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  1. Mandelkern went for a bike ride.

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    1. Mandelkern

      July 14, 2019
      Bring my sheep to dry
      The bike tour today leads me back to the Elbe. In the morning hardly any wind, very cloudy, 16 °, rain is not announced. The small ferry (only for pedestrians and cyclists!) Is jam-packed. After a short crossing, however, we do not land in Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania as one might expect, but in the "unified community" Amt Neuhaus, which in turn belongs to Lower Saxony. How it came about and how the Sunday tour went otherwise, later more ...... go on!Until 1993 Office Neuhaus was almost 50 years East German. After the turnaround you wanted to belong to Lower Saxony. Historical reasons were brought into the field, because the area on the east bank of the Elbe belonged once - 1689 (!) - to Lüneburg and Hanover. The negotiations went without bloodshed, but there was an unworthy Geschachere between Hanover and Schwerin. This "rearrangement" has left its mark on the population on both sides of the Elbe, which still has an effect today. "Rübergemacht" is the title of an article in DIE ZEIT on 6 July 2018, which deals extensively with the topic. Who has time, here's the link: translation, the obligatory coffee and cake break takes place. In the "Göpelhaus" it comes to a conversation with table neighbors on the "Rückgliederung" after the turnaround (see above) and the bitter dispute between proponents and opponents of a bridge that is to replace the ferry between Darchau and Neu Darchau.The return trip, now on the Elbuferstraße back to the start, is quite unspectacular. The bike path directly on the road is not well developed or in need of much repair. But at least I can talk about a bike ride on this section.At the photo stop in a parking lot at the edge of the forest, I am making a new experience. I meet a motorhome sitting next to a birdcage, the door of the cage wide open. When I asked him if he had just left his budgie, he shook his head and laughed. "No," he explains. He always carries his crow with him on his travels. And if he takes a break, Crow wants to make her trip. After a few round flights with big trimmings she returns to his call back into the cage and the journey can continue. Things are there!Oh yes. I also have to explain the matter with the "sheep to dry". Shortly before Darchau, a part of the Elbe dike was closed because there had been a large flock of sheep for brunch and could not be disturbed, just because I wanted to photograph them. It occurred to me that it was not because I was about to secure something that was particularly important to me, but because I read Anke Stelling, who uses the title "Sheep in the Dry" for her new novel.Where does the saying come from? What does she mean? I checked it. Sheep, in principle, have no problem with rainy weather because of their greasy wool. But wet, swampy pastures are ideal for parasites that can be life-threatening to them. In this case, it's not about building a stable for them. Now you need a dry pasture. Here they are safe, from where the expression gets its meaning: to secure its.So bring your "sheep to the dry". Nice week!

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    1. Mandelkern

      July 9, 2019
      Life at large
      In Wietzetze I start at the beautiful half-timbered church, which is closed today. Only a short distance over the country road, then past meadows, fields and through a pine forest, where deep sandy paths let me think about barefoot hiking, because the heavy hiking boots have to be pulled out of the sand step by step exhausting. And the "life at large" should be particularly beneficial. I remember barefoot hiking on Hiddensee or Amrum. Would not it be up to Komoot species to tell us their barefoot paths and publish them, creating a "barefoot path network" we all have?I digress. The tour today is poor at highlights. An old megalithic grave lists the map and no commuter was there! So no way, because it "counts every contribution". Create a highlight (one point), photo (noch'n point). Add to this a substantive tip, something like this: "Such a large stone grave as this Hünenbett here, is one of the most impressive monuments of the past". Schwupp has one more three points more in the account. A bonus point for the Triple!I digress again. Crossing the railway tracks after almost four kilometers, heralds the next stage. The path reaches the announced Lilienpfad hut, an anthroposophical refuge. Here begins the "field lily path". Promised are orange blossoming and in this density Europe-wide unique attraction in June / July. Nix is visible. Am I in the middle of July too late or too early. Maybe someone who knows about field lilies and if it pays to come by here again can help.Continue up to a hill. Above, a bench with views over the hilly landscape, which is named "Niedere Drawehn". The nature area "Niedere Drawehn" forms the western connection to the natural area Wendland. Large, old, gnarled oak trees line the path to the hamlet of Govelin. I do not meet anybody here. I follow up and read "Govelin consists of three single yards. The four large four-storey houses are loosely arranged under tall oak trees. The population is ten ... (Wikipedia). I have to smile, so close to the finish of the second day's stage of the Wendland circuit. In Göhrde, more precisely in the district of Dübbekold, coffee and home-made apple pie (with cream!) Awaits me in the Bio-Hotel "Kenners Landlust"From here, just 10 kilometers from the starting point of the hike away, I do not want to stay in the organic hotel, but as in the last stage by hitchhikers back to the launch site. Nothing will come of it. Because nobody comes, not because nobody takes me. About Nieperfitz, Pommoissel and Leitstade I run back to the start. Conclusion: No 13, as originally planned, but 22 kilometers come about.

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  3. Mandelkern went for a bike ride.


