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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today again a 'Grenzgang' on the Neisse in Lusatia, around the town of Forst. Like Guben, who was recently visited by me, Forst was a very important cloth factory location in the 19th century, even in GDR times alone there were still 3000 people working in textile factories.Even more than Guben, Forst today offers a sad picture of decay, most of the huge factories and many villas are empty and dilapidated. Just looking at the sad appearance of the stately factory villa on Planckstraße brings the situation to the point. As a visitor, I found the mix nevertheless very exciting and worth seeing.Most interesting are probably the two at the end of World War II blown up by the Wehrmacht bridges on the Neisse. It feels so - and makes it all the more oppressive - as if it happened recently, because nothing was repaired.I combined the extended city tour with a digression to the highly recommended Euloer Bruch, which I liked very much embedded in a large pond landscape. Only the way there was not so nice, it was four kilometers to follow the bike paths next to the county roads.As a short tour offers the official 'path of industrial culture' (5km): and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today for a change once again an extensive city tour, as usual with me as far as possible with 'nature share'. This time it went through Guben / Gubin, which was once a single city and was divided after the Second World War into a German and a Polish half on the opposite sides of the Neisse.Even today, one can easily see the city - in both halves - how prosperous it was through its textile industry in the 19th century. There are many old villas, some are beautifully renovated, others are sealed or rot away.The tour as made by me was altogether much more attractive and included more nature than expected, so I can strongly recommend it. In the meantime, I really like these 'border crossings', the contrasts on the German and Polish side are usually not serious, but they definitely exist.By the way, one of my long-term goals is to visit all cities in Brandenburg by the end of next year. A good two-thirds are already done ...---------------Information and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today finally the complete lap for me to the Stechlinsee, which should be a must for any serious hiker in Brandenburg with interest in Theodor Fontane. The 'Stechlin' is probably next to the castle Ribbeck the place that is most closely connected with Fontane's works in public perception.Since the pure circumnavigation of the lake was too short for a day tour, I also integrated the two-part Great Glietzensee. I can absolutely recommend the tour in this form, so far I have not experienced such a long and beautiful lakeside hiking route. Due to the many bays, the Seeumrundung is actually not monotonous and remains interesting through the many views of the water to the end.The Rheinsberg nuclear power plant right at the southwestern end of Lake Stechlin is the absolute counterpoint to the otherwise untouched and unspoiled landscape, but is representative of the extreme history of Brandenburg, which you will encounter again and again while hiking.Today, as a bonus, there is another video: And - FANFARE - my Fontanebüchlein is finally available, for now only at BoD, very soon then also in the 'big': and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today a small after-work tour with façade photos, following a meeting at the Parkaue in Lichtenberg. In principle, the route always ran along the main East Berlin highway, Karl-Marx-Allee, to Alexanderplatz. Especially at sunset with the almost permanent view of the TV tower in the background, the buildings of socialist classicism and the huge residential towers around Frankfurter Tor and Strausberger Platz are always impressive.----------------Information and tour description:
      [not for this short tour]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... Today in constant rain a tour along the Notte Canal, where I have accompanied from King Wusterhausen to Mittenwalde the guided tour of the hiking club Dahme-Seenland on this route as a guest. Afterwards I followed the water alone to Zossen.In direct comparison and after having wandered several times on the different sections of the notte, I have to say that I like the part between Mittenwalde and Zossen the most, because it is by far the most natural and offers the most variations. In the meantime, the way has been cleared up and very easily accessible everywhere.Since the part of the route between Mittenwalde and Zossen also belongs to the Fontaneweg LDS / F4, at this point again a short reference to my book '200 years - 200 kilometers: On the long Fontaneweg south of Berlin from Köpenick to Potsdam' (ISBN- No. 9783748183570). It will be published in a few days and available in regular bookstores. Due to the color print in the inner part, it is not cheap, but the price includes a komoot regional package of your choice, which can be unlocked by voucher code. Thus, I find a fair overall package, I do not earn anything on this book. For me, this leisure project is the test balloon for whether / how the integration of book and online documentation or online planning can work.Thank you at the place for the great support to the komoot team, which provided us with the maps for printing and gave us the coupon codes. Special thanks also to Manuela (manulie), who designed the cover of the book.More about the book on my next tour in the Fontanekontext.------------------Information and tour description:
      [will follow soon]

