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  1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went for a hike.

    4 days ago

    6.35 mi
    2.8 mph
    100 ft
    100 ft
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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      After a while, it was time for a short hike again. However, since I had to stay in bed for a few days last week, it should be a rather small group.
      Since the Briestal had been on my wish list for a long time, I immediately decided on it. I found inspiration for this round on an older tour by R✪bin and Fiete (komoot.de/tour/492763608?ref=itd&share_token=aJw3Il5HyjfXOH3czUuLLF00LniSgrIbIdbLsWIXUdmHhOyBm6). Many thanks to my current condition and condition customized.
      I have to say that the trip to Briestal was really worth it. A large part of the route is always along the Briese, which is a tributary or rather a stream of the Havel. It rises in the Wandlitzsee and flows into the Havel at Birkenwerder.
      Since the area is apparently not only extremely attractive for people, a Bieber family has settled here and dammed up part of the breeze. As a result, a large reservoir has formed and the alders standing by the river are now deep in the water. Fortunately, such an alder likes it wet and damp, although not in the long run, which you can now see in some of the trees.
      If you don't walk along the Briese, the path leads you through a beautiful mixed forest, which is currently showing a lot of mushrooms.
      At the end of my walk, a small footbridge led me back directly over the river.
      Unfortunately, I didn't meet beavers and kingfisher on the way, but a lot of lazy mallards and lots of two-legged friends with four-legged companions.Conclusion: In conclusion, I can say that a trip to the Briesetal is really worthwhile and I will definitely come back for a longer walk and who knows, maybe I'll be lucky and meet a kingfisher :)

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      • 4 days ago

  2. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went for a hike.

    September 5, 2021

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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      ... to counteract the sore muscles, I decided to do a little tour in front of the gates of Berlin. Originally it was planned to walk along the Erpe, but I quickly followed other paths.What was particularly noticeable was the high number of horses on my little lap. The assumption that the high number of horses is related to the proximity to Hoppegarten at least made itself felt on the way;)
      There was also a lot of sand and a few sheep. Like a little excited kestrel that accompanied me for a while on the way.
      For a little lap to enjoy the weather, the tour was very relaxed and calm, in a scenic setting.
      If the muscle soreness subsides again at some point, perhaps a longer tour will be undertaken here.

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      • September 5, 2021

  3. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went for a hike.

    August 7, 2021

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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      On Friday I went back to my old homeland to visit my family.
      This gave me the opportunity to finally hike the long planned stage 8 of the Uckermärker Landrunde from Warnitz to Biesenbrow.
      So my alarm clock chirped me out of bed at 6:30 this morning. Punctually at 6:50 am, I was ready to leave.
      My route started about three kilometers from Warnitz and while I was walking along the lake, where there were still light clouds of early morning fog, the morning calls of the cranes echoed across the lake to me.In a good mood I turned into the forest to Warnitz, where my companions were waiting for me for the next three kilometers. However, since I had expected them, I came well prepared and first sprayed myself a round with mosquito repellent. With moderate success. As usual, I asked myself whether someone had told the mosquitoes that the spray should drive them away. The second question: do these animals never sleep ?!After leaving the forest behind me, I followed the main road through the still sleeping Warnitz past neat front gardens until I turned left at the first opportunity and followed the dirt road.A few weeks ago there were billowing barley fields here, now I only saw stubble fields and a tractor in the distance. Along the way, the apples on the trees were ripe and made for a richly laid table.Along the Dolgensee we went through the forest again, here the mosquitoes were even more annoying than before and I accelerated my pace to get rid of the clinging animals - not very successfully, by the way.Since I had marched off without having breakfast, I stopped in Melzow am Wietblick and had breakfast with a magnificent view. Before I continue my way through the place and break new ground.
      Behind Melzwo I went through a light beech forest again, where a cheeky, curious squirrel accompanied me for part of the way.
      After I had crossed the autobahn, the path ran under an avenue of lime trees between the fields. Deer and red kites were looking for food and accompanied me on my way.Behind Schmiedeberg I met a large group of cranes that were approaching the fields and making their laps loudly.Along a fennel field I went a little further through fruit avenues, with plums and mirabelle plums, over brooks to Biesenbrow, where I was welcomed by Ehm Welk's birthplace. The path led me further through part of the village and over a former railway line around the village. However, I go back to the town center to take a closer look at the church. And then waited there to start my journey home.Conclusion: a very nice route, through dreamy villages and beautiful landscape. At the right time of year there is a plentifully set fruit table on the way;)