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    1. Mandelkern

      July 7, 2019
      Ouwa - land on the water
      Again today I turned over Dannenberg to the Elbe. This time I'm not "over there", but I stayed "hüben". In other words, I got by without a bridge and ferry and was able to concentrate on the left bank.The question of which Elbe side is the "chocolate side" is not easy to answer. After all, there are no objective criteria and beauty is known to be in the eye of the photographer. I'll say it like this. On the section between Dömnitzer Brücke and Hitzacker, it is striking that the well-developed cycle paths on both sides of the linkselbischen side lead mostly up to the other bank behind the dike. One side offers better views, the other is sheltered from the wind.The topic of cycling and photography is an unsolved problem for me. I'm too busy with the question: do I stop now or will I leave it? Hiking has great advantages and offers the right pace for the "beautiful things on the roadside". The photo-yield today is a bit random.Recently ludicrous conversation about advantages and disadvantages of an "action cam" among commuters "overheard". "That looks nice. out, "says one and that's why the" action cam "is on the handlebars. Another objected that he would rather put them on the helmet, because the eternal "gurgling" the result is unbearable ... Photos or movies do not show both. "Too soon," they say. First practice ...Conclusion: For me that's nothing. I'm looking for a motorcyclist - as you can see at the Tour France - sitting with cameraman behind, "haunted" me on my tours.

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    1. Mandelkern

      July 4, 2109
      Wietzetz, Wietzetze, Wietzetze, Wietzetze ...
      Hitzacker is an atmospheric starting point for exploring the Wendland. My idea is to give me an "overview" and to hike the Wendland in stages. For this I use a classic, the "Wendland Rundweg". At almost 200 kilometers, divided into 10 stages, the Wendland may be "understood" and at the same time learn something about the diversity of the landscape. A great advantage, too, to save your own planning time and to play with the idea of having made all stages in the not too distant future.The first stage leads from Hitzacker to Wietzetze. For this I use probably the most beautiful opportunity to leave Hitzacker - a way along the Jeetzel. Just warmed up, follows a strenuous passage up to the Elbe heights. Once at the top, a narrow path leads along the edge of a steep slope in the constant up and down through an old beech and oak forest, which in some places should be urgently relieved of previous storm damage! But the path trumps at some selected places with picture-book prospects on left and right elbe Elbtalauen. The question of which Elbe side is the most beautiful, can not be judged from a distance, because they are very similar.After a good seven kilometers opens the floodplain landscape, the hills are paving and in Tiesmesland you come back to the Elbe very close. A village later - Drethem - a small brick church attracts the eye. The view into the 18th century church remains denied. She is closed.In Drethem, the path turns away from the Elbe and leads with wonderful views of a seemingly intact agricultural landscape on the Bahrendorfer height to today's goal: Wietzetze. You have read correctly. A village, with "ie" and twice "tz" in the name. A local resident on the roadside helps. Wietzetze? Very easily. He speaks it to me slowly, then faster and faster, emphasizing loudly the second syllable. I stand at the side of the road, keep my thumb out and practice: Wietzetz, Wietzetze, Wietzetze, Wietzetze ...The problem will certainly not be whether, but whether anyone here today even comes around, who takes me? It took almost half an hour before the first vehicle approached. A friendly farmer, not with a tractor, but in a pickup invites me to drive with him to Hitzacker.

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  5. Mandelkern went for a bike ride.


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    1. Mandelkern

      July 2, 2019
      Over and over
      Finally a bike tour in the Wendland. Because I have my "Stromesel" with me for the first time this year. The tour, a mix of exploration, action and sightseeing, is unstructured. Characterized by personal preferences, she may not be suitable for driving.Start and finish is at the "Anti-Atom-Ritter" on the outskirts of Hitzacker. The sculpture is part of the peaceful protest culture in Wendland. A blackboard reminds of the occasion. On the 1st of Advent 2011, the last (?) Castor transport with high-level radioactive waste from France reached the interim storage facility in Gorleben.A cycle path leads out of Hitzacker. Without me on the way to take care of possible peculiarities of Seerau, Kähmen or Streetz, I reach Dannenberg. The city of Dannenberg is the bearer of the district Lüchow-Dannenberg, which, with just under 50,000 inhabitants, is probably the smallest in Germany. Landmarks are the Waldemarturm (castle remnants, today city museum) and the St. Johannis church, which under the roof of its 73 meters high tower - after it was re-covered in 1988/89 - has become a nesting place for barn owls and kestrels.After some errands and an espresso at the "Cow Market" (in the shadow of the former fire station and now the venue of a puppet theater) bike paths lead me past the Dannenbergs Stadtsee over the Dömnitzer Elbbrücke to the north bank of the Elbe and land in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.From now on it goes westwards, that means in Westwind as today, strong headwind. As you know, the e-bike helps with a different mode with more support. The first stop, which can be reached via a well-developed bike path along the "Road of German Unity", is Rüterberg. Rüterberg is history in the smallest space. For 150 years, 150 residents lived here "locked up" between meter-high fences. There was a gate as access to the village, which was constantly controlled. On the 8th (!) November 1989, the inhabitants of Rüterberg were sick and declared their village a "republic". Thirty years later still a memorable place. The addition "village republic" in the place name they were allowed to keep.Now begins for today the most romantic part of the bike tour, downstream and rechtselbisch. Sometimes on the dike, sometimes protected from the wind behind the dike. The nicest resting place maybe the bicycle café right on the Elbe dike in Wilkenstorf. The operator makes the coffee and cake break in a personal way to a special stay and pampers guests with home-baked cake for really small money.I have to keep up a little after the break, because at 18:00 clock brings me in Bitter the last ferry over to Hitzacker. An exhausting, beautiful and exhausting bike ride comes to an end.

