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    1. Siegfried LG

      The tour led into the march, west and east of the B209. It led over the Ilmenau cycle path to the Aalkrug and then north via Horburg, Bütlingen to Avendorf. Along the Elbe to Sassendorf, then via Hittbergen, Lüdersburg, Rullstorf to Ebensberg. Through the green back to Lüneburg.Comment on the tour:
      Except for a few small exceptions, the tour is good to drive, to later.
      In St. Dionys, a bar called "Café Balagan" reopened in August 2018 and is more than just a café. See the following link:
      Geese can be seen here in flight. You can see Gray and Canada geese in the meadows, they are often together and conquer, for example, the Alster meadows in Hamburg. Barnacle geese stay in the Elbaue between Brackede and Heisterbusch at this time of the year. The Nile geese are mostly where the others are not, I saw them 2 years ago at the ferry dock at Bleckede, on a sheltered island.In Rullstorf, instead of entering the "Nutzfelder Weg", I enter the "Sülbeckerweg", this is the worse way to Nutzfelde. The Nutzfelder Weg can also be recognized by the sign "Historische Landwehr".Between Neu Lentenau and Elbe-Seitenkanal, harvesters have spoiled a section pretty well.That's it, it was a sunny day and it was fun to drive around in the march 4h.

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    1. Siegfried LG

      The tour went over the Kalkberg in the Weststadt to Jägerteich. High to the Volgershall location of the University of Leuphania, then along the L126 (in front of the New Gates) back to the site of the former Michaelis Cloister, now the seat of the administration of the district of Lüneburg. It was not far from home.South of the L216 you can still find some unpaved roads and paths. I find very strange and quaint. 😀Finding early bloomers in the middle of February was already tedious, but the winterlings on Kalkberg did not disappoint me. I discovered this location last year. I found a second on the site of the former Michaelis Monastery.

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    1. Siegfried LG

      Today, big-city metropolis feeling was announced. These include full trains with delays and a crowded central station. Overall, I was traveling about 14 km, the ways to and from Lüneburg station I have not recorded.The tour begins at Altona Station and ends at Dockland. Between St. Pauli Landungsbrücken and the fish auction hall I drove with the harbor ferry 62.(Everything else later)The station Altona from 1898 was unfortunately demolished in 1974, allegedly because of static reasons. The new building was financed by a department store chain, which is no longer in it. The whole can be read at Wiki:
      The tour went behind on the Republic Square to Altonaer balcony. Turn left to St. Petri Church Altona (
      Turn right to Christianskirche with the Klopstock tombs. The Altona town hall is a thing in itself and you can read it for example. here:
      From the Altonaer balcony you have a wonderful view over the harbor and continued on the Palmaille up to the Königsstrasse, the excursion to the Mörkenstrasse you can give yourself. Back to the harbor we passed St. Trinitatis on the fish market and then again high to the Reeperbahn.
      It went over the Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse, Baldiunstrasse, Erichstraße and Gerhardtstrasse to Hans-Albers-Platz. Herbertstrasse is a barricaded crossroads to Davidstrasse. You can follow this route and it is not as freely accessible as the corresponding district in Amsterdam. Why only men over 18, and no women should go by, I'm not very clear.On Spielbudenplatz, one theater after another joins the Dabvidswache. The St. Pauli Theater, Schmidt's Tivoli, the Schmidt Theater and the Stage Oprettenhaus at the end, here once the musical "Cats" was played.

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    1. Siegfried LG

      This tour should actually be 8-10 km longer, with an eight in the NSG IImenauaue. I stopped because suddenly rain came up. Then I did not feel like it anymore and then ran back to the spa park. (I'll catch up to the 8️⃣)Worth knowing about the route: (Gradually)
      The tour starts from our front door via the "Untere Ohlingerstrasse" to the "Grapengießer". A house on this way is finally finished after 2 years of construction. It had a fire damage in the attic. Due to the smoke and extinguishing water, the house became uninhabitable. About the Schägertwiete it went to Heiligengeiststrasse. The name "Schlägertwiete" does not come from brawling, but from the noise made by the metal workers in this street.
      At the corner of "Ludwigstrasse" stands a memorial stone commemorating St. Ursula's Night 1371. An enormously important event for the further development of the city. "Civic pride breaks princely arbitrariness". If you want to get the whole story for the "Lüneburg War of Success", you can read it here:üneburger_Erbfolgekrieg
      Then it went straight down the Knights Street, with a short visit to the Trakehner "Hessenstein". The "Ostpreußische Landesmuseum" can also be reached from the Ritterstrasse. Along the Haagestrasse, with a pretty built-up cityscape, to Ilmenau. I stayed west of Ilmenau and passed "Schröder's Garden". Then I kept to the left and did not follow the Radhinweiser, but instead walked along the western side of the Ilmenau.

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    1. Siegfried LG

      Here I once again something recorded, my shopping in the Old Town Lüneburg I do without Komoot, that would be boring in the long run.This tour leads from my front door around the Kreidebergsee. Atypical is the last course, because wanted to get to the gas station for something statistically life shortened, but there are also statistical outliers, see Helmut Schmidt (☕️ + ...).I used two cameras, the Sony as an all-rounder camera and the Nikon with a smaller telephoto zoom. The pictures of Sony were developed with "Capture One 11" and the Nikon with "RAW-Power" and "Luminar 2018". All animal pictures were taken with the Nikon.Today I realized once again living in Lüneburg is actually great. We actually have everything a big city needs, but we are not yet. We have a chic old town, with three old rather large churches. A town hall where you can see what has been built over the centuries. A university, a large cinema and a program cinema (the Scala), theater, cabaret and jazz in the Kulturforum, a large music school, one of the highest concentration of pubs and restaurants per population in Germany. And if you can not go to New York to the Metropolitan Opera, you go to the cinema and the performance is broadcast live. "Scenic we only lack the mountains, three about 400 m high would be enough, a larger lake and the sea. But that would be too perfect, only in New Zealand, spread over two islands. 🤡🙋♂️🤣

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      • 03/02/2019

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    1. Siegfried LG

      Today it was dry, -4 ° C, no wind and sun! 😎A short familiar house tour in the southwest to get back to slow speed. I took the pictures to make the tour a bit more colorful.All a happy and exciting year 2019!