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      • August 7, 2021

  4. Mademoiselle Unterwegs and Benjamin went gravel riding.

    August 1, 2021

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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      Today Miffy and I took another little trip through Berlin. Since the temperatures and tourists were within reasonable limits today, I just dared to do it.Today my way led me a little bit over the approx. 160 km long Berlin Wall Trail, which mainly follows the course of the Berlin Wall around West Berlin.First we went to the East Side Gallery and over the Oberbaumbrücke towards Treptower Park, which was left on the left and instead cycled to Heidekamppark and cycled there on very good, wide paths always near the Heidekampgraben. There are always small birch groves scattered around the park, which visitors populate with hammocks.After leaving the park, you pass Jacobs, the smell of coffee in your nose and on a wide cycle path along the Britzer connecting canal to its end and then on to the Teltow canal. A really wide path makes cycling here very pleasant and you can make very good progress. One catches glimpses of the canal again and again, on which one or the other boat is sailing.I leave the Teltow Canal behind me when the A113 crosses this intersection and since an attentive engineer has thought about this, a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was built right away and I'm already in Rudow. Here I meet the highlight of the tour, the water buffalo in the city. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to see of them. They were lying around lazily at their watering hole, where there were also large numbers of gray geese and mallards. The horses on the adjacent pastures were also rather leisurely.So I cycled on, only to come across more horses and Scottish highland cattle a little later. The cattle were at least more curious than their relatives a short time ago and came to see what the woman on the bike actually wants from them or maybe she'll give them something to eat. Unfortunately, they were at the wrong address with me, because there was definitely no food to dust off with me.On the Berlin Wall Trail, numerous steles remind of all known wall dead as well as special events on the wall or topographical peculiarities.A rain shower surprised me in Britz and my thanks go to the architects of the Protestant church in Neukölln for this splendid canopy that protected Miffy and me from the rain.At the end of my tour through Neukölln, I went back home at the Britzer connecting canal,Conclusion: All in all, a very easy route to drive. Since mostly wide and very well paved roads bring joy to drive. The landscape is of course not really exciting, since you are in the city, but all the more historically.
      So the path is perfect for cycling, hiking here I would only come back to read the information steles, as I did not stop here by bike.

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      • August 1, 2021

  5. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went for a hike.

    July 25, 2021

    4.23 mi
    2.4 mph
    125 ft
    175 ft
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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      And it's damn hot in town. However, since I'm watering a friend's garden as a vacation replacement, I combined this task with a short walk.
      My route took me through the city's biggest tourist hotspots.
      So it was not only incredibly hot on the way but also incredibly full. Somehow I had the feeling that I was the only one on the road who had problems with this heat, as I was permanently attached to my water bottle. Which was approaching the end at a rapid pace.
      My way led me over the Alex, past the television tower and the Neptune fountain. Then we continued in the direction of the cathedral and along the water through the Monbijou Park to the New Synagogue - the house with the most beautiful roof in the whole city.
      After the garden was watered somewhere along the way and the water was filled up, the last big highlights on the way were the Charité, the Paul-Löbe-Haus, the Bundestag and the Brandenburg Gate.
      Here I just surrendered to the heat, especially since the water was empty again, no drinking fountain in sight to fill up and thus use the subway station of the same name to take me to my home country.
      Conclusion: It was hot, it was full and next time I would rather go back to quieter areas for hiking, even if the route was already very beautiful due to the buildings. Since I am still in a heat coma, this time I save historical decorations for individual buildings 😅

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      • July 25, 2021

  6. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went gravel riding.

