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About 🦒Wandergiräffchen

Kleine schmale Wanderpfade lassen mein Herz höher schlagen. Wenn mich ich dann noch an Natur ( Tiere in freier Wildbahn)und Fauna erfreuen kann , ist mein Tag perfekt. Wandern 🥾 ist für mich jedes Mal wie ein Kurzurlaub.Heinrich von Kleist
„Wie können wir uns getrauen, in den Plan einzugreifen, den die Natur für die Ewigkeit entworfen hat, da wir nur ein so unendlich kleines Stück von ihm, unser Erdenleben, überblicken?"

Distance travelled

1,953 mi

Time in motion

518:37 h

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  1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and 2 others went for a hike.

    3 days ago

    Von der St. Abundius Dotfkirche⛪️ in Lassahn zum Kranichlieker / 51. Tour 2022

    9.34 mi
    3.4 mph
    725 ft
    725 ft
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    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen


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      • 3 days ago

  2. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and Michael went for a hike.

    September 19, 2022

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    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      Now my blade path 🗡 tour, 1x around Solingen, is finally complete!


      That was a nice varied tour :-)

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      • September 19, 2022

  3. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and Michael went for a bike ride.

    September 4, 2022

    40.0 mi
    10.6 mph
    2,075 ft
    2,125 ft
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    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      We started today on our doorstep. A bit along the corkscrew route and then through the Lochbachtal to Ohligs. My son then joined our tour there. Via Opladen an der Wupper and through the beautiful Wiembach valley on a fairly narrow forest path, we then went to Burscheid for the country festival in the

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      • September 4, 2022

  4. Michael, deerscot and 40 others like this.
    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      Very nice stage of the Rheinsteig (in the Rother hiking guide this is the 11th stage, we shortened it a bit and started in Niederlahnstein instead of Braubach).

      There were many highlights on the tour! The Ruppertsklamm was the most fun for us, you should definitely be sure-footed here. But the steep ascent

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      • August 29, 2022

  5. Sasa, RolfD and 58 others like this.
    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      Nature absolutely needs rain. The Pillebach and its small ponds have almost dried up !!

      Nevertheless, we had a nice, varied tour, although I liked the tour from Hahndell (a beautiful wild path through the forest) to Erkrath better.

      The most beautiful section today was the Rotthäuser Bachtal. The lake at

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      • August 21, 2022

  6. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and Philipp went for a hike.

    August 15, 2022

    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      We traveled by train to Rolandseck train station (€9 ticket used). I wanted to see if we liked the RheinBurgenWeg and tested the first stage for us. Unfortunately, there is no further view of the Rhine after the Rolandsbogen and you only come back to the banks of the Rhine in Remagen. I also missed the

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      • August 15, 2022

  7. Michael, Carmen and 40 others like this.
    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      3.5 hours drive and 3 hours drive home with the 9 € ticket, but it was worth it!!!!

      The 23rd stage of the Moselsteig was a real experience. It includes sections of the Koberner Traumpfad, the witches' path (which was so steep and I didn't have my broom with me), fantastic views of the Moselle, beautiful

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      • August 11, 2022

  8. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and Michael went for a hike.

    August 1, 2022

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    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      When we visit my in-laws in Cochem, we are always drawn to the Apolloweg. This is a beautiful path through the vineyards to Valwig. Countless lizards and butterflies can be seen along the route and this time we even saw a bright green green lizard. In addition, countless grasshoppers showed up with their

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      • August 4, 2022

  9. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and Michael went for a hike.

    July 31, 2022

    13.9 mi
    3.0 mph
    1,925 ft
    3,050 ft
    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      Unfortunately, Wilde Endert wasn't that wild after all. The long dry period on the Moselle has made the Endert disappear to a minimum behind Ulmen almost to the Napoleon Bridge. Only from the waterfall could you guess what a force of nature can be in it.

      For me, the waterfall was my personal highlight

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      • August 2, 2022

  10. 🦒Wandergiräffchen and Michael went for a hike.

    July 30, 2022

    5.55 mi
    2.2 mph
    1,000 ft
    975 ft
    1. 🦒Wandergiräffchen

      From Cochem to Hubertushöhe and back along the Märtschelt Bach.

      On the way we could see that the Moselle region absolutely needs rain. In places it was so dry that the trees shed their leaves. The Märtscheltbach was also just a small, harmless stream, but the valley had lost none of its beauty and the

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      • August 1, 2022

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