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2,093 mi

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  1. joetobn went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    NR: Rail & Hike / Kasbachtal-Bahn und Rheinsteig inkl. Erpeler Ley

    14.9 mi
    4.4 mph
    2,025 ft
    2,000 ft
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    1. joetobn

      The Kasbachtal-Bahn has been on the "must do" list for a long time...


      I was a little late, but I was lucky and found a parking space right at the entrance to the town.

      Later I saw that there are also a few parking spaces a little further in town at the community center...


      From Kasbach station we went to

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      7 days ago
  2. joetobn went for a bike ride.

    May 28, 2023

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    1. In the last few weeks I had made a few attempts to develop the foothills as an interesting hiking region for myself...


      Since I didn't make any of these attempts visible to everyone, it can definitely be seen as an indication that this region is more suitable for hikers - even if there is quite a lot to

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      May 28, 2023
  3. joetobn went for a hike.

    May 21, 2023

    14.0 mi
    3.6 mph
    350 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Another tour of discovery in the district of Bergheim - a bit on the trail of my own childhood. Paffendorf Castle was a popular destination when we visited our grandparents in Bedburg decades ago...


      Yesterday it was the starting point for an exploratory tour between Bergheim, Bethlehemerhöhe and Peringssee

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      May 22, 2023
  4. joetobn went for a hike.

    May 14, 2023

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    1. Small reconnaissance round at Liblar. It was supposed to be 8 lakes, but if, despite clear forecasts (showers and thunderstorms), you start walking without rain protection and then leave the sunroof and the side windows open a little so that they don't heat up too much, you shouldn't be surprised if

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      May 14, 2023
  5. joetobn went for a hike.

    May 1, 2023

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    1. At the Engeln train station, the final stop of the Vulkanexpress, this panoramic tour starts at the transition to the Hocheifel...


      I'm sure that the overall impression would have been much more positive if the sun was shining and the sky was blue. In any case, the hike is interesting for those who like

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      May 1, 2023
  6. joetobn went for a hike.

    April 22, 2023

    11.3 mi
    3.6 mph
    1,250 ft
    1,250 ft
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    1. Today we went on an exploration tour to the other side of the Rhine...

      I've wanted to go to the Erpeler Ley, to Unkel and to the Rotbäckchen / Rabenhorst factory outlet for a long time. Initially, the idea was to go the Rotbäckchen hiking trail. Since the last stretch along the Rhine seemed a bit long

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      April 22, 2023
  7. joetobn went for a hike.

    April 16, 2023

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    1. New day, new island and new weather...


      After the rain hike on Langeoog on Saturday, we went to Wangerooge on Sunday...


      And then, with a somewhat cloudy start, it became a day when you should need sunglasses and sun protection factor 30....


      Since I had never been to Wangerooge before, I also walked around

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      April 17, 2023
  8. joetobn went for a hike.

    April 15, 2023

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    1. Part 2 of the "7 Island Challenge" - and earlier than expected. On Langeoog there are no zones that are relevant for an island tour, which during the breeding season between 01.04. and 31.07. are closed (e.g. the eastern tip of Juist), so that the island circumnavigation could be done without any problems

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      April 16, 2023
  9. joetobn went for a hike.

    April 10, 2023

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    1. At Easter you can also start a round at the monastery...


      After I had already been on the Eifel trail "Heideheimat" at Steinfeld Abbey last December, I had already planned a colorful mix of Eifelsteig, Eifel loops, Eifel trail and local hiking trails. Today it was time to try the hike...


      It wasn't the perfect

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      April 10, 2023
  10. joetobn went for a hike.

    April 6, 2023

    9.57 mi
    3.0 mph
    2,225 ft
    2,125 ft
    1. Winter hike just before Easter, or you shouldn't believe everything that's on the internet...


      A visit to the Brandalm is actually a must when on holiday in Schladming. However, I had assumed that it was closed at this time of year - until yesterday evening: while surfing the Internet I found the slogan

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      April 6, 2023
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