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      • 10/02/2019

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today an extensive round in and around the Forbidden City, which I as a Schalke fan for once not Lüdenscheid-Nord mine but Waldstadt (formerly Zehrensdorf), which belongs to the city of Zossen in Teltow-Fläming.At times, up to 75,000 Russians (soldiers including families) lived in 'Little Moscow', the self-sufficient city in the middle of the forest was taboo for GDR citizens. The military history of the area, however, goes much further back to before the First World War. During the Second World War, the high command of the army was here in the gigantic bunkers.Today, 25 years after the withdrawal of the Russian armed forces, the 'bunker and book city' presents a mix of culture and history and attracts many new residents and tourists.During my round trip, I was impressed and depressed at the same time: the former plant is gigantic, while I have only seen the above-ground structures. Still, it's hard to believe that many people are relocating there, where many areas are still cordoned off with barbed wire and will probably last for many generations. Every few meters signs warn against leaving the marked routes due to the ammunition load. Ruins and dilapidated buildings characterize the picture especially in the southern part.Worth seeing is this probably unique mixture in any case, the spitz bunker spread over the northern village seem absolutely surreal.One note: All routes of my tour are sufficiently good and legally passable, but they often lead through areas that are accessed only at your own risk.---------------Information and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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      • 09/02/2019

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today the completion of the Oberbarnimer Feldsteinroute with a tour between Buckow and Strausberg Nord, this time on a further northern and slightly longer route.I was curious as a big Horst Krause fan on the village of Ihlow, in which besides Gröben (Teltow-Fläming) the Krause films have been shot for many years.Ihlow was actually the most beautiful place in the community Oberbarnim for me, the village green with two ponds, the church and the stone cottages around it is really worth seeing.Overall, I liked this track a lot better than the south version, especially from Buckow to Prädikow. The part of Prädikow to Strausberg North, however, was almost without exception on quiet, often very straight side roads, which are more suitable for cyclists.My conclusion to the Oberbarnimer Feldsteinroute: you can certainly walk in the form, especially since there are only a few alternatives for longer (round) hiking trails in the area. One should, however, except directly around Buckow in the well-known hiking areas have not too high expectations. The highlights of this route are, in the first place, the small villages with their stone churches and houses.---------------Information and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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      • 08/02/2019

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    1. Büchi

      Hello Cornell, Frank and Wilhelm,I am in the JH am Wannsee from the 24th to the 27th of April. And of course, once I'm in Berlin, I'd like to meet you as well (Wilhelm already knows)How about you, Frank and Cornell? Are you in Berlin at the time?
      Of course it is stupid, so during the week, but maybe we will find an appointment together.
      I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to Berlin. This time I'm more about the "green" Berlin, the "touistic" rest I know more or less.

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      • 05/02/2019

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... Today I hiked a shorter tour in the Berlin area in icy rain and later heavy snowfall, on the Oberbarnimer Feldsteinroute. This is a 40km circuit between Strausberg / Nord and Buckow in the Märkische Schweiz, today I hiked half of it. The circuit runs completely on the surface of the municipality Oberbarnim, which is curiously not in the district of Barnim but in Märkisch-Oderland.In the end I ask myself, despite fresh and elaborate markings and signs, for whom the route is designed: it leads almost exclusively on roads, partly on busy rural roads and has long paving stone shares. Therefore, I have at least between Ernsthof and Klosterdorf a very nice detour over the fields and at the beginning of the short detour to the famous root spruce built. In any case, the two stone churches in Bollersdorf and Klosterdorf worth seeing, otherwise I can not recommend the route in its original form for hikers, for cyclists actually not ...Nevertheless, I will probably complete the Oberbarnimer Feldsteinroute soon, in order to be able to judge them altogether. Here information about the route: and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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      • 02/02/2019

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today a small home-office-round in the late afternoon to receive my final (?) test print copy of the Fontane-Wanderbüchlein at Friedrichstrasse station.In the government district was again offered to take pictures at dusk, where I found a few useful images are created. Of course, despite reworking also a lot of unusable committee was there, as expected in the light conditions ...A status update to our DIY booklet "200 years - 200 kilometers - On the long Fontaneweg south of Berlin from Köpenick to Potsdam": there are a few minor corrections to make and Komoot must release it, then it will finally be in February (?) appear.----------------Information and tour description:
      [not for this little round]

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      • 29/01/2019

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