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  1. Ida Bogø went for a bike ride.

    November 9, 2019

    2.55 mi
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    1. Ida Bogø

      • November 9, 2019

  2. Ida Bogø planned a bike ride.

    August 31, 2019

    1,850 mi
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    1. Ida Bogø

      No, this is not planning that I will pursue, this is a reading tip.
      Team E + Bike on Tour has reached its destination North Cape with the 65th stage. The viewing of the tour and the one or other description of the day are worth reading and may interest some who do not follow this user. Wishing you a nice weekend!

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      • August 31, 2019

  3. Ida Bogø went for a bike ride.

    August 9, 2019

    17.4 mi
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    1. Ida Bogø

      Advertising, because branding
      I sit in front of the TV and watch news, then comes at the time
      Focus on focus - heat wave, drought, forest fire short: It is now climate catastrophe and Greta. The climate is changing at a rapid rate and it is my fault
      I drive a car, buy consumer goods and eat meat. If I would always eat my plate pretty empty, then it would all be less bad, I renounced even meat, then it would be almost good - and I would drop dead now, that would be the most climate-friendly option - but I have just do not hesitate.I gave up meat for 7 years during a delayed puberty. Not meat, but not Ovo_Lacto_Picto_ - since then I have eaten with a good appetite for what the meat pots gave. However, as I became sensitized by my trips to the sources of the Soeste and Lethe rivers and by the visibly perceptible changes in the vegetation for the disappearance of the water and the absence of rain, I made an appointment with myself. Meat is on my menu again increased to something special, i. it is less common on the cudgel and if, but in fine quality. That's why yesterday I went to Kalieber yesterday, who had opened and where I spent some time and admired the assortment. After the agony of choice, I had finally done my shopping and drove home with the most delicious cargo on the Bleiburg. Incidentally, the purchase of perishable goods is transported very elegantly here in the summer - with a few pre-cooled cooling elements, everything arrived deliciously at home. The brought is a delicacy - and it is confirmed: enjoyment is no longer, if you have more of something on the plate. Thanks to the good, colorful Bentheimer pig,, what his life left .... and it shows what value it has, such a pig - in any case, a higher value than that which stood on the receipt.
      A pro pos pig. "Schwein had" headlined the other day the much appreciated by me almond kernel when he published this tour: - very worth reading!
      My tour to Kalieber in Lastrup is a wonderful bike ride that is very comfortable and almost impossible to drive. Anyone who stops by at Kalieber's is not only provided with delicacies from the pig, no, there is also coffee and cake - and even

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      • August 11, 2019

  4. Ida Bogø went for a bike ride.

    August 4, 2019

    10.4 mi
    9.8 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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    1. Ida Bogø degrees in the morning, blue-gray sky, no sign of rain.
      A good opportunity to get on the bike. Delft the destination, but before the edge of the edge of the Erasmus Bridge, past the beautiful Veerhaven with the big but beautiful yachts and the chic designed Hafenmeisterei. In the background, the "Wereldmuseum" just around the corner is elegantly refurbished - which justifies a visit of its own - but not today. Then into the Het-Park, the largest, perhaps the most beautiful park in Rotterdam with the Harbor Club and other attractively designed buildings from days gone by, where people met in a relaxed Sunday mood for breakfast. I did not meet, I drove along the canal, following the Delftweg and arrived after only an hour at the destination. Past the university, over a bridge, through an underpass and then the bike at the city theater (pretty clever: cinema is right next door) attached to one of the many bike racks, to have your hands free to explore.Delft is beautiful! So beautiful that it is regarded as the second most visited tourist destination of the Netherlands after Amsterdam. For me actually a reason NOT to drive here, if pushed through as many crowds. However, I was early enough to be able to move through the place - to catch a glimpse, to capture something there with the camera. Not always easy - as there were already quite a few people on the way.
      Shaped by canals, bridges that span them and houses made of brick, houses in part, then churches big and larger also made of brick, as rock is not available ... The whole ambience is a partial leap in time - somehow still a little 'golden age "Https:// is in the air - with a lot of rip-offs for tourists, of course, especially around the beautifully restored, old town hall of the city. Vermeer was born here, who painted the girl with the pearl earring - and of course there is a Vermeer Center - of which the shop was enough for me to visit - the few works hang elsewhere. It is madness to see how a Vermeer Center does not bargain to market even the worst color misprints - whether on aprons, on saddlecloths (sic!) But also on blankbooks and especially fitting: on tiles. The latter actually of decent quality - that may be expected in Delft but also ...
      Schlender here, betting there ... in the end it was enough for me and I wanted to leave, I turned left again, then again and then I had found MY Delft: A place, about 50 by 70 feet tall, surrounded by Restaurants and hotels and completely "covered" by the crowns of time-honored plane trees. It was really pleasant there. Of course no insider tip, the place that can be found as "Beestenmarkt" and is located on the site of a former Franciscan monastery. Recommended.
      After a while, I also had from sitting around and people watch enough, so I opened my bike and took off in the direction of Rotterdam ... Barely half a kilometer away suddenly stopped the (bicycle) traffic, was a canal bridge at the upright and on the water a troop approached colorfully with flowers and vegetables of decorated boats. Lots of music on the many boats, a lot of joy on the banks, which lined the banks close by. When I suddenly with a picturesque masquerade a bucket under my nose and apparently wanted to receive money from me, then I grabbed the phone and googled, what stood on the bucket, even on boats on which people were standing, with buckets on long Poles who also collected "donations" ... "Duit for en Schuit" A gift for the barge? This is my translation - and it is related to the "varend corso"
      Who wants to understand our dear neighbors and their customs, look at this, I'm sure: that's not understandable, but it is funny and many people of different ethnicities on the shore had their fun - on the boats anyway. After just over an hour, the bridge lowered again and I was able to continue the tour, which I ended at the starting point in Rotterdam. Tomorrow we'll go to Het Park again, it's just too nice to drive through - and let's see what else I can think of.

