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Use komoot on all your favorite devices

From bike computers and e-bike displays to smartwatches and wearables, we’ve made komoot useable on hundreds of devices — so you can track, navigate and experience your adventures your way.

GPS computers

Get komoot on your Garmin, Wahoo or other GPS computer.


Discover komoot’s advanced integrations for smartwatches.


Superpower your e-bike with komoot’s tracking and navigation tech.

GPS computers

Whether cycing or hiking, get komoot on your GPS computer to take all your routes with you. See detailed route profiles, pin-point accurate navigation instructions, and save all the data from your hikes and rides.


Available on a wide range of devices, komoot delivers everything you need to make the most out of your smartwatch. View your routes, record activities and benefit from the best outdoor navigation — all at a glance of your wrist.


Just plan, save and go — komoot can be synced with a range of e-bikes to deliver pin-point accurate navigation instructions directly to your bike’s display. Sync in seconds, see your routes, and make the most out of your e-bike with komoot.

No device? No problem.

Get the komoot mobile app for Android or iOS to better plan, navigate and experience every outdoor adventure.

Get a komoot account. Get going.

Ready-Made Inspiration

Browse personalized adventures tailored to your favorite sport

A Better Planning Tool

Build your perfect outdoor experience using the world’s best outdoor tech

More Intuitive Navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps keep your adventure on track

A Log of Every Adventure

Save every adventure and share your experiences with your friends