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  1. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    5 days ago

    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      It was a terrific tour in glorious sunshine, which looked pretty foggy, cold and desolate in the morning ...Today I was allowed to play a chauffeur to Karlsfeld, so it was obvious to start from here. And here's the strength of the combination of Komoot and Elemnt Bolt: Plan the tour based on another, adjust it to others' tips, and then race via Bolt. Otherwise, I would hardly have found the track so well and I have often wrested myself on the way back in Munich ...It started to go west. The piece to Olching was already very nice, only the residual fog and the partly very humid air clouded the view a bit: My sunglasses befog.The further course to Fürstenfeldbruck was also very good, off the road and you arrive at the beautiful church of St. Mary of the Assumption and cycle through the monastery Fürstenfeld.The following route to Etterschlag was also great, good views and off the main roads. The way was then really good: It was a bike path next to the highway, but usually so well deposed, that you neither heard, let alone saw.From Inning we went to Stegen, which is located directly on the Ammersee. This is a nice spot, just a bit crowded, all three beer gardens were very well visited. But the drivers were worse: There was a lot of free parking, but you would have certainly run 500 meters. So everybody went to the lake to find out that there was nothing left. Since you could not get through even with the Radl. : - /From there it went on to Wörthsee to experience almost the same thing: There were fewer beer gardens, but the traffic chaos was quite comparable ...So we went straight to Kloster Andechs. However, this was associated with a fairly long increase. (Speaking of: The Bolt reported 1080 meters in the end ...)At the monastery the situation was comparable. Although you could not park directly in the monastery anyway, the pedestrians organized a new version of the Migration. They race in front of the bike and get one of the pedals without even noticing ...Even the remote beer gardens were filled to the limit, so I tried to cycle straight away. That was not easy because of the many pedestrians ...For compensation, there was a beautiful route with great views over Machtlfing and Traubing to Felderfing. Here you have a beautiful view of the landscape and Lake Starnberg from above. On top of that, it went downhill from here to Starnberg.However, the closer you got to the place, the harder it became with the traffic: one side of the street was over-parked, it was narrow and now and then someone wanted to park or unpark. That made less joy then. On top of that, then the planned road was closed: Starnberg moves & open Sunday.It then took longer to find out from the city again. From there it was pleasant but continued to the beginning of Munich. Then it became difficult again to find a good way through the city.After all, Munich is always Radlfreundlicher, there were on the route in addition to good bike paths and many bike paths. However, today were the bike lanes quite crowded and there was, owing to the beautiful weather, many pedestrians. It was quite difficult to get away with the road bike.After all, I still passed by the beautiful castle Blutenburg, I did not know that yet. From a distance, the moated castle looks pretty and many Munich enjoyed lying in the grass.Then came a bike path next to the main road therefore: Everything paved. So do cycle route planners think so occasionally? Probably that was just a quick shot: Actually, it was a walk, because they have just painted a dash on it and called the left third just bike path ...But still: That was a beautiful route in the best weather. Only if you do not necessarily cycle on a sunny Sunday, especially if the suspicion is in the room, it could be the last beautiful day of the year ...

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  2. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    6 days ago

