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✪ Wandern ist sicherlich nicht die Antwort auf alles, aber ich vergesse dort immerhin all meine Fragen ✪✪ Ich habe mir meine besten Gedanken ergangen und kenne keinen Kummer,
den man nicht weggehen kann. (Søren Kierkegaard)

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  1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾 went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    17.5 mi
    3.5 mph
    500 ft
    475 ft
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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      ✪ Summer moved on -
      and the way it goes, you can't tag along ✪
      Oops - what happened now? It felt like summer last week. At least I was grilled so sustainably by the sun on a Usedom hike that even a cold water refuser like me saw no way out and had to hop desperately into the water of a lake to cool off!
      But today it looked as if the words that Morton Harket from a-ha threw so beautifully into the microphone over 20 years ago would come true:
      ✪ Summer has moved on ✪ - that's right!
      ✪ and as it is, you can't run after him ✪ - Well, let's see that !! The Prussians don't shoot that fast !!!
      I tried my luck from Hennickendorf in the nature reserve ✪ Lange-Damm-Wiesen and ✪ Unteres Annatal - but a very frosty 10 degrees in the morning and the fact that the merino sheep that dressed me did not enjoy a meter of comfort in my backpack through the Let the area carry spoke volumes.
      Then I just run after autumn - after all, it's beautiful too ... and it was today too.
      The sun only looked by sporadically and most of the time you could admire the whole variety of the gray play of clouds. Quite atmospheric, the gray tones gave this beautiful tour a wonderful and appropriate atmosphere.
      So - wonderful hiking weather!
      At the start of the morning, however, everyone was not quite awake.
      The ✪ wood pigeon high up in the tree still looked a bit sleepy, the ✪ water buffalo bull was still standing motion-resistant away from his girls and either process his breakfast or a morning thought with stoic composure and I too padded a bit lethargic along the path - far from operating temperature - well - Just 10 degrees! The view of the quiet and peaceful meadows was also a bit sleepy, a really beautiful, almost idyllic moment. But then the idyll came to an abrupt end. A troop of ✪ cranes started with their piercing calls - I love this sound - Good morning - Now everyone was awake after all. The pigeon took off hectically, the buffalo looked towards the ladies and I also gained momentum and speed significantly.
      In the area of the ✪ Annafließ, I ignore Komoot in a worthwhile way. Along the ✪ mill pond I used the easily accessible and really beautiful trail on the bank and drove the navigation crazy - or maybe it was me:
      ✪ You have left the tour, take a look at the map - JAHA! I know!!!
      At ✪ Herrensee it then turned silvery - or rather snow-white - in the shallow water of the increasingly silting lake, there was already a lot of activity. A whole horde of ✪ Great Egrets stood motionless - and bang - one quick movement - there was breakfast - fantastic spectacle!After the Herrensee there was a nettle salad. The path along the ✪ Stranggraben, as well as the path along the railway towards ✪ Rehfelde, were somehow still there, but in sections overgrown as tall as a man and decorated with fallen trees. An interesting slalom - but small mistakes and deviations from the ideal line were definitely punished - so it was definitely not dead nettles!Afterwards we went on a piece of the German - Polish ✪ Song Trail Rehfelde. To protect nature and the environment, of course, without my singing. The hoped-for far-sightedness for a change after the predominantly wooded sections was largely absent. Corn can be a massive spoilsport and in this case ✪ a hindrance to far-sightedness. What was also missing was a seat - although there was one - but it was not suitable because of overcrowding. After more than 20 km we had to take a break.
      The feet complained only moderately, the empty stomach on the other hand was noticeably on the barricades! He was right - so off to the bottom of your pants - a break on the edge of the field in the grass!
      Strengthened, it went to the final spurt and suddenly there was wide and corn-free views before we went back to the beautiful forests of the nature reserve and the tour along the small Stienitzsee came to an end.Conclusion:
      ✪ Chasing after the summer within the same latitude makes only limited sense
      ✪ autumn is here - it may stay for now - I like it!
      ✪ There were enough photogenic poultry and squirrels - plus water buffalo, Heck cattle and Przewalski horses
      ✪ the nature reserve Lange-Damm-Wiesen and Unteres Annaatal is a wonderful and highly recommended hiking area.
      It was nice!

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      • 2 days ago

  2. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾 and Fiete went for a hike.

