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    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Now at the end of this hike, the same thing happened to Silvia yesterday. The tour was just there and I already wrote and saved the first little comment. Then I wanted to add Frank Meyer as a tour participant and boom, she was gone, the tour. Fortunately, Floh also recorded, so that at least we still have the original course.
      More details and photos will follow later. Just one quick thing: it was a lot of fun to run with Florian mega. Lovely again.
      Now I wish Cornell a nice tour from Strausberg for tomorrow.

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  2. Floh and Frank Meyer went for a hike.

    a day ago

    23.1 mi
    3.4 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,050 ft
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    1. Floh

      We ended our tour in Strausberg Bahnhof in the most beautiful sunshine. Lutz still has to search for his tour, it was just somehow untraceable.Here you can see the recording of Lutz, including his really nice pictures:

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  3. Silvia and 2 others went for a hike.

    2 days ago

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    1. Silvia

      ***** Attention, some pictures are not quite correctly assigned in the course of the route, because the real tour recording (it was 28.5 kilometers) is no longer available due to a crash and I had to read in the planned tour here, which was in some places however differs from the one run. However, the order of the pictures is correct. *****Our stage begins at the Wriezen train station, from which Sabine and I will walk in cloudy weather to Buckow, the "pearl of Märkische Switzerland" and Brandenburg's only state-approved Kneipp spa.Contrary to the route recording of the planned tour (the original tour completely crashed shortly after the end of the route and then disappeared), we do not start directly with Bahnhofstrasse, but first walk towards the market and look at the obelisk, the market fountain and the Evangelical Marienkirche.
      We cross the town of Vevais via the federal road 167, which is still very little used at this time, and take the junction a little after the town exit onto a quiet forest / field path, which we follow for a long time to the Kesselsee.
      The air is pleasantly fresh, because it had rained again the night before after a long time. We are not completely spared from this either, because a short shower caught us on the way.
      We take a longer lunch break at Dolgensee. Sabine uses them at the same time to briefly cool her feet.
      Now comes the part of the hike that I was most looking forward to - we walk through the beautifully situated nature reserve Stobbertal. From here we meet isolated hikers for the first time. We make a short stop on a bench at the Großer Tornowsee, where the wind whistles powerfully.Following the course of the Stöbber river, we reach the Schlossberg von Buckow (Märkische Schweiz) via the Hop and Vineyard Trail. On the plateau, we leave the planned route and walk down the large stairs to the shore of Lake Schermützel and from there through the city to the market square and ultimately to the bus stop. Since the bus only runs once an hour and we still have some time, we end the hike in the "ice cream basket", located directly at the bus stop.Conclusion: Very nice, quiet and varied route, which we really enjoyed. We are happy and grateful to have been part of this project.

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today another 'scouting hike' for a group tour, this time in the Barnimer Feldmark. I have been to the corner several times, but have never been able to put together a route that completely convinced myself. My tour today, on the other hand, I liked very much despite the not so pleasant weather and I could only identify a few weaknesses, which probably cannot be avoided.In the end, I would normally have attached the section on the western shore of Lake Hönow and at least partially integrated the southern pond chain, but the increasingly stormy wind caused me to shorten.All in all, a recommended route - measured by the attractiveness of the area. I particularly liked the wide grain fields in the wind with their currently fresh yellow-green. So here is a little video:
      I tested the komoot app for Samsung smartwatches again today, my new findings: it is worthwhile to also deactivate Bluetooth on the watch, i.e. to really only have GPS reception active and not to allow any further connectivity. At the end of this 20-kilometer tour, I still had almost 50% battery power. It is nice, by the way, that the watch reports at the beginning of hiking tours over 5 hours in length that the battery will probably not last that long ;-)-------------Info and tour description:This tour starts at the train station in Blumberg, on the Bahnhofstraße it goes first into the village, over the Berliner Platz to the church and around the village pond, before branching off into the Lenné Park. In the landscape park, a turn is made around the main pond, then leave the green area in an easterly direction. The fairly beautiful and varied tree-lined avenue is followed for a good three kilometers across the fields to Krummensee, after a detour to the worth seeing field church, it goes down to the Haussee, which is left untouched on the eastern shore.After crossing the country road it goes on a beautiful winding section along the long Krummen See to the street 'Am Walde'. A small settlement and a riding hall are passed, then the route leads up to the underpass along the cycle path, which fits beautifully into the landscape. A short section of forest follows, then it goes on a sandy path across the fields to the village of Hönow. Past the church and after a short detour to the shore of the Haussee, the village is left in a southerly direction and after crossing Berliner Straße, the end of this tour will soon be reached with the Hönow underground station.