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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      The beautiful weather continues, you just have to use it. This time we went back to the south via Ebersberg to Haag and Gars am Inn. Back then I cycled on Obertaufkirchen, Schwindegg and Bockhorn. That was just a fantastic tour, hardly main roads and if, then there was virtually no traffic!As usual I started south over Pretzen, Wörth, Unterschwillach and on to Forstinning. Here it went right to Schwaberwegen. From the village exit, there is a nice bike path, a bit off the road. This is probably the most beautiful way to Ebersberg to come, although it goes all the way over slightly uphill. You should know that, if you switched to the speedometer ...In Ebersberg, however, I did not even scratch into it, but immediately out again and then straight through the meadows and fields to Haag. This is a beautiful, long section on good roads without significant traffic but with a magnificent view. Here, there seems to be more meadows than corn, so everything looks greener than in woodland.In Haag is almost a break in the beer garden at the castle duty. Here you sit well on comfortable chairs and has a great view of the countryside. I'm just surprised that here is mostly empty ...Then it went past the Unertl Brewery on to Gars am Inn. The track is just as beautiful as the one from Ebersberg to Haag, just fantastic in low traffic.Gars am Inn is again such a thing: There is a nice, long, steep descent into the village and vice versa it comes out again. That's the less beautiful part.But this time I did not cycle on the Inn, the tour was already quite long. Instead, it went to Reichertsheim, the piece along the B12 is on a separate road, with the main road you have nothing to do. After Reichertsheim it went on beautifully, including an underpass of the B12. However, it is then wavy, some decent climbs followed by long runs with a beautiful view over hills meadow and fields and in the background you can always see a small forest. This goes as far as the brewery Stierberg. However, I have not tested the beer again, the rest of the track was still quite long and hilly.From there we went via Obertraufkirchen to Schwindegg. The Renaissance moated castle in the village with its four pretty towers is just worth seeing.From there it went to Wasentegernbach, here would have a detour to the host z'Loh offered. I just was not sure if it opened on Saturday afternoon. So I went to Bergham to the milk vending machine. That was in retrospect a good idea, the host z'Loh has currently until 18.9. Company holidays.In Hampersdorf, I did not turn to Dorfen then, I thought I could save myself the increase in Vilstalweg. Finally, I was already quite high here. However, the turn was then connected with a lot of up and down, because the way over Dorfen would have been easier.But the view was better and it went through Eibach, past the tavern to Vilstalradweg. However, I am still clearly below the watershed came out, so it went but then a little bit uphill.The rest of the route went via Angerskirchen and Maierklopfen to Bockhorn. This is, especially with tailwind, a beautiful race track. You can really let the bike run.The tavern and especially the beer garden in Bockhorn seemed to be closed again, so I went straight over Thal and Salmannskirchen.However, I had no desire to cycle over dodgers on Papferding. Since no car was traveling at the moment, I cycled a bit on the Dorfener Straße towards Erding.But how could it have been different, the cars came after all. This was Tempo 60 and overtaking prohibition, which together with a solid line. Since the police could have collected three times in about 10 cars ...So I quickly watched, coming down from this street again and then cycled from Ammersdorf on the Fuchsberg to Altenerding.The tour was wonderful, only the wind has a bit disturbed, especially if it is also quite hilly. My Bolt climbed over 1100 meters, Komoot then corrected that to 870. The truth is probably in between ...

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  4. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    7 days ago

    68.5 mi
    15.7 mph
    2,300 ft
    2,300 ft
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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      My legs and I were pretty tired today, on top of that came a wind too. But what do you want to do when mid-September is such a weather?So it went to the bike instead of the couch and this time I wanted to ride the wind against. Therefore, the Holledau offered, although I was only at the beginning of it.It went again on Aufkirchen and Eitting to Gaden. There were a lot of trucks on the way today, so I went straight to Niederhummel in Niederhummel. Since the route is more beautiful anyway and next to the main road to Moosburg is a bike path. From there it went but then to Langenbach. Meanwhile, I also know, as the stream is called, which flows through Langenbach: Langenbach.At the end of the village, after the second railroad crossing, we went to Inkofen through the forest. The new asphalt is beautiful to cycle here.From Inferno to Bergen it is quite hilly, that my legs did not like so much. But then the route over Lower and Oberappersdorf, Apperskirchn, Unter and Oberhaindlfing to Sünzhausen is beautiful. The road is wide and well developed, but at the same time there were hardly any cars. It varied through beautiful landscapes and later the first hop fields were added. The harvest is currently in full swing, so the days of hops are numbered ...The subsequent piece of main road to Schweitenkirchen was not so ideal, but was still quite good Radln.The dangling over Burghausen after Wippenhausen was perhaps not indispensable the best choice, it was quite hilly to the point. But the view was then better again than along the main road. That's why it was fine then.The subsequent piece from the outskirts on Esterndorf, Itzling and continue via Tüntenhausen is simply a highlight, a beautiful route with some very good views of the Ampertal and on quiet roads that are still well developed.Then I wanted to go directly to Goldshausen, only the road is then closed. So I had to cycle over Zurnhausen, which unfortunately became a bit hilly ...After all, it's nice downhill to the main street in Marzling. But you have to stupidly slow down to zero because you can not see the road.As I slowly got hungry and thirsty, there was a little trip to the Stoibermühle. They always have up in good weather.Since I did not want to go back the same way, I cycled from Eitting to Eichkofen. From there it went to Altham and via Langengeisling to Kronthaler pond. Here I had briefly thought about passing the brewery. But I thought that was enough and then cycled through the city directly back to Altenerding.Who would have thought such a nice weather with pleasant temperatures in mid-September? And then on the weekend?However, the first autumnal reds are mixing in the white-blue sky and the foliage is slowly becoming more colorful. But that's ok, it's finally the beginning of autumn ...