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      • August 4, 2019

  5. Ida Bogø went for a hike.

    August 3, 2019

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    1. Ida Bogø

      For holidays in the city are basically 2 questions of relevance.
      Where to eat well - where "good" is very individual to answer.
      And the equally valid second question is ALWAYS: where to get rid of the previously eaten "good" - and this
      "Good" may be less individual answer. (I hope, with a view to a few civilization achievements in the sanitary area)
      Saturday morning - the sun does not laugh, but it is quite good weather, if you think 16 degrees plus and the absence of rain for "good" - what I do. My topic today: answering question ONE:
      First item of the day: Visit of the market in the city center, which takes place in the evening, followed by a visit to the market hall - because of the answer to the first, the two questions described above. The often advertised market turns out to be diverse in terms of the goods offered - from clothespins to not very trustworthy electrical items, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to clothes everything there - and everything finds buyers, which is both baffled, but also pleasant, because Obviously, there are locals in all their ethical diversity, here with the half-weekly requirement (the market takes place twice a week) of I do not know what, stock up.
      Worthwhile is the market, in my view, as mix diverse cultures and flavors - and get along well together. That's how it should be.
      It is a privilege, then, to retreat to a glass in the market hall, "think of it yourself", marvel at the ceiling painting and watch the many people strolling and let God be a good man (?). City leave makes a big knockout Because the impressions are of such diversity that it is impossible for me to design a consistent day tour. Therefore, I decided to let this end here with a few in-depth information.
      In-depth literature on the "Markthal" in Rotterdam are also more photos to be found, which I spared me, since there would have been countless picturesque scenes to photograph - but always with people as protagonists, I did not want to ask permission to publish. So I ask for leniency as far as the image quantity is concerned. Of course, in terms of quality - but all this is done on the phone .. Thanks!

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      • August 3, 2019

  6. Ida Bogø went for a hike.

    August 2, 2019

    1.55 mi
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    425 ft
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    1. Ida Bogø

      According to the Goosen`sche title "Elsewhere is also shit" and assuming that the "Scheissige" with the Gaussian normal distribution applies - or not - placed in the car and driven to the south of the neighboring country. There started to explore "the area by bike". Starting in the morning with a bike partially on the way back to the proper locomotion return. Never before have I seen so many "bad" bikes. No wonder they are called Fietsen. Second shock: a Decathlon branch visited from inside - and knew that will not do anything to us - that's just Primark in free time. Not at all !!! Schina scrap pure! Third shock: Every second bike feels like it belongs to a food delivery service. They can not cook, was the conjecture - which was but very refuted, as I was allowed to enjoy the "local specialty" Ravioli in the most aromatic sauce. Shock number four - on the way here: the charging infrastructure for e-cars appears exemplary - tens of places at every motorway service area. Great - I can come out in a conversation with the opposite of my worst Manchester dialect - they all answer in German. Must be good, my English ..... And quite fantastic: The market hall with all the "food stalls" there I will work through tomorrow ".. Thanks to the pretty, small booklet" Dwars Door Rotterdam "I also deliver a few City views with. On the cover said market hall is scanned. In it - besides the Fresstands the largest painting of the world - at least. Pictures of it tomorrow.