    July 6, 2021

    47.2 mi
    10.2 mph
    1,350 ft
    1,325 ft
    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      Bevor es nächste Woche wieder zurück in die große Stadt geht, wollte ich zumindest noch eine Runde mit Miffy drehen. Also habe ich mir gestern Abend mit Hilfe einer Fahrradkarte, Ziele kann ich mir da einfach besser raussuchen, und Komoot mehrere Strecken zusammen gebastelt. Am Ende ist meine Wahl dann auf die Strecke nach Brüssow gefallen, einfach der Kindheitserinnerungen an meine Uroma wegen. Da für heute schönes Wetter angesagt war, startete ich meine Tour relativ früh um möglichst viel von der kühlen Morgenluft abzubekommen. Zuerst führte mich mein Weg über die Felder, wo ich zwei Kranichen begegnete (wer eine Lupe benutzt kann sie auf dem einen Foto erspähen, wo wir wieder bei der fehlenden Kamera und dem Objektiv wären) nach Blankenburg. Der Ort ist und bleibt einfach wenig spektakulär, weswegen ich gleich weiter in Richtung Gramzow radelte, wo sich mein erstes Ziel befand – nämlich die Klosterruine, welche ich zwar schon immer aus der Ferne aber nie aus der Nähe gesehen hatte.
      Bei dem um 1180 gegründeten Kloster handelte es sich um ein Stift der Prämonstratenser. Noch nie von dem Orden gehört? Ich auch nicht, daher hier eine kurze Einführung:
      Die Prämonstratenser sind bis heute der größte römisch-katholische Orden regulierter Chorherren. Als Chorherren werden die Mitglieder einer Stiftskirche bezeichnet, die nach einer Ordensregel leben, meist die Priesterweihe erhalten haben sowie ein Ordensgelübte abgelegt haben, ohne jedoch Mönch zu sein. Der Orden wurde im Jahr 1120 von dem Wanderprediger Norbert von Xanten mit dreizehn Gefährten in Prémontré bei Laon (Frankreich) gegründet. (de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pr%C3%A4monstratenser)
      Das Kloster fiel, wie eigentlich alle Klöster hier in der Gegend der Säkularisierung zum Opfer und stand dann eine ganze Weile ungenutzt in der Gegend herum. Zum Glück war Preußens Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm einer von der reformierten Sorte und gewährte den Hugenotten mit dem Edikt von Potsdam, aus nicht ganz uneigennützigen Gründen, Unterschlupf und Sonderrechte in Brandenburg und Preußen. Somit wurde das Kloster 1687 an die Glaubensflüchtlinge übergeben. Leider brannte es aber schon 1714 ab und lediglich ein kleiner Teil der Westwand mit Kapelle blieb stehen.
      Alles im allen gab es also wesentlich weniger zu sehen, als bei meinen letzten beiden Klosterbesuchen.
      Weiter ging es also für mich nach kurzer Zeit über einsame Wege. Da ich einen Teil der Gutsherrentour entlang fuhr, kam ich in regelmäßigen Abständen an Gutshäusern in mehr oder weniger gutem Zustand vorbei. Das schönste davon befindet sich definitiv in Schwaneberg. Da es sich scheinbar in Privatbesitz befindet, gab es keinen Zutritt und nur ein staunen von außen.Hinter Schwaneberg führte mich mein Weg weiter entlang der ruhigen Landstraße und dann ging es einen anfangs noch sehr gut befahrbaren Waldweg entlang, der sich schnell zu einem mit Brennnesseln zugewachsenen Holperpfad entwickelte. Raus kam ich plötzlich in dem verschlafenen Ort Trampe. Idyllisch gelegen und sehr ruhig ging es hier zu. Von Trampe aus fuhr ich den nächsten abenteuerlichen Weg bis Hammelstall, der Name war hier nicht Programm. Der Ort war genauso ruhig wie vorher Trampe und von Hammeln war hier nichts zu sehen.
      Nach einem Kilometer erreichte ich dann mein Ziel Brüssow.
      Das alte Wohnhaus meiner Urgroßmutter am Markt fand ich schnell wieder, musste aber feststellen, dass Brüssow in meiner Erinnerung wesentlich größer war. Außerdem befand sich der große Berg an der Kirche, gar nicht an der Kirche sondern an der Stadtmauer, zudem ist Größe relativ … ich war eben noch klein.An der Stadtmauer vorbei ging es dann über ebenfalls ruhige Straßen weiterhin zwischen Feldern entlang nach Carmzow. Ich durchquerte wieder Orte in denen ich vorher noch nie war und von denen ich nicht mal wusste, dass es sie gab, mit maximal fünf bis acht Häusern.Ab Carmzow gab es neben der Bundesstraße einen Fahrradweg, der sich super fuhr und mich schnell und zuverlässig nach Prenzlau brachte, auch wenn es mit der Ruhe an der Straße dahin war.In Prenzlau angekommen, machte ich einen Stopp im KlosterCafé und gönnte mir – meiner Meinung nach – ein Stück der besten Torte der ganzen Stadt. Falls ihr also mal durch Prenzlau kommt, ein Stopp lohnt sich hier wirklich und das Museum im ehemaligen Dominikanerkloster kann man sich auch gerne anschauen. WICHTIGER Hinweis auch hier darf man wie überall in Brandenburg nicht montags kommen, da ist leider geschlossen und man muss hungern. Das letzte Wegstück legte ich also gut gestärkt zurück und vor fuhr am Unteruckersee entlang vorbei am Kap, Richtung Seelübbe und über Seehausen zurück. Unterwegs genoss ich den Wind der mir am See um die Nase wehte und kam zufrieden am Ausgangspunkt wieder an. Fazit: Eine wirklich tolle Strecke, die einen über ruhige Landstraßen, durch verschlafene Ortschaften sowie wunderschöner Natur führt. Die Route ist anspruchsvoll, da sie durch die hügelige Landschaft immer auf und ab führt. Ein Stopp im KlosterCafé in Prenzlau ist absolut zu empfehlen und unterwegs gibt es einige Badeseen bei denen man sich abkühlen kann.

