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Der Mensch braucht bei den besten Flügeln seiner Phantasie
auch ein Paar Stiefel für das Pflaster.
Ach, dem Menschen fehlen oft weniger die Flügel als die Anhöhe,
auf der er den Flug anfängt.
Heiterkeit oder Freudigkeit ist der Himmel
unter dem alles gedeiht.
Die Freude und das Lächeln
sind der Sommer des Lebens.
Jean PaulDreiFarben@gmx.de

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    1. DreiFarben

      Biella and the Santuario della Madonna di Loreto to the west are worthwhile destinations.In the upper town, the historical Piazzo quarter with its medieval atmosphere is worth seeing. Biella Piazzo can be reached by cable car (funicular).In the lower town, the honorable Caffe del Teatro, founded in 1865, exudes undisguised authenticity. If you missed drinking a bicerin ("glass") in Turin, you should make up for it here. Bicerin is a traditional, non-alcoholic Turin hot drink made from espresso, cocoa and milk foam. Delicious!

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    about 14 hours ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      With the rental Lancia through Piedmont. The first (intermediate) destination was the five lakes of Ivrea. In view of the oppressive humidity we only managed to explore two lakes, Lago Sirio and Lago Pistono.All of the lakes were created by the retreat of the Balteo Glacier; the area is a popular hiking region. You can also swim well in the Sirio. I found the encounter with a female stag beetle interesting.

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      • about 7 hours ago

  3. DreiFarben went for a hike.

    2 days ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      When it rains you automatically walk faster! The morning began with lightning, thunder and hail. Only then did it pour from buckets.When the sun drove away the rain around 11 a.m., we took a beautiful forest path up to the Colle della Magherita. From there the wide view opened up down to Dronero and the infinite plain.

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  4. DreiFarben went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      Today I have to warn you. Do not do this tour, because from km 11 it was a single ordeal for more than 2 hours. The deep valley into which the Bedale Intersile seeks its course has everything: just no more easy hiking trails. The marking may still largely be preserved, but the path itself fell into disrepair and overgrown in Corona times. For kilometers you look for the path and wade through high vegetation. You can hardly make any headway and at some point I was just desperate because the side valley is threateningly steep. We weren't "save" for a second.It all started so calmly. The swallowtail on Monte Festa (2,130 m) danced like a movie. The view was fantastic. A little later the dilemma started. When we managed to go back to "normal" hiking trails, of course you forget again.

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    4 days ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      The day of the marmots! In the early hours of the morning they appeared in large numbers; but only one was less shy and presented himself for the camera.The rain lashed relentlessly up to the Colle del Mulo and an ice-cold wind whistled, so cold that I couldn't unlock my cell phone because of my clammy fingers. Then the sky tore open. The descent past the idyllic Lago Resile and always lonely along the mountain stream was a long-lasting dream!

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    5 days ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      It went high on this stage. Sven from the information desk in Acceglio called Refugio Gardetta for us on Sunday. Up there you can sleep in a tent, even without a sleeping bag, just with blankets. We were skeptical, after all we are talking about 2,335 meters above sea level.But first we had to climb. At the Passo del Gardetta we already had the Refugio in mind. But because it was still early, we made a half-hour detour to Passo di Rocca Brancia (2,620 meters). The flora was awesome in this stony mountain flank! In the photos you can see the Alpine Alster, narcissus-flowered leek, real valerian, snow gentian, Alpine hornwort, Alpine poppy, white silver arum, Alpine toadflax, large-flowered chamois and Alpine herbaceous flower.The tents then turned out to be spacious; they were provided with an aluminum roof, making them rainproof. That was also necessary, because in the afternoon it poured out of all clouds.

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    6 days ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      Today we first went over some footbridges to the sources of the Maira. Here I discovered a swamp sweetheart. Doesn't it have a fantastic grain?This is followed by a steep ascent to the Ciarbonet pass. The view changes completely and opens towards the head of the Unerzio valley and the mountains Bric Cassin, Cassorso and Boscasso. A gently sloping old military road winds its way down. Every now and then the whistle of a groundhog rang incredibly loud.

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  8. DreiFarben went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. DreiFarben

      Today most of the time we went along the southern flank of Monte Boulliagna. Chiappera is a charming village in the valley basin. You can spend the night in the old school and dine excellently.

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      • 7 days ago

  9. DreiFarben went for a hike.

    July 24, 2021

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    1. DreiFarben

      Did I say the Apollo butterfly was rare? In Germany it has been on the red list of endangered species since 1936, but in the Maira Valley it is king of the skies. I saw dozens alone today!The hike turned out to be difficult. In the first part, I was threatened by huge, nasty hums, stopping was out of the question. And the upward trend was painful. If it weren't for the phenomenal view from Punta Culour. A fantastic view of the mountainous end of the valley! France is already over there!The steep path down to Acceglio had fallen into disrepair; briefly panic rose in me. The alternative route was also uncomfortable. A hike with all the ups and downs.Acceglio is wonderful. How one imagines an Italian vacation home from the fifties. The Strada provinciale and the roaring Maira River run through the middle of the village (160 inhabitants). A crowd of children hog the only ice cream counter. There is a cafe, an ATM, two Alimentari and helpful information that is also open on weekends. Only the tourists prefer to live on the heights today.

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      • July 24, 2021

  10. DreiFarben went for a hike.

    July 23, 2021

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    1. DreiFarben

      The beginning of today's stage was completely under the spell of wild strawberries. Lots of it! So I only made progress at a snail's pace. But after just under 2 hours, Elva was also reached. The frescoes in the parish church there are known throughout the Maira Valley. A highlight!What followed was a sea of flowers. Colorful summer meadows like I've never seen them before. Alpine Pasque Flower and Fire Lily. Bloodroot and Mustard. The pyramid dogwort! Spotted orchid. My favorite plant, the mountain houseleek!And then the longed-for moment came: an Apollo butterfly simply sat down in front of me. You can recognize this extremely rare butterfly by its size! I was overwhelmed.

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      • July 23, 2021

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