    September 12, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      Today the 2nd hike of our Usedom weekend was waiting to be happily committed.The peninsula ✪ Lieper Winkel was already settled in the 12th century - in 1541 there were 51 farmers and Küpper as heads of households with 6-10 people per household - according to the slide rule, that makes around 400 people.
      While today the ✪ island of Usedom with its ✪ imperial baths Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck as well as the tourist offer is a heavily populated area and hosts masses of tourists all year round, there were just 656 inhabitants on the peninsula of the ✪ Lieper Winkel in 2005. So not exactly a population explosion over almost ten centuries. On the contrary - the Lieper Winkel has retained much of its original charm. Even today you can find many historic thatched or thatched fishermen's houses. Places that appear as if the idyll and harmony of earlier days are still there.
      The peninsula is also not yet fully integrated into the island's organized tourism - although you can experience such a fantastic natural area and incredible diversity here. A rural and nature-loving character. According to the “Wikipedische Wisdom” only people come here who are looking for exactly that.So - obviously the perfect tour for us - looking for new shores, peace and nature. After about 30 kilometers of wonderful paths - as was already the case on our tour on Saturday from the ✪ Natural Harbor Krummin via ✪ Wolgast along the Peenestrom to ✪ Ziemitz and ✪ Neeberg ✪ komoot.de/tour/483701845?ref=wtd of space and even more space - it was clear to us - yes - that's how it is - wonderfully quiet, lonely, idyllic and unbelievably beautiful - an almost perfect round.From ✪ Rankwitz it went east of the peninsula along the ✪ Peenestrom over ✪ Quilitz and ✪ Warte and then west along the ✪ Achterwasser through ✪ Reestow and ✪ Grüssow to ✪ Liepe and to ✪ Krienke and back.It turned out to be a wonderful route, which presented itself impressively and beautifully even in today's gray sky. Just like swallows in abundance, kingfisher flight on the Peenestrom, a young roebuck with culinary fervor at an apple feast and the wonderful starting process of a gray heron delighted us.After about 15 kilometers, the ✪ Hofcafé Landlust ✪ was a grandiose gem with ambience and a sugar-sweet variety of cakes!While I was shoveling the poppy seed, marzipan and pistachio cake into myself, Fiete was eating the strawberry tiramisu cake variant.
      It felt like 5000 calories later - unfortunately we had missed taking the 2-wheeled ✪ cake taxi with us and the way rose slightly so that rolling - neither with bike nor with body - was possible and the legs were constantly increasing the cake load had to deal with.
      As a result, the ✪ Liepe Church was also nice to look at - from the outside as well as from the inside. The towerless building - first mentioned in 1216 - was also the first church on the island.
      Finally, to complete the variety, we went in the direction of ✪ Krienke through some beautiful forest sections until the ✪ Port of Rankwitz once again allowed a bit of a maritime ambience and unobstructed views of the ✪ Achterwasser.
      With the old core of the village ✪ Rankwitz, which to this day tells a small piece of the history of the Lieper Winkel in its beautifully preserved Anger form, the goal was reached.
      Wonderful route with everything you could want. An almost perfect hiking day - which made you hungry accordingly - the cake had long since wandered. So there was another stop on the way back in ✪ Rankwitz harbor - there are not only beautiful views - but also absolutely delicious fish enjoyment.

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      • September 12, 2021

  3. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾 and Fiete went for a hike.

