All humans start exploring the day they were born. Pioneers never stop.

Real People.

Komoot Pioneers are real people. No hired editors, no booked photographers, no paid sports lunatics. It’s just the creme de la creme of hikers, bikers, runners, climbers—the kind of people money can’t buy.

Pioneers discover something with every new day. And sometimes even before.

Road bike Tour in Brandenburg

Real Adventurers.

Pioneers make things for curiosity’s sake. For the fun and the thrill of it—and they make it for real. With a whole lot of passion to explore nature and their own capabilities.

If there’s nothing to explore, you’re on the wrong planet.

Mountaineering in the Fichtel Mountains

Real Avant-garde.

While people believe Earth to be fully discovered, Pioneers strive to discover new ways to experience this wonderful planet. They don’t even have to go far—just outdoors. Because thinking outdoors is always thinking outside of the box.

Just another road is a Pioneer’s quest.

Road biking the Stelvio Pass

Real Legends.

Every legend needs both: a path and a Pioneer to travel it. Or to ride it. Or to race it. So whether it’s by foot, by bike, by road bike or by unicycle: a good route that can be done, will be done by someone, somehow, sometime. Be that someone first—but keep in mind: who went up must come down to tell others.

The funny thing about Pioneers: they are serious.

Mountaineering Tour to Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares, Patagonia


Pioneers know exactly what they are doing. Or at least, what they were doing. This is why they can tell such great stories. And share their expertise with the community, recommend Highlights of their Tours and inspire others to do the same.

People think days. Pioneers think stages.

by Niko
Tour to Nockspitz/Saile, sight of Innsbruck


Pioneers don’t wait for things to come, they go for it. And they discover the world’s beauty; sights that most people never see. And while people reminisce about the events of the day, Pioneers embrace the night as the prologue to their upcoming adventures.

There Are People.
And There Are Pioneers.

It’s easy to say someone is a Pioneer. It’s hard to become one—and it's even harder to prove it. There’s no application form to fill in (anymore), no entry fee to pay, no weird fraternity pledge dating back to some age old tradition. There are no rules to follow to become a Pioneer, except one: get outside and discover. If you think this is impossible, go back to the ranks of the ordinary. Or—if you believe in yourself—come and join the Club.

Are you a hidden pioneer?

Whether through sharing Highlights, tips, and photos, or by rating the contributions of others, prove you’re the leading Expert in your own neighborhood or a region you’ve visited—and the community’s votes as well as your persistence might just rank you first.