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  1. Edgar went for a hike.

    October 26, 2021

    7.04 mi
    3.1 mph
    800 ft
    1,325 ft
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    1. Edgar

      After the very interesting culture tour through the rooms of the Wartburg, we started through the Drachenschlucht - really great 👍- also for seniors😉, to the Rennsteig parking lot at the Hohe Sonne🌭☕
      The temptation to get on the waiting bus to Eisenach was great, but the way back through the not so well known, beautiful Landgrafenschlucht gorge !!! made the whole tour perfect! 😊

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      • October 26, 2021

  2. Edgar went for a bike ride.

    October 25, 2021

    27.0 mi
    11.2 mph
    2,100 ft
    2,075 ft
    1. Edgar

      With Komoot on good paths to the old Werra bridge and Creuzburg Castle with the Bonifatius Cross and 500-year-old linden tree. Along the Werra👍to the starting point of the Rennsteig and the first stage to the Hohe Sonne, of course with the traditional Werrastein, which will hopefully reach the Saale next year✊. For two♀️?
      Wonderful landscape, few hikers on Monday, despite great weather and the view of the Wartburg again and again😊. Obligatory breakdown, but I'm slowly becoming a "screwdriver" 😂.

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      • October 25, 2021

  3. Edgar went for a bike ride.

    August 8, 2021

    37.0 mi
    12.6 mph
    3,100 ft
    3,100 ft
    1. Gabi

      Nice tour, Edgar 👏 ... especially the rail route looks interesting ... 😃🏆

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      • August 8, 2021

  4. Edgar went for a bike ride.

    August 3, 2021

    41.2 mi
    9.1 mph
    3,925 ft
    3,950 ft
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    1. Michael von Catlenburg-Duhm

      That looks a bit scary

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      • August 3, 2021

  5. Edgar and Gabi went for a bike ride.

    July 27, 2021

    44.5 mi
    10.8 mph
    2,400 ft
    2,525 ft
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    1. Edgar

      .... was awakened here in Komoot reports. The journey from Hann-Münden along the Weser - with a pleasure break in the beer garden 🍵 "To the ferry" in Hemeln - went to the Bursfelde monastery🕍. A place that impresses both inside and out.
      In the Niemetal - the goal - it went uphill on different paths. A repetition, then downhill and primarily on trails👍 is planned🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

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      • July 27, 2021

  6. Edgar and Gabi went for a bike ride.

    July 21, 2021

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    1. Edgar

      From the first stamping point Glockensteine it was mainly on the karst hiking trail first to the Reesbergdoline with the reopened Heimkehle cave and the Bauerngraben (Peridischer See) to the beautiful viewpoints Queste and HWN 210. And then from the Moltkewarte to the Rosarium. The navigation of the stamp locations was faulty again at Komoot.

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      • July 23, 2021

  7. Edgar went for a bike ride.

    July 18, 2021

    32.4 mi
    14.1 mph
    1,650 ft
    1,650 ft
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  8. Edgar went for a bike ride.

    July 12, 2021

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    1. Michael von Catlenburg-Duhm

      I'll be there in a fortnight. Hopefully it will be that empty then too.

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      • July 13, 2021

  9. Edgar went for a bike ride.

    July 2, 2021

    13.9 mi
    6.1 mph
    650 ft
    675 ft
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    1. Edgar

      ..... came about through texts, words, pictures and ultimately Nina Hagen's catchy tune ""You forgot the color film ....". This is how it started from Stralsund 🛳:
      With the withdrawal women's bike, Komoot was both started too late and only ended on the ship back🤣. In between it was forbidden to cycle up the thorn bush, every now and then to the stormy beach, through the three places with handicrafts and a lot of day trippers😉. The well-known sea buckthorn ice cream was delicious, but the previous magic of the island faded a bit

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      • July 8, 2021

  10. Edgar and Hansbamsel went for a bike ride.

    June 26, 2021

    38.9 mi
    9.5 mph
    3,475 ft
    3,450 ft
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    1. Edgar

      A second lap also has a special charm, there are of course many memories of the first lap without a built-in tailwind😉 and a return trip with the steam locomotive🚂.
      This time it was also possible to make up for a visit to the train station restaurant👍🍵 in Günthersberge and a bath🏊‍♂️ in the pear tree pond. The stamp locations are still diverse and all appealing in their own way👌

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      • June 26, 2021

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