    September 10, 2021

    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      Contrasts - it is always fascinating what different sensations and impressions different hiking tours can evoke and with what wonderful diversity this country - with its natural spaces so rich in contrasts - inspires.Between our wonderful tours through the ✪ Schlaubetal last weekend ✪ komoot.de/tour/476851630?ref=wtdkomoot.de/tour/478089177?ref=wtd ✪ and the Today's hike on ✪ Usedom is just 6 days and about 300 km. And yet today on our tour from the ✪ Krummin natural harbor via ✪ Wolgast along the Peenestrom to ✪ Ziemitz and ✪ Neeberg we experienced such a completely different hike that could hardly have been more contrasting to the Schlaubetal.Less than a week ago we experienced the most beautiful brook valley in Brandenburg for two days and moved more than 50 km on mostly wooded routes on wonderful paths along small streams and lakes. We didn't see the forest for the trees in order to look desperately for it today in the partly burning sun.Because today the view had a limitless free ticket - ✪ Far ✪ Further ✪ the farthest! From the ✪ Natural Krummin it was first to ✪ Wolgast - where not only a short breakfast with an adequate supply of caffeine was inspiring - the coffee junkie living in me rejoiced as well as the architecture enthusiast at the sight of the beautiful ✪ granaries and the fascinating, preserved ✪ half-timbered houses.From Wolgast we went on towards ✪ Ziemitz with the premise to hike as close as possible along the ✪ Peene river. Wonderful in theory - but in practice it also meant living with a few ✪ off-grid areas, which meant some time, effort and various cobwebs and their inhabitants in the face!
      The further off-grid section behind Ziemitz, on the other hand, consisted exclusively of ✪ Komootian ignorance - no way out - because of lack of paths - there was one - and it was wonderfully situated in the meadows and fields. What was not there was shade - we grilled and melted away in the sun - until the wandering god had some sympathy with us and, completely unexpectedly, a wonderful lake was served with the clear water of the ✪ Großer Klucker. While ✪ Fiete jumped out of his clothes and into the cool water in seconds, I quarreled for a moment about my very present rejection of cold water. But since I was just before the boiling point, the situation was hopeless - result: ✪ Into the floods! Temperature - unbearably cold - but irrelevant.
      And the section around the Großer Klunker had two more beautiful highlights to offer - first of all, for the first time ever, a ✪ wheatear appeared to me, which had its plumage so beautifully color-coordinated with the surroundings that it almost disappeared into it - moments later we stared as we had at Last weekend totally spellbound in the sky - sea eagles - such beautiful animals - so fascinating to watch.Still well refreshed from the lake, the last kilometers through ✪ Neeberg back to Krummin, where the café ✪ Naschkatze with coffee, cola and a shandy provided a relaxing end to a fabulous tour.Wonderful expanse - Wolgast - far more than the gateway to the island of Usedom - far more heat than expected - a lake at the right time and above all a wonderful landscape and some poultry in front of the lens - a great day from far and wide!

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      • September 10, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      The early Sunday morning and thus the ✪ 2nd day of our hike through the ✪ Schlaubetal Nature Park began a bit stiffly. After a night in beds that were far too soft, we tormented ourselves from the exertions and adventures of the first day - from Müllrose along the Schlaube to Wirchensee ✪ komoot.de/tour/476851630?ref=wtd ✪ the beds.
      So it took a little time until all bones and joints were put back in order and an almost upright gait was again possible.
      First, in a beautiful morning mood and great light conditions, we went along the banks of the ✪ Wirchensee in a southerly direction to the headwaters of the Schlaube. Here the morning showed a wonderful face again. The dew lay on the countless cobwebs between the grasses and sedges and the first rays of the sun caught themselves in it. Apparently various 8-legged friends had already done a great job and were now eagerly waiting for breakfast.While we were still full of fascination on a ✪ magic clearing on the first day, today with the ✪ Rähdensee a ✪ magic lake was on our route. The water showed no movement, no wind, no rustling of leaves could be heard - an almost graceful silence. And just as Fiete used this wonderful atmosphere for a morning footbath in the lake - the magic began.
      Out of nowhere, almost ghostly fog rose from the reeds, it crept over the lake in swaths, disappeared as if by magic, only to crawl slowly out a few minutes later. Yesterday we were in the clearing with fairy tales - today we thought of ✪ Goethe!
      ✪ Who rides through night and wind so late? ✪Ok ok - admittedly it was windless in the morning and we didn't have a horse with us - and yet: whether fog or Erlkönig - we both escaped it all alive and well - a beautiful spectacle of nature!A short time later it became ✪ SPECTACULAR! Thanks again for this beautiful word creation - there was a lot of flying and knocking in the trees on the Möschensee - black woodpeckers fluttered busily and loudly from tree to tree. Fortunately, they took a creative break from their urge to move, so that the camera, like us, got our money's worth. Then it was also to be got over that the 2nd day didn’t want to shine with bird diversity either! For free - the woodpecker was posing in the box and the luck of the animal sightings had probably more than exhausted the beaver clan the previous day!The rest of the route, which led us along the western edge of the Schlaubetal Nature Park, along the Oelse, was just like day 1 a really nice hike. Both days passed mainly through forest areas, but while in the area of the Schlaube, the brook shaped the forest and the landscape and came up with great different lighting conditions, today's section convinced with great variety and variety within the forest areas.
      In the middle of it was the place Chossewitz with its meadows and fields and above all with the wonderful church - built around 1730 as a half-timbered church - a very nice highlight. Just like later the views of the Great Oelsener See, which accompanied us for a good part of the way shortly before our stage destination in Grunow.
      So what is left after two days of hiking in the Schlaubetal - lots of fresh air - quite a bit aching feet - and the realization that the locals are absolutely right if you claim with full conviction - the Schlaubetal - the most beautiful brook valley in Brandenburg!

