. At least they didn't have to save us and we still had some fun at Wildfräuleinstein when we squeezed through the narrow cave passage there.

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      • May 17, 2020

  9. Nicolet and Lada went mountaineering.

    May 16, 2020

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    1. Nicolet

      For weeks I've been dreaming of finally going to the mountains. Now it is time. 3 days nothing but mountains are on the plan.
      The weather for today was not very well reported, so I postponed the originally planned tour and should instead use the (supposed) rest tour. The weather god meant it very well with us, and we were very happy that we only had to lose some of the view, but otherwise stayed dry.
      After a short detour to the Schleierfall, the path designated as the hiking path went constantly higher and later into very stony paths, which were rocky, into the fog wall. The first summit cross in the fog, further on a narrow stony path. The highlight, the long way over the ridge, was easy. No dizzying spots and only little scrambling. The descent started quite rocky, later rocky again, then almost exclusively over roots. The constant downhill and paying attention to every step was then quite exhausting and the sure-footedness on the Iselergrat remained so that we did not smile at the insured places in the Tobelweg, as perhaps otherwise, but gratefully accepted them. Since my feet were causing problems again, I was actually glad to be able to take off my shoes and put my feet up after 16 km.

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      • May 16, 2020

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