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  5. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    September 12, 2019

    46.9 mi
    16.4 mph
    1,600 ft
    1,625 ft
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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      Finally it was good weather again and there was an opportunity to get on the bike. That's funny, if you sit on the bike almost every day before and then makes a forced break longer ...But good, today was fantastic weather, nice and warm without being hot, white-blue sky and almost no wind. That invites you to a Feierabendrund.This time it was again the quasi-classic about Pretzen, Wörth, Unterschwillach, Wimpasing, Forstinning and the obligatory dangling via Straßham and Kipfing. That's just a nice route ...Then it went on Karlsdorf and the dangling, so that you can einradln from the south to Preisendorf. The track is actually very nice, only about 500 meters are just stuck ground with a little split on the way. That spoils the enjoyment a little ...Then it went again via Kreiling to Neuharting. But instead of racing home over the many books, Oberbuch went right to Isen. This is definitely a beautiful route, with beautiful views of rolling meadows, fields and forests and a beautiful descent.Then it continues wavy until the exit with the turnoff to Urtlmühle. I have taken this increase again, the pulls a little longer and despite the neat increase.The reward is the beautiful view of Isen next to the hills and meadows around it.In Isen we went back over the branch line to Penzing and then via Inner- and Außerbittlbach to the Belted Galloways. They stood again at Graß on the wood in the meadow, they are still a beautiful sight, as well, albeit half-laid, the beautiful, large farm opposite.Of course, the small detour from Kolbing to Neufahrn was also set again. After all, this saves the main road and allows you to cycle along curvy trails along the forest. Only the last piece again consists of the juxtaposed concrete slabs. But you can still cycle well and you come out directly at Neufahrn.The further route is fine again, it goes past the large, beautiful farm with many windows and then there is the long descent towards Kirchasch. It has a beautiful foresight and comes to a field with a white field full of oil radish over. There is only an increase at the railroad crossing and then a slight increase to Englpolding.But from Kirchasch it went back to Mauggen through the forest downhill. Even better is the view, if you come out of the forest, which is just terrific. The English have introduced it as a decorative plant made of cashmere, now it displaces native plants. However, on the one hand it seems harmless and on the other hand it is often only nettles ...You could even easily remove them, you just do not agree if that makes sense. So I like these colorful plants rather than nettles, especially if they are still blooming ...The rest is as usual: from Mauggen to Bockhorn and then through nature to Thal and Salmannskirchen to the main road. Continue to Neukirchen, here are again cows, with horns !, in the meadow. They were peacefully grazing, what more could you want?About Papferding, Ringelsdorf, Watt village we went to Indorf and then to Pretzen. Here I spontaneously built a small detour and cycled via Teufstetten and Berg to Niederwörth gen Pretzen to land again in Altenerding.So that was a nice, nice lap again. But you notice slowly that it is autumn, the leaves on the trees is slowly becoming more colorful, the colors get an autumnal redstitch and of course the fields are empty or green again. So there is a lot of Ackersenf, oil radish and sometimes even rape, which is easily recognized by the smell. Otherwise, there is usually only corn and a few sugar beets.In terms of color, however, the glandular or Indian balsam stands out more and more. This shines from pink to red / purple to white and is usually found in the shadier, damp area. But it increases quite strong, but looks nice.

