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Meet Our Ambassadors

These are the people who inspire us to embrace adventure and all it entails, helping us to imagine new ways to explore. Importantly, they’re committed to having a positive impact on their outdoor communities, uniting us around our love of nature and exploring.

A woman wearing a backpack in front of mountain range with her dog

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United States of America

Based in Colorado, Joey is a mountain biker and all-round adventurer. He is most comfortable up a big mountain on his bike, camera in hand.

© Rugile Kaladyte

United States of America

Ultra-endurance cyclist and racer known for creating her own routes and challenges. She holds many course records, incl the Tour Divide.

Bikepacker, photographer, and art director of 200 mag, Matthieu, aka Manivelle, has made the tracks of the Marseille region his playground.

© Markus Stitz

United Kingdom

Mark holds the circumnavigation world record and has led expeditions to 100+ countries. He’s won GBduro & promotes local adventures.

United States of America

Cowgirl, self-confessed science nerd, communications pro, and brain injury survivor, Alison rides road bikes and explores on gravel.

Starting as a 12-year-old BMXer, she now boasts 6 National MTB titles and 2 World Champs medals, and loves exploring trails around the world.

United Kingdom

From BMXer to roadie and now dipping his toes more frequently into adventure cycling. Liam loves the outdoors and exploring on his bike.

Annika, who hails from Denmark, is a 6x MTB world champion with a love for exploring new trails. She's recently discovered gravel too and is enjoying this new style of adventure.

Alpine mountain bikers focusing on technical, remote peaks who spend every free minute exploring new trails and sharing their experiences.


Long-distance hiker, hiking blogger, and nature lover with a penchant for the Alps and high, lonely peaks. Always right behind her: Adventure dog Lotte.

United Kingdom

Professional road cyclist and spokesperson for the Cycling Podcast, she keeps her training interesting by exploring at home and on the road.

United Kingdom

Conservationist dedicated to diversity in the outdoors. Hiking every mountain over 2000ft in the UK, and a low-level trail in every county.

The only wrong way to have an adventure is not to go at all. So go have some fun!

Lael Wilcox


© @JB_delorme

Multi-sport adventurer based in Girona, Spain with a strong nomadic streak. Always keen to learn new skills and discover more about herself.

© Paul Masukowitz

Long-distance, "party-pace" cyclist, podcaster, and mental coach exploring in and around Hamburg on road, gravel and bikepacking adventures.

United States of America

Connector, community organizer, gravel cyclist, bikepacker, and advocate for BIPOC folks in cycling. Lover of travel, Scrabble, and brewing coffee outside.

Kathrin is chief adventuress of the well-known outdoor blog Fräulein Draußen, where she inspires people to explore the outdoors.

United Kingdom

Scottish mountain biker and ex-Enduro World Series rider, Scotty loves traveling and seeking out the best turns.

United Kingdom

Cyclist who relishes being outside exploring, and making new memories. Would pick 4-season insulation over 4-star accommodation every time.

Passionate Spanish cyclist with a special love for mtb, community, friendship and with a strong sense of social responsibility.

© Ricard Calmet

Translator, teacher and passionate sportswoman. Bikepacking, discovering new routes and gravel races are her current modus vivendi.


Adventurer, photographer and the mastermind behind the Green Divide, Erwin is tirelessly spreading the bikepacking stoke.


Sanne prioritizes cycling and as a result has been on some amazing trips which have challenged her to the extreme.


From XC to Enduro, downhill racing around the world to hauling baby Romy around in her trailer, Ines embraces adventures of all forms.

United States of America

Cyclist by nature, visual journalist by trade, Rue rides bikes and often takes photos and videos while doing it.

Italian MTB guide, rider and explorer. Stefano loves extreme MTB adventures and discovering epic trails.

For Max there’s nothing better than long, technical mountain trails. Add his camera to the mix and you get a happy guy (and great pics)!


Twins living in the Swiss Alps, racing bikes on the gnarliest and most epic trails on earth and competing with the world’s best.

One of the world’s best ultra-distance riders, Sofiane is dedicated to challenging himself and living extraordinary experiences on his bike.

Based in Italy, Rodney is an ultra-endurance bike rider and racer who loves extreme ultracycling adventures like BikingMan.

Always up for an adventure, Jenny has run across mountain ranges on every continent and is a seasoned adventure cyclist and racer.

United Kingdom

Nurse by day, Iona believes in the mental health benefits of hiking, and is passionate about making the outdoors more accessible.

© Sophie Gateau

Freelance photographer passionate about capturing the world around him, who escapes to explore the world on two wheels whenever he can.


Eighteen years of pro cycling and now riding for adventure. Combines family life with off-road explorations and advocating for our planet.


Ex-pro athlete, she loves finding a way over mountains on runs and by bike; creating routes to max out views, ascent, and tasty coffee stops.

United States of America

A little bit of this and a little bit of that is Jimmy's motto. He's fast on the road bike, handy on an mtb, and having a blast on the gravel.

© Mike Vlietstra

Martijn rides, races and films bikes full time, including for his Youtube channel, Fernwee. Part of the #ridebeyondcrew and Botje Racing Team.

Based in the French Alps, Nathalie has made a name for herself as a competitive bikepacker, always eager to jump on a new challenge.

Professional cyclist, explorer, and founder of the popular CX Fever rides. Side note – she's also a beekeeper!

Ex-pro MTB rider who’s slowed down to explore the local trails and cultures that used to be the backdrop to his international competitions.

United Kingdom

Nic is an avid peak bagger and spirited long-distance hiker from Yorkshire. She’s now based in Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District.


Paul is a German ex-pro cyclist, podcaster, and coach who's now exploring the world of off-road riding and racing all around the globe.

With several ultra-distance races to her name (North Cape 4000, Badlands) Sophie is well-respected in the French adventure bike scene.

Sara and Andreas are behind "Project Pedal Further": Always looking for big and small bike adventures in Switzerland and worldwide.

Belén Castelló is an adventure cyclist and route designer from Spain, as well as co-author of Bike Life and 50 Ways to Cycle the World. She teams up with Tristan Bogaard and is the data-driven guide behind all of their self-made rides. She’s dedicated to getting more people into bicycle travel through her digital and physical content as well as guided rides.


Tristan Bogaard grew up on bikes in the Netherlands and has become an adventure cycling photographer and co-author of Bike Life and 50 Ways to Cycle the World. He spends his time documenting his rides with his partner Belén Castelló. He’s dedicated to getting more people into bicycle travel through his digital and physical content as well as guided rides.

Extreme cyclist, and mountain lover addicted to Arctic temperatures. Omar is an Italian ultra-endurance bike rider and racer.

United Kingdom

Aka The Girl Outdoors, Sian can be found running, hiking, surfing, and just about anything in between. If it’s outside, she’s happy.

© Markus Weinberg


World Record holder for Eurasia Challenge, Panamerica Solo, and Cape to Cape challenges. Recently completed his "Triathlon 360" adventure.

Founder of The Cycling Culture where he shares cycling stories to inspire more people to ride and meet others with the same passion.


Adventure cyclist who loves bikepacking and ultra-endurance challenges. Also happy exploring trails, lakes and valleys near home in Salzburg

United Kingdom

Based in the UK Rach is a mountain biker and gravel rider with a passion for getting other women into the sport.

United Kingdom

Anna is an adventurer, speaker, and bestselling author. Most recently she ran the equivalent of 90 marathons through the UK... barefoot!

South Africa

A cyclist and cartoonist based in South Africa, whose mantra is, “Everything is an adventure”.