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About peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

Radfahren, Wandern, Paddeln, Joggen - Ich bewege mich gerne und bin gerne drau├čen in der Natur, m├Âglichst weit weg von Autos und Motorenl├Ąrm. Mindestens einmal pro Woche versuche ich, der Stadt den R├╝cken zu kehren. Klappt nicht immer, aber oft. Meistens solo, ab und zu mit Freunden.
Eine sportliche Herausforderung ist fast immer mit dabei. Ich versuche aber diese nicht die Oberhand gewinnen zu lassen, sondern bewusst das Unterwegssein selbst als Erlebnis zu verstehen und zu gestalten. Klappt auch nicht immer, aber oft.
PN: felix(*at*)masurenburg.de

Distance travelled

13,548 mi

Time in motion

1980:57 h

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  1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a hike.

    6 days ago

    22.0 mi
    3.3 mph
    825 ft
    800 ft
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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      Today I actually have to be a lot shorter, because not only am I pretty much exhausted myself, but also the battery of my small laptop will soon give out. I hope to be finished by then.


      There was a lot of action during the night. A strong gale had pulled and shaken my small tent until around 4:00 amÔÇŽ

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      • 6 days ago

  2. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      Relativ spontan habe ich mich gestern dazu entschieden, dieses kleinere Wanderprojekt in die Tat umzusetzen und alle anderen 'ach so wichtigen' Verpflichtungen und Aufgaben einfach sausen zu lassen. Es hatte sich das Gef├╝hl breitgemacht, dass bereits fast der gesamte sch├Âne Fr├╝hling in rasender GeschwindigkeitÔÇŽ

      • 6 days ago

  3. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a bike ride.

    May 7, 2022

    161 mi
    14.0 mph
    5,050 ft
    5,200 ft
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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      The route had a higher priority on this bike tour than the destination. Despite the 9┬░C water temperature, I jumped in briefly.


      Start at 7:00 a.m. in Pankow - arrival at the Baltic Sea at 7:30 p.m.


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      • May 8, 2022

  4. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a bike ride.

    April 23, 2022

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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      Of course, after the beautiful group hiking tour around the P├Ątzer Seen (komoot.de/tour/747186071), I could have simply put the bike on the train.


      But why actually?

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      • April 24, 2022

    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      Bis zum Start dieser Wanderung um die beiden P├Ątzer Seen war ich in meiner kleinen Welt quasi davon ausgegangen, dass ich mich zu einer von Franks Gruppenwanderungen in eingeschworener Komoot-Gemeinde angemeldet h├Ątte. Endlich nach langer Coronapause wieder ist das nun wieder m├Âglich. Vor Ort jedochÔÇŽ

      • April 23, 2022

    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      The meeting point for the group hike around the P├Ątzer Vordersee and Hintersee was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. at the train station in Bettensee. (komoot.de/tour/747186071) The distance there could easily be covered by bike without having to fall out of bed before sunrise. Once caught, the thought couldÔÇŽ

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      • April 24, 2022

  5. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a hike.

    April 17, 2022

    2.00 mi
    2.2 mph
    75 ft
    50 ft
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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      Since my employer unfortunately cannot do without my valuable services this Easter weekend and unfortunately did not decide to simply close the shop for 4 days due to the beautiful weather, I only have time for a tiny little walk through the Niedersch├Ânhausen Palace Park in the late morning before itÔÇŽ

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      • April 17, 2022

  6. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a hike.

    April 10, 2022

    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      My mom @lemon and I spontaneously arranged to meet up last week for this multifaceted, small Sunday hike halfway between where we live, not least to help her ongoing project "Lutherweg Sachsen-Anhalt" move forward a little. But of course mainly for the sake of seeing you again. Time often seems to flyÔÇŽ

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      • April 13, 2022

  7. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a bike ride.

    March 26, 2022

    65.7 mi
    12.3 mph
    2,275 ft
    2,050 ft
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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      (Part 2)

      I follow the small country road that leads east of the park over to Jeserig, where I pay a little visit to the village pond. It is one of the few natural lakes in Fl├Ąming. At the moment it is well stocked and despite the not too pleasant weather, a few anglers are sitting patiently on the bankÔÇŽ

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      • April 2, 2022

  8. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ went for a bike ride.

    March 18, 2022

    51.2 mi
    14.3 mph
    2,000 ft
    2,075 ft
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    1. peacemaker_fx­čĽŐ´ŞĆ

      In winter I prefer to go hiking and almost never do long bike rides. Only on the way to work and other city routes do I stay true to my bike, even when the temperatures are below zero. Spring is already rattling its way out of all its hiding places and it was just right for me: temperatures above 10ÔÇŽ

      translated byÔÇóView Original
      • March 19, 2022

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