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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... Today, as announced, the second stage of the Burgenwanderweg in the High Fläming, this time from Rädigke to Wiesenburg. The center of the tour was the castle Rabenstein, which was unfortunately closed now for Easter because of the 'Easter knight tournament' for hikers, so that I could make only a few shots from the outside.The trail I found in the area of the Planetals again very beautiful and the short fruit tree avenue sections were convincing, many forest sections between Raben and Wiesenburg pleased me today but not so special.This is probably due to the fact that after a long time without precipitation the coniferous forests in Brandenburg are again extremely dry, dusty and colorless. Numerous Easter fires as well as in the high Fläming were already canceled (see photo) because of the very high forest fire danger by the sparks flying.--------------Information and tour description:This stage starts at the bus stop of the castle line in Rädigke, after a short walk around the village church, the tarpaulin is crossed over the horse bridge, after a short distance over the fields begins a very beautiful section on narrow forest paths in the nature reserve of the Planetals, always a bit away from the waters. After four kilometers, the course of the water is abandoned, now it goes past the mill in the place Raben inside.Past the village church, the path leads directly up into the forest to the medieval castle Rabenstein, which sits enthroned in the woods on a plateau. On the way back it goes past the nature park center and west out of the village. For about a kilometer, the course of the tarpaulin is followed again to its headwaters, then the path leads over the Fläming cycle path, then immediately turn back into the forest.Straight ahead it goes in the woods and across the fields on a small fruit tree avenue to Mützdorf, in the village the path changes direction and now leads northwest in zig-zag over some wild forest passages to the settlement Jeserigerhütten, then across the fields to Jeserig. Here, the small Lake Jesperiger is surrounded, then the Bahnhofsallee followed by the main road. After crossing it goes in the forest only to the west, then in a northerly direction to the roundabout on the Bahnhofsallee. After crossing the tracks, the end of this stage is finally reached with the railway station Wiesenburg.

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today the first stage of my new hiking project, the Burgenwanderweg in the High Fläming. This almost 150-kilometer circular walk is the last remaining quality route in Brandenburg, which I have not hiked yet, what I will catch up now over Easter and in the coming weeks.The stage today had some very promising sections and led through beautiful villages and scenic landscapes of the 'Tuscany of Brandenburg', but there were also dusty gravel roads and a short section on coarse cobblestones and quite a while on the noise level of the busy A9 motorway in the background. At the beginning was the eleven-kilometer round trip to the Neuendorfer Rummel, a very nice little glacial gorge.Of course, the seasonal flowering fruit tree avenues were great, in any case, a stage that makes you want more ...-----------------Information and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today in the late afternoon a mix of well-known ways in Moabit and Wedding, which I would all count to the 'Basics' in Berlin. The primary goal was to look again at the Japanese Cherry Blossom at the Bornholm Bridge. At today's conditions, some trees were almost in full bloom, others started only with the flower or the buds were just beginning to rise.The flowering is so a bit late this year, interested parties I would advise to visit the avenue shortly after Easter.The light was great for taking pictures today, even backlit pictures were sometimes very well possible with a smartphone. The Panke comes today as I find in the photos very attractive effect. One should not forget that it runs partly through a 'problem area' and especially the Soldier neighborhood was very infamous until a few years ago. It's great how the wedding developed, even though I had to wipe away garbage on some photos ...---------------Information and tour description:
      [not for this tour, all the sections have already been described enough]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today in the Berlin Regen a tour together with Lutz (, in which I accompanied him on his second leg of the 'Long Fontanewegs'. Spontaneously, we then added the circumnavigation of the Schmöckwitzer Werder. I had never hiked the course in this constellation, but it makes sense in any case and is absolutely recommendable.It was a great pleasure for me to get to know my traveling colleague Lutz personally. Since we talked intensively, only a few photos have been taken, but the smartphone came to its limits today anyway because of the weather and the lighting conditions. I look forward to the pictures of Lutz with his professional DSLR and link his tour later.Here is the recording of the tour of Lutz:
      --------------Information and tour description:
      [follows later]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today again a tour in the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin, which I liked very well despite the dull weather. It was almost always great along the water, first to Untersee and Klempowsee, then on the flood protection dikes of the Dosse. On the way, the interesting towns of Kyritz, Wusterhausen and Neustadt were crossed.Very interesting was the large Brandenburg State and State Stud with its historic buildings and stables in Neustadt, which were already created by Frederick William II in the late 18th century.Shortly before New America I cut short over the meadows to stay in the planned time window, which worked well. But I recommend imitators to stay as long as possible on the beautiful meadow dike path of the Dosse, it's worth it.Despite intensive post-processing, the pictures were not in the picture today.------------Information and tour description:This tour begins at the bus stop 'cemetery' in Kyritz, first a small round through the historic center is rotated, past the St. Mary's Church to the market square with the town hall, then by a city wall gate shortly to the shore of the Jäglitz and then quite a while along the Seestraße to the beach on the Untersee.Now it goes past a number of boathouses, then about three kilometers on the beautiful natural forest path right on the banks of the long lake to the settlement Reihereck. The settlement is passed and after a short section along agricultural land at the southern end of the lake the 'titular city' Wusterhausen is reached at the Seemühle. Continue through the city, past the Peter and Paul Church and over the marketplace, then on the Berliner Straße and the adjoining side street out of the village and the flood protection dike of the Dosse.On a length of about two kilometers, the Dosse is now followed on the great narrow tree avenue on the dike crown to a pond area, after crossing the adjacent railway line Neustadt is reached. Past the two important churches of the city, the path leads to the state stud in the northwest and from there to the paddocks around the castle Spiegelberg an der Dosse.Now, the Dosse is followed very nicely again to the impressive main stud, then it goes a little further on the there natural Dossewall. Then it is bent over the meadows to the cemetery road in Köritz, along the Hohenofener and the Köritzer road, the path finally leads back to Neustadt, where in the adjoining Bahnhofstraße with the Neustadt / Dosse train station, the goal of the tour is reached.

