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  1. Südschwede went for a hike.

    6 days ago

    11.3 mi
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    1. Südschwede

      Today's tour can be divided into three parts, the first being the best and the middle part the worst.
      Started in Oberwolfach Walke at the town hall. The tar section ends at the last houses and a wonderful narrow path begins, the Herrenweg. With a little detour you can get to a beautiful view, with a view of Wolftal (km 1.2). Continue on the narrow path, sometimes ascending, sometimes even towards Schwarzenbruch. Above the Hermeshof we turn left and after a few meters we reach the support of a former cable car. At the rabbit house we step out of the forest and are on the Schwarzenbruch plateau. At km 5.8 there is the "Schmalzerhisli" snack bar (open on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer months, only open on Sundays in winter). A few meters further the Hansjokobstein which is also a fountain. The following section from kilometers 6 to 14.3 is actually just boring (the second part), forest roads and no view. In addition, one of my paths ended in nowhere, so I had to walk 500 m cross-country, partly steep terrain. From kilometers 9.1 to 11.5 and from 13.7 to 14.3 on asphalt which was certainly no joy. The most beautiful thing on this section at about kilometer 11 is two open spaces with a beautiful view, one of them over the Hanseles farm. Almost in the valley - this is where the third part begins - turn right and walk along the slope to Battengott. Here over the state road and on the other side of the slope back to Oberwolfach Walke.
      Summarum: From the black break there are sure to be even better alternatives.

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Südschwede

      Once again a white spot on my imaginary hiking map was erased.
      Today I was on the trail of Petra again - well - for the most part.
      Parked at the swimming pool in Kollnau (100 parking spaces, parking discs compulsory for 11 (!) Hours). Mainly on the way on wide forest paths, it seemed to me as if a soul might come by here every month. For those who have had enough of human civilization, the section from km 2.75 to km 5 is the right place for you. Every now and then short, crisp climbs. At kilometer 5.2 we reach "Walter's Eck" with the Schwedenkreuz. A plaque on the cross with information about the Swedish Cross. Unfortunately there is hardly a view from Walter's Eck! After 300 m comes the lovingly designed Jarwi hut with a "drinks cellar" with a trustworthy cash register. Nice place to take a break. Since this hut is in the middle of the forest, there is no view. It is FORBIDDEN to make a fire, although there is probably an illegal fireplace there. At kilometer 6.1 we reach the Vögelefelsen after a sometimes steep ascent. On the rock there is a plaque with information about the birds' rock. No prospect here either. Now the descent to the "Alte Kameraden Hütte" follows on paths that are seldom used in some cases and also the only narrow paths of the hike. Barbecuing at the fireplace is permitted at the Alte Kameraden Hütte, but permission to use it must be obtained from the Gutach (Brsg) community, which also incurs costs (€ 20 plus € 50 deposit). Here, too, the prospect is more than modest. From the hut, the path is not far to Gutach (Brsg). Past the famous Gütermann sewing thread factory and through a poplar avenue back to the parking lot.

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      • October 8, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      The hike in the Moosbach - a side valley of Nordrach - started at the hiking car park. The first kilometer is nice uphill, not too steep but steady. We then reach the "level path" which has not been given a name wrongly. We follow this to the Hilseckhütte. Here there is the possibility to rest, enough seating and a barbecue area. From here we have to cope with the remaining altitude meters (120) over a distance of 1.1 kilometers to the moss. On the way of the Geisschleifsattel with the Grimmelshausen monument. Since I rarely deal with skyscrapers, it was the moss tower today. No view because of the fog (otherwise very nice view). The descent to the Geisschleifsattel as usual, there turned to the Korn level with the Naturfreudehaus. At the grain level in the direction of the small grain level (the lower path!) To get to the Rabenfelsen. The Rabenfelsen is not marked by signposts! This rock is then reached at kilometer 10. Climbing the rock is not entirely safe because of the danger of falling! A head for heights and proper footwear appropriate to the terrain required! On the top of the rock - not a very great view - a summit cross with a summit book. On a narrow path it then goes down to the Rabenfelsenhütte (weather shelter with the possibility to spend the night. However, bats also spend the night here, which you can recognize by the legacies of these animals.) where we then reach the hiking car park after about a kilometer. Here on the "upper" path - in the middle of the path - a spring horizon where the water gushes out of the earth is very interesting.

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      • October 7, 2021

  4. Südschwede went for a hike.

    October 3, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      Who knows what it is like when the daughter moves out and the dad (and of course mom too) have to assemble the new furniture for the apartment, what is needed for a strong nerve, made a little tour to calm the nerves. Was on a home route.

