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Ich bin ein Freizeitradler, der gerne gediegen aber manchmal auch sportlich unterwegs ist. Ich liebe das Radfahren, weil man um sich herum alles so viel intensiver wahrnimmt! Man ist mit dem Rad einfach effektiver und gesünder unterwegs 😊

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  1. Timo Burmester went for a bike ride.

    about 20 hours ago

    4.25 mi
    8.9 mph
    175 ft
    175 ft
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    1. Timo Burmester

      Just a short time in the city, that's for sure. May go, but definitely not with a child! 😅
      On the one hand, you have about as much luggage with you as a backpacker who goes on a three-day tour and on the other hand you can forget a schedule. It is best not to do anything at all
      But the really nice things are the moments that you experience!
      My daughter was allowed to operate a garbage truck and was overjoyed that she made sure that this garbage can is emptied.
      Thanks again to the driver, people like that make life more colorful 💕
      What looks like a snail shell in one picture is Lüneburg's newest competition slide 😎 Assuming the swimming pool will ever open again

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      • about 20 hours ago

  2. Timo Burmester went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. Timo Burmester

      If you would like to have one or two hours for yourself, you have to submit the A38 pass with an application for active leisure time at home weeks in advance in the hope that this will be approved.
      But if the woman wants a weekly newspaper, it can be done in an urgent application and you have to start immediately 😅
      Well, after all, exercise is good for you. At some point I actually had a newspaper, come home and, seriously, I now had a second one in my own mailbox 🤣

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      • 4 days ago

  3. Timo Burmester went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

    12.2 mi
    9.0 mph
    500 ft
    525 ft
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    1. Timo Burmester

      Almost 300 cyclists met today for a joint bike tour to demonstrate against the planned expansion of the A39.
      But many of them were just there to drive on the closed expressway! The annoyed looks from the drivers were just great 😅

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      • 4 days ago

  4. Timo Burmester and Jörg went for a bike ride.

    April 10, 2021

    72.2 mi
    13.2 mph
    1,450 ft
    1,375 ft
    1. Timo Burmester

      Corana has been determining our lives for a long time and unfortunately also all of our plans.
      Stores closed? I do not care. No restaurant visits? I do not care. When do the cinemas open again? I really don't care. But what brings tears to my eyes (what is happening as I write this) and I definitely don't care about telling my daughter for months that our vacation is being canceled. The parents among you will now know it: The Karls Erlebnisdorf. We are there 3 times a year, but in Rostock. The smile of my daughter as she is having fun there and is super happy, absolutely priceless!
      With Jörg the idea had been there for weeks to go to Lübeck! I asked him to drive to Travemünde to bring my daughter something from her favorite farmer's market as a surprise. Since we have only been eating jam from there since we have known Karl, it was of course a matter of honor to bring it with us! 🍓🍓🍓The alarm clock rang at four o'clock to start the day comfortably. At 5 o'clock we left! However, I overestimated myself a bit with the route, as it was the first long one in 2021. When Jörg and I said goodbye, I still had 24 km to go, but 101 in my legs. It took me just over an hour for the next 10 km, my legs became more and more sluggish and heavier! It was hopeless, four kilometers from home I had to admit to surrender and be picked up. I picked up the bike in the evening!I would like to know one of those who have read this far:
      Has this ever happened to anyone? For the first time in 33 years! 😄
      Jörg, always happy!

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      • April 10, 2021

  5. Jörg and Timo Burmester went gravel riding.

    April 10, 2021

    62.3 mi
    13.8 mph
    875 ft
    875 ft
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    1. Jörg

      At 5:53 am from Echem with Timo on the train to Travemünde. Return by bike from 7:30 a.m. Early Morning Rider 😉

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      • April 10, 2021

  6. Timo Burmester went for a bike ride.

    April 3, 2021

    21.1 mi
    12.5 mph
    675 ft
    725 ft
    1. Timo Burmester

      I am an absolutely positive-thinking person, but for some time now I have been leaving my courage at home more often!
      Constantly a new lockdown, you can hardly offer your child anything and there is no hope that it will get better in the near future ...!
      I would also like to crack the 💯 again. But when I have the time, the weather is bad!
      I just want to be able to look forward to something again 🥴

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      • April 3, 2021

  7. Timo Burmester and Marco went for a hike.

    March 28, 2021

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    1. Timo Burmester

      Every cyclist knows that. The days in winter just don't want to end and with every sunshine you would like to get it out of the cellar right away.
      So it was planned today! I wanted to go to Lübeck with someone from Komoot today, but the weather was just too uncertain, we both didn't want to arrive wet.
      So the shoes were simply laced and the brother walked 12 km through Lauenburg. A very nice tour with great impressions, highly recommended.
      And dear Jörg, we'll both catch up on that❗

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      • March 28, 2021

  8. Timo Burmester went for a hike.

    March 20, 2021

    4.47 mi
    4.6 mph
    225 ft
    200 ft
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    1. Timo Burmester

      After 3 months, the mat was finally shortened to 2 mm again 😅
      On the way I noticed the graffiti of the fish, about which there is such a funny story ...!
      The smelt market is one of the most famous districts of Lüneburg. Its name is because smelt was traded there in the past 🐟 Today it is a well-known bar district 🍻 This silhouette of the street (smelt for short) should be put on the wall as graffiti. But the city and the sprayer misunderstood each other and so it wasn't the "water district" on the wall, but the fish 🤣 A great mix-up that created a good atmosphere.

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      • March 20, 2021

  9. Timo Burmester went for a bike ride.

    March 19, 2021

    22.2 mi
    12.2 mph
    825 ft
    850 ft
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    1. Timo Burmester

      Today I met a former colleague to sip a coffee ...! So it was a little round, just get rid of a word. That’s really good at the moment. What was annoying was the fact that rain, sun and especially the wind alternated like the red phases of a traffic light switch 🥵😅

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      • March 19, 2021

  10. Timo Burmester and Marco went for a hike.

    March 17, 2021

    5.05 mi
    3.9 mph
    175 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Timo Burmester

      I met my dear brother today and we tried the night mode on my Huawei. I think the result can be seen, although a cell phone remains a cell phone and its possibilities are limited at some points. It was a nice round ... 😁

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      • March 17, 2021

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