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    1. Hunsbuckel

      As "Porta Angelica", ie gate for angels, the first visitors of the Flaumbachtal described the beautiful landscape. This is how Engelport Monastery got its name.
      The first nuns of 1220 gave up the monastery soon due to the difficult conditions. Three more start-ups were dared. Only since 2014, the monastery is now operated by Adoration Sisters of the Royal Heart of Jesus.
      Read more:
      I was at the annual open house the day before and took part in a guided tour of the house with lots of interesting information. These pictures are at the beginning.The tour starts at the monastery and then leads to the idyllic Flaumbachtal (also part of the dream loop Layensteig) and the via ferrata Burgberg.
      Then the way uphill through a Kerbtal and an old ravine on a cultivated plateau, before it goes down towards Beilstein.
      Shortly before Beilstein, the path follows another nameless stream uphill again on the Mosel-Camino. Here it was pretty overgrown in places and I had to help with the machete something. The way down through an idyllic stream valley to Engelport Monastery was also very overgrown.
      From the monastery, take a very steep climb (S4) up to a cross with a resting place. Now it goes on an archaeological trail and the Moselhöhenweg through Labersbachtal to Treis-Karden.
      From there it goes through the Dünnbachtal past a large quarry, which allows interesting geological insights. Then the valley becomes increasingly narrower and greener, before it goes up to Kirchenköpchen and from there downhill to the starting point.
      Sorry, many pictures have been taken and I have already deleted a few dozen.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      The ironworks dynasty Stumm (Asbacher hut) was often sponsor of the silent organs in the Hunsrück and received for it the "dumb-lodges" in some churches.This tour leads through an area with ore mining sites.Start is at the campsite Harfenmühle. From there it usually goes along narrow paths along the Fischbach until just before Schauren.Then the tour leads around Asbach past Hellertshausen, Hottenbach and Weiden.
      From many high-altitude trails you have a view of the Wildenburg and the Erbeskopf.
      Now it goes up to the Schinderhannes rock, which one should not actually enter; o)
      On Waldrandpfaden it goes back to the start.Somehow, the route is hardly committed, as some of the paths were not different from the adjacent meadow and the signage was more than incomplete, because several posts were probably knocked down by agricultural machinery and no one cares.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      An experiment: The dream loop MUTE organ way.Why?
      First, because there are zero hiking highlights at Komoot. Second, because the Verbandsgemeinde Rhaunen provides 37 audio files, from which I have created a playlist in two hours of work. This includes but 3:45, which is a lot for a 4-hour hike.
      Personally, I'll change that with the highlights, but the audio files were a bit strange. On the one hand, because I do not necessarily like the organ junk, on the other hand, because the speakers are quite lullaby, poorly stress and simply annoy speech mistakes. It was irritating that some pieces of music and stories were repeated. This was especially annoying when a guessing game came that you had heard a few minutes ago. It was nice again that non-church music was also present, e.g. a tango.
      Often, unfortunately, with "this would be too detailed" referenced to other sources, instead of giving an explanation with three sentences. And the CDs and brochures published by the association were constantly pointed out, as if one could buy them at the wayside.
      Well, it was just something else and I endured it to the end; o)
      What I knew in advance was that you can NOT visit any of the churches or organs on the tour, as the tour does not lead there or the churches are closed.
      That's why I hit on some of the churches and even saw two of the STUMM organs. These pictures are in the beginning at Komoot.
      The tour itself starts at the outdoor pool in Rhaunen and then leads in the picturesque Rhauneltal on Raunelbach to Rhaunen.
      From there, the tour leads to Sulzbach and the deserted village of Heuchelheim.
      Unfortunately, you can only see the STUMM organ locations Hottenbach and Stripshausen from afar.
      Overall, a beautiful field, forest and meadow tour.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      As the sun was shining we went to the slopes again.Start is at the barbecue hut in Bubach. From there it goes over sunny fields and through the Grundbachtal again to the lily pond near Riegenroth.Through Riegenroth we continue to Laudert to the duck pond.
      Past the leisure facilities, it then goes on Maisborn in the Bubacher community forest and back to the starting point.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      A beautiful dream loop around the Steinbach reservoir from Langweiler (yes, that is so).After the Komoot map, I had expected many open fields, but there are many beautiful singletrack through cool forests, especially at Katzenloch.Coming from there you have three lookout points on the reservoir, which is otherwise locked off wide-area, because sensitive drinking water reservoir for the region around Idar-Oberstein.And again and again fields and meadows alternate with single trails, the Köhlerwegen, through the forest.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      Today we went from Herborn to warm uphill through the forest direction Katzenloch. Shortly before the main road we went in long hairpin bends through a large Rosselhalde back uphill with a great view of the Idar Valley.Via the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig we went on to the Wildenburg, first to the game-free enclosure and then up to the lookout tower.From there it went over the rock path past enormous quartzite blocks to the Mörschieder Burr, another Rosselhalde.Back on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig we went back to the starting point.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      And again a Lützelsoon round.Let's go to a forest parking lot above Kellenbach am Forsthaus Lützelsoon. From there it is only on grown Komoot trails and then not bad off-grid in the direction of Heinzenberg, the smallest community in the district of Bad Kreuznach.The barely accessible Heinzenberger castle consists of only a few remains of walls and a small cellar vault. The rest served as building material for the Heinzenberger.From there it goes over the Greberhof - they even have a private cemetery - to the public observatory Schloss Dhaun (can be used by anyone for an appointment for free) and the associated castle Dhaun, whose walls are freely accessible. The cellar dungeon over several floors, which are accessible in stooped posture, are funny.Then it goes down into the Kellenbachtal with something up and down along the wild and romantic meadows and in between high to Klausfels.From Kellenbach it goes back up to the starting point, with the slope already pulling in the calves, but especially the paths of wild boars were completely turned on links.There are very few paths in the maps, but I have seen several dozen paths that could have been taken just as well. I have used such paths four times, only once did I have to turn back.

