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  1. 🥾Robin💥 and Fiete went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    13.4 mi
    3.1 mph
    75 ft
    100 ft
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    1. 🥾Robin💥

      Today we went through the Dahme-Spreewald region for the first time in fantastic weather.
      Starting from Pätz, our circular hike first led around the Tonsee and from there on to the Pätzer Vorderee and -Hintersee.
      Very nice tour with a good mix of paths close to the water, impressive views of the lakes and paths through forest sections and meadows as well as small settlement areas.Right at the beginning of the hike, it was particularly nice to go around the Tonsee. Very idyllic atmosphere and great clean water. In the area of the small headland "on the Tonkute", not all of the marked trails can be found, so that you cross a little off-grid through the forest.The passage from the front lake to the Hintersee on the western bank is somewhat regrettable. Unfortunately, fences and locked gates block the existing paths in the area of the front settlement, so that one has to avoid the area near the shore.However, that didn't really hurt the quality of the tour either. Super nice circular route, with mostly very easy to hike trails, which was a lot of fun. 😁👍

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      • 7 days ago

  2. 🥾Robin💥 and Fiete went for a hike.

    September 12, 2020

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    1. 🥾Robin💥

      Hiking day 2 on Usedom:After yesterday's hike
      led along some lakes in the hinterland and the steep coast of Bansin, a round trip on the Gnitz peninsula was on the plan today. The peninsula is located south of Zinnowitz between Achterwasser in the east and Krumminer Wiek in the west.
      The starting point and the destination of the round tour was in Neuendorf. From here it was first in the early morning hours on very quiet forest paths with numerous deer in the clearings to the steep bank of the peninsula in the west. The narrow paths are really fun, but due to the tree roots above ground and the frequent ups and downs, they are also a bit difficult, but still very beautiful! 😁
      In the south of the peninsula then follows the nature reserve Südspitze Gnitz, which is characterized by the intensive grazing by sheep and shows a super beautiful, idyllic natural area.
      After circling the southern tip, flood protection begins after the small town of Lütow. The dikes are great to walk, you have a fantastic view of the backwaters on one side and the vast meadows on the other. However, after 5-6 kilometers on this path, you definitely want some variety and a change of perspective 😁.
      This is then offered to you very nicely on the passage through the fields and small forest sections back to Neuendorf.
      After a good 19 kilometers we reached our starting point again. However, since the weather was just wonderful for hiking and the legs were still willing, we spontaneously extended our tour and made another round of about 11 kilometers to the natural harbor of Krummin and back. Absolutely worthwhile addition and a really nice additional round!In this context, the incredibly delicious, homemade cake in the “Naschkatze” in Krummin should also be emphasized, which was a reward for the route so far and also motivation for the way back.Summarized:
      Exhausted and happy !! 😁
      Great tour! We recommend!

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      • September 12, 2020

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    1. HelgaK.

      Wonderful tour, certainly started very early? Great sunrise!
      Respect 27.3 km !!!

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      • September 11, 2020

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    1. 🥾Robin💥

      Today we went through the Barnim district again. The almost 20 km long round tour with start and finish in Ützdorf initially led in a clockwise direction along the banks of the Liepnitzsee. At the western end of the lake we followed the path further towards Wandlitz to the Wandlitzsee. From there it went back to the north bank of the Liepnitzsee past the holy three ponds and from there further north to the Regenbogensee, where the breakfast break was enjoyed with a beautiful lake view. Afterwards, the circular route took us back to the bank of the Liepnitzsee and from here north to Lake Bogensee. Finally we went back to Ützdorf via the beautiful forest paths.Beautiful route with a varied mix of bank and forest paths. Highly recommended round! 😁

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      • August 29, 2020

  5. Fiete and C K went for a hike.

    August 23, 2020

    6.22 mi
    3.3 mph
    75 ft
    75 ft
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  6. 🥾Robin💥 and Fiete went for a hike.

