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  1. Bernhard Sander and 2 others went for a hike.

    2 days ago

    7.52 mi
    2.8 mph
    625 ft
    525 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      The title of today's hike is somewhat freely interpreted, but it doesn't sound as sober as a pure listing of the places.
      We started in Spitzkunnersdorf and hiked along the Victoriaweg to the Forstenberg. There we looked at the ski jump in detail, which was much easier today than in August, because today we were alone there. The weather limited the visibility today and so we couldn't see anything from Jeschken, no matter how hard we tried.
      We took the upper circular path on Forstenberg and were surprised by the many silver leaves that now look like giant snowdrops there.
      We were also the only visitors today at the White Stone or the Karasek Cave and were therefore able to take a closer look at this rock formation for the first time. The Karasek, who is said to have had a hiding place here, is the first namesake of the tour.
      Then we leave the Forstenberg and walk in the direction of the Großer Stein. Here you can climb all the way up without a railing if you want to. There is even a summit book. The eastern rock is called the Goethekopf. It doesn't even take a lot of imagination to see a lying head that somehow reminds of Goethe.
      Later we cross the districts of Folge and Sorge in Leutersdorf and walk along the Black Pond. Unfortunately, it was again confirmed to us today that the paths at this pond are hardly usable in almost damp weather. But then the way at the edge of the forest back to Spitzkunnersdorf was very nice and also offers various seating options.

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      • 2 days ago

  2. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    January 9, 2022

    5.09 mi
    2.8 mph
    100 ft
    175 ft
    1. Bernhard Sander

      Today's route was a reaction to the still uncomfortable wind. So not as long and as protected as possible. The Löns'sche Park is ideal.
      By chance we discovered a second way to cross in the Eschengrund gardens. In return, crossing the Kunnerwitz water was a bit of a challenge. Muddy banks and instead of a bridge wet and slippery wood. But we did it.
      The tour is quite varied and used by many people at least on a Sunday.

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      • January 9, 2022

  3. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    January 2, 2022

    8.94 mi
    3.0 mph
    175 ft
    175 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      In fact, the loop was much bigger than just a short stretch of the bike path. But we always want to keep the memory of the ski jump in the Neisse floodplain in this area. Apart from a small model, nothing can be seen of the hill itself. But the hut keeps the memory alive.
      Our way led us along the Neisse, through the Muskau folds and gave us an idea of the area of Sagar.
      From our point of view, a very nice tour without any spectacular hits, but still varied and reserved for repetition.

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      • January 2, 2022

  4. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    January 1, 2022

    5.93 mi
    2.9 mph
    275 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      We wish you all a happy, healthy and eventful New Year.At 13 ° C already in spring, today we walked a well-known route as a prelude to the new hiking year.

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      • January 1, 2022

  5. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    December 26, 2021

    12.0 mi
    3.0 mph
    375 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      With such wonderful weather we just have to get out and then it is a slightly larger circuit that extends far into Görlitz. At the beginning we were impressed by the heavily frosted trees. In the city it wasn't so pronounced anymore, but with the sun and a bright blue sky everything looks much friendlier there.
      We are very happy with the outdoor activity today.

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      • December 26, 2021

  6. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    December 25, 2021

    7.17 mi
    2.3 mph
    75 ft
    125 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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      • December 25, 2021

  7. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    December 11, 2021

    4.40 mi
    2.4 mph
    550 ft
    300 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      The Zittau Mountains today offer more snow than the lower elevations. A few more rays of sunshine would have been nice, but especially in the upper areas (Vater-Imme-Weg) it was so very wintry, especially since a piece of blue sky was visible from time to time.
      The 7 km feels like 10 km - at least - under today's conditions. 😉😃

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      • December 11, 2021

  8. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    November 28, 2021

    8.59 mi
    3.0 mph
    175 ft
    175 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      No, not the Quitzdorf reservoir. It was the little traffic jam in Girbigsdorf, but the reservoir sounds silly. Before that, we had a look at the Muffelhütte in the forest, you might think you're in Canada. Great log cabin! The way there also led us through the forest and a piece over the field, there are simply no paths (anymore).
      We wish everyone a nice Advent season.

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      • November 28, 2021

  9. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    November 14, 2021

    7.49 mi
    3.0 mph
    75 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Bernhard Sander

      A nice tour with many ponds, about three weeks would rather offer even more beautiful autumn colors. In the meantime some ponds have also been drained. We noticed the many resting places very positively, there are many benches along the way and some of them are complete resting places. The area, which is rich in rivers, also has various bridges, the construction of which cannot necessarily be classified as standard. We walked a good part of the Kirchweg twice, there was no other way to arrange it.

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      • November 14, 2021

  10. Bernhard Sander went for a hike.

    November 9, 2021

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    1. Bernhard Sander

      That was the first tour in the Jizera Mountains today.
      The start was at the monastery in Hejnice (Haindorf). After crossing the Wittig (CZ: Smědá; PL: Witka), a rather demanding ascent began, with the nut stone as the first destination. Since the view was not yet available in the morning, the final ascent was left out. Then it went uphill and after a short stretch on a high path the path led over serpentines down to the Stolpichfall. There you can hike downhill again in the direction of Ferdinandsthal or climb up the waterfall to cross the river over a bridge. Even then we had to hike further uphill, but now on a wide sandy path, up to an asphalt road. This covered 6 km and so did the hiker.
      The asphalt road is a kind of high-altitude path with no inclines and you then come to the "Schöne Marie" lookout rock. The view there is really wonderful, today some clouds were still moving up from the valley.
      A little later - without any signage - there is the possibility of climbing up to the Vogelkuppen. This path is also something other than easy, but it was part of the program today. Only the continuation to the pigeon house would have been too much of a good thing today and so it went back from the highest point of the tour (1013 m) and from then on practically always downhill.
      The Hřebínek hut looked pretty closed. There were also two construction workers present. Either there is a renovation or the season is over.
      On the last stretch before Ferdinandsthal, the path goes back to Černý Štolpich.
      Overall, a very nice mountain hike.

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      • November 9, 2021

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