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      Again a nice suggestion from Joetobn!Today we went to the other side of the Rhine to Sayn. The dream path leads up to the castle and then above the Brextal to the Oscarhöhe. From there we continue to Stromberg.At the Nauorther Floss the tour leaves the dream path and leads now partly on fine singletrack to the Teufelsberg. From there it goes down to Brextal with wildly romantic meadows, a disused railway line and a bustling Scout campground.Over crisp serpentines it goes up to the Roman tower on the powder mountain. About the Rheinhöhenweg and singletrack it goes down to the mill creek in Sayn and back to the starting point.I then indulged in a stay in the butterfly house and enjoyed the flutter and bustle and tried to banish in pictures.

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      • 08/08/2019

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      A nice round trip in Lützelsoon, which I planned myself, but which turned out to be almost congruent with the Vitaltour 3-Burgen-Weg on a few kilometers. That made sure that these roads were in perfect condition before I got into botany again on the individual routes, but only very slightly ...; o)It starts near Oberhausen to the Kirner Dolomites, an overwhelming rock massif, which offers a variety of climbing opportunities. But I have refrained from climbing attempts, because everything was soaking wet.Past the (not accessible) castle ruins Kallenfels in Kirn through the cemetery up to Kyrburg.
      From there it goes to the beautiful Trübenbachtal. Here I left the Vitaltour routes and made a lap around the Plätzheckgraben to Bergen.
      From there it goes over abandoned, unmarked paths along the Dinsenbach Rinnsals and a barely traveled county road to Hahnenbach and the same place.About the Soonwaldsteig then it goes quite crisp up to the castle Wartenstein, a great facility with exhibition and business, but unfortunately closed today.The highlight of the day was the encounter with a sad old man looking sadly into the forest, whose husky-border-collie-mix was desperate. After a short conversation, I promised to keep my eyes open.
      A few minutes later, I heard a rustling, then saw the dog and could lure it. Very scared and breathless, he still allowed me to lead him back to his owner, who happily took him on a leash.
      Hach, that makes me happy!
      Back then it went through the Lohwald to the starting point at Oberhausen.

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      • 08/07/2019

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    1. Hunsbuckel

      Today it was all about the coppice.I started in Eibingen at the Rüdesheim hospital and ascended to the Niederwald monument with the rising sun.On the Rheinsteig it then goes above the Asbach vineyards to Assmannshausen.
      Unfortunately, my favorite Italian is on vacation, but there is no breakfast anyway.
      About the Höllenberg then it goes to Aulhausen and from there over mountain and along the former rack railway back to Rüdesheim.A bit in the botany I'm in front of Aulhausen while pursuing a wild and romantic path on Eichbach, which is simply not consistent to commit, as Komoot wanted.
      Above the location Drachenstein in front of the hostel, that happened to me again. There is a way that the garden owners simply grow up there.

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      • 08/04/2019

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Besser spät als nie - ich geh jetzt wandern!Seit über 10 Jahren wohne ich im Hunsrück, habe mich aber erst im September 2018 dazu entschlossen, diesen jetzt auch per pedes zu erkunden. Erstaunlich, was man da so alles entdecken kann.Mittlerweile habe ich über 2.500 Kilometer (teils nicht öffentlich) zurückgelegt und viermal die Höhenmeter des Mount Everest überwunden.Besonders gefallen mir die Traumschleifen des Saar-Hunsrück-Steigs, die nicht wie andere Wege über ausgebaute Forststraßen sondern über manchmal ausgetretene, manchmal kaum erkennbare "Trampelpfade" verlaufen.Zur Info: Die von mir eingestellten Bilder entstehen mit Nikon-Spiegelreflexkameras, eine D5600 mit 10-20 Weitwinkel-Zoom und eine D5300 mit 70-300 Tele-Zoom. Zusätzlich habe ich noch ein 50-70 Zoom-Objektiv dabei, das ich oft mit einem Orange-Verlaufsfilter für besonders sonnige Tage benutze. Ansonsten sind auf den anderen Objektiven Zirkumpolarfilter, um das Streulicht und Spiegelungen zu bändigen.
Die D5600 geocodiert mittels Snapbridge, die D5300 hat ein eigenes GPS.

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