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      • August 2, 2019

  7. Ida Bogø went for a bike ride.

    July 24, 2019

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    1. Ida Bogø

      Short text: Instead of circumnavigating the three lakes of the city, I stumbled on another topic - given the still-lasting heat - and because I did not want to go any further. More detailed information in the photos and behind this link:
      Since I'm still not from the kink to regularly post tours two tips for those who are interested in real Komoot users: E + Bike on Tour is currently driving with dog and bike and tent and trailer through Sweden. Until September - great, what she does:
      And Xray and wife Sunny drive straight to the Werratal bike path and publish in outstanding quality:

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      • July 24, 2019

  8. Ida Bogø went for a bike ride.

    July 6, 2019

    5.30 mi
    9.6 mph
    75 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Ida Bogø

      Small self-assurance that the way has really been so long:
      We know this from anglers, whose self-caught fish in the memory of the format of whales accept, knows of farmers, their potatoes ..... and all so it is sometimes, when people of senior age tell us about their deeds in childhood days. .. As time axes shift, kilos become centners and a few kilometers become "daily stages of the Tour de France-like" distances. Although it is true that I have just left school, it has been objective but already a few days ago and I noticed in myself the behavior described above with regard to my way to school. In order to put an end to this, not to completely embarrass adolescent adolescents and not always present myself in the brightest light, I drove the track again. And I was amazed that what I once said with "TWELVE KILOMETERS !!!! ONE RANGE !!!!" narrating into the room, now (presumably) by the continental plate shift to only 8.54 kilometers zusammengeschnurt is ..... Interesting for me: On the way there it was mostly with tailwind and mostly downhill - while the way back but then worked out wanted. The whole commute by bike was due to the fact that there was no public transport, which allowed it to come from A to B in temporal proportionality. There was only the bike. I think that has not really changed on this track until today - the app "Rome2Rio", which lists travel options from A to B, gives four possibilities of travel for the route "Georgenhausen-Dieburg": Number Four: Walk in an hour 33 minutes. With "UBER" (???? are not banned in D ????) in ten minutes for 22 to 25 euros. By taxi in 10 minutes for 23 to 27 euros and the best solution, according to Rome2Rio: By train !!!! In three hours and 34 minutes for the price between 24 and 30 euros ..... In other words: also in the 21st century is the best way to cycle here. When Greta Thunberg hears .....

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      • July 22, 2019

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Ida Bogø liebt das Segeln.
Aber da Segelboote soviel Wasser, Wind, Platz, Zeit und Pflege brauchen
fährt Ida Bogø doch viel lieber mit dem Rad.
Hauptsache ist es, in der Natur zu sein.
Ich habe mittlerweile zwei Serien gestartet, in denen ich in (un)-regelmäßigen Abständen Neues präsentiere alles noch am Anfang, aber über die Zeiten soll es sich entwickeln.:Bloss Feld(t) Rain = zumeist gegenstandslose Fotografie der NaturD-Zug Tour = Schnelle Reisen zu einem Zielpunkt mit wenigen Fotos von
unterwegs aber Fotos von den Zielorten.
Diese Titel sollten sich - bei Interesse - über die Detailsuche innerhalb meiner Touren durch Eingabe der Stichworte (Bloss, Zug, ) einfach finden lassen.Meine ersten Touren mit Komoot unternahm ich 2014/2015 - ohne zu veröffentlichen, irgendwann später habe ich begonnen hier zu publizieren.
Mir ist es immer wichtig einen "nützlichen Beitrag" zur Community zu leisten und so stecke ich meist sehr viel Arbeit in Fotos und Recherche zu Touren und zu Highlights - natürlich auch unter der vielfachen Verlinkung von Wikipedia-Artikeln. Mir erscheint das sinnvoll, um Wißbegierigen schnell Informationen bereitzustellen - und um den Nutzwert dieses Netzwerkes zu vergrößern. Außerdem habe ich Spass daran. Das manche meiner Beiträge voller Ironie und beißendem Spott sind gehört für mich zur ernsthaften Auseinandersetzung mit Komoot dazu. Betroffen macht mich, welchen Umgang manche mit dem Pioneer-System haben - da wünsche ich mir erhebliche Verbesserungen. Komoot sollte kein Wettbewerb derer sein, die die meisten Punkte am Computer erklicken, oder durch Erstellung "fauler" Highlights einheimsen. Komoot sollte das beste aus uns FÜR Andere hervorholen - dann wäre es so, wie ich es mir wünsche.
In letzter Zeit etwas ruhiger geworden bin ich aber nach wie vor gerne unterwegs. Nur mag ich mich ungern wiederholen, weshalb Neues von mir folgt, wenn es Neues gibt.
Für Fragen, Anregungen und Kritik: ida.bogoe@gmail.comVielen Dank und allzeit gute Fahrt!

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