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      • September 12, 2019

  6. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    August 31, 2019

    69.7 mi
    15.6 mph
    2,425 ft
    2,450 ft
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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      After it went to the south yesterday, today was the north to it. I also wanted to see something other than corn fields. I did not even know how huge the hop acreage is. I often cycled on the edge over, but there you can see only a fraction. At the moment the hop tendrils are wonderful, I think it will not be long before the harvest. Then there was the beautiful sunshine at the end of August, what more could you ask for?At the same time it started well, at the height of the spa I saw four goldfinches. I like these colorful feathered birds. Only with the further planning I did not pay attention with Komoot, because rather main roads are preferred.
      So I landed on the Oberding to Schwaig, but then I dodged on the branch line through the moss. But Schwaig continued on the main road. In the beginning there was still a bike path, then no more, but a blockage of the route. The alternative route went through the airport road, only that is closed to cyclists. After a bit of pondering and pointing out that farm vehicles are free, I cycled through the construction site around the broken bridge. This was not an ideal way, but better than to Schwaig and then via Niederding and travel to Radln.
      The good thing: After the construction site, I had the road for myself alone. The bad: At the end of the construction site was the main road to attaching. I have always avoided it: She is well paved, always goes straight and is very busy. In other words, that's not what riders like. But then I was able to turn into the Schwaiger Moos and returned to the standard route to the Stoiberermühle in the Eittinger Moos. So you better avoid the section and plan it right away with Eitting.From there it went via Marzling, Jaibling and Unterberghausen down to the Amperauen. The downhill in Unterberghausen would also go, it is only very steep, curvy and confusing. If you turn off shortly before Großenviecht, you not only have a nicer descent, you cycle a longer distance through the meadows. This is a wonderfully quiet, varied route, partly shady by trees and the hills, partly it goes directly along the Amper. This route I cycled to Zolling. But instead of cycling through Zolling, I stayed on the main road. That was ok, but back through the fields to the bike path along the main road would have been the better choice. But fine, at least I tested it once.From the bike path it is pleasant, the later deviates a bit from the main road and most of the time in the shady forest. So I came elegantly to Attenkirchen. Then the Holledau started.It was a little hilly and the first hop fields appeared. They are somehow more beautiful than the many corn fields. The high tendrils with the pretty umbels, that has something. Since you get the same desire for a decent half!But that was only the beginning, the hops fields became more and more dense. A beautiful view, along rolling, slightly hilly roads. Although there were also wonderfully long runs, but as the nature of a circuit so wants: it went in between again neatly high.I think I just cycled along hop fields for almost two hours, you just have to enjoy it.In Nandlstadt I had then taken a break with a snack, which is a beautiful place, which is contrary to the name of no city. The motto there is correspondingly: "Nandlstadt is not a city, but no city is like Nandlstadt."Then it continued hilly, but now the sun bothered a little at the climbs. There are beautiful runs through small villages and the hop fields are slowly getting less. But you have on the way to incense a magnificent wide view to far behind the twin towers of Moosburg. You can only enjoy that, too.From incense it went through the forest to Langenbach. The construction site is finally gone, instead there is now a brand new asphalt :-)This time it was through Langenbach I was a bit too tired then to drag myself over the hills to Asenkofen. The rise from Langenbach out, but was also not to be despised. There was then again a good view. Instead of cycling directly to Oberhummel, I spontaneously decided to take the bike path along the main road to Moosburg. That was a good idea, the view was lovely, and I then turned down to Niederhummel to avoid Oberhummel. The rest is almost as expected: Gaden, Eitting, travel, Niederding, Aufkirchen and ultimately Altenerding.This was a wonderful tour, in beautiful weather in late August.