      • July 6, 2021

  7. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went for a hike.

    July 3, 2021

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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      The title was the program of this hike. So often have I actually never gone wrong on a hike or missed branches. It should be said, however, that there was no real signage and whoever is looking can find it.It started at the Oberuckersee and the first part of the way led me through the forest, mosquito repellent was also advisable here and was widely encouraged by me. I followed the circular lake trail near Blankenburg for a short distance. However, I very quickly abandoned all of the lakes and followed the forest path until I came across a cobblestone road. I followed this a little to the sign Dreickssee distillery and turned right here. There was a house here, but I can't say whether it was really a distillery, there wasn't much to see and therefore nothing to drink.A short time later I reached the underpass on the motorway. At this point I would like to thank the inventor of Gore-Tex! Since the underpass was completely under water, thanks to torrential downpours two days earlier, I waded through the new lake with dry feet. Above it wasn't an option either.
      In good spirits, I just followed the path straight ahead, because that's how it was shown on my map, unfortunately the path just led nowhere. The GPS had re-aligned itself in the meantime and now I realized that crap the path had first left and then right. Well, there's nothing to be done, I thought to myself and stomped back.
      Back on the right track, I then missed the junction to the right and honestly, there was nowhere to go ... maybe a very small, very overgrown one. Unfortunately, there was now a lake in my way, so I first walked past the lake and then turned very sharply to the right into a path that you could "recognize" as such.After I made my way through the undergrowth more or less comfortably, I FINALLY ended up on a ... yes, exactly cobblestone street and I followed it nicely. It brought me to the street where I should have landed anyway. So when I was back on my street, which I should have been on, I took a look at the path that should actually have led me here ... I would not have called it "path". With a lot of good will, it could be interpreted as a deer crossing.The rest of the way to the goal was very relaxed. We continued on the cobblestones towards Gramzow, through a really beautiful section of beech forest.
      Thanks to the large information sign, you couldn't miss the Zimmerberg at all. So I climbed the mountain to see the block stone box grave from the Neolithic Age 2500 BC. Until 2000 BC To look at. Unfortunately there wasn't so much to see, but the view from the mountain into the forest was beautiful and somehow it was impressive that people have been resting here for several thousand years.
      Then I went back on the cobblestone path that led me directly to the motorway, unfortunately the next two kilometers of the route went through beautiful forest and past lakes but also directly along the well-traveled road to the motorway access. Absolutely not to be recommended.So I took a step and a short time later followed the old-fashioned, car-free path under apple trees and through fields to Warnitz. Here I rested briefly on a bench, enjoyed the peace, the view and the sun before I went home. Via Neuhof and again through the forest I came back to my starting point.Conclusion: The stone age grave is worth a visit if you are interested in it. The Zimmerberg is part of the Wall Path, which, according to the internet, can be explored on foot or by bike, there is no proper map material for this, so I put the route together myself.
      Despite beautiful sections (lake circular route, way to Warnitz), I would not recommend the route the way I walked it. However, if anyone knows a better way, I am open to suggestions.
      The most rewarding part of the route leads across the fields to Warnitz.