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      • September 6, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      Das Schlaubetal - das schönste Bachtal Brandenburgs - zumindest behaupten das die Einheimischen voller Überzeugung. Es gehört zum gleichnamigen Naturpark, umfasst über 200 Quadratkilometer Fläche und beheimatet fast - 200 - Vogelarten!! In Worten: - Zweihundert - !!!
      Damit stieg nicht nur die Neugierde und Vorfreude, sondern auch mein Puls - 200 - Und ich war noch nicht dort!? - Skandal -
      Nicht, dass ich mich damit bislang nie beschäftigt hätte - erst scheiterte ich mehrfach kläglich an der Tourplanung - eine Tagestour auf der ich möglichst viel oder besser noch alles vom Schlaubetal zu sehen bekomme und dann auch noch wieder zurück komme - wollte nicht gelingen.
      Und dann kam auch noch die ASP - der überwiegende Teil der Wanderwege lag im Kerngebiet und durfte nicht mehr begangen werden - welch Schweinerei!
      Nachdem das Betretungsverbot aufgehoben wurde, rückte die Planung und die Lust aufs Schlaubetal wieder stärker in den Fokus…
      Um nicht erneut ein planerisches Debakel zu erleben, änderte ich im Vorfeld Taktik und Rahmenbedingungen - ich offerierte Fiete ein kleines entspanntes Abenteuer-Wochenende [ zur Länge der Touren ließ ich erstmal ausreichend Interpretationsspielraum 😂 ] und schaute nach Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten.
      So wurde aus den verzweifelten Versuchen einer 1-Tages-Tour letztlich eine 2-Tage-Wanderung durchs wild-romantische Schlaubetal.
      Der Samstagmorgen begann schillernd.
      Wir waren noch keinen Kilometer gegangen, als wir - knapp über der Wasserfläche des Katharinengrabens - auf eine intensiv leuchtende, schimmernde Farbmischung blickten - einfach nicht von dieser Welt - die Tour startete mit Eisvogel.
      Besser gehts nicht!
      Der Große Müllroser See begrüßte uns dann fast schon kitschig - mit unglaublicher Stille und leichten Nebelschwaden.
      Mit der Passage entlang des Belenzsee und der Ragower Mühle ging es dann ins Bachtal und es warteten noch 25 Kilometer Abenteuer Schlaubetal auf uns.
      Abenteuerlich war dabei für mich auch Fietes stetiger Blick auf den Boden und die Aufforderungen zum Ablichten von Blindschleichen – Im Ergebnis fand Fiete allerdings nur die Kamera in IHRER Hand und mich in einem Sicherheitsabstand von einigen Metern Entfernung. Schnell weiter!Auf Höhe des ✪ Schulzenwassers posierte dann zunächst ein ✪ Graureiher hochgradig talentiert, ebenso wie der zweite ✪ Eisvogel des Tages seine Flugkünste zur Schau stellte! Wir folgten weiter der Schlaube - in der Tat ein lebhaftes Flüsschen - durch das bewaldete Tal. Die Landschaft ist super reizvoll und immer wieder anders, manchmal öffnen sich Abschnitte mit kleinen Seen oder Wiesen und die Blicke in die vielfältige Landschaft sind von faszinierender Schönheit.
      Allerdings sind die Waldwege teilweise durchaus etwas hügelig und doch recht stark mit Baumwurzeln übersät - ein richtig schöner Anblick - der einem allerdings auch einen gewissen Tribut abverlangt - Anstrengung!!! - Alle vier Beine wurden zusehends schwer, es fehlte mehr und mehr die Leichtigkeit und ich tagträumte inzwischen vom Schlaraffenland und wünschte mir Milch und Honig anstelle des Wassers in der Schlaube…
      Ob es dann nun göttliche Fügung – purer Zufall – oder einfach nur ein Schweineglück war – wer weiß das schon – wir erblickten die ✪ Bremsdorfer Mühle mit ihrer urig-rustikalen Einkehrmöglichkeit und der Geruch des Räucherofens war allgegenwärtig.
      Während Fiete ihre Akkus mit Erbseneintopf und geräucherten Wildschwein auftankte, freute ich mich darüber, dass auch meine Wünsche in Erfüllung gingen – auf Milch und Honig konnte ich gut verzichten – aber ein großes Bier – in meiner Vorstellung natürlich schlaraffenlantös aus der Schlaube gezapft - fand seinen Weg zu mir.
      Obwohl wir hier gern noch Stunden entspannt und faul gesessen hätten – lagen noch etwa 10 km vor uns – die sich allerdings so grandios gestärkt wieder deutlich leichter absolvieren ließen.
      Und die 10 km sollten es in sich haben – eine highlightastische Abfolge von Herrlichkeiten! Denn es folgte etwas Magie! Der Wald war dicht und wenig Sonne schaffte es durch das Blätterdach – bis man bereits aus der Ferne das Leuchten einer grünen Oase wahrnahm. Eine kleine ✪ Zauberlichtung mit schon fast unnatürlich wirkendem, knallgrünem Moos lag vor uns im Sonnenschein. Für mich war klar – hier springt gleich eine Horde irischer Kobolde hinter den Bäumen hervor – die leben also im Schlaubetal und reisen nur 1 x im Jahr zum St. Patrick’s Day nach Irland. Für Fiete dagegen stand fest – Einhörner gibt’s! Und zwar genau hier - Ende der Diskussion! Mitten in unserem Streit über die Existenz von Kobolden und Einhörnern im Schlaubetal, zeigte sich dann tatsächlich eine potentielle Märchengestalt – ich forderte Fiete auf den Frosch sofort zu küssen – man will ja schließlich Klarheit – doch dazu kam es nicht. Der Frosch war offensichtlich gerne Frosch, wollte es bleiben und hüpfte flott weiter.Nachdem wir nun also dem märchenhaften entkommen waren – ohne nachweisliche Belege für Kobolde, Einhörner oder verwunschene Prinzen – folgte über der ✪ Kisselwitzer Mühle wieder die reale Schönheit der Natur – es ist ein recht majestätischer Anblick, wenn ein Seeadler hoch in der Luft seine Kreise zieht.Über 30 km waren wir nun schon unterwegs – von den fast 200 Vogelarten hatte ich bislang so gut wie nichts gesehen – entsprechend stand ich schwer beleidigt auf einer der wenigen Lichtungen im Wald und starrte auf die flachen Wasserflächen – doch auch hier war so gut wie nix flatterndes wahrzunehmen. Ich kapitulierte – haderte – und war überzeugt – mein Tierbegegnungsglück war wohl aufgebraucht. Fiete sei Dank blieben wir noch einige Minuten stehen – wahrscheinlich vor allem da sie mich gut genug kennt um zu wissen – ohne ein anständiges Tierportrait - wird’s ein Abend mit schlechtgelaunten MIR werden.
      Und dann kam es zurück – das Glück – das ich dann oft selbst nicht so recht fassen kann.
      Wir standen nicht am Rand einer überfluteten Lichtung – wir standen am Rand einer ✪ Biber-Badeanstalt!! Insgesamt waren es wohl 4-5 Tiere – Ein ganzer Biber-Clan paddelte da fröhlich durch das Entenflott – posierte noch etwas sitzend, schwimmend, nagend - die Kamera konnte gar nicht so schnell auslösen wie ich den Knopf drückte – 200 Vogelarten waren mir von jetzt auf gleich egal – mir war unglaublich warm - 200 Pulsschläge pro Minute hämmerten durch meinen Körper – Diagnose: eindeutig: ✪ Biber-Fieber!
      Die letzten 1,5 km zum Etappenende am ✪ Wirchensee hüpfte ich nun breit grinsend – ich fühlte mich wie ein grüner Kobold – allerdings mit zunehmend schmerzenden Füßen.Erschöpft und hungrig überfielen wir noch die Küche – bis letzten Endes der Genuss von heißer Schokolade mit Rum bzw. ein leckerer Obstler endgültig unseren Tag beendeten!Fortsetzung folgt - Tag 2 ✪ komoot.de/tour/478089177?ref=wtd