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      • August 31, 2019

  7. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    August 30, 2019

    68.5 mi
    14.7 mph
    2,850 ft
    2,850 ft
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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      This was a beautiful tour in very nice weather with finally clever white-blue sky. It could only have been a bit cooler.This time I had chosen as a destination Wasserburg, the beautiful old town is almost completely enclosed by the Inn. The only thing that bothers here are the cars ...It started as more or less usual via Pretzen to Unterschwillach. However, I did not cycle over Wimpasing, but directly over Zeilern. By the way, there is another bouquet in the meadow.From there it went over Pastetten and Karlsdorf to Hohenlinden and here I once again cycled the climb to Mittbach. He pulls himself neatly and gets even steeper at the end. And if you think you are on top, you notice that the slope, albeit more leisurely, stops just behind the tree with the bank in front of it.Then it went right away and there is a long, leisurely descent to the B12, here you can continue cycling on the other side through the forest. The surface is only partially asphalted, but you can cycle well. At least much better than along the main road.At the end it goes over the next main road and over farms and fields to the main road to Steinhöring. I followed it but only briefly and immediately turned left again.That was a good idea, the piece here is wonderful, little used but a very good surface. At the same time you can see on green valleys and mountains, there is also a good, long descent coming from here.This is how it goes wonderfully to Albaching. After that I drove on the main road. It had a perfect surface, was very wide and you did not often get into the enclosure with the cars. Worse then was the last piece, because I had to drive on the B304. The is heavily used and prepares little joy in cycling. Since I should have chosen a way over Edling better ...After all, that relaxed a bit: The railway gates were closed and until the train got really rolling again, I was already, past Meggle, on the bike path to Wasserburg.The way through the city was amazingly good to cycle and the old town is just worth seeing. It is enclosed to 7/8 from the Inn, offers many refreshments and, above all, many old, beautiful, well-preserved buildings. It passed the beautiful town hall and then the Brucktor on the Inn.
      Here you should definitely stop and look back, the gate and the scenery of Wasserburg you just have to enjoy. If you then see how wide the Inn is, then this is a moment to pause.
      It went out then but sometimes quite steep, but then you had once again a fantastic view of Wasserburg from above!Back the route was much better, it also passed the nice Cafe Mesner in Odelsham: This does not just look like it's a nice place to stay with a very good cake. Today, however, the wasps were quite disturbing, they wanted my cake too ...About the Inn, it went back a bit along the B304, but here there was a bike path. The last piece was not paved, but good to cycle. Then it went through meadows and fields to Soyen. This is a remarkable route, varied and low traffic with beautiful views of green meadows, fields and hills.Actually, I wanted to stop at Soyensee, but apart from a campsite, I have not seen any access. So it went on. The route to Rechtmehring was also very nice, even the piece along the B15 on the bike path was ok.In Rechtmehring itself, my planned road was closed, but on Friday afternoon you get through quite well. The bypass would not have been so wild either. The road after was great again, beautiful views on winding roads and no significant traffic. You can just enjoy something like this in a white and blue sky!After the main road, it was exhausting: It went up to Lichtenweg, which is probably one of the highest points in the district. You will be rewarded, as so often, with a vision of the finest. The only catch was: you can see the exit and on the opposite hill already equal to the ascent to Pemmering. Of course you can not run the bike here, there are of course a few crossings here.