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      • July 3, 2021

  8. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went for a hike.

    July 2, 2021

    7.99 mi
    3.0 mph
    325 ft
    350 ft
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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      After the heavy floods of rain of the last two days, you could finally do something outside again - without having to worry about being washed away.
      So I decided to hike the much-praised "Kleine Boitzenburger".
      The day was cloudy and announced with almost 20 degrees, so actually pleasant weather for hiking and no reason to rush. So I started out relatively late and got 26 degrees and a lot of sun at the end.I started at the mill in Boitzenburg and left it behind me to dive into the forest towards Helenenstein.
      Thanks to my tour through the Grumsin, I was wiser this time and had enough mosquito repellent with me, which was also used generously to get rid of the buzzing beasts.
      Through the enchanted forest it went over the Jägerplatz in the direction of the Hirschbrücke and carp ponds. The carp ponds are a wonderful sight with pond roses in bloom.
      When I had left the lonely fairytale forest, the avenue meandered between the fields and after a while offered a spectacular view of Boitzenburg with its church.We went briefly through the village and then continued through the park above the castle. Here I marveled at the "lion temple", named for the two lions at the staircase, the hereditary burial of the von Arnim-Boitzenburg family.
      We passed the Temple of Apollo with a view of the castle and continued through the forest.
      At the Schumellensee, the opportunity to cool off was used before walking back to Boitzenburg with a lively step, accompanied only by the singing of the birds.Since I was already hungry on the way, I stopped at the stables and enjoyed the weather with a large piece of apple pie and a cup of tea. For the fans of cakes and ice cream, a very clear recommendation from me.Although the castle was not directly on the tour, I took a tour of the castle garden, one of the most beautiful castles in the area.Then it went over the enchanted Poetensteig to the Klostermühler and the monastery ruins.
      Actually, you can visit the mill, but those who set out too late will unfortunately only arrive after the opening times. So I stopped again at the former Cistercian monastery. As the little sister of the Chorin monastery, the Cistercian nuns lived here until secularization. Unfortunately, the monastery was destroyed in the course of the 30 Years War. The ruins were then used as a quarry by the residents of the surrounding villages. Therefore, apart from a few walls, not much has survived today. However, it does not harm the beauty of the place.
      Conclusion: One of the most beautiful tours I've hiked lately and rightly hiking trail of the year 2009. If you're looking for a beautiful landscape, peace and solitude (two other hikers sighted from afar), you've come to the right place.