      • September 6, 2021

  6. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾 and Fiete went for a hike.

    September 3, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      For this weekend, ✪ Fiete and I had exercise and a massive portion of fresh air on the program. A hiking weekend - through the ✪ Schlaubetal nature park.
      Fortunately, the weather was more than suitable for hiking this weekend. Moderate temperatures as well as a good number of hours of sunshine were predicted by the sometimes unsteady weather oracle and this time it turned out to be right.
      Since we wanted to start our 2-day tour through the ✪ Schlaubetal as early as possible - from ✪ Müllrose - on Saturday, we arrived on Friday afternoon and used the opportunity for a nice little city tour through ✪ Frankfurt (Oder).My expectations were rather modest. After reading a lot about the history of the city, especially in view of the numerous fires and destruction in World War II - 93% of the city center was destroyed - I couldn't imagine finding a beautiful city. Accordingly, I was surprised by our tour. Perhaps it was due to the choice of route through the city - I experienced Frankfurt as a really beautiful place - with a multitude of imposing ✪ sacred buildings, with wonderful buildings by ✪ architect Martin Kießling, with a really high and beautiful density of ✪ sculptures in public spaces and with many ✪ parks and green spaces. And of course - with its wonderful location on the ✪ Oder and the picturesque ✪ island of Ziegenwerder.A beautiful, eventful and recommendable city tour and an absolutely successful start to our hiking weekend, which on Saturday led us from ✪ Müllrose along the ✪ Schlaube to ✪ Wirchensee - ✪ komoot.de/tour/476851630?ref=wtd ✪ and on Sunday from Wirchensee along the ✪ Oelse to ✪ Grunow ✪ komoot.de/tour/478089177?ref=wtd