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... Today I closed one of my 'wandering gaps' between the counties Oder-Spree and Märkisch-Oderland, around the Maxsee and along the NSG Gumnitz along with a small city tour in Müncheberg.The tour led a lot through forests and along two beautiful lakes, there was only one village crossing along the way (Hoppegarten). All in all, a recommended tour in a less well-known hiking area, only the 3-kilometer section at the very end to the very remote station would not have to be. I recommend imitators to take there the reasonably frequented bus, even if so the shore access to the large Schlagenthinsee deleted.-------------Information and tour description:This tour begins at the bus stop directly at the lovely little church in Kienbaum, first the great paved bike path through the woods in the direction of Neue Mühle followed, then bent past the mill over to the shore of the Maxsee. The forest path is very natural, but rarely leads directly along the shores of the lake, so you should definitely take the narrow headland, which allows beautiful views across the lake in all directions.The entire western shore of the lake is passed, then the small town Hoppegarten is reached and is crossed. After a short section of forest, the main road is crossed, after a large gravel pit begins a very long and sometimes very beautiful approximately nine kilometers long forest section. The most beautiful area is the one along the NSG Gumnitz on the edge of the Auental and around the peat bog.At the end of the forest section is already hit on the settlements of Müncheberg, here the main road is bypassed on a marked narrow trail to the Soviet Cemetery, then it goes through a tree alley and through a small garden area to the city wall. The wall is followed by the wash-bank lake, then the path leads to the center and to the great on a hill enthroned city church.Through the Ernst-Thälmann-Straße it goes to the marketplace and on to the Berlin gate tower, after a short detour through the small city park, the place on the Eberswalder road is left again. The scattered settlements on the road stretch for about three kilometers, before there is a beautiful access to the shore of the Great Schlagenthinsee. Finally, the Dahmsdorfer Straße is turned to Müncheberg station, where this tour ends.

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      • 10/04/2019

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... Today I went to work after work at the most iconic Berlin ticket shop in Kreuzberg (KOKA36), for the first time personally for many years. Nice to see that some things do not change in Berlin, even if the store is getting more and more 'normal'.From there it went on foot to the fishing island and in principle then always along the Spree to home. Partly is already 'tourist slalom' announced and the excursion boats are already in the dense convoy, and long before Easter.One more reason to plan as many 'out hiking tours' as possible.--------------Information and tour description:
      [not for this short distance]