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      • 03/01/2019

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    1. Siegfried LG

      During Advent and Christmas, the city is in a special light. Only in this time the churches and the town hall are particularly illuminated. The time I have chosen so that I was out of the crowds on the way. The Christmas markets close at 20:00 on weekdays. There are three, the largest on the market and two small ones, the Johanneskirche and the old crane. The Christmas markets were not my goal, I was quite right that they were closed. They do not differ much from other cities.The tour starts in the western part of the city and leads counterclockwise to the sand, then back to the stint and the marketplace.Photos were taken with open aperture (1,4) and tripod. The lens is bright but has no stabilizer. It's not easy to capture the mood as you see it with your eyes. It takes a little practice. I have included three accidents because they gave surprising color games.

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      • 13/12/2018

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    1. Siegfried LG

      Heute war ein grauer 6. Dezember. Eigentlich nichts zum Fotografieren, aber ich hatte trotzdem etwas vor. Zum 1. die Graffitis vom Zaun des abgerissenen Hauses in der Egersdorffstrasse (Senkungsschaden). Die Bilder sind nach Fotografien aus der Vergangenheit entstanden und zeigen Ansichten aus der Vergangenheit und Heute. Schade, das alte Postamt war schon eindrucksvoll, leider auch durch die Senkung verschwunden. Das Gebäude des Immobilienmaklers "Sallier" schließt zwar die Lücke, aber ein guter Ersatz ist es nicht.Da es ein Trüber Tag war, konnte ich beruhigst ins Museum gehen. Der Weihnachtsmarkt am Markt unterscheidet sich nicht von denen in anderen Städten. Sie sind in der Struktur gleich, auch die Buden sehen in etwa gleich aus.Das ostpreußisches Landesmuseum ist nach dreijähriger Umbauphase im August 2018 wieder eröffnet worden. Das kannte ich noch nicht. Das es so ein Museum hier gibt, liegt wohl an der Nachkriegsgeschichte. Zeitweise waren in Region Lüneburg so viele Ostpreußen, das von "Klein-Ostpreußen" in der Heide gesprochen wurde. Das Schicksal der Trakehner war auch Thema diverser Nachkriegsspielfilme in Deutschland.Das Museum ist gut strukturiert, nicht so groß und man kann sich 2-3 h gut beschäftigen. Es bringt einem die Geschichte nahe, die durch den "Deutschen Orden" und die Hanse ihren Anfang nahmen und mit dem II. Weltkrieg für uns beendet wurde. Dazu gekommen sind Ausstellungsstücke der Deutsch-Baltischen-Gesellschaft. Das erinnert einen daran das es in den baltischen Republiken eine deutsche Minderheit gegeben hat. Vorne an der Heiligengeiststraße liegt das dazugehörige Café Bernstein und im Sommer kann auch im Innenhof draußen sitzen. Das Brauereimuseum liegt genau nebenan und man kann es über den gleichen Eingang besuchen.Infos zum Museum.ßisches_Landesmuseum
      Die Zacken in der Tour entstanden durch GPS-Fehler und die Bilder im Museum sind dem Zufallsgenerator unterworfen. Sorry, läßt sich nicht anders machen ohne in Wahnsinn zu verfallen.

      • 06/12/2018

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    1. Siegfried LG

      The historic or medieval Christmas market in Lüneburg always takes place on the 1st of December weekend. Sometimes it is the first Advent sometimes also the second Advent. Always at the feet of St. Michaelis at Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz.The main access roads are the streets "On the Sea" and "On the Old Town"The weather was typical for December, 8 ° C and rain. The other Christmas markets are open since Wednesday until Christmas.

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      • 02/12/2018

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    1. Siegfried LG

      Small tour in the city north and south of Mönckebergstrasse. I have not walked these streets for a long time and you will also find something worthwhile here, especially in Ferdinandstrasse. But much in this part is scaffolded and hung, especially in the street "Raboisen".The goal was finally to find the Africa House. Located in the "Große Reichenstrasse 27" and is witness to the construction of new office buildings in the 19th century. The old was demolished and modern then set there without reference to the old role models. Builders were Adolph and Eduard Woermann. Adolph Woermann was an advocate of German colonialism and culminated in the genocide of the Herero and Nama.To Adolph Woermann:
      On the genocide of the Herero and Nama:ölkermord_an_den_Herero_und_Nama
      The way back went over the "Kleine Reichenstreasse" and at the end I am still in the entrance of the Montanhof, because I still lacked the entrance with the ship's bell.

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      • 26/11/2018

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Wohnort die Hansestadt Lüneburg im alten Handwerkerviertel, deshalb viele Touren in der Lüneburger Region. Bei meinen Touren in der Region versuche ich die Besonderheiten zu finden und hoffentlich auch ansprechend zu präsentieren.Meistens will ich auch nur auf's Land fahren, neue Wege entdecken. Spaß auf Wegen haben, die man mit dem Auto nicht fährt. Übersehendes neu entdecken.Vieles kann man besser zu Fuß erkunden, wie zum Beispiel Lüneburg. Manches hab ich herausgefunden und versucht die Erkenntnisse weiter zu geben.

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