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Experience komoot on your smartwatch

With advanced integrations for most smartwatches, navigate, record and save your adventures — right from your wrist.
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Available on a wide range of devices, komoot delivers everything you need to make the most out of your smartwatch. View your routes, record activities and benefit from the best outdoor navigation — all at a glance of your wrist.

Komoot for Garmin

Featuring an IQ app for newer models and advanced plan-and-push syncability for older watches, just tap to record, navigate and save your activities — right from your Garmin watch.

Komoot for Polar Grit X

Komoot and Polar work hand in hand, so you can navigate all of your planned Tours from your wrist: Just connect your account with your Polar Grit X and get going at the tap of a button.

Komoot for Samsung Galaxy

Working fully independently of your phone, the komoot app for Samsung Galaxy Watches lets you pull-up your planned Tour, save it offline — and go.

Komoot for Suunto

Whether you’re heading out on a weekday training run or loading up for a weekend on the trails, komoot, used in sync with your Suunto watch, allows you to easily plan and experience better outdoor activities — all at the flick of your wrist.

Komoot for Apple Watch

Created specifically for Apple Watch’s smaller screen, the komoot app is ideal for on-the-go adventurers who want to keep their phone in their pocket and out of mind.

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All compatible devices