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  5. Anette and 3 others went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. Anette

      Without BJN's kick-off, I probably wouldn't have gone to Falkenberg (Mark), because we have to change trains and SEV around 2:20 h. Bea takes even more time.But we like the Oderbruch very much and the hiking trail (optional / partial tower, Fontane or Oderlandweg) on the demolition edge is really nice. From Falkenberg via Bad Freienwalde to Altranft it goes up and down through green deciduous forests. It is mostly beech forest. But oak, maple and birch also grow here. There are also very few pine groups. We are almost alone and enjoy the magical way. The young green in different shades thrills us all the way.On the other hand. It is dry. A lot. In many cases the moss is brown and burnt on the ground and in some places the young tree seedlings have died of thirst.Since we do not want to acquire a tower diploma today, we leave the Bismarck Tower on the left. We'll find out later that we're a week early anyway: the towers won't open for the season until next week. At Teufelssee I lose the GPS and have to start the tour again. Bea will provide her track for me to upload later.We continue to the Owl Tower and past the ski jump from Bad Freienwalde to the chapel and then to the lookout tower on the Galgenberg.At Altranft we leave the demolition edge and run parallel to the rails through a completely different landscape at the edge of the break. It is flat and we come through dry meadows as well as a terrain, the structure of which indicates military use. Even a section that is reminiscent of heathland and of course agricultural areas.A very nice hike and a very nice day.

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today a relaxed tour on the northern outskirts of Berlin, which brings together many well-known and popular sections. Today I tested it in terms of its suitability for an upcoming group tour in a variant that I had never hiked before. In the end, I think it's my favorite combination in this form, and I've tried a lot of variations. Today there were deer, buffalo and horses up close in the heath and the Rieselfeldern.The second aspect of today's tour was to test the revised komoot app for Samsung smartwatches, which was released a few days ago - for what felt like ages after the last update. You don't get them displayed by update but have to install them again manually if you used the old app. Apart from the adaptation to the newer corporate design, there are now some functional additions and displays such as the elevation profile and the current location in it.But the killer feature, which I don't think is communicated by komoot: you can save the route on the smartwatch in advance for offline use. This means that if the GPS of the watch is activated, it can now be navigated completely independently! There is no longer any need for a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone on the go, so that the smartphone's battery is protected and the battery of the smartwatch is used a little more due to GPS.Information about this in the komoot blog: of real sports watches like Fēnix, Polar & co. will of course only smile about it tiredly, but I think it's great that komoot continues to include 'mainstream' smartwatches in its further development.---------------Info and tour description:This tour starts at the 'Kirche' bus stop in Schönow, through the settlement areas it goes first to Schönwalder Chaussee, then on a narrow path through the forest directly into Schönower Heide. Initially, the connecting path is still very sandy, but hiking becomes much more pleasant when you reach the official, gravelly circular routes.First the small circular hiking trail ('Heidepfad') is walked clockwise, then when hitting the large circular hiking trail ('Wildwanderweg') it runs counterclockwise. The total length on this section of the route is just under 5 kilometers, so it won't be too monotonous. You can't get lost because the fence to the wild animal core area is a constant companion.At the southwestern end of the circular route, you leave it and continue to the Bernauer Damm, where you have to cross the pasture area of the wild animals in a southern direction for the first time. Shortly before hitting the Old Bernauer Heerweg, this is followed in parallel by the wild animal pastures, then turned onto the sculpture path 'stones without borders' and followed to the end after about 2 kilometers.Now the path leads through dense forest, later along the Seegraben to the Schönerlinder Chaussee. Here it goes through the wild animal gates again and follows the main path to the beautiful carp ponds. The ponds are alternately passed, then leave the trickle fields in a south-westerly direction. Under the railway line of the Heidekrautbahn and the highway, the path leads to Bucher Straße and after crossing it into the nature reserve of the Karower Teiche.The area is crossed in a large S-shaped arch along the ponds, then it goes briefly along the Panke before reaching the destination of this tour via Pankgrafenstraße, Böttnerstraße and Sandbergstraße with the Karow S-Bahn station.

