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Mein Name, welcher in meinem offiziellen Dokument vermerkt ist, ist Ralf. Ich fahre Rad. Mountainbike. Meistens Distanz, mit Abschluss in einem guten Restaurant/Biergarten!

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  1. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    6 days ago

    41.2 mi
    12.3 mph
    925 ft
    975 ft
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    1. illywhacker

      The November Hole. So I got it this year too!It started, how could it be otherwise, at the beginning of November! I came back home from a wonderfully sunny week in Berlin. And it was gray, very gray! Mouse gray, or possibly also ash gray.My motivation for biking was limited to: "Tomorrow!" Then tomorrow I thought, ok, "Tomorrow!" How it went on, you can imagine ... a spiral stop ... :-))For the last few days I have at least got on the exercise bike again to at least pedal a little. Which is kind of like dry swimming, only without dry! :-)) When you go home trainer you are everything, just not dry ... ;-))So today should be the day on which I climb out of this damn November hole and finally wanted to do an outdoor round in sunshine again ... Unfortunately, the sun was nothing, just before the end of the day it was gone ...: - / /But my motivation was back, I drove anyway. It was freezing at the end. Muddy at times. Cold feet. The Schnauzer Frozen! In the end in complete darkness! But it was COOL! :-))Finally again!The Mojo is back !!!YESSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!

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      • 6 days ago

  2. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    October 31, 2021

    15.6 mi
    13.3 mph
    625 ft
    475 ft
    1. illywhacker

      After illustrious experiences on my journey home by train today, I swung myself briefly on the MTB again before it was made ready for winter ... I also wanted to complete the 900 kilometers in October ... :-)The sun was gone faster than expected today due to the time change ... :-))Have a good start to the week everyone!

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      • October 31, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      When I drove along the Havel on Thursday and then back through the Grunewald back to Charlottenburg, the idea arose in me that I would do another lap here if the weather was right and ONLY THROUGH THE GRUNEWALD! :-))Since I was lucky that the weather was good for me today, I started heading west after breakfast, past the Lietzensee, into the Grunewald.At first I drove south along the Havel to Schwanenwerder before diving into the Grunewald. Once to the north, then again to the south and at the end again to the north ... It turned out as I had promised myself, wonderful weather and wonderful autumn forest.There were quite a few people on the way. Hikers, joggers, cyclists ... All of them enjoyed the wonderful autumn atmosphere in the forest, away from the big city!However, I only met the real outdoor enthusiasts when I drove past the Grunewald hunting lodge and towards the northern tip of the lake: The SUV adventurers! True to the motto: "Back to nature, but not on foot!"! With some of them, I even had the impression that the intercoiffeur or the trusted perfumery was visited shortly beforehand to equip themselves with the latest hairstyle, or to pour liters of smelling liquid over it .. :-)) But only as a little anecdote by the way ... :-))This day was again fantastic and so today's Saturday was a successful end to my stay in Berlin! I was very lucky with the weather. Not a drop of rain and only 2 days of clouds. For the end of October that's already very lucky!I wish you all a nice weekend and see you soon at this point! :-))

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      • October 30, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      When I was in the city by bike on Tuesday, it was very gray all day, which is why I planned roughly the same route on foot today, with perfect weather.Unfortunately, the worm was still there today. I only checked at the city palace that my battery was already far empty and that I left the charger in the hotel. Which is why I had to divide myself up with the photos ... Something is always ... :-))We started through the zoo to the memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe. A very depressing mood spreads when you walk in and "dive down"! : - /There was a lot going on on Unter den Linden, apparently some state reception, with loads of police and a roadblock!The city palace impressed me as much today as it did on Tuesday. Maybe a little more today, because the sun was shining so beautifully. I also looked around the courtyards, but without entering the buildings. Maybe next time ... :-)In the direction of Charlottenburg I walked more or less along the Spree and at the end was surprised that it was almost 23 kilometers ... :-))To eat, I stopped at the Zollpackhof, at the main train station, right on the banks of the Spree.PS:I don't need to mention that the altitude difference is not right again. Strangely, Garmin Connect 200 shows ascent and descent meters, which should be true. Something must go wrong when synchronizing my watch with Komoot ... :-(

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      • October 29, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      The moment of the day: I overtake an eMTBler with a fat Specialized Fully with my Brompton folding bike shortly before Krampnitz ... :-))Apart from that, the day had many other highlights to offer. First and foremost, of course, the weather. Full of sun, not a cloud in the sky and temperatures around 16-17 degrees ... A dream! ;-))In the morning, when the sun was not yet shining into the canyons, I started north towards the Spree. We went through the Charlottenburg Palace Park to Knüppeldamm. Following this I drove to the Spandau Citadel.A few photos later we went south along the banks of the Havel. There were relatively few people on the way, which mutated the journey into pure enjoyment ... :-))Shortly before Sacrow there was a fine trail right on the water, which was easy to master even with a folding bike ... :-)When I arrived in Sacrow, I took a short tour around the castle, the Heilandkirche and the 1000 year old oak. Then I drove further north-west along the Jungfernsee and Krampnitzsee until I reached the federal / country road. Here an accompanying cycle path led me to the south side of the Havel, which I followed directly on the bank to the Glienicke Bridge ...Through the Glienicker Park and the Düppeler Forst we went to the Strandbad Wannsee, before which I made a curved bend towards the north and drove into the Grunewald ... It went straight ahead, steadily! That was a good thing, as I was able to enjoy the unique autumn forest more ...After the train station in Grunewald we went straight back to the hotel and on a duckstein and a sorrel soup in the restaurant Marjellchen in the Mommsenstraße!Conclusion: great weather, great autumn, great Berlin, great everything! :-))

