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  1. Dieter went for a bike ride.

    2 days ago

    1. Xray2307

      Nice tour and the little thing in between, you have earned. Happy weekend 😘😍👍

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Dieter planned a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    19.1 mi
    10.8 mph
    225 ft
    225 ft
  3. Dieter went hiking.


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    1. Sabine N

      Much around! Good way home.

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      • 06/15/2019

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    1. Xray2307

      Very nice Dieter, the lifebuoy is so strong, whether that's still useful 🤨

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      • 06/14/2019

  5. SiSa🍀 and Dieter planned a hike.


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    1. Volkmar Blase

      That would be a suggestion for a combo meeting. Arrival could on 3.10. his. Overnight in Torgau and possibly in Kemberg or Wittenberg, everyone must organize themselves. Please invite more Komootler with

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      • 06/13/2019

  7. Dieter went hiking.


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    1. Dorothea

      Was it so hot again today?

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      • 06/13/2019

    1. Dieter

      Two findings have solidified with me today:
      First, against a 8 km mountain hike at sultry 30 degrees with climbing several rocks are my 16km Feierabendwanderungen in Ostfriesland only "children's birthday"
      Second, the hikings that I have not found necessary yet are useful and relieving. Fortunately, Sisa had a set with me and loaned me one. From now on, not without the mountains! 😏

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      • 06/12/2019

  8. Dieter went hiking.


    1. Havelbiker

      Super pictures👌

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      • 06/11/2019

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    1. Bonnie24

      Great tour

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      • 06/10/2019

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Bei meinen Dienstreisen durch Norddeutschlande nutze ich den Feierabend gern für Rad und Wandertouren. Das hält fit und lässt mich schöne Eindrücke von unserer Heimat gewinnen. Wenn ich dadurch auch anderen Aktiven neue Ansichten zeigen kann finde ich das gut und freue mich über Eure Kommentare. Für gemeinsame Tourabsprachen:

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