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today again a short-term planned tour in Lower Lusatia, after I accidentally came across Buck'sche Schweiz during my research yesterday.In the small, slightly hilly area near Hohenbocka there is a kind of 'Saxon Switzerland for the back pocket' with hardened quartz sand formations, some of which form rock-like structures 5-6 meters high. You can't get much closer to such an 'optical mountain experience' in Brandenburg ...I combined the section of Buck's Switzerland with the partial circumnavigation of Lake Senftenberg, which showed its best side today. Unfortunately - although I was early on my way - countless groups of cyclists dominated the narrow asphalt belt around the lake, but I was able to use some natural paths and sections of beach.In addition to the lake views, the most beautiful photo motif was probably the Hohenbocka Castle, which is well worth seeing.Overall, a highly recommended tour with a balanced mix of natural and cultural highlights.5 hours (with mask) on the train, only 4 hours on the hiking route ... you really have to want something like that, but for me it was perfect for this day.----------------Info and tour description:This tour begins at the train station in Senftenberg, the path leads via Bahnhofstraße to the edge of the old town on Steindamm. Passing the Wendische Kirche and the Peter-Paul-Kirche to the market, then past the old town hall to the castle park.After crossing the park and circumnavigating the castle, which is worth seeing, after crossing the Black Elster next to the city harbor, the first encounter with Lake Senftenberg. Counterclockwise, the big lake is now circled almost halfway, at the beginning there are many small, beautifully bordered bathing spots and the path leads partly through forest to Niemtsch. The area of the comfort campground with a large lawn is passed, then the path leads along the village road and then through the forest, the path must not be left here due to the risk of the terrain slipping, as indicated by countless signs.At the end of the settlement the western outflow of the lake is crossed, then the path leads very nicely through the forest to the school campus Niemtsch. Shortly before the South Sea bathing beach the lake shore is left, now it goes in the forest first natural, then on a bicycle road to the village Peickwitz. The main road is followed on the outskirts of the settlement to the end of the village, after crossing the adjoining country road, the path leads in the forest to Hostenmühle, then it goes via the only connecting path between the quartz sand open-cast mining areas to the suburb of Hohenbocka.On a small, two-kilometer circuit, the path leads through the hills of Buck's Switzerland with its interesting quartz sandstone cliffs and the observation tower at the highest point. Then it goes on the Weinbergstrasse to the castle park with the wonderful building ensemble, then on the quiet Heidelandstrasse to the main street. The path then leads over the 'Bahnhofsfußweg' mainly in the forest directly to the Hosena train station, where this tour ends.

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  8. BJN and Frank Meyer went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. BJN

      Erwin deposited the baton at Bernau station, which was a surprise for me - I had typed on a hike eastwards on the 66-Seen-Weg or a tour north parallel to the Heidekrautbahn. But I quickly realized what a nice template he delivered, because it gave me the chance to finally hike the Gamengrund. It was a very nice tour in imperial weather. The Gamengrund is simply fantastic, and I also liked the hike route and was mostly pleasant to hike. In the end, however, I realized what kind of board I had planned, the sand track after leaving the 66-Seen-Weg was a torture after so many kilometers.
      By the way, I haven't met a single Father's Day liquor body ...
      Tour description:
      The tour starts at Bernau train station. After the underpass north of the train station, you pass the shopping center through a small green area (over the Panke). Then go straight to the Rüdigerstrasse intersection, where a multiple left-right combination begins: At each intersection, the direction is changed, always alternating left and right. From the Dankwartstraße you can cross the small forest on a path that is not listed to the Hagenstraße, which in turn merges into a forest path through the Hasenheide, the course of which is followed. At the point where you walk towards a wind turbine standing at the edge of the forest, you take the path diagonally to the right. On a tree-lined dirt road it goes to the left and then in a right-hand bend to the forest edge of the Schönfelder Heide, which is entered after a short distance. A branch to the right must not be missed here (this path has a yellow line that is often barely recognizable). This path leads to Schönfeld, which is crossed. It continues straight on the yellow line path (signpost towards Werneuchen Ost / Hirschfelde). The yellow line is left before the main road. The path recorded in komoot is initially barely or not at all recognizable, I hiked along a metal fence to the forest, where the path is clear again. Here it would have been better to branch off a path beforehand. Past Werftpfuhl it goes through the forest, then following the path along the edge of the forest and right (another path) back into the forest. The main road and the disused railway line are crossed and the path to the left is followed. At a junction, the path is left to the right (from here to the Gamengrund, some of the marked paths are barely visible), shortly afterwards another country road is crossed a bit to the right. At a parking lot, take a sharp left into the ravine to Gamengrund. From here, the Blaupunkt marking of the 66-Seen-Weg through the Gamengrund is followed to the north, with a detour to the village church of Leuenberg. After the Tiefensee, the 66-Seen-Weg is left to the right (red dot and blue lines). Cöthen is crossed. At the end of the village street, turn left, leave the street on the right and go into the park. The stream is followed downwards, at a signposted junction, the path up Paschenberg to the Carlsburg restaurant is chosen. From the terrace you have a fantastic view of the Oderland. After leaving the restaurant, the descent is taken to the left. In Falkenberg, a detour to the right to the Fontane monument and the mill pond is possible, otherwise it goes to the left, where the tour (after a further detour to the village church) ends at the replacement bus stop.

      Dear Anette, the baton is ready for you in Falkenberg (Mark). I hope you enjoy planning and hiking!

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  9. erwin and Frank Meyer went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. BJN

      That looks like a nice tour, I'm already looking forward to the photos! I'm going to start planning ...

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    1. espunkt kapunkt

      Dear Ones. The tour description will follow later! I only uploaded it once. Best regards, Steffi

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