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About Bodenseebiker Thurgau

Wer aktiv dabei ist und meine Touren folgt, gerne. Wer nie ein like gibt und nie kommentiert , den schließe ich aus. Immer Lust auf eine Tour, komme mit und melde dich einfach.Tourenvideos: youtube.com/c/BodenseebikerThurgau

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15,201 mi

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1899:27 h

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  1. Bodenseebiker Thurgau and Contessa planned a mountain bike ride.

    a day ago

    Trailige MTB Rundtour auf dem Seerücken

    26.4 mi
    7.1 mph
    2,775 ft
    2,775 ft
  2. Bodenseebiker Thurgau went mountain biking.

    2 days ago

    1. Bodenseebiker Thurgau

      World Bicycle Day, also known as World Bicycle Day, takes place on June 3rd every year. It was adopted by the UN General Assembly on April 12, 2018 as the official UN Day and is intended to emphasize awareness of the social benefits of cycling.


      Today's MTB tour leads up to the Seerücken and in the direction

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      2 days ago
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    1. Today's MTB tour starts at Dachsen train station and takes you on gravel paths to Laufen Castle and further through forests along the High Rhine. As always, the Schaffhausen waterfall is breathtaking with its power and energy (a perfect place to recharge your batteries). If you don't know the Rhine Falls

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      4 days ago
  4. Bodenseebiker Thurgau went mountain biking.

    5 days ago

    1. Based on the lyrics of the Fantastischen 4 - a day at the sea .... today was about a tour to let your mind wander. Make windows for a date with yourself - alone time is wonderful.


      Now you're here

      A piece of your future with you

      It's been clear for a long time

      you feel free

      When the future becomes the

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      5 days ago
    1. Today's tour leads to the monastery church of St. Katharinental. Opening times: From April up to and including September: every Tuesday and Wednesday from 2.30 p.m eaten over The church alone, my dear women”. And so we arrive at the expression "hit the core of the poodle". The black poodle accompanies

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      6 days ago
  5. Karin, Carsten 🚵🏄🥾⛷️, and 142 others like this.
    1. Good mood tour with excellent weather and I'll start with a saying: "Whenever we laugh, a problem dies somewhere." And with this weather you can only laugh. A few facts about laughter. Certain healing processes can be promoted by laughter. Because the increased well-being associated with laughter contributes

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      7 days ago
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    1. "If someone goes on a journey, he can tell something" ! and so today's MTB tour starts from Ramsen, between Moscow and Petersburg and it goes to an absolute place of power that should only be known to a few. The saying goes: "He who looks outwards is dreaming. Whoever looks within awakens!


      A lot of nature

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      May 28, 2023
  7. Bodenseebiker Thurgau went mountain biking.

    May 26, 2023

    1. Today's tour description starts with a bit of wisdom: "Not everything has to make sense. Sometimes just having fun is enough and we're not in the world to be perfect. We're here to be happy.” And that's exactly what today's panorama tour was about: fun and being happy, being out and about in the middle

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      May 26, 2023
  8. Bodenseebiker Thurgau went mountain biking.

    May 22, 2023

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    1. I'm trying to be shorter today, and a phrase comes to mind: "Briefness is the spice" 😊


      "The sweetness lies in brevity" comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet. The play about the Danish prince was first performed in 1603. And in the piece there is the following text passage: "Because brevity is the soul of wit

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      May 22, 2023
  9. Bodenseebiker Thurgau went for a bike ride.

    May 21, 2023

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    1. Today there is only a short description. The goal was the beer garden with some football feeling, I'm a self-confessed Dortmund fan, so I wish everyone a nice evening.




      PS: I only reported on the monitoring system/direction finding system

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      May 21, 2023
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