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Vom Tourenrad zum Gravelbike.
Vor kurzer Zeit kam auch noch ein Rennrad dazu, mit dem ich nun die Rennradwege erkunde. Rennrad fahre ich jetzt tatsÀchlich nur noch mit dem Gravelbike.
Das Schönste ist es aber, mit dem Gravelbike neue Runden zu entdecken. Diese dann mit der Community zu teilen, ist Radfahrerpflicht. Community ist auch ein gutes Stichwort hier. Ohne Komoot und die Anregungen anderer hÀtte ich nicht derart viele Stellen in Hamburg und der Umgebung und auch an anderen Orten kennengelernt.
Ich hoffe, dass das so bleiben wird!
Dazu habe ich auch eine Serie begonnen, in der ich ĂŒber das Radfahren sinniere. Toll wĂ€re es, wenn sich andere dabei beteiligen wĂŒrden.komoot.de/collection/1288069/-gravel-anthologie-was-macht-graveln-aus-a-zViel Spaß an der Natur.

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  1. BerndHHBbg 🗿 went gravel riding.

    2 days ago

    46.3 mi
    15.4 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,150 ft
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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      Actually, I wanted to drive the Green Ring again today, a circumnavigation of Hamburg. But since I couldn't sleep at night today, I didn't want to go.But then I decided to drive off and try the circular route north again.
      The weather was cold and I wore both a long-sleeved sports undershirt (baselayer ...) and a windbreaker over my cycling jersey. And it was fine like that. I was still briefly on the legs.
      The route was once again awesome. So many highlights and great surprises.
      Today was probably also the day of the flea markets, matching the letter "F". I saw a good half a dozen flea markets on my way. I didn't always take a picture of these, privacy, ...
      It started near the Farmsen underground station in the direction of Rahlstedt. There it went straight towards the Glinde-Trittau cycle path, a great route that offers shade in summer and is quite easy to ride in winter (wind protection and such). There are also a number of rest areas and supply stations here.
      From there I visited the railway cycle path, which only really begins in Hoisdorf at the old train station. The train station is currently privately owned and right next to it is the most noticeable information board for the railway cycle path, which shortly afterwards leads through the forest. There you can really imagine how the train used to go through here, because you slide through the forest as if on rails.Then it's off to Grönwohld to the house brewery, a small brewery that still brews itself and where you can attend brewing seminars. Of course it was still closed at that time, but you can always look at it.On the way back to Mönchsteich, my favorite lake in the vicinity. Here the trails are sometimes quite demanding, but beautiful and not yet too crowded.The Großensee (north beach) is also nearby. On the north beach you can swim for free and lie on a sandy beach.The train cycle paths take you towards Gölm. On the way, I cycled past the racetrack for remote-controlled cars.
      The area around Gölm is beautiful and the paths are easy and there is hardly any traffic. A paradise for racing cyclists and Sunday excursionists.
      After Gölm it goes over very fast gravel roads on Jungfernstieg and the Alster fountain past towards Siek, where a village festival is currently taking place. The cultural summer sends its regards.Over further gravel roads it goes back to the milk ice farm as if remote controlled. Since I don't have any change, I have the grill machine changed and have grilled sausages and an ice cream. Delicious. The farmers are planning a punch festival for the winter, to which I will certainly invite myself ...After the milk ice farm, you quickly pass the call barrier (here you have to ring the bell before the pull barrier goes up) and a lap of honor in the "Meiendorfer Rund" in the direction of home. Past a few flea markets and I'm home.The 3 "F" s for this time:1) friendships
      2) freedom
      3) joy
      1) friendships:
      Cycling connects people and through cycling and the shared hobby I have met some nice people with whom I like to spend time. When you go on tours, you are often on the move for several hours, sometimes the whole day. You can't do that with everyone. So I'm glad I found some people I enjoy doing things with.
      2) freedom:
      As you can see from my "obligatory motorway photo", I love the freedom that the bike offers me. I can go almost anywhere I want (especially on a gravel bike). I'm not tied to any bus schedule and can do as quickly as I want or can.
      If I want to look at something, I stop and take the time. Every time I rediscover freedom through the things I see.
      3) joy:
      Even if cycling is sometimes strenuous and I am exhausted from time to time while riding, I am always happy when I have managed another great tour.
      The joy of being able to drive more and more, building up stamina and being able to discover the landscape and nature is huge.
      As long as I enjoy cycling, I will continue to share this joy! Because joy shared is joy doubled.
      As far as my "F" s for this week. What are your "F" s?Other tours from the series:

