Mountain biking trails


To help you find the best mountain biking trail in your area and across the globe, we’ve collected the best rides for specific areas below. Organized by country, state and region, just navigate to the area you want to explore next to see the ten best mountain bike routes in that region. Then, to see if any given route is the correct one for you, see distance, elevation gain, difficulty level and accessibility by public transport, and view topographic mountain biking trail maps for all of the info.

Mountain biking is one of the most exciting ways to explore more of the great outdoors. The feeling of excitement as the earth crunches under your tires, as you skid down a singletrack, as you fly past trees, as you cross entire landscapes using nothing but your pedals. It’s a truly exhilarating pastime—and one that’s becoming more and more popular all across the world. And it’s a rush that’s hard earned: You have to crank your tires up steep mtb trails; winding your way ever upward. All for that split second moment before you grip tight on the handlebars, sit back in your seat and let gravity tilt you and your bike over the edge. As you bump, bounce, skid and steer all the way back to the bottom on whiteknuckle mountain biking trails, you can’t help but smile.

To truly enjoy mountain bike rides, whether you ride easy mountain bike trails or something more difficult, the only thing that really matters is that your route is on point. You need something that is truly off-road—and you need to be willing to get a little dirty. Afterall, trail biking is all about embracing the wild side. And the wild side is never a clean white shirt. To make the most out of every mountain bike trail excursion, bring plenty of water, strap on a suitable mtb helmet, make sure your brakes are in good working order and pack your multi-tool in case anything goes wrong. Then all you have to do is pick your route and go.

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