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      • 09/04/2019

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today one of my rare 'Plan C' tours, after the planned hike on the weekend was unexpectedly unrealizable and my 'Plan B' tour could no longer work due to a police operation on the train.So, on the way, I quickly and spontaneously planned this 'Grenzgang', which turned out to be quite interesting and halfway recommendable. Frankfurt / Oder is a beautiful city anyway, at least in the historic core and along the Oder, I had the Polish Słubice actually come for 'sometime later' ...In principle, the town of Słubice was not worth a trip, unless you would like to buy cheap cigarettes, alcohol and coffee. Apart from that the Oderauen were north of the city but unexpectedly beautiful and natural, the way on the Oder dike and also on the Oder highly recommended.--------------Information and tour description:This is a round trip that starts and ends at the train station in Frankfurt / Oder. First, the path leads down Kiliansberg and over the Ferdinandstraße, then through the park Gertrauden and over the Anger, then on the Fischerstraße to the banks of the Old Oder. Now it goes over the bridge on the island of Ziegenwerder with their great path through the meadows directly along the Oder along, before being switched back to the 'mainland' at the northern end of the island.After a short arc through the grounds of the European University and the Town Hall, the path leads across the Oder Promenade to the city bridge, over which it goes to Słubice on the Polish side. Here you start with beautiful old buildings along the Jedności Robotniczej, then join a small band of green squares and tiny parks, before the path leads north out of the city via the small arterial roads Narutowicza and Nocznickiego.At the end of the settlement areas, the trail continues through dirt roads and gravel roads through the agricultural landscape in a large curve to the settlement of Grzybowa and further on the secondary road to the settlement Osiedle Krasińskiego. Here we hit on the Oder dike and now the Plattenweg on the dike crown used on the way back to Słubice, with beautiful views into the swamp forest with its small waters. Sometimes the trail can be used very close to the banks of the Oder, at the end of the Lindenallee is followed to the city bridge, over which it goes back to the German side.It is again a bit far follow the Oder promenade in a northerly direction, then bent over the streets 'Am Graben' and 'Kietzer Gasse' to the narrow Lenné Park, which extends beautifully located about a kilometer in the middle of the city. At the "Oderturm" turn off onto the Heilbronner Straße, finally the starting point at Frankfurt / Oder station is reached via Bahnhofstraße.

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      • 07/04/2019

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today in the best early summer weather a tour in the extreme southwest of the district Oberhavel, from Kremmen to Oranienburg. Besides, I wanted to walk through the Kremmener rather than the small town tour through Kremmen the rather large Kremmener or Schwanter forest to the east. The size of the forest surprised me a lot, it was a good twelve kilometers without real interruptions, always in the forest.I really like these seemingly endless forest sections, but they are certainly not suitable for every hiker. The tail from Germendorf to Oranienburg, however, dragged on very long, but was lightened by the interesting settlement 'Eden'. Unfortunately, there were no significant water contacts on this tour, the Hörstegraben in the woods turned out to be a tiny trickle.The route is certainly worth a recommendation, especially since there are hardly any larger forest areas in the area further west. But you should rather take the bus from Germendorf to Oranienburg.-------------Information and tour description:This tour starts at the train station in Kremmen, first it goes over the Berlin Chaussee and the grounds of the Spargelhof over to Scheunenviertel and through this. The path continues on the 'short dam', then on the Berliner Straße to the market square, then on the Ruppiner Straße to the church square, then through narrow streets to the road of the unit.On this road it goes to Ruppiner Chaussee, is left on the Kremmen at the northern end at the height of the Hörstegrabens. It follows a forest section on a narrow path, then it becomes a broad forest, which initially remains close to the Hörstegraben, then northeast deeper into the forest into it. Later there is a longer Plattenweg section, which ends at the large landfill at Germendorf, which is in the reclamation process.The main road is bypassed in the forest, then it goes past paddocks and pastures directly into the village. The village church is passed, it then follows a longer section along the village road to the district 'Eden' of Oranienburg. The small settlement is crossed parallel to the main road, then the Oranienburger channel is crossed. Via Kremmener Straße, the path leads to the Rosengarten Park in front of the Gymnasium, then along the Havelstraße past the St. Nicolai Church to the Oranienburg Havel.Finally, the Havel is crossed on the Louise-Henriette-Steg and via Willy-Brandt-Straße the destination of this tour is reached with the train station Oranienburg.

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      • 06/04/2019

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today a tour in the extreme northeast of Barnim, from Niederfinow to Brodowin. The village of Brodowin and the Parsteiner Lake were missing in my 'Wanderhistorie', which is why I had planned the tour so, in the end the resulting route was only conditionally recommendable.There were, as expected, some very beautiful sections, but the long and tiring paving stone paths in the forest and over the fields clouded the overall impression. In the forest north of the large plate, I had integrated some natural forest roads, but advise against it, since the roads in the area often 'abandoned' and hardly accessible. Around Vorhof Liepe I walked around the settlement, which was a good idea. Over the extensive pastures and meadows you can easily bypass the forest in a corridor, especially since there the forest road from my memory of the winter of 2018 was difficult to walk.I only visited the shore of Lake Parstein for a short time because of time constraints. Fontane wrote that Brandenburg's third largest natural lake presents a 'landscape full of imposing beauty', but on the other hand radiates 'sterility', which is rare on Lake Brandenburg is taken '. Almost a typical Fontane ambivalence ...--------------Information and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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      • 05/04/2019

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