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About christian

Wohnhaft in Mannheim, aufgewachsen am Mittelrhein.
Autofrei und mit BahnCard unterwegs, d. h. alle Touren mit ÖPNV absolvierend 🚆🚃🚍.
Fast nur bei schönem Wetter unterwegs - wo eben gerade solches zu finden ist

Distance travelled

5,639 mi

Time in motion

1627:23 h

Recent Activity
  1. christian and Ann went for a hike.

    5 days ago

    15.9 mi
    3.0 mph
    2,250 ft
    2,200 ft
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    1. christian


      Rheingau Taunus hikes for the soul

      route 6


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      • 5 days ago

  2. christian and Ann went for a hike.

    6 days ago

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    1. christian

      Small round in the morning

      A best of Taunus 🌿

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      • 6 days ago

  3. Ann and 2 others went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. Ann

      Very nice varied tour with many trails and highlights both cultural and scenic. I can highly recommend the Heidenfels and the Nonnenfels, but also the Roman quarry "Krimhildenstuhl" and the monastery ruins ... just look at the photos. Nice that you were there @Christian and @Schlafwondler had been a great day

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      • 7 days ago

  4. christian went for a bike ride.

    May 8, 2022

    1. christian

      Mittelrheintal 😍

      • May 8, 2022

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    1. Ann

      Somehow the Sunday was a bit chaotic - First I took a wrong turn at the Gießener Kreuz out of habit, then spontaneously planned a different route.

      Made a short rest in the Badenburg. Delicious food at reasonable prices - you can remember this location. Here I accidentally ended the tour instead of a break

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      • May 2, 2022

  6. christian and Ann went mountaineering.

    April 28, 2022

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    1. christian

      A quickie to finish. This time we were able to leave our luggage at the hotel.


      After 90 minutes it became clear to us why the hiking trail is not in any (Rother) hiking guide. Because it was quite challenging to scramble on the rocks and along the ridge. Sometimes we went forward on all fours.


      But it went

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      • April 28, 2022

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    1. Ann

      The beginning behind the golf course was a bit boring, but there are currently no buses 🚌 on the peninsula and so we started brim Port Alcudia. The smuggler's cave was my highlight of the tour today. Rarely have I seen such a beautiful stalactite pit. You descend to it via a steep rocky path. Then you

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      • April 27, 2022

  8. christian and Ann went for a hike.

    April 25, 2022

    1. christian

      The Smuggler's Trail tour was featured in Outdoor Magazine and served as the inspiration for this tour.


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      • April 25, 2022

  9. christian and Ann went for a hike.

    April 24, 2022

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    1. christian

      Today we went on the "La Ruta del Contraban" (smugglers' path) from Miramar to the perforated rock (Sa Foradada) to Cala Deja.

      Then we switched to the GR221 and continued to Port de Soller.


      Pictures are still sorted

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      • April 24, 2022

  10. Ann and christian went for a hike.

    April 23, 2022

    16.7 mi
    2.1 mph
    4,225 ft
    3,200 ft
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    1. Ann

      A very varied stage and quite difficult at the end of the descent. I particularly liked the bridle path, the storm almost blew you away there.

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      • April 23, 2022

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