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      • September 6, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      After I was able to enjoy maximum relaxation through minimal activity on a wonderful raft tour on the ✪ Mecklenburg Lake District with ✪ Fiete in June, the time had come last weekend - I became a repeat offender!The frame - unchanged - same raft - same wonderful lakes - same anchorage - same wonderful tranquility and fantastic nature - and -
      the objective was also the same:
      Maximizing DO NOTHING
      Planless and timeless dangling of the soul and the shell in the hammock.
      Unlike in June, only the crew - Fiete was allowed and didn't want to go - boys weekend ✪ - and the weather - nothing remained of the bright sunshine and the summer heat of June - rain - rain - rain - in various shades of light gray - medium gray - dark gray.Only Saturday morning and morning offered a somewhat friendlier picture - it was dry and the sky could almost be described as light gray. Shortly before sunrise - when the rest of them were still snoring in their sleeping bags - it was overboard for me to bleed through the pressure points of relaxed, long-term lying and sitting.From the ✪ Großer Pälitzsee there was a beautiful round trip - along from ✪ Elbogensee ✪ Großer Boberowsee ✪ Großer Gliezensee and finally back on the north bank of the ✪ Großer Stechlinsee.Most of the route ran - in keeping with the purpose of the weekend - almost deserted and therefore wonderfully calm and relaxed through forest areas. But I was not alone - doe and roe deer took advantage of the morning mood, as did a large number of bird animals. The latter were acoustically unbelievably present, but today, with a few exceptions, they knew how to hide well before the photo session, well camouflaged. In the end I was able to catch the treecreeper, wren, great spotted woodpecker and black woodpecker with a little effort. And one species even showed itself in an absolute posing mood! I wasn't alone - the forest was full of robins - robins lurked around every corner!The views of the various lakes also provided a lot of variety and at the latest the Stechlinsee with its crystal clear and greenish-turquoise shimmering water in the north bay screamed loudly and urgently: ✪ BATHING BREAK !!! Even the brave sun struggled for a few brief moments through the otherwise impenetrable cloud blockade. However, the precision thermometer built into my hand also showed the exact water temperature after a short measurement: ✪ ASS COLD!
      I declined with thanks !!! - After all, I didn't want to keep the cozy hammock and warm blanket waiting for me idle!

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      • August 30, 2021

  8. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾 and Fiete went for a hike.

    August 21, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      A small family trip to ✪ Boltenhagen was on the agenda for this weekend. And since the weather spontaneously presented itself as absolutely fantastic that morning and morning, the planned morning walk just as spontaneously turned into a really nice little hike.
      It went along the ✪ promenade with a new boardwalk on the beach towards ✪ Redewisch and thus to the cliff.
      The mass of birds showed themselves to be mischievously grinning - prudently - because my camera spent a relaxed weekend off work in the closet in Berlin!
      The beautiful landscape with the great views of the Baltic Sea was able to compensate for the small pain of the missed poultry portraits.
      Therefore ... Conclusion: Really chic tour!

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      • August 21, 2021

  9. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾 went for a hike.