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      • 2 days ago

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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      That used to be a great idea: Just raise the seat post a few millimeters, then I'll drive off again despite creeping fatigue ... Clever!I also tried out the autumn jersey, which was relatively warm, but actually right.In order to really expose the seat post to all adversities, you naturally have to go through the middle of the Höltigbau, the most beautiful nature reserve in northern Hamburg. Formerly a military training area with ammunition depot, tank roads and everything brimbamborium, today a wonderful local recreation area with galloways, goats and great plants.
      The routes are very different. I chose the trails today to see if the support holds or if it needs a little more assembly paste.
      We went over the railway bridge past the reservoir over the up and down trails through the Höltigbaum.
      I noticed straight away that there are so many Galloways around right now. The enclosures were probably re-equipped with the somewhat older young animals.
      New electric fence pop-up enclosures were also built today.
      The driving was really fast and there were comparatively few walkers or bike colleagues on the way for a Saturday.I'm glad I was outside again, maybe I'll leave again tomorrow ...
      Let's see.

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      • 3 days ago

  3. BerndHHBbg 🗿 and Henrik ⚙ went mountain biking.

    4 days ago

    26.8 mi
    11.8 mph
    650 ft
    600 ft
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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      Small after-work trip with Wilhelm.
      You could stop here for a Gaga tour!
      At Wilhelm (Waldesruh) in Vierthbruch

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      • 4 days ago

  4. Henrik ⚙ and BerndHHBbg 🗿 went gravel riding.

    4 days ago

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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      At Wilhelm (Waldesruh) in Vierthbruch

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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      This morning I wasn't sure if it made sense to go. But especially in the morning I always have so much energy that it demands compensation.Since I couldn't assess the weather, especially after the torrential rain yesterday, I thought of a crazy "just-follow-your-nose" tour through the great Stormarn, which actually awaited me with many nice surprises.The paths were wet and sometimes deep, so that it wasn't that easy to drive on the gravel passages and the single trails, but it didn't matter.Two or three times Komoot also told me that I couldn't go any further, I didn't believe it and had to pay for it: hugging over the field and barbed wire fence on the next path ... Still cool!The best surprises came after the stacking field loop once up and once down, pull the loop through and around again - done!After a single trail episode, a little detour, instead of stubbornly continuing on the gravel path, I suddenly came out at the fishing ponds from 1608 (Bruns and Pfaffenteich), where I've never been! Just great!
      There a pasture that was struck by lightning was being removed and cows were being brought from pasture to pasture by tractor. Cool!
      The next surprise: I seem to be magically attracted to the milk ice cream farm - I came out again in Meilsdorf! There was fresh meat from the farm cows for sale there today, the last time of the year.
      First of all, I took a large pack of minced meat and rump steak with me, all of which fit in the frame pocket! And then came back to take a freezer pack with me (10kg best quality!).
      On the way home I also attended the event "Berne macht Schule" to promote the old Linaustraßenschule, which is now to serve as a community and artist house. Well done!Now to my three "E" s:1. Energy
      2. Experience
      3. Experiences
      1. Energy:
      Riding a bike gives you an incredible amount of energy. Especially the last weekend (about 250km Sat and Sun) felt so robbed of my energy that I thought I wouldn’t even want to drive anymore. But just the opposite has happened. On Tuesday I did normal sports training, with an energy that I haven't had in a long time. On Thursday I went on a small group tour and showed others the Brook, the Alster and the Stellmoor. All without any problems. And today everything seemed so easy to me.
      Great! What kind of energy you can develop.
      2. Experience:
      I learned a lot from cycling. I am particularly familiar with the area in and around Hamburg! In addition, with every new journey you gain experience about yourself. What is actually in such a body, what can you endure.
      And the experiences I gain with other cyclists or the people I meet on the tours are always very interesting.
      And what I believe is that there could be many more experiences out there.
      3. Experiences:
      I have had a lot of great experiences about cycling that I don't want to miss anymore. Every tour gives you a potential new adventure. Today, for example, I made experiences for the whole family and then shared them with the others in the afternoon.
      And that is also an important point: sharing experiences and experiences. It's nice when you learn a lot yourself, but it's even better when others are happy about it and follow tours like this or similar.
      Experiencing and experiencing the tours together is also great!
      In this sense: What are your "E" s?You can find the collection here:
      -> Are you looking for more great tours?
      -> with related information and chat & contact?
      (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows & webBrowser
      -> set up nickname identical to komoot)

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      • September 11, 2021

  6. BerndHHBbg 🗿 went mountain biking.

    September 9, 2021

    32.5 mi
    9.5 mph
    600 ft
    600 ft
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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      Today I went on a bike tour with a small group. I can really recommend the paths. Hardly any roads, little traffic and lots of nature. TopI can recommend the round for families.Take your time and enjoy ...