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      • August 30, 2019

  8. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    August 29, 2019

    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      Then the weather did make a big dash through the rest day: Who can stay at home when you're free and the sun is shining?So at least once it was time for an evening tour. The way was this time to the south, with a small dangling over mountain, Kirchötting and Sonnendorf to Unterschwillach, from there flat on to Forstinning. Of course, I took with me the usual dodgers about Straßham and Kipfing and from there I went via Preisendorf and Kreiling to the hills with the many books.Here the sun finally came out and although it was more than tough at the beginning, from here on the bike rolled. Well, it is also mostly downhill and with great views in the valleys.So it went well then book and continue towards Walpertskirchen, past the new highway, which should be so slow times, until Hallnberg. The usual dangler went this time again to Neufahrn. The easy climbs here were tough again, but then there was from Neufahrn almost to Kirchasch a beautiful descent with great views in a slowly setting sun.Since I did not want to go home by Papfer thing again, this time I continued through the forest, again a good descent to Mauggen and Bockhorn. Only this time I'm cycling through to Grucking and there in the arc over Grafing to Reichenkirchen.From here we went with a dangling over Lohkirchen, here I was never, continue to Tittenkofen, Eichkofen, Altham and along the Sempt to Langengeisling and continue to Kronthaler pond.The conclusion then formed the route past the brewery through the fields from Niederding to Aufkirchen and on to Stamham and so to Altenerding.Despite the slow and tough start, it was a nice tour again. It is surprising how green everything is again at the end of August. The harvested fields are already green again, in part you can see again Ackersenf and oil radish. Otherwise, there is only massive maize. But more and more fields with elephant grass intermingle, which is a change.The swallows seemed to like the weather change, they were numerous and very fast on the way.

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      • August 29, 2019

  9. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    August 28, 2019

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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      Since the forecasts are more likely to be rainy, which seems to cheer my legs, then today was again planned a longer tour. This time I wanted to go back north, rather flat but not on the main road behind Wartenberg.So it was a bit hilly again, albeit less than yesterday.This time it went through the city, there are still holidays, because you can risk it well without getting upset too much. It went past the Kronthaler Weiher, the company Kronthaler up to Langengeisling and on via Altham, Eichenkofen and via Titskofen to Grucking.The bypass through the fields via Grafing and Helling is simply recommended, it goes through the Wiesn and fields, along the Strogn to Fraunberg. Since the main road is currently closed, but that did not bother me, I wanted anyway to small and Maria Thalheim to then Radln over Steinkirchen.Steinkirchen is as always a challenge, the slope there has it in itself and retires. Since you need a little bit of ...
      The turnoff to Niederstraubing compensates then a little, it goes only at the reprocessing plant for building rubble and the checkpoint of Erdinger RTF on the sports field over and then a little wavy on to Niederstraubing. This is a nice way away, it is only topped by the nachfogenden section. Here it goes wavy, curvy and beautiful landscapes on and ends with the long but clear departure to Viecht. The view is terrific, the traffic almost does not exist and the road is the finest. What do you want more? But you can take the few increases but happy to buy.
      At the end of the cycle path is most of the time along the B11 along. Since the traffic noise bothers a little, even if the Radl runs well here. But the closer you get to Landshut, the farther the bike path gets away from the main road and it gets calmer. And before you know it, you are already in Landshut and comes out directly at the brewery Zollhaus.However, my first milestone was Ellermühle, so it was surprisingly well through the outskirts of Landshut through and the last few kilometers were also good to Radln and off the main road.There was also a break advised: It was just too warm, as had the currant household be filled and incidentally, the plum was landed on my plate ...This time, it was not on the main road, I have chosen the small detour on the Nebenorte. That was a good idea as it is much more pleasant to cycle and the places are nice, some with painted walls. After that nothing remained until Volkmannsdorf as the main road.Then it went over the railroad crossing and the bridge. At this point, the Amper flows into the Isar. Then it left then left and I drove on the side street. This is also a worthwhile shortcut.It continued until shortly before Moosburg, then I turned off towards Zustorf. However, I have chosen the detour via Langenpreising and from there through the fields to Zustorf. That's just the nicer way to cycling.From there it went in a spontaneous idea on to Gaden and next to the highway once up to the chapel and on the other side back. Only my drink bottle, as well as my internal battery was drink-empty. That's why I threw in half of the blackcurrant spritzer at the Stoibermühle.So strengthened it went on. Since there was hardly any wind, it was surprisingly fast along the way, as well as back along the highway.The rest was then as usual: Eitting, travel, Niederding, Aufkirchen, Stamham.Since the legs did not strike completely, it went then over Altenerding via Itzling and Baldham to Langen Feldstraße and home.That was always a nice tour, the dangling over the hills topped the whole thing again.And if it really should rain all day tomorrow, then I'm looking forward to the rest day. Even if that costs one of my last days off, somehow I need a break. Only you do not like to plan it, as long as the weather is good ...

