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Komoot for Polar smartwatches

The most effective route planning and navigation technology to get you off the beaten path.

Whether trail running, hiking, mountain biking or road cycling, komoot’s technology, used in sync with your Polar smartwatch, allows you to more easily plan and experience better rides, hikes and runs.

Plan better routes

Komoot lets you easily plan the most optimal route for your outdoor sport, whatever that may be. Planning a trail run or a hike? Get routed over the best tracks and trails available. Heading out on the bike? Just choose between road, touring, mtb or gravel — and let komoot plan the perfect ride for you.

Navigate every adventure from your wrist

Komoot and Polar work hand in hand, so you can navigate all of your planned Tours from your wrist: Just connect your account with a compatible Polar smartwatch and get going at the tap of a button.

Plan. Sync. Go.

Just sync your watch to see your planned komoot Tours on your compatible Polar smartwatch — and get navigated at the tap of a button.

Complete flexibility — even on the go

As any good outdoor activity comes down to the decisions you make on the road, the komoot app for iOS and Android lets you fully adjust your route on the go — wherever you are. Just replan and resync, and see your changes immediately on your compatible Polar smartwatch.

Relive the adventure

Once you're done, your adventure will be saved to your komoot profile, so you can add photos, create some Highlights and share it all with your friends.

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