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Komoot Community Managerin DACH Wandern - ihr erreicht mich über saskia@komoot.deEgal ob wandern oder mountainbiken, Hauptsache draußen sein! Ich bin meistens im Schwarzwald unterwegs, gerne aber auch mal auf Wochenend-Trips in der Schweiz.Ich LIEBE Herausforderungen - physisch und mental. Sei es ein 250km Kanurennen in Michigan, eine 86km Wanderung um den Edersee, ein 3-Tages-Orientierungslauf oder wie zuletzt ein EVERESTing (8848 Höhenmeter Aufstieg) am Freiburger Hausberg Schauinsland. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie viel mehr der Körper schafft, als man ursprünglich für möglich gehalten hat. Diese Grenzen auszutesten, vielleicht auch zu verschieben, das ist meine große Leidenschaft!

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  1. Saskia went for a hike.

    about 21 hours ago

    11.2 mi
    3.2 mph
    2,775 ft
    2,750 ft
    1. Saskia

      For a change, I didn't ride my bike today, but on foot and went on an extensive Schauinsland hike. I went up along my Everesting route from last year. It was the first time I've been up there since then and I have to admit that I caught myself thinking several times "And I ran up Twelve times in a row! ??"At the top there were still the last remnants of snow and the 360 degree view from the tower also showed where even larger snow fields are. It actually still looks relatively white on the Feldberg.It then went down more or less by feeling and with a few spontaneous inspirations ;-) At one point the sign pointed to the right, but the path was in the shade and I was pretty cold anyway (yes, I know, it is still February...). So I turned left without further ado and walked over a beautiful, open and sunny (but windy) path to Horben.The way back was quite a bit of asphalt road and a wide forest path, but in that case I would rather be in the sun than on beautiful but shady paths in the forest. And when I met some racing cyclists and mountain bikers on the way back, I would have liked to have had my bike. Well, tomorrow again ;-)

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      • about 20 hours ago

  2. Saskia and Mount7 went on a Tour.

    2 days ago

    16.7 mi
    7.3 mph
    2,825 ft
    2,875 ft
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    1. Saskia

      Note to myself: get up early and go out more often. It's always worth it and everything feels much better afterwards!This morning we left the youth hostel at 8 a.m. and went up to the Rosskopf. As an exception, I even went up to the tower today (I rarely do it when I'm on my bike) and the view was terrific! I love it when you see the silhouettes of the mountains and there is very light mist or fog in the valleys. Once again one of those moments when I wish I had my real camera with me and not just my smartphone ...Then we went down over the borderline and had a blueberry muffin and freshly squeezed juice for breakfast at the biosk. At the weekend you don't need to go there at the moment, because all hell is going on, but in the morning shortly after 9 it is almost empty :)Then Hans had to go to work - after all, bike shops are currently very busy. So I drove a leisurely lap on the Kybfelsen and down the Canadian. It was nice!I'll be completely honest: on the weekend, it's often just too busy for me. I think it's cool that so many people now ride mountain bikes and are out and about in the forest, and I'm always really happy when I happen to meet friends while biking. But I just prefer it a lot in the morning during the week - when you're mostly alone and can really enjoy the forest, the view and the trails.

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      • 2 days ago

  3. Saskia and Hans-Joachim went mountain biking.

    7 days ago

    24.3 mi
    6.5 mph
    5,025 ft
    3,900 ft
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    1. Saskia

      Today a Freiburg four-way: down to the Rosskopf and the Baden to the Bone. Then up again on the Rosskopf and down the borderline. Then a short break with Snickers ice cream and Spezi and with new energy on the Kybfelsen. From there down over the Canadian and to the final over towards Horben and up to the Luisenhöhe. In the meantime our legs were already a bit tired and it was a little struggle all the way to the top 😉 We didn’t, but unfortunately lost the recording, but we’re still on the Hexentrail down to Merzhausen. And then we earned a kebab and the sofa 😂

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      • 7 days ago

  4. Saskia and Hans-Joachim went mountain biking.

    February 20, 2021

    22.1 mi
    8.5 mph
    2,900 ft
    2,825 ft
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    1. Saskia

      That's a crazy temperature difference compared to last week, when I was still walking up the Schönberg at -12 ° C! Today, a long-sleeved shirt and shorts were sufficient instead of a down jacket, winter gloves and gaiters.First we are up to Luisenhöhe and from there over the Hexentrail down to Merzhausen. Then to Herdern and on the reverse on the Rosskopf. Then back down the traditional way over the borderline. The trail conditions are just fantastic! Lots of grip, no puddles (a bit muddy in places), just really good!

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      • February 20, 2021

  5. Saskia and Strade komoot planned a gravel ride.

    February 17, 2021

    60.2 mi
    6.7 mph
    8,250 ft
    8,275 ft
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    1. Saskia

      Instead of riding the Strade Bianche, we decided to all plan our individual routes and do our own Strade komoot! The idea is to do the same distance as Strade Bianche, include as much gravel as possible and also include a very steep climb of at least 10-15%. I went for the short distance of 96km and planned a scenic route through the Black Forest. There is quite a bit of elevation and some steep climbs so let's see how that will go!

      • February 17, 2021

  6. Saskia went for a hike.

    February 16, 2021

    5.97 mi
    3.0 mph
    1,275 ft
    1,200 ft
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    1. Saskia

      Today after work there was a little round towards Kybfelsen. However, we are not very high because it was getting dark and we had no headlamps with us. I have been on the Kybfelsen 50 times, but today we actually walked a couple of paths uphill that I didn't know yet. It's really crazy how many different paths there are in the Freiburg city forest!

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      • February 16, 2021

  7. Saskia and Hans-Joachim went on a Tour.

    February 14, 2021

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    1. Saskia

      The actual plan today was to climb the Belchen from Neuenweg. At the parking lot it looked like very little snow and two ski tourers who had just returned confirmed that there wasn't much snow left. No wonder, the slope was south and three weeks ago almost all of the snow melted away.So we spontaneously changed our plan and drove to the Belchentalstatiom and climbed from there via the north-western side. There was a lot more snow there.At the top of the summit plateau, it was a mixture of ice and frozen old snow, which it recently rained into, and drifting snow from the fresh snow from a few days ago. Both are not necessarily nice to drive. Well, anyway - the view from the Belchen was magnificent as always! And the subsequent descent was actually better than I expected. Let's see if this was the last ski tour of the year or if there is a little more snow ;-)

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      • February 14, 2021

  8. Saskia went for a hike.

    February 12, 2021

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    1. Saskia

      With such icy temperatures it actually takes a bit of effort to go out of the house and take a walk or a little hike! But once you're on the road, it's really nice. In the shade it was probably much colder than minus 12 degrees, but I could sit on the summit in the sun for 10 minutes and enjoy the view. Freiburg is really a paradise, after a 10 minute bike ride you are out of the city and can go on beautiful hikes like this one!

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      • February 12, 2021

  9. Saskia went for a hike.

    February 11, 2021

    6.93 mi
    3.1 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,525 ft
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    1. Saskia

      With the nice weather today, I just had to go out in the afternoon! So I rode my bike towards the Rosskopf and then hiked up. The actual plan was to be at the top of the tower by sunset, but I was way too early. Despite a dangling over the stretching area, through which I sneaked up to the Rosskopf Tower from behind, I was still far too early. Well the view was nice anyway! On the way down, the light was actually really golden. When I got down there it was almost dark and on the way home it was so incredibly cold that my fingers almost froze off. Now warm up again first!

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      • February 11, 2021

  10. Saskia and Hans-Joachim went on a Tour.

    February 6, 2021

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    1. Saskia

      Unfortunately all the snow of the last few weeks has melted away - that means there was no ski tour today for a change. Instead we let the bikes out into the fresh air and rode a Canadian and a half borderline 😊 the atmosphere in the forest was mystical with all the fog! And actually you can see a bit of the current Saharan dust in the air here today, everything seemed somehow orange (you can also see it a bit in the pictures).

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      • February 6, 2021

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