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      • September 9, 2021

  7. BerndHHBbg 🗿 went mountain biking.

    September 5, 2021

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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      On the way back I forgot to switch to recording for over 40 km.
      It's a shame, because the most beautiful part of the route is only recorded in the pictures.
      The journey home is always uphill but quite asphalt-heavy.
      That was the first time that I drove over 120 km with the gravler without a break. Really exhausting!
      I thought the country egg sign was cool, because I'm also a country egg. :)

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      • September 6, 2021

    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      The plan is in place: a very good friend of mine has moved and he wanted to show me his new home. Since the weather is so nice and the train is on strike anyway, I wanted to go there on Saturday and back on Sunday morning.It should be planned on the MTB route, then I can set the gravel route back. A little more mountain biking rebuilt - more single trails in if they looked interesting - and off you go.So much can be revealed: The tour was really tough. That wasn't because of the length or anything, but because I got lost in the Ekelmoor. The path was suddenly overgrown. Renaturation of the moor, I read later. Bloody wounds from the blackberries and grasses all over the circuit. Sometimes I almost sunk in. Fortunately, I saw that one of the meadows had been mowed. Where there is a mowed meadow - there is also an access road for the tractor.
      And indeed: on the other hand it was like that!
      Lucky again.
      On the way I met three Swedes, which is what you do on the way to Bremen, and let them tell me that they were on their way to Paris. Interesting. Have a good trip guys.Now my three "D" s:1) Thank you
      2) Perseverance
      3) being outside
      1) Thanks:
      Thanks to all Komootlers who share their experiences here and give us other inspiration to go out again and again.
      I would not know many of the paths and sights without you. Thanks!
      Thanks also to Henrik and Peter, who occasionally go out with me.2) staying power:
      Sometimes you just have to go through it. Often you have the choice whether you really want to persevere, sometimes not. Like me in the moor today! That must have cost me an hour and a lot of "grains", as the saying goes. Of course, the "average" (not that important) was also pulled down. But not the mood that I have now when I tell the story of my war injuries caused by the "bromb bears" and their sharp claws! Great!
      3) being outside:
      Perseverance and being outdoors go well together. Thanks to Komoot, I'm the first time in winter, too. Right, nothing. What cycling is all about.
      What are your three "D" s?PS .: The second part will follow soon. Unfortunately, it didn't record the first 40 km on the second part. Not pressed "Start".Oh yes: As always, the photos are a bit mixed up.Fancy further tours:
      The other tours of this series here:

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      • September 5, 2021

  8. BerndHHBbg 🗿 went mountain biking.

    September 1, 2021

    18.7 mi
    15.9 mph
    275 ft
    250 ft
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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      Engrave the new toppings. Nice paths with gravel and single trails and asphalt. The bike didn't run that well for a long time.

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      • September 1, 2021

  9. BerndHHBbg 🗿 and 4 others went mountain biking.

    August 28, 2021

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    1. BerndHHBbg 🗿

      Today, cycling is very much the focus of the community.
      Yesterday I made the spontaneous decision to take part in the "in the Wild" tour organized by Suicycle and Brother, otherwise Peter would have had to drive alone.
      All in all, it was a real mud fight! More in the top 3!Top 3 Cs:
      1. Community
      2. Chemistry
      3. Opportunities
      1. Community:
      Today's event showed that driving with a community is a lot of fun! The tour was well organized and well scouted, even if the paths were very difficult to drive due to the wetness!
      It is important that you choose and build the community you want yourself.
      Some people like to drive alone, others in a group or just with their family.
      I found it very exciting today to see what the gravel community is like in Hamburg.
      It was also cool that we actually made a lot of nice acquaintances today!
      2. Chemistry
      When making new friends, it is always important that the chemistry is right, especially when cycling!
      Everyone drives differently, one faster, the other more relaxed. Here it is always important to me that the needs of all passengers are met. That is only possible if you get on well and the chemistry between people is right.
      Sometimes it takes a while before the chemical reactions are carried out and you understand each other, sometimes you understand each other straight away.
      Often it doesn't go together at all. It's the same in cycling as in real life!
      Today it was very good for me!
      3. Opportunities
      I think that cycling gives you a lot of opportunities that you don't have that easy. What I've already got to know from Hamburg and its surroundings is really great. And that's only because I always take the chance and try to explore the area by bike. And that's really fun!
      What's your top C list?You can find the tours here:
      Oh yes: I almost forgot the crazy ones:
      -> Are you looking for more great tours?

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      • August 28, 2021

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