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      • August 28, 2019

  10. Dirk aus Altenerding went cycling.

    August 27, 2019

    71.5 mi
    15.1 mph
    3,150 ft
    3,175 ft
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    1. Dirk aus Altenerding

      That was a surprisingly beautiful tour, where you could guess a lot.It started rather lame, the first tiny little climbs were hardly to create. Only from Unterschwillach it was so slow again. So I pulled my plan through and cycled to Gars am Inn.I went to the usual route to the south, only in Unterschwillach I have ever abbreviated and am directly over Zeilern pasties and from there, with the beautiful dangling past the veterinarian, Charles village and continue via Preisendorf and Kreiling to Neuharting. So almost always ...It then went on from Oberbuch to Isen. This is already a beautiful road and in good weather you can enjoy the view in wide valleys. At the Urtlmühle I am bent again, there is then the first small challenge: The rise is beautifully located in the forest, nice curved but just a bit steep. Fortunately, that is not very long.Instead of cycling to Isen, we went through the meadows, fields and forests to Lichtenweg. This is also a beautiful route with wide views and the weather was okay. Then it bothers less that it is easy most of the time and the end properly uphill. Lichtenweg is likely to be one of the highest places in the district of Erding. No sooner are you there and happy, you realize that it goes even further uphill. But the reward follows: There is a long, rather leisurely descent with a view of a beautiful landscape and a very clear view, which unfortunately was not given today, a view of the Alps. Today, however, you only saw the outline, but you could guess what was there.In Niesberg I then turned off and it went above and parallel to the B12 weiter conditions Haag. This is also a very nice section, you only see the highway from afar and you do not hear it. But you can enjoy the landscape on low-traffic roads and it is even mostly downhill. On this way you can get to Haag very well and you can use the underpass, so you do not have to drive over the B12.In Haag, the castle alone is worth seeing, in addition to a beautiful beer garden with excellent views in wide valleys, which is simply terrific. On top of that you can enjoy nice waitresses at good prices. You just have to stop there!This time we continued past the Unertl brewery to Gars am Inn. It's amazing how quickly you come back from Haag and in a beautiful hilly landscape. The way to Gars is mostly downhill again, you can just let the bike run.Only the last part along the main road is a bit unfavorable, the route is winding with a steep slope, so confusing, but there are various wastewater connections on the road. Just letting the bike run is not a good option.Gars am Inn is a fairly small town with a beautiful monastery church. The associated cafe was unfortunately closed. Good that I had already eaten in Haag a raspberry cake (plum jam was out!).Then it went a bit along the Inn. This is already an impressive river and actually it carries more water than the Danube. In that sense, the Danube should actually be called Inn. But the Romans probably did not know that. That he looks so mortar-colored, is probably due to the fact that the melt water of the glaciers flush many rock sediments into the Inn. In the past, he must have had clear water more often ...From there it went again neat uphill, here were then almost 200 meters in one piece in blazing sun, just right for my tired legs. But leisurely you get up well and you see first and then you drive around, the beautiful rotunda church in Berg. Halfway up the hill, there is also a parking lot, here you should stop for a moment and enjoy the view, which is just terrific.Since on the further route a renewed crossing of the B12 was due, I turned right shortly thereafter through the forest to Reichertsheim. This is also a beautiful route, after the forest there is a great view. Only the subsequent descent is not optimal, it is steep and winding, because you can not just let the Radl run.But to compensate, there is a really beautiful route, through meadows and fields, with wide views, past cow meadows with ruminating cows and underpass at the B12. Then it's beautiful, but also hilly with some short but good climbs on. But the road is impeccable and apart from a few farmers, nobody seems to use the road.At the end you land at the brewery Stierberg, but there was nothing going on in the restaurant at the time, so I am then cycled on Obertaufkirchen to Schwindegg. There is the beautiful

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      • August 27, 2019

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