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      • July 3, 2021

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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      Recovered from the last bike tour, I took the train to Chorin for a second to start from here. This time I should have company too. So while I was waiting for my fellow cyclist Benjamin at the train station in Chorin, I enjoyed the cool shade and watched the cheeky sparrows at the train station. A little later a cheeky raccoon sneaked over the rails at a distance and it was not the first time that I was annoyed that I never had a camera with me on such tours, but only a mobile phone to take pictures with.
      Well at least Benjamin's train was on time and we could start a little later.
      Through Chorin we went in the direction of the former Cistercian monastery. Across the forest and down a magnificent mountain, we arrived a short time later at the impressive monastery. Since the two of us have never been here before, we didn't let the chance to see it be taken away. It should be noted that I am taller with mine, I am designed for medieval monasteries and don't have to be afraid to bump my head somewhere, with Benjamin it looks rather different;)After visiting the monastery, we continued through the forest towards Brodowin. Our next stop was the small Rummelsberg, from which, once you have mastered the ascent, you have a magnificent view of the landscape and the surrounding lakes. There was a little Tuscany flair when looking over the landscape.While the route ran hilly through the landscape up to here, that changed in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. On the dike we always drove along the Oder towards Schwedt. Up to the observation tower on a wonderfully paved route. From the observation tower we looked over the Oder and the meadow landscape. From here, however, it was five terrible kilometers on the worst slab path we had ever used. When we finally turned onto a better slab path shortly before the lock, we were shaken properly, not stirred and, luckily, only one olive was missing.We went back on the Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler-Wasserstraße to Stolpe, luckily again on tidy asphalt roads. Originally the canal was used to improve drainage of the Oderbruch, but is still used today for shipping, the most important port here is the port in Schwedt.When we arrived in Stolpe, we crossed the waterway and from here on it was over with the flat land and it got really hilly again. The roads led through beautiful forests and past blooming fields until we reached our destination Angermünde. Here it went to the station and back with the next trains.Conclusion: A really very nice route, with the exception of the 5 km slab path, which leaves little to be desired. Next time maybe with a camera so that you can photograph the rich animal world and raccoons, foxes, cranes and storks don't just appear as small dots in the pictures.
      Miffy definitely needs a shower, it was quite dusty.

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      • June 29, 2021

  10. Mademoiselle Unterwegs went gravel riding.

    June 26, 2021

    55.1 mi
    11.2 mph
    1,775 ft
    1,925 ft
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    1. Mademoiselle Unterwegs

      Since the week before last, I've been looking desperately at the weather forecast, because it had been planned for a long time to go with Miffy 🚲 from Bernau to my old home on the first day of my vacation. And what can I say, the weather gods had some understanding and decided that riding a bike at over 30 degrees is simply nothing.
      Since I wanted to save myself the annoying route out of Berlin, I shortened a bit by using the train to Bernau. Punctually at half past eight I was able to swing my saddle and start my journey.
      Along the Bernau city wall, we went out of the city and past colorful poppy fields into nature. In the NSG Biesenthaler basin it went through the shady forest to Biesenthal. There was nothing to be heard except for the birds, which were pounding their songs.
      Behind Biesenthal, I not only crossed little Finow in the forest, but also crossed the autobahn for the first time.
      I love cobblestones, as you may have noticed by now, but this love got its first damper today when Miffy and I suddenly had to rattle from a fairly smooth bike path to the motorway bridge over 200 meters from that. Behind the bridge the same picture and then the bike path continued. Understand that one.
      A short time later Finow and the autobahn were crossed again and then I was in Finowfurt, yes it's not very exciting here, so quickly cross the autobahn again and continue on the bike path through spruce forest. The cycle path was relaxed along the seductively glittering Werbellinsee. I took a break at a rest area with a wonderful view of the lake.After leaving the Werbellinsee behind me, I landed in Joachimsthal and was already in the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve. It's just always beautiful here and so I cycled on through quiet and shady forests, drove through dreamy villages and finally ended up at the Wolletzsee.Unfortunately, at first my planned swimming area was occupied ... and then directly in Wolletz, there was no free space in Café Konsum. Goodbye wild boar burger. So sadly I cycled on.I found compensation for this a short time later in the NSG Fischteiche Blumberger Mühle. I cycled between the ponds and stopped again and again to watch the many swan families and all sorts of other water birds.Behind the NSG I drove through the forest for a while before the rest of the route led over fields. Now the urge to get there finally set in. I continued to enjoy the view over the hills of the Uckermark, enjoyed the amazing number of flower strips and the wild flowers blooming there. When I finally arrived at the Oberuckersee, I let myself fall directly into the water to cool off.Conclusion: a fantastic route through the countryside and sleepy villages. And Brandenburg can be damn mountainous 😅

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      • June 26, 2021

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