    August 14, 2021

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    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      Der Sommer geht zu Ende…
      Zumindest hatte morgens um 6 Uhr noch nicht das ganze Tageslicht in ✪ Hangelsberg seinen Dienst angetreten.
      Von dort ging es denn heute los um mal zu schauen was ✪ Steffi nach ihrer schönen Tour im März dieses Jahrs noch an Strecke übriggelassen hat.
      Vielen Dank für die Vorlage!!
      Wasser ist für mich ja ein wichtiges Element beim Wandern - und davon gab es heute dann auch wirklich ne ganze Menge… auch wenn mich das Wasser zeitweise etwas falsch verstanden hat. Bereits auf den ersten Metern im Wald hatte die Wahl einer kurzen Hose sich bezahlt gemacht. Nicht für mich, aber für die hungrigen Fressfeinde die sich unverblümt in Schwärmen zeigten und sogleich das Frühstücksbuffet für eröffnet erklärten. Bei der Mückendichte wollte ich allerdings nicht so recht ins Schwärmen geraten! So versprühte ich sicher keinen Charme - aber ne anständige Ladung Insektenspray!!Die frisch gemähten Wiesen entlang der ✪ Müggelspree waren dann zunächst mit das Schönste was ich bislang in diesem Jahr gelaufen bin… das satte, intensive Grün, die Weite, das Wasser und dann auch noch ein so wunderschönes Bild des Frühnebels der im Sonnenlicht über den Wiesen lag. Eine Szenerie wie gemalt und wie in jeder schlechten TV-Schnulze ins Bild getackert!
      Wenige Meter später waren die Wiesen zwar immer noch schön, aber nicht mehr gemäht… mal wieder war mein Weg von hüfthohen Gräsern, Seggen, Brennnesseln und Dornengestrüpp assimiliert worden. Zu dickköpfig um mich von meinem Weg abbringen zu lassen – zu stolz um den 100 Meter parallel im Wald verlaufenden Weg zu nehmen - ging es also hinein und das schmerzhafte Vergnügen. Zum zweiten Mal applaudierte ich mir selbst fühl die Wahl der kurzen Hose!! Erwähnte ich eingangs die Bedeutung von Wasser und die Schönheit des Frühnebels?! Schöner Mist - die Wiese war entsprechend nicht nur hoch und wehrhaft, sondern auch klitschnass. Keine 50 Meter brauchte es, und dann war es da - das Wasser - wie gewünscht rechts von mir in der ✪ Müggelspree, unerwünscht in meinen ✪ Schuhen - gönnerhafter Weise bis zu deren Oberkante.
      Es musste ein kleiner Boxenstop her. Die Füße waren dem Ertrinken nah und so wurde eilig wie aus einem leckgeschlagenen Kahn das Wasser aus den Schuhen geschöpft. Und nachdem zum Schluss noch ein ordentlicher Schwall aus den Socken gewrungen war, war die Gehtüchtigkeit erstmal wiederhergestellt.
      Nur ein Aspekt trübte weiterhin ein wenig das Vergnügen. So eine Feuchtwiese ist quasi das ✪ Nummer 1 - All inclusive - Urlaubsdomizil der Mücken. Summende Begeisterung machte sich breit. Die Mückenmeute war bereit für die 2. Mahlzeit des Tages.
      Nach 1,5 km Wiesenspaß verweigerte ich wie ein gestresstes, bockiges Pferd bei Olympia. Im Gegensatz zu den armen Tieren darf ich allerdings selbst entscheiden und niemand rammt mir seine von übertriebenem Ehrgeiz angespitzten Sporen in die Flanken. Mein Maß an Masochismus war aufgebracht. Ich kapitulierte und nahm nun doch kurz den Waldweg zur Umgehung.
      Nach gut 9 km wechselte die Attitüde. Aus dem ✪ Wiesenschleicher wurde eine ✪ Kanalratte - das Wasser verblieb als Konstante rechts von mir, kanalisierte sich allerdings etwas humorlos auf den nächsten 9 Kilometern, die zwar auf recht passablen Wegen verliefen, aber auch mit einer guten Prise Monotonie gewürzt waren. Da war dann der begleitende Kiefernwald, der zur Etablierung von Vielfalt alle 50 Meter mal ne Birke beisteuern konnte, keine große Hilfe und die passende Garnitur!
      Mich umgab eine gewisse Perspektivlosigkeit - zwar noch nicht hoffnungslos verloren, aber auch wenig hoffnungsvoll zeitnah einen Perspektivwechsel zu erleben. Immerhin bot der Abschnitt die perfekte Möglichkeit um den Rest des Wiesenwassers aus den Schuhen zu laufen. Man darf dem ✪ Oder-Spree-Kanal auch nicht unrecht tun – es war es ein schönes Stück dieser Tour mit zeitweilig tollen Lichtverhältnissen und Blicken aufs Wasser.
      Und wenn man dann noch mit einer überzeugten ✪ Beratungsresistenz ausgestattet ist - und abschnittsweise direkt am Ufer - ohne Weg - ohne Lerneffekt des Morgens - aber mit viel feuchter Botanik läuft, dann wird der Spaß daran auch zum ✪ Monotonieverdränger!
      Das letzte Stück entlang des Kanals wurde dann hinter den ✪ Spreenhagener Fischteichen auch wieder eine Freude für die Optik und den Geist. Dank der Kiefern war die Weite zurück, denn der typische Brandenburger Forst der Eintönigkeit hatte sich im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ein gutes Stück vom Acker gemacht. So konnten dann auch Augen und Kopf mal wieder tief Luft holen.
      Es ging nun nochmals kurz an die ✪ Müggelspree - noch mal herrliche Weite und wunderbare Blicke. Einer dieser Blicke fiel dann auf die Uhr. Ich hatte wenig Lust ne knappe Stunde in ✪ Hangelsberg rumzuhangeln - und entsprechend waren die letzten Kilometer dann eher auf Autopilot mit etwas beschleunigten Tempomat.Was bleibt ist ein sehr schöner Tag, eine sehr schöne Tour, eine schöne Vielfalt an Vogelvieh und ein schönes Fellexemplar mit langen Löffeln, dem man in Anbetracht seiner offensichtlichen Tagträumerei, absolut glaubt, wenn er sagt: ✪ Mein Name ist Hase. Ich weiß von nichts! ✪

