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Wohnort: KC, seit Okt 2020 bei Komoot
Interessen: Sportliches Radfahren, Wandern, Natur, Umweltschutz, Geografie, Eisenbahnfahren, Gesundheit, Wikibooks, Vegane Ernährung, Hunde
Wer ein bißchen über meine Fahrraderfahrungen nachlesen will, kann das hier tun:
Ich bin beim Wandern auch gern einmal offtrail unterwegs. Ich mag einfach keine langweiligen Forstwege.
Mein Touren gib ich mit der Hand ein und die Fotografien stehen immer am Anfang der Tour. Ich hab nur ein uralt Smartphone, welches kein Komoot und kein GPS mag.

Distance travelled

2,317 mi

Time in motion

399:31 h

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  1. HoffiKC went for a bike ride.

    about 7 hours ago

    64.0 mi
    9.5 mph
    1,825 ft
    1,850 ft
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    1. HoffiKC

      That was Finn's first 100. From Kronach to Bayreuth via Stadtsteinach and Trebgast. We went back over Rotmaintal, Mainleus, and the Hainer windmills. We took our time and returned to our homeland in a glorious evening atmosphere between red and green gardens. Finn did well and held out tough.

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      • about 6 hours ago

  2. HoffiKC planned a bike ride.

    a day ago

    39.2 mi
    5.9 mph
    3,425 ft
    3,750 ft
    1. HoffiKC

      Planned as mountain training for me and Finn.

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      • a day ago

  3. HoffiKC went for a bike ride.

    a day ago

    62.8 mi
    9.4 mph
    2,175 ft
    2,275 ft
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    1. Margit😇

      I am impressed . To master such a long distance by bike 🤔.
      Really wow 👌. With accompaniment? best regards

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      • a day ago

  4. HoffiKC went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    1. HoffiKC

      Actually I wanted to explore the Teuschnitz Valley today. Since the sun was so gentle with me, I decided to go for a hike in the meadows. Even the beginning from Pressig to Rothenkirchen was new to me and very nice to walk with a tricky brook crossing over the Buchbach. The imposing building in Rothenkirchen is the state forest office. The ascent to the Pfaffenhügel went pathlessly over beautiful meadow slopes. After a short break on the 600 m high hilltop, I followed the beautiful hiking trail towards Teuschnitz. Huge stands of spruce had to be cut down here. A difficult fate awaits the young Douglas firs that I photographed.
      I drove across beautiful meadows past Teuschnitzer Airport 😊 into the city center to the bakery, because I had forgotten my snack. In the south I circled the place and over further sun meadows it went in the direction of Reichenbach and north around this place. At the Rennsteig I whizzed on to "Stabich" at the train station.

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  5. HoffiKC went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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    1. HoffiKC

      Today I wanted to hike through the small Seibelsdorf Jura valley, which stretches down from Seibelsdorf to Marktrodach. There is no way through the valley. With the still short winter grass, there is currently no need to walk.
      The moisture wasn't a problem today either, as the last few days have been dry and the water in the lime quickly seeps away.
      The beautiful winding valley always reminds me a little of Franconian Switzerland. It is unknown to most hikers and a little insider tip.
      From Marktrodach it went over the B173, then diagonally across the meadows, partly steeply up the slope to the Kreuzberg and then on the mountain edge pathless west to the forest in front of the Kreuzberg chapel. Here I turned north, used the beautiful animal shelter trail and the hiking trail down to the Kronach swimming pool.
      Very nice little morning hike with many offtrail sections.
      No pictures today, forgot my cell phone.

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      • 3 days ago

  6. HoffiKC went for a bike ride.

    4 days ago

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    1. HoffiKC

      Today's tour was a little more leisurely than our Schweinfurt excursion on Monday. It was more of a sightseeing tour, I was traveling alone and had time. The tour via Tschirn, Brennersgrün, Lehesten, Leutenberg to Kaulsdorf was very easy to drive and is a very useful route to get from Kronach via the Thuringian Forest.
      From Kaulsdorf to Saalfeld I tried a new variant again to avoid the main road. That worked out quite well. There is a very nice bike path between Saalfeld and Rudolfstadt, which runs directly along the sandstone. At Schwarza it is a long and boring walk through an industrial park.
      The driveway from Rudolstadt to the western mountain ranges will be interesting again. The cycle path along the B 90 is very nice to drive, but poorly signposted and partly incomplete at the height.
      The route on the old Stadtilm - Rudolfstadt connecting road, which has now been closed, is also interesting.

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      • 4 days ago

  7. HoffiKC went for a bike ride.

    5 days ago

    69.3 mi
    7.5 mph
    775 ft
    1,100 ft
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    1. HoffiKC

      The travel time was estimated by Komoot. In real terms, we were faster: Start in KC at 8:30 a.m., end in SW at 2:30 p.m., i.e. 6 hours driving time with a little tailwind.
      Very nice, brisk tour. Thanks to Danilo for the nice company.
      Back with the DB without any problems.

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      • 5 days ago

  8. HoffiKC went for a hike.

    6 days ago

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    1. HoffiKC

      Today was the first time I regretted that my cell phone was empty and I couldn't take any pictures. There would have been a lot of beautiful things to photograph.
      Julia and I just enjoyed the landscape and the weather. At the beginning we followed the Frankenwaldsteig in a rough line from Wötzelsdorf via Gössersdorf. From the large quarry above the B 85, we turned onto the Franconian hiking trail. Here and there we used a variant. Happy and satisfied we were back home for Sunday lunch after a brisk tour through a wonderful landscape.
      A route that is very good to imitate. If you add the Franconian Lines hiking trail FL, the result is a great circular hike.

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      • 6 days ago

  9. HoffiKC went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. HoffiKC

      "Family tour" from Seibelsdorf to the Radspitze and over the Markgrafenhöhe to Oberrodach. From there on the left bank of the Rodach to Höfles and back to Kronach.
      Many thanks to J. and D. for the nice company.

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      • 7 days ago

  10. HoffiKC planned a bike ride.

    February 26, 2021

    15.6 mi
    8.4 mph
    875 ft
    850 ft
    1. HoffiKC

      The Saale cycle path between Hof and Saalfeld is not a typical contemplative river cycle path, but a sporty up-and-down path. Still, of course, it's very nice when you know what to expect.

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      • 7 days ago

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