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About illywhacker

Mein Name, welcher in meinem offiziellen Dokument vermerkt ist, ist Ralf. Ich fahre Rad. Mountainbike. Meistens Distanz, mit Abschluss in einem guten Restaurant/Biergarten!

Distance travelled

22,071 mi

Time in motion

2243:04 h

Recent Activity
  1. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    about 12 hours ago

    "Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail!" - Yanchep National Park - Joondalup (WA)...🇦🇺🚴😁🤙🍻

    46.8 mi
    10.2 mph
    1,525 ft
    1,500 ft
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    1. illywhacker

      Good evening Good evening!


      Today I took my newly purchased MTB "off the beaten track" for the first time, as the saying goes! And it was a tough slog! But one by one!


      I took the train from Perth Central Station to Joondalup, the town where I started the journey back to Perth a few days ago... I briefly

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      about 9 hours ago
  2. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    a day ago

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    1. Hello!


      Today the weather didn't play well. It was pretty chilly in the morning and the wind took everything out! :-))


      I therefore decided to take a slightly shorter tour, namely upstream the Swan River. We went on the southern bank towards Midland and on the northern bank back to Perth!


      This tour was also

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      a day ago
  3. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    2 days ago

    52.5 mi
    12.0 mph
    925 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. Hello and good evening!


      Today I started roughly where I left off yesterday: on the Indian Ocean! Only this time we went further south to Fremantle!


      From there I took the path to Canning Bridge, which I already used on my "Swan River" tour!


      From here on, however, I stayed on the western side of the Canning

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      2 days ago
  4. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    3 days ago

    1. Good evening dear people!


      First of all: If there are any spelling mistakes in the text, it's because today is "Thirsty Thursday" in the bar where I'm sitting... A pint of "Coopers Lager" for 7 AUD! Approx. 4.30 EUR! This is very cheap by Australian standards! (and I already have 2...) :-))


      But let's get

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      3 days ago
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    1. N/a? N/a? Who has a song in their head when they hear the title of the hike and can't think of it??? :-)) That's how I felt all day and now (since I'm sitting in front of the laptop) I have it: "A walk In The Park" by Nick Straker! (the link is at the bottom) :-))


      With this in mind: Hello and good evening

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      4 days ago
  6. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    5 days ago

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    1. Good evening everyone!


      First of all: Since my pics were pretty "noisy" yesterday, I used ISO 100 today and not ISO 6400 like yesterday (wonder who set something like that???) and lo and behold, you can CLEARLY see the result... : -??


      Anyway, today's tour started out in cool and cloudy weather along the

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      5 days ago
  7. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

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    1. Part 2 of my September 18th, 2023 was even better than part 1! The way it has to be! :-))


      I entered Lakes Bikes! My Specialized EVO was ready for pickup! Since everything financially had already been sorted out beforehand, my stay here didn't last too long and I was able to: GET ON THE BIKE!!!! :-))



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      6 days ago
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    1. Good evening everyone!


      After a wonderful night and a good breakfast, I started my hike south! The goal was: “Lakes Bikes”!


      It was more or less always along the shared path, which runs parallel to the highway! Strangely enough, you don't notice much of the traffic, as there is usually a strip of vegetation

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      6 days ago
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    1. Namd everyone (at least according to Australian time)!


      After a long journey to Western Australia (including the train ride to Munich, flight and Tingeltangel Airport, I was on my feet for around 40 hours), I arrived in Perth this afternoon.


      It took another hour to get to the hotel by bus!


      So check in quickly

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      7 days ago
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    1. Namd everyone!


      After successfully completing the activity, my tour should take me to a restaurant in Mitwitz for dinner! Unfortunately, everyone is on vacation there at the same time!


      So I only had one beer at the Sagasser market and then I started the journey home.


      On the way I decided to stop at the Balloner

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      September 5, 2023
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