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      • October 3, 2021

  5. Patrick Göser and 15 others planned a hike.

    October 3, 2021

    9.23 mi
    2.0 mph
    1,950 ft
    1,975 ft
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    1. Patrick Göser

      Nicholas - Advent Tour 2021Nicholas falls on a Monday this year, so my suggestion. The Saturday after ...Saturday, December 11th, 2021There are now 2 months left so there is enough time to make a note. Put the tour public. Let's see maybe we can get a nice group together. If you are interested in participating, simply register here in the comments.Greetings Patrick ;-)

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      • October 3, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      Sometimes it took a longer journey for a hike. Read more about the Schlichtemklamm by other Komootlers and seen pictures, including Andythecat and Wolfgang Müller and many others.
      Parked on Butschhofweg at the entrance of the Schischemklamm in the immediate vicinity of the sports field. Parking for free.
      First across a meadow that soon turns into a forest. Gradually the path narrowed. At 2.9 km steep ascent to the Irslingen castle ruins. Not much is left of the castle, however, an information board about the history of those in Urslingen hangs on the ruins. The prospect is modest. Another steep descent to the road - but careful, greasy, sticks would help. Down over a bridge and the actual Schischemklamm begins. From kilometers 3.3 to 4.3 you go through the valley with some small waterfalls, past limestone cliffs. At the Ramsteiner Mühle we leave the valley and go to the plateau which is soon to be reached. Now the 4 kilometer long section begins on asphalt and little shade. Past Hofgut Ramstein, we follow the dirt roads in the direction of Hardthausen. On the plateau, however, there are beautiful views of the edge of the Alb, including the Plettenberg and the elevator tower in Rottweil. The asphalt section ends at the end of Harthausen and goes into a very damp narrow path that leads us to the Schenkenbach. We follow this brook downstream and the rushing of the brook accompanies us. Two fords follow - which can be bypassed via bridges for pedestrians and cyclists. After about 1.8 kilometers we leave the valley of the Schenkenbach and it goes up to the castle ruins of Schenkenburg. Not much is left of this ruin either, but the view is more beautiful than from the Irslinger ruin. We descend again and cross the street directly, it goes uphill. After a few hundred meters, don't miss the junction! Shortly thereafter, some serpentines follow that bring us back up. After a few minutes we reach the Tischfelsen with a beautiful view of the Neckar valley with Epfendorf and Altoberndorf. Here a bench (without a table) is available. Further through the forest because we will soon leave again. We pass the edge of the field and cross the new path. Here is a hall cross. On the other side of the street, don't take the path at the Steigbrunnen - delicious water - but continue along the edge of the field. This path is hardly visible. At kilometer 14.4 there is another reference to the Kapfkreuz. The path was blocked during my visit after felling work with trees - all over the place - so I had to do some climbing! After 400 m of climbing I reached the Kapfkreuz. Here is a beautiful view of the Neckar and Epfendorf. There is also a wayside shrine next to this Kapfkreuz. The way into the valley again over felled trees. At kilometer 15.1 I reached the path that should bring me down into the valley. And look there: the path here was closed due to felling work! One should explain to the forest workers that there are two sides not only with medals but also with hiking trails! Well, got through unscathed and the further way was no longer a challenge.
      Finally, the following notes:
      1. Many parts of the path are narrow, sloping and muddy - the risk of slipping is very high - speak from experience!
      2. On the plateau a very nice piece without shadow!
      3. No shorts or short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts. During my visit, stinging nettles as high as a man over many meters!

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      • October 1, 2021

  7. Südschwede went for a hike.

    September 30, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      Had to pay a visit in front of the Kniestein Chapel for a long time. I read something about it and forgot where this chapel is. Rediscovered by chance and stored in your head.
      Parked at the community hall by the sports field which was also free. First we go along the road down the valley, after about 400 m we leave it and it goes steeper uphill (about 200 m). We follow the forest path which then slowly brings us up to the height. We reach the Kniestein Chapel after about 2.3 kilometers. A place of rest and reflection. There are three legends about this chapel, one says that a hermit kneeled here on a stone and his knees left an imprint on the stone. The second says that they tried to move this stone into the place. The next morning he was back at his ancestral place and thirdly you could hear a lovely chant here, which made people aware and a place of pilgrimage was created. Fresh, clear water gushes into a fountain near the chapel.
      Continue up the forest path (Hohbergweg) and after about 1.1 kilometers you will reach the Brettentaler Eck. A beautiful view opens up here. Immediately afterwards follows the partly very steep ascent to the Hünersedel (length approx. 500 m). Once at the top, the observation tower on the Hünersedel offers a fantastic view over the mountains of the Black Forest, the Rhine plain and the Vosges. In very good weather conditions you can even see the Palatinate Forest!
      At the Hünersedel there are some benches with tables as well as the Ankelehütte, which is not served. The descent back to Schweighausen again via forest paths which also leads us to the Hohstein. There is a (private ?!) hut here. Shortly afterwards, a view opens up to the Hohen Geisberg. We lose more and more altitude and come back to the asphalt at Protasihof. Not far to Schweighausen in the Schuttertal. Those who still have desire and muse can visit the baroque parish church of St. Romanus (laying of the foundation stone in 1775). Here also the baroque rectory from 1754/55, the most striking building in Schweighausen