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      • 07/08/2019

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    1. Mandelkern

      July 1, 2019
      Hitzacker | swine pasture
      Since I can not decide and basically do not want, I lead a "double life" for many years. That means, I commute between Lipperland and Wendland. Two landscapes that could not be different.The Wendland is located in the middle of a "Vierländereck", between Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Lower Saxony. Common to the federal states is a beautiful river landscape - the middle Elbe - which has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1997. The seclusion of the Wendland in 1977 was the reason why a salt dome was selected as a nuclear waste storage two kilometers outside of Gorleben.The spirit of Gorleben since lures dropouts. And even for a "world improver" like me Wendland has become the second home of choice. After arriving in the early evening, it drives me to the so-called pork pasture, which can be reached via a new swing bridge over the Jeetzel, which was inaugurated in November last year. The walk is short and ends at the ferry dock. Elbe kilometer 523. The pig pasture offers a panorama of the extra class in the early evening. In great light conditions, succeed in a few special photos.

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      • 07/05/2019

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    1. Mandelkern

      June 19, 2019
      Market day in Lemgo
      Too hot for hiking! How good that there are everyday requirements - even on hot days. And it's Wednesday, market day in Lemgo. The old town is a tad livelier than usual. All cafes, ice cream parlors etc. are open. Hinz and Kunz are also on the way.And what am I doing? I am strolling, finishing and keeping my eyes open. Discover something new, meet "my" highlights. I draw and take pictures. I'm back home for the hot lunch time. Now I'm looking for a shady place, I put the tub of cold water under the desk and update, discard, sort and take new photos, because the lighting conditions were good in the early morning.

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      • 06/23/2019

  8. Mandelkern went hiking.


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    1. Mandelkern

      June 13, 2019
      "The same procedure as every year, James!"
      While the asparagus season is running at full speed, I ask myself the question: how long will it take her, the asparagus time? So I look and learn that officially on 21 June is over. You could also reap asparagus. That would only make sense for the asparagus seller, for the asparagus farmers. Because the harvest would be correspondingly lean next year. This, last deadline 'is thus observed by all, even out of self-interest. The asparagus fields are spared - and it can be retracted again in the following year, a good asparagus harvest.Today, nine days before the asparagus New Year's Eve, hiked with friends to Lülenhausen for asparagus meal. That means few photos, many good conversations. The way there is fantastic, in good weather, the landscape looks overly beautiful and holds great prospects ready. I took some time for a few samples. Good friends have patience.Environmentally it goes back after dinner with the city bus. "Sky blue. Comfortable. On time. ", So the self-promotion. The bus jöckelt of Lüdenhausen center through the Kalletal. And although he stops at each milk can, I reach the Regenstorplatz in Lemgo after just under 25 minutes. There, the asparagus hikers spread - less environmentally friendly - on their cars before they scatter in all the winds.We will set the date for the asparagus meal 2020 later.

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      • 06/16/2019

  9. Mandelkern went hiking.


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    1. Mandelkern

      Today only a few photos of a small tour that does not need much text. Start and finish was a parking lot at the sports field of Alverdissen - one of the oldest villages in Lippe. Since 1969 part of Barntrup, the inhabitants of the place, so the official name of the village, about the incorporation "not amused". After 800 years of history as an independent community, they felt that they were being booted off as a district of Barntrup.Photographing was tedious in the light conditions. Slowly half the night in the darkroom, I mean afterwards on the computer to extract from the misty, contourless landscape shots a few "handsome" pictures.

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      • 06/08/2019

  10. Gerd and Mandelkern went for a bike ride.


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    1. Gerd

      In the course of today's stage we moved from Münsterland to Lipper Land. Lost in light drizzle with low-hanging clouds and moderate west wind (which was quite an advantage!), The weather stabilized later.
      Special highlights on this day were definitely the monastery Marienfeld and the hunting lodge Holte.
      Meanwhile, we are back on hilly terrain, which will give us reason to tackle the stages of the next days a little more restrained, especially in terms of width.
      Unfortunately, we have today found several significant differences in the routing between the bikeline book and reality. This is of course annoying and costs unnecessary time. In view of the fact that we arrived dry in Detmold, this circumstance was to get over.

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      • 06/06/2019

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