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Wandern entfernt uns von den Zwängen und bringt uns dem Wesentlichen näher. (Michael Sänger)

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  1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    13.5 mi
    2.5 mph
    625 ft
    600 ft
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    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      Took a nice round through the Grunewald with Susann today. The weather held up quite well in the morning, only from noon it started to drizzle, which didn't want to stop either. But we didn't let the rain blame our mood.
      The roads could all be run well. You have to expect stairs, some of which are quite high. But it can be done well.
      Currently many mushrooms grow which make beautiful photo motifs.
      I am happy to recommend the hike.
      Thanks to Susann for running along.
      Here Susann's tour: komoot.de/tour/273823587

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      Frank Meyer took us on the first group hike today.
      The path was tough in places as there were quite steep climbs. I'm a little out of breath, but then I made it 😊.
      The tour was beautiful. Very nice hiking trails and many highlights. So we visited the Bismarck tower and the gallows tower but didn't climb it. I was exhausted after the climb 😏.
      We took our break at Thüringer Blick, a very attractive rest stop with a wonderful view of the surrounding area.
      I will definitely recommend the tour to others.
      It was beautiful, even the weather was kind to us today.
      And here are Frank Meyer's tour dates: komoot.de/tour/273407466

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      • 3 days ago

  3. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    October 4, 2020

    16.6 mi
    2.8 mph
    550 ft
    550 ft
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    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      A nice tour around the Templiner and Caputher See with Susann and jogging bread.
      We were very lucky with the weather, the paths are easy to walk, unfortunately not directly along the lake. You can guess the lake through the trees 😊.
      It was very entertaining and entertaining.
      Many thanks to Susann and Joggingbrot.Tour from Susann: komoot.de/tour/268793543
      Tour of jogging bread: komoot.de/tour/268800789

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      • October 4, 2020

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    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      The second group of the relay hike from June 2020 was on the trail of the Dark filming locations today. I don't know the show "Dark" (it was on Netflix), but the tour was wonderful. We took the bus from Michendorf train station to our starting point in Fresdorf.
      The tour started out very hilly, the Ofenberg was tough and a bit of a challenge, both up and down 😊. Furthermore, the path led us over wonderful hiking trails through the forest. The rain soon set in, and it shouldn't stop. That was a very wet affair, but entertaining conversations with one or the other of the 11-person hiking group distracted a little from the rain.
      The tour followed alternately the Fontaneweg or the Jacobsweg. I had walked parts of the hike before. In this combination the tour was very varied, but a bit difficult to run in this rainy weather.
      Due to the heavy rain, Susan, Seabass and myself ended the tour at the first bus stop in Stahnsdorf. We were soaked through. The rest of the group went to see the church.
      This hike was very nice despite the rain. In dry weather I will definitely run the tour again.Thank you, Frank, for this fantastic hike. A great selection.
      Many thanks to all fellow hikers. Was great with you. 👍

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      • September 26, 2020

  5. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    September 20, 2020

    19.1 mi
    2.9 mph
    475 ft
    475 ft
    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      In fantastic hiking weather with Regina and Susann ran a very nice tour in Wannsee. Our way always led along the water. The paths were easy to walk and it was an entertaining tour, as three girls have a lot to talk about 😉.
      At the Wannsee S-Bahn station I said goodbye to Susann and Regina and walked the remaining 5 km to S-Mexikoplatz.
      It is a very nice tour with many opportunities to stop for refreshment or refreshment. If not so many people had been standing at the ferry to the Pfaueninsel, I would have liked to cross over to the island, as I have never visited it. I will definitely catch up one day.Many thanks to Regina and Susann for this entertaining tour. It was very fun. I would love to do it again. 👍Tour from Regina: komoot.de/tour/261852136
      Tour from Susann:

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      • September 20, 2020

  6. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    September 6, 2020

    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      Total distance: 49.2 km
      Route 2nd part: 24.3 km
      Start: S Friedrichstrasse
      Goal: S Lichtenrade (S2)
      Today I completed the second part of the Pankeweg. The starting point was the Friedrichstrasse S-Bahn station. Along the Spree, the route led past the relevant sightseeing spots. After Potsdamer Platz it became quieter and the path continued through parks and side streets.
      I am also happy to recommend the second part of the Pankeweg for those who want to hike afterwards. A very nice tour.
      Tour part 1: komoot.de/tour/248741837

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      • September 6, 2020

  7. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    August 30, 2020

    1. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞

      Total distance: 49.2 kmRoute 1st part: 24.9 km
      Start: S Röntgen Valley (S2)
      Destination: S Friedrichstrasse
      With ideal weather, I set out today.
      It took a while before I was on the right track, but then everything went well up to km 8.4. Here, due to a construction site, we couldn't go any further. So a detour had to be planned and taken. Approx. 30 minutes later I was back on track.
      A large part of the route leads over asphalt, forest paths are the exception. Since I was prepared for urban hiking, this wasn't a problem. The track is very green and it wasn't too crowded today. I got on well with the cyclists today 😀.
      Unfortunately, the green main path No. 5 came to an end for me today at the Charité, as the Charité area was cordoned off (probably due to Corona) and there was no way through the Charité area. There was nothing left but to use Friedrichstrasse to get to your destination.

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      • August 30, 2020

  8. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    August 29, 2020

    1. Ulrich

      again great pictures and great way 👍- if only it weren't for the Heerstraße ... 😖
      Does the Ballhaus Spandau still exist in Tiefwerder? 👀

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      • September 6, 2020

  9. Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞 went for a hike.

    August 14, 2020

    1.37 mi
    2.0 mph
    25 ft
    0 ft
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