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Kurz und knapp über mich: Vom Workaholic zum HikerholicKann man in diesem Fall "Danke Covid-19!" sagen? Wenn's um Fitness und Selbsterfahrung geht sicherlich. Wenn's ums Berufsleben geht und man seine Berufung in der Touristik gefunden hatte, sicherlich nicht. Aber die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt. Mein Ziel ist es nach Corona die viel gepriesene Work-Life-Balance gefunden zu haben. Bis dahin bin ich viel und gerne zu Fuß - am liebsten längere und immer länger werdende Strecken - unterwegs"Gut Fuß!" hat mir der Leiter der Montagswanderer zugerufen, als ich ihm im Oktober 2020 auf meiner ersten Langstrecke auf dem E9 bei Pepelow (dt. Ostseeküste) begegnete. Ein Gruß, der aufmunternde Hoffnung in sich trägt!

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  1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    a day ago

    17.4 mi
    3.4 mph
    1,925 ft
    1,975 ft
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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      It wasn't so easy yesterday to find the right tour for today, because I had some guidelines:
      - Due to lack of time, it should not be too far away; preferably without a car
      - I didn't want to walk on familiar paths; thus the Feldberg was eliminated
      - It should have been around 25 km and
      - offer some highlights.
      I pondered and rummaged through "Discover" for a long time. As is so often the case, the closest thing is the best: From the front door to the west.It's almost embarrassing. I've been in my adopted home for many years now. the Taunus, and have not yet got beyond Schlossborn by wandering west.So it was time to explore the area between Ehlhalten - Oberjosbach - Niedernhausen - Lenzhan - Glashütten.It was nice and entertaining!
      The weather lasted and the sun even showed up from time to time. I was surprised that there were some peaks to hike. The nature of the paths was very varied: paths, climbs, narrow forest roads, wider field paths and finally the Limes path. Every now and then information boards were set up on the geology of the area (geo-adventure trail).
      Everything included!
      Parking tip: Glashütten - Aldi (exit towards 🧭Bad Camberg)

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      • a day ago

  2. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" planned a hike.

    2 days ago

    95.8 mi
    2.4 mph
    3,100 ft
    3,125 ft
  3. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      Actually, I had reserved places for tent trekking in the Palatinate for three days, but the "emergency brake" thwarted my plans.
      Actually, as a plan B, I wanted to hike the three places in the southern Palatinate in one day without spending the night and leaving tomorrow, but then it was announced today in the weather report that a storm was coming.
      ... This doesn't really seem to be my week.To relieve frustration, I'm going spontaneously tonight. Did well! Feel better
      And from the point I saw the sun go down 😊

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      • 4 days ago

  4. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    6 days ago

    7.20 mi
    3.5 mph
    1,000 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      After I raved about my tour last Tuesday and threw out the "Pommes Bowl" bait at the Kirchberghäuschen, we started early this morning.
      And that was a good thing, because it was still pretty quiet at the inn. Only a little later we saw from a distance that it had filled up considerably.
      At the Kirchberghäuschen everything is excellent, "corona confirm" is regulated. The rules are very kindly pointed out to you and you are referred to the first vine on the right with a wink to sit down to eat. Hats off for the patience and manpower that the operators have shown here. Thank you for that 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻I found the kl. Entrance to the community Bad Elmshausen. What is hidden behind it? It can't be a swimming pool, it seems that there is far too little space ... Bathtubs for the Saturday bath? Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything about it in the www 🤔

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      • 6 days ago

  5. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    April 27, 2021

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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      A great day off to tackle my fourth stage on the Bergstrasse. 😊Both the Burgensteig and the Blossom Path are excellently signposted, so I hardly ever need the Komoot navigation.Only today everything was different: until shortly before the prince camp everything worked fine, but then I found the Burgsteig marking indistinct and wanted to consult Komoot. A look at the cell phone didn't help, because my planned route had also disappeared here 😬
      Somehow I didn't get on the right track, so I decided not to walk to Auerbach Castle as planned, but instead to return on the flower path.
      So it was a really nice lap!
      What surprised me most was that there is food to go at the Kirchberghäuschen. Treated myself to an Alsatian fries bowl, even though I would have had enough snacks with me. It was delicious!At the end of the tour I was rewarded with a "couch". Unfortunately, I couldn't stay until sunset. The best thing to do is to come back here for an after-work session.