    August 15, 2020

    1. 🥾Robin💥

      Today's tour with start and finish at the entrance to Buckow took us through Märkische Schweiz. Already the beginning on the panorama path, which is located far above the Schermützelsee, and two changes between the high path and the lake shore showed that the term “Märkische Schweiz” was not chosen by chance. With about 330 meters of altitude, the circular route was already fairly topographically moved for our region.
      After the shore path of the Schermützelsee, we continued in an easterly direction past the small and large Tornowsee and then past Dreieichen along the Mühlenfließ to the large Klobichsee.
      The break at the bathing area provided some refreshment in the very warm temperatures. Afterwards we followed the paths through the NSG Klobichsee to the black lake. A super scenic section with many wetlands and impressive nature. However, "stopping" and enjoying nature was only partially feasible, otherwise you quickly became a little "snack" for the mosquitoes ...
      From the black lake it went south and then through the passage between the small and large Däbersee to Waldsieversdorf.
      The last part of the way then led us along the Stöbber past the Abendrothsee back to the starting point.
      Great hike with a very varied landscape and many very beautiful impressions. The undulating profile of the route was really fun, despite a few meters more than you might be used to in our region!We recommend!!! 😁

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      • August 15, 2020

  7. HelgaK. and Fiete went for a hike.

    August 9, 2020

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    1. Gudrun

      Super performance in this weather

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      • August 9, 2020

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    1. 🥾Robin💥

      I've known Stechlinsee for so long ...
      However, not as a hike, but rather from kayaking and as a wonderful swimming lake, and it was years ago that I was there the last time.
      Accordingly, I was very happy about Suki’s beautiful template that wandered around Stechlinsee a few days ago.
      It was clear to me that I want to plan a tour there as soon as possible ... just a little longer and more extensive ...
      When two days later BJN wandered around the Stechlin and Marflow, the Stechlinsee and the Peetschsee, I was largely relieved of the planning 😜Many thanks to you three!About the tour:
      The weather forecast was promising and one could or had to expect really high temperatures.
      Accordingly, it started before 6 a.m. firstly to escape the afternoon heat and above all to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at this early time ... oh yes ... and one can say: the weather was terrific ... !!! 😁
      There was still early fog on the Dagowsee when we started our round tour from Neuglobsow. The temperatures in the morning were super pleasant to walk and even a first bath before 7 a.m. was feasible ... even if it was freezing cold 😂
      I think there is not much to report about the Stechlinsee itself ... beautiful, with 70 meters the deepest lake in Brandenburg with fantastic clear and clean water ...
      Back to the hike ...
      From Neuglobsow we went past the Fontanehaus to Stechlinsee and there along the immediate bank paths
      towards the south-west ... clockwise around the lake.
      Over the wooden bridge over the Polzow Canal we came to the shore of the "Hölzchen" peninsula and after circling it we went over the outlet canal along the former Keins Rheinsberg to the bay "Katz". This was followed by the passage of the northern shore with the small bay "Blue Cow" and finally the large northern "Sun Bay".
      From there we continued south along the bank until shortly before the Fenchelberg we chose the branch in a northeastern direction to the Peetschsee.
      This is also really recommendable and offers the opportunity to cool off a little more with a variety of beautiful swimming areas.
      The perspective is a bit different compared to Stechlinsee, as there is usually a thick strip of wood between the paths and the shore. Still very impressive, because the green is accompanied by the shimmering blue of the water between the trees.
      After completely circumnavigating the Peetschsee we finally crossed Dagow and via the southern bank of the Dagowsee we came back to the starting point and the end of our tour.Conclusion:
      Beautiful summer hike with endless bathing opportunities.
      Correctly recommended !!!! 😁

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      • August 1, 2020

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    1. 🥾Robin💥

      Today a small round tour in the afternoon through the Seepark into the Wuhlheide, around the FEZ and further along the trotting course and finally back through the Prinzenviertel.
      And there was also the reward for the little tour ... 😁
      The 'ice cream manufactory Prinzeneis' !!
      Delicious!!! 😋

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      • July 25, 2020

  10. 🥾Robin💥 and Fiete went for a hike.

    July 23, 2020

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    1. HelgaK.

      Well, that was definitely a great tour, with a nice evening atmosphere.

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      • July 23, 2020

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