      • August 14, 2021

    1. ☠ R✪BIN 🥾

      Yesterday was again some time for a historical hike.
      At the start we stood in front of the portal of ✪ Paretz Castle. From here we first went through the castle park with the village church, one of the earliest preserved neo-Gothic buildings in Brandenburg and through the very beautiful village with numerous wonderful houses - created according to the ✪ Paretz sketchbook - because the redesign of the castle was followed by the village renewal as a sample example of Prussian agriculture. On to the Havel. With the ferry, the bank was then quickly changed and what then followed on the next few kilometers was wonderful width.
      On the Deichweg we went through the wonderful meadows, which presented themselves in a very cheerful "lush green" to the ✪ Phöbener Havel. From there on towards ✪ Ketziner Havel Islands to Schmergow, where a few scoops of refreshing ice awaited us. YUMMY!The strengthening was also sorely needed ... because a short time later a small excruciating torture followed!
      Shortly after the great passage through the ✪ Erdelöcher (now fishing waters), at least Komoot's route planning was convinced to find a narrow bank path west of the peat ditch ... but the beautiful theory quickly turned into a painful reality - the chest-high thicket of blackberries, thistles and nettles not only had spikes, thorns and stinging hairs to offer, but also housed absurd masses of hungry mosquitoes in the damp underground ... I can no longer say whether it was ultimately just an irrepressible optimism, mental derangement or the idea of being able to save the Sleeping Beauty - only that after about 30 minutes and about 300 meters of flagellation and permanent blood donation we looked like two pieces of crumble cake from the day before!
      Back to the beautiful - back to the castle - and off to a small tour of the royal apartments.
      Monarch ✪ Friedrich Wilhelm III. and his wife Luise had two preferred country estates - her ✪ Paretz Castle and the ✪ Lustschlösschen on Pfaueninsel.
      ✪ Fontane also visited Paretz and described Luise's happiness in “Schloss-Still-im Land” in his “Walks through the Mark Brandenburg” and was - like so many before him - entranced and fascinated by the unusually citizen-friendly couple of monarchs, that thanksgiving with the rural people celebrated on the threshing floor and even allowed themselves to share a bedroom in their holiday castle. ✪ What a scandal !!! Fontane liked it - we liked it as well - because what was created here in the years after 1797 was a wonderful refuge.The Berlin architect ✪ David Gilly built a simple, stylistically simple, early classicist country palace. Since the successful reconstruction in 2001, the ensemble, which is now under monument protection, can be experienced again in its classic form - including the spectacularly painted and printed ✪ paper wallpapers in the royal living rooms.So it is a castle again today, characterized by silence and simplicity - in the spirit of Luise ... then✪ Queen Luise of Prussia was probably what one would call R✪CKSTAR among the Prussian princesses in today's parlance. Already during her lifetime she was worshiped almost ritually. The myth of a "bourgeois" queen - shaped by beauty and grace - informality, simplicity and warmth - earned her early applause and recognition and inspired writers such as Novalis, Kleist, Jean Paul, among others, to celebrate and pay homage to her in some works. Rockstar-Like doesn't quite belong to ✪ Club 27, but she died very young at the age of 34, which only reinforced the myth of the brisk Luise: The suffering of the Napoleonic wars let her die broken-hearted and made her a patriotic martyr the wars of liberation. The mother of the 1st German Emperor also became a symbol of Prussia's resurgence.The ✪ Prussian Madonna actually valued the Paretz country air and the tranquility the most, and yet it became a celebrated icon and would have millions of followers today.

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      • August 8, 2021

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