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      • April 27, 2021

  6. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" planned a hike.

    April 25, 2021

    71.7 mi
    2.1 mph
    10,275 ft
    10,050 ft
  7. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" and Andreas Sauerländer went for a hike.

    April 24, 2021

    12.4 mi
    3.5 mph
    2,125 ft
    2,100 ft
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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      I've been living in the Rhine-Main area for over 20 years now and only recently found out about Donnersberg. Friends told me about this highest mountain range in the North Palatinate Mountains when we were on the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal. You could see the elevation from a distance. 686.5 m is the highest point, the Kaiserstuhl.
      The Ludwigsturm, which unfortunately cannot be climbed at the moment, is located at 675 m.
      As soon as the pandemic regulations allow it again, I will climb the 142 steps in one day with a clear view and look out for the Taunus and Feldberg. The kiosk operator on the plateau of the Ludwigsturm told us about it.
      We walked along the Celtic walls and on narrow mountain paths to the Falkenstein ruins, our westernmost point of the tour. Then it went back to Dannenfels via forest roads on the valley floor of the Donnersberg massif.By the way, it is easy to park in the small parking lot at the start / end of my tour.Highly recommended excursion - good feet!

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      • April 24, 2021

  8. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    April 22, 2021

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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      This is the addition to the Margaretenschlucht tour, which I recommend here: komoot.de/tour/352107418Unfortunately, Komoot went on strike today and stopped the recording after a few kilometers, so this shows a possibility of how to walk a circular route from the Margaretenschlucht to the Neckar.Maybe next time I wouldn’t cross the Neckar via the lock, but walk back to Neckargerach below the Margaretenschlucht gorge. After the lock it goes along the tarred riverside path. On the other hand, a narrow forest path would guarantee a more comfortable walk.It was nice!
      "Good foot!"

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      • April 22, 2021

  9. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    April 22, 2021

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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      Highly Recommended!
      Margaretenschlucht is a must!
      We had a long drive, but it was definitely worth it. The approx. 1.6 km long gorge offers unspoilt naturalness, rugged rocks, overlaid stone slabs, small waterfalls and steep descents! If you like wild nature, this is the right place for you.Absolute surefootedness is important for the crossing and it is best to choose dry weather, otherwise it could be slippery on the loamy narrow paths and stone slabs.Unfortunately, Komoot went on strike today and stopped recording after just a few kilometers.Therefore there is a continuation of this tour with the title Odenwald: Margaretenschlucht am Neckar (part B) komoot.de/tour/352420434If you are looking for something extraordinary, this is the right place for you! "Good foot!"

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      • April 22, 2021

  10. MoLa „Gut Fuß!" went for a hike.

    April 20, 2021

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    1. MoLa „Gut Fuß!"

      An absolutely recommendable tour!
      Thank you for taking with you Urmel!
      We started in Katzenelnbogen, followed the trail marking "Dörsbach - Mühlenwanderweg" and were on the way for 18 km along the course of the stream.Beautiful!Perfect timing for us, because nature is slowly starting to wake up, spring is here, it is turning green, blossoms can be seen and there is enough water in the brook for it to ripple happily.We almost only hiked on forest paths and climbs. You have to be sure-footed, however, as the paths are occasionally steep and very narrow. There is also a tiny, secured via ferrata.The only downer: it is difficult to get back to the start by public transport from the finish (Obernhof an der Lahn). We did it with a bit of driving back and forth with two cars. Not ideal, but it was a better solution for us.
      Parking in Obernhof wasn't a problem at all.
      In Katzenelnbogen you can park your car in a parking lot "Weiherwiese" in the city center (unfortunately only for 3 hours with a parking disc). The time limit is not entirely understandable, as there is a hiking sign at this parking lot and thus invites you to stay longer in nature.
      Anyway, everything worked out for us - "Good feet!"

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      • April 20, 2021

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