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      • October 28, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      Today the world-famous Berlin highlights were on the program!First, I jet from Ku'Damm to the large zoo. After plowing it up, I made a short stop at the Brandenburg Gate. This place always triggers a great feeling of freedom in me! :-))Take a quick breath and continue via "Unter den Linden" (finally again largely without a construction site) to the city palace!What has been created here, in my opinion, cannot be put into words. When I was here for the first time years ago and saw the huge excavation pit, I couldn't imagine what would be built here years later. The building is a masterpiece! I can’t put it into words. If the outside area is still finished, this will be an absolute world attraction! I'm really blown away ... :-))Then my cruise continued along the Spree through James Simon Park, Monbijou Park, past the Bodemuseum!From the Schiffbauerdamm onwards, my navigation system thought that I had changed the side of the Spree through the water (neither cruised nor jetted, but swam), but it was not true! I always stayed on the north side! What the Garmin was thinking again: Unclear! :-)When I arrived in Moabit, I crossed the little zoo again before I left for the Charlottenburg Palace Park, again along the Spree!I also race up and down this one, only to take Schloßstraße towards the hotel at the end.It was a wonderful day and I always find it amazing what is going on in Berlin, as soon as you are out of town due to corona ... :-))

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      • October 26, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      Neither fish nor meat ... Neither one nor the other ... That currently applies to the (former) "lost place" Schloss Dammsmühle in the north of Berlin ...It is being built heavily, the property is fenced and the building is wrapped in scaffolding ... On the one hand, of course, great that this beautiful castle does not deteriorate any further, on the other hand, the character of a lost place is of course gone. I just hope that at least the park will remain open to the public, should the castle be renovated ...Anyway, I chose the route north through Moabit, Wedding, Reinickendorf, Märkisches Viertel to Mühlenbeck.From there on I drove off-road through the forest to the castle. That was not easy, as the paths (apparently) are mostly just beaten tracks and were not recognizable as such through all the foliage. In addition, the Brompton is (actually) not suitable for such paths ... :-)After seeing the castle as far as possible, I drove from Gorinsee through beautiful meadows and pasture landscapes to Karow.After that I more or less accompanied the Panke on her way to Berlin. I liked that very much and since I ended up in Invalidenstrasse anyway, nothing was closer than to end the tour with the "Brewdogs" ... :-))It was another wonderful day today and as if I had known it, the sun disappeared behind the clouds when I sat down with the "Brewdogs" ... :-))

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      • October 25, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      Today I tackled a hike that was part of my planned tours, but I have no idea how it gets there, or who has already hiked it. But one thing first: I would like to thank the first-time hiker, it was a wonderful day!I started at the hotel, walked over Ku'Damm, past the zoo through the zoo into the government district.From here we went further north to the Nordhafen, past all sorts of new living space for the Berliner, or for the happy tax-saving investor ... :-))On the north bank I hiked on to Plötzensee and the Rehberge park.Through a not so attractive area (Scharnweberstraße) we went to the airport lake and the Jungfernheide forest. The forest was a dream. The sun, the trees, the leaves. Incredible!When we arrived at Lake Tegel, the number of encounters with people increased again. Quite a few people were out and about on the east side of the lake on such a wonderful day. This culminated on Greenwich Promenade! Slalom running was the order of the day! :-))When I left the water behind me, came the next beautiful forest area in Berlin. The southern part of the Tegel Forest! The sun, which is now sinking, gave me a class final sprint to Heiligensee.Unfortunately there was rail replacement service as far as Alt Tegel, but a Späti around the corner enabled me to at least refill my beer supply! There was Augustiner Edelstoff, well chilled! :-))The return trip was entertaining with a stop at the French restaurant "Jules Verne" on Savignyplatz!PS:I apologize for the many photos, but this autumn day today and all the Berlin hustle and bustle around it really impressed me ... :-))PPS:The altitude difference again: IRSINN! The clock flies away in time ...: - //

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      • October 24, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      Dignified hike through Berlin on my first day of vacation here!First, shoes were bought at ZEHA in Schöneberg, then we went through the park at Gleisdreieck to Potsdamer Platz and through the zoo back to the hotel on Ku'Damm ...The weather was wonderful today, and it was very cool, the sun was barely gone ...

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      • October 23, 2021

  10. illywhacker went mountain biking.

    October 20, 2021

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    1. illywhacker

      Nice little autumn round to Mitwitz, along the Rotschreuther Berg and home!The last round of work this month ... :-))

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      • October 20, 2021

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