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      "The fire in the Heiligengeiststift had broken out in the top floor of the listed building on Friday afternoon when the fire brigade, rescue workers and police were present with more than 150 city and district forces." All residents were temporarily released from the building with only minor injuries in the "Wohnpark An der Saline" or with friends and relatives. " (04.12.2019) enter-werden.aspxThanks to the forces who have prevented even worse. There were only slightly injured and all residents could be saved. Fortunately, the school was not affected, except for a staff room.The tourists will not notice the fire damage, unless they go to the Knights Street. This is currently closed in this section.

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    2 days ago

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      A part of the administrative district Lüneburg lies on the other side of the Elbe, the office Neuhaus. In the district Lüneburg 1932 -1945, afterwards to the circle Hagenow and from April 1993 back to the district Lüneburg. Historically, the Old Amt Neuhaus is connected to the Kingdom of are bridges over the Elbe near Lauenburg and Dömitz. In between two ferries, if they do not drive, people have a problem. They can not get over without taking a giant detour. Recently, the ferry Tanja in Neu Darchau fell out and the ferry Amt Neuhaus in Bleckede had a drive and hydraulic damage in early April and fell out at short notice. Students who go to school in Scharnebek have to take a big detour. There is no replacement ferry. In conversation is a new bridge at Neu Darchau, but there are opinions divided.Main axis through the office Neuhaus is the B195 from Boitzenburg to Dömitz. Above the main road lies the Carrenziener Heide and below the flat land is characterized by meadows, drained by ditches. Worth seeing are the half-timbered churches. My favorites were the churches in Kaarßen and tour started today at the ferry pier Bleckede and ended there, in between was the office Neuhaus.
      First along the Elbe to Stiepelse, then to Krusendorf and from there towards B195. Along this main road via Neuhaus to Tripkau. From there again direction Elbe and along the Elbfernwanderweg back to Neu Bleckede.
      Technically no problem, a part I had to drive on the road, but was no problem. At the B195 there is a bike path, but not within the villages. There is none.

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    4 days ago

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    300 ft
    1. Siegfried LG

      The tour went today to the northwest in the march on movers to dogs, then on the old Kleientnahmestellen after Krümse. There is a stork's nest on an older farm. Back it went again Lüneburg. Who goes into the march can take as well as all economic ways. The only problem is the transverse trenches, direction Elbe. You have to look at the transitions on the map.The surprise of the day was that the cranes won 4: 2 against the storks. This is new in the march and the quad of the cranes was also spotted by others. I discovered them at present ponds of the former Kleientnahme (is used for dike construction). This is a somewhat shielded breeding area, but has no reference to nature reserve. Responsible is the district of Harburg. One pair seemed to be interested in the terrain, perhaps in breeding. While the other couple were separated, one was south of the ponds with the swans, the other north. Maybe there was a quarrel, should happen, and then kept a little distance. 😉
      The stork's nest in Krümse was occupied, but only by the male. The female is expected and has not been spotted. She is also expected by two little girls whom the father pulled away in a cart.
      Not photographed was a sea eagle that flew very high and a .:
      The highlights are probably not until tomorrow, there is probably congestion at Komoot.

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    6 days ago

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    1. Siegfried LG

      The title of this tour is a bit arbitrary, but hey, the Easter week has begun. That was a rather short trip and also served for training. This time I rated it as a mountain bike tour, because my bike is quite close to mountain bikes and parts of the Landwehr are quite mountain bike worthy. I took over the highlights, they do not come from me in the form.The tour was not planned, but drove roughly to local knowledge, which I knew from earlier. Shortly before Bardowick, I actually discovered a hare that could be photographed at about 50 m distance actually.I do not describe the tour like this, but it is also possible to drive on a normal bicycle. And has wonderful sections. If you want to know exactly, follow the route on the map.

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    1. Siegfried LG

      In principle, everything is known. Actually, I wanted to ride a bike, but it only took a little longer walk.

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      • 09/04/2019

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    1. Siegfried LG

      The sunniest and warmest day of this week and it was time to swing the ar .... on the bike. This tour is a combination of Ilmenauaue, Hasenburger Bachtal and "Südwestlicher Runde". 'is well known. The Ilmenauaue and the Hasenburger Bachtal are among the most beautiful recreational areas in Lüneburg.Spring is clearly heard in the chirping of birds and the hammering of woodpeckers. The toads drift under water and the Canada geese roam around the area. The color tender green and in the early bloomers of shrubs and trees white, yellow and pink. It is most colorful in the gardens.There was something new to discover, and indeed the "Handwerkerbrücke" over the Hasenburger Bach, near the Ilmenau. It is something special and was created purely by hand and traditional craftsmanship. The project was funded by the Lüneburg association "Kesurokai e.V." developed and carried out in 2018. The Japanese word "Kesurokai" means "planing together". The idea and movement originated in Japan to preserve traditional handicrafts. In Waldhof Böhmsholz, the individual parts were created with the help of carpenters and carpenters from various countries.In addition three links:

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      • 29/03/2019

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    1. Siegfried LG

      At the moment maybe a little listless, but today I put my shopping trip a little differently and took the camera again.From the city wall is still the Bardowicker wall, from the gates and towers none more. The highest tower was the Springintgut Tower. The exact height is not known, but from estimates from old pictures he was up to 42 - 45 m high, the hood was about 28 - 30 m high. This resulted in a total height of 70 - 75 m. The hood had four platforms, from which one could look far into the country and into the castle ruin on the Kalkberg. For comparison, the water tower has a height of 54.66 m. In 1562 the lightning struck and the hood burned for two days and fortunately for Lüneburg not the approximately 28 tons of gunpowder stored in the tower were ignited! After that, the tower got a smaller hood.1637, the relative independence of Lüneburg was over, it fell back to the Principality of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The tower was demolished in 1651 to the height of the Graalwalles and demolished in 1791 with leveling of the Graalwalles. Today, the road runs along the Graalwall and the location of the tower reveals the round pavement in front of the Knights Academy. In 1959, the foundations were found during canal works.The Michaelis Monastery was dissolved after the Reformation and it was initially a male pen. In 1655 it became the "Knights' Academy" and the present old buildings date back to 1716. Today this name is given to the former riding hall and is reserved for "events".Knights' academies were educational institutions for the sons of noble families in the early modern period. They originated in the German-speaking area after Western European models since the end of the 16th century. Thus, among other things, several Knights' academies were founded, in which from the beginning of the 18th century increasingly were also approved citizen sons. (Https://

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      • 19/03/2019

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    1. Siegfried LG

      This is a lingering from last year tour from Lüneburg on Lauenburg to Boizenburg and Bleckede back.There are several variants to drive to Lauenburg. The shortest is right along the B209. The route I usually choose goes past the monastery Lüne through Lüner wood to Adendorf, then direction Erbstorf to the boat lift. Today a variant over Adendorf-East.From the boat lift to Fischhausen, from there over to Echem. You pass the Agricultural Education Center Echem, a large facility for livestock.
      After Echem it goes up to Hohnstorf.
      Lauenburg is in sight and today went up to the B5 and then towards Boizenburg. In the direction of Boizenburg lies the Palmschleuse, the oldest chamber lock in Central Europe. It's worth taking a look.the tour goes on the bike path along the B5 up to the Geest hill. When you reach the top, you will pass the open-air exhibition "EinFlussReich", where you can drive to the lookout tower with a wonderful view over the Elbe. Down it's pretty fast to Boizenburg. I'm driving through the harbor and the "willow slug". The central point is the market square with town hall and town church. Today was Marktag, the Bratwurststand was just closed, there was first brattwurst sausage at half price (1 €). As a free addition came a second sausage and a cup of coffee! I've never experienced that in Lüneburg. Was very nice and very entertaining, talks inevitably came.
      From Boizenburg it went on the Elbe cycle path towards Bleckede and over again by ferry. After Lüneburg we went over Bleckeder Moor, Rosenthal, Bockelkathen and Scharnebek.

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      • 27/02/2019

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    1. Siegfried LG

      The tour led into the march, west and east of the B209. It led over the Ilmenau cycle path to the Aalkrug and then north via Horburg, Bütlingen to Avendorf. Along the Elbe to Sassendorf, then via Hittbergen, Lüdersburg, Rullstorf to Ebensberg. Through the green back to Lüneburg.Comment on the tour:
      Except for a few small exceptions, the tour is good to drive, to later.
      In St. Dionys, a bar called "Café Balagan" reopened in August 2018 and is more than just a café. See the following link:
      Geese can be seen here in flight. You can see Gray and Canada geese in the meadows, they are often together and conquer, for example, the Alster meadows in Hamburg. Barnacle geese stay in the Elbaue between Brackede and Heisterbusch at this time of the year. The Nile geese are mostly where the others are not, I saw them 2 years ago at the ferry dock at Bleckede, on a sheltered island.In Rullstorf, instead of entering the "Nutzfelder Weg", I enter the "Sülbeckerweg", this is the worse way to Nutzfelde. The Nutzfelder Weg can also be recognized by the sign "Historische Landwehr".Between Neu Lentenau and Elbe-Seitenkanal, harvesters have spoiled a section pretty well.That's it, it was a sunny day and it was fun to drive around in the march 4h.

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      • 18/02/2019

  10. Siegfried LG went hiking.


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      The tour went over the Kalkberg in the Weststadt to Jägerteich. High to the Volgershall location of the University of Leuphania, then along the L126 (in front of the New Gates) back to the site of the former Michaelis Cloister, now the seat of the administration of the district of Lüneburg. It was not far from home.South of the L216 you can still find some unpaved roads and paths. I find very strange and quaint. 😀Finding early bloomers in the middle of February was already tedious, but the winterlings on Kalkberg did not disappoint me. I discovered this location last year. I found a second on the site of the former Michaelis Monastery.

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      • 17/02/2019

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Wohnort die Hansestadt Lüneburg im alten Handwerkerviertel, deshalb viele Touren in der Lüneburger Region. Bei meinen Touren in der Region versuche ich die Besonderheiten zu finden und hoffentlich auch ansprechend zu präsentieren.Meistens will ich auch nur auf's Land fahren, neue Wege entdecken. Spaß auf Wegen haben, die man mit dem Auto nicht fährt. Übersehendes neu entdecken.Vieles kann man besser zu Fuß erkunden, wie zum Beispiel Lüneburg. Manches hab ich herausgefunden und versucht die Erkenntnisse weiter zu geben.

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