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"Nur wo Du zu Fuß warst, bist Du auch wirklich gewesen." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)Ich bin en richtiges kölsches Mädche (geboren und wohnhaft in Köln). Wann immer es meine Zeit erlaubt, zieht es mich in die Natur zum Wandern oder Fahrradfahren. Für mich ist es ein hervorragender Ausgleich zur Arbeit, Alltag und Stadtleben. Meine Wanderungen finden überwiegend im Umland von Köln statt, wie z.B. das Bergische Land oder die Eifel. Sobald ich Urlaub habe, geht es oft in die Berge, wie z.B. nach Südtirol. Begleitet werde ich meistens von meinem Mann und meinem Sohn. Wer Lust und Interesse hat, kann sich gerne meine eigenen Collections anschauen. Dort sind meine Touren nach Regionen zusammengefasst.Ich freue mich aber auch sehr über deine Anregungen und Fragen zu meinen Touren:

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  1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️ went for a hike.

    7 days ago

    9.92 mi
    3.5 mph
    1,350 ft
    1,300 ft
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    1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

      A wonderful hike in the Eifel National Park. We really liked the landscape, the forest paths and the sights along the way. On our tour we hiked through wool soaps, history was made here. After the end of World War II, the 550 residents of the village were requested by the British occupation in August 1946 to evacuate their village within three weeks, as a puppet training area was to be set up here. The village was completely destroyed by the military. From Wollseifen it went downhill to the imposing Urft dam and then it went back to Einruhr along the banks of the Obersee. We can definitely recommend the round.

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      • 7 days ago

  2. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️ went for a hike.

    April 28, 2021

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    1. S. M.

      Wow, great photos 👏 What do you take photos with?

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      • April 28, 2021

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  4. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️ went for a hike.

    April 25, 2021

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    1. Nicole Z. Köln

      So beautiful 🥰

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      • April 25, 2021

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    1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

      The starting point of today's tour was the Hornbachtal hiking car park in Bad Münstereifel. We really enjoyed the hike, as it was very scenic and also had a few sights. We can recommend the tour for those seeking peace and quiet (no car noise, no human soul), nature lovers and those interested in history. We love such rounds because we live in a big city and are always happy to be in nature.

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      • April 24, 2021

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    1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

      Today's tour really impressed us. The first half of the tour took us along part of the red wine hiking trail along the vineyards. On this very sunny section you always had wonderful views of the vineyards, castles and villages along the Ahr. From the village of Rech it went uphill for about 300 m through the forest to Schrock and Teufelsley. This section is part of the Ahrsteig, which we really liked, because this path had partly alpine flair. These are paths exactly to our taste. For us it was a successful day of hiking that also challenged us.

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      • April 17, 2021

  7. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️ went for a hike.

    April 9, 2021

    9.54 mi
    3.2 mph
    1,075 ft
    1,000 ft
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    1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

      The starting point for today's tour was the Mühlensee car park in Kommern. The round was very varied with some sights. First it went up to the summit cross Griesberg, also known as Altusknipp, and on through the mill park and then past the summer toboggan run. From here we hiked on to the village of Hostel with its old half-timbered houses and on through the Eickser Busch to the Marienkapelle. Then we reached the moated castle Eicks, shortly afterwards we passed the Eickser Mühle, from where we passed through the idyllic Rotbachtal. On the way back we passed the Rheinisches Freilichtmuseum Kommern. Unfortunately, we had to take a little detour here, as a hiking trail that was previously open to the public is now closed. In our eyes, incomprehensible, as this path goes through the forest and you would not disturb anyone. We enjoyed this round very much and we can definitely recommend it.

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      • April 9, 2021

  8. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️ went for a hike.

    April 8, 2021

    9.43 mi
    3.3 mph
    750 ft
    700 ft
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    1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

      Today our tour started in the beautiful Unkel in the Neuwied district in the north of Rhineland-Palatinate. We really enjoyed the tour, as there was a lot to marvel at, such as the view from the Erpeler Ley, a basalt rock on the Rhine near Erpel and the various small towns such as Kasbach, Erpel and Unkel. Here you can marvel at the beautiful old half-timbered houses.

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      • April 8, 2021

  9. Büchi (Jan) 🤠 and 51 others planned a hike.

    April 5, 2021

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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      Dear hiking friends,The 5th relay hike on my part will take place over Whitsun 2021. The principle of walking in a few days has proven its worth in the Eifel.This time even the biggest (❗) komoot relay hike to date, whereby the challenge is that in the end all stages have been walked and we may have hiked over 1000 km together.You can choose a route and walk it between May 22nd and May 24th.This event should involve participants from all over North Rhine-Westphalia and the neighboring countries.-----The following principles apply:
      - The start and end points must be identical, the route may differ (I planned some routes more precisely, others only slightly guided 😉)
      - It doesn't matter in which direction (A-B, B-A) you run
      - Your komoot profile must not be "private" because every tour should be public
      - mark me at the end of the tour so that I can add to the collection
      - To make it easier for me to sort the collection into the correct order, it would be great if you had the stage number at the front of the tour (you can of course change that afterwards)
      To assign the stages, I created 4 doodle surveys (roughly sorted according to the cardinal points):
      North Rhine-Westphalia: doodle.com/poll/bdumfkku4mx32a5f
      NRW East: doodle.com/poll/qac49kxwnxukurnb
      NRW South: doodle.com/poll/qwrsbvqftmxwqggq
      NRW West: doodle.com/poll/m2qfiiryynis4nqa
      Just enter your name under which you are active at komoot. Just choose your desired stage, if it is still free.
      Should you still not be able to walk your set route, send me an email at der.buechi.komoot@gmail.com so that I can release the tour for other interested parties.---The corresponding collection:komoot.de/collection/1122809/-virtuelle-komoot-staffelwanderung-1000-km-durch-nrw-pfingsten-2021

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      • April 5, 2021

  10. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️ went for a hike.

    April 4, 2021

    9.91 mi
    3.3 mph
    250 ft
    175 ft
    1. Claudia 🚶🏼‍♀️🚴‍♀️

      After some time today we took another tour from the book "Zo Foss through Kölle jonn". We started at the stop "Buchheim Herler Straße" and the end point of the tour is the stop "Odenthaler Straße" in Dünnwald. We were amazed how many corners of Cologne we have not yet seen. On this tour everything was there - nature, listed buildings, churches, streams, wildlife park, lake, military facilities, old mills, castles and also prefabricated housing estates. The book gave us a lot of useful information about the sights along the way. We found the path extremely interesting and can definitely recommend it.I wish everyone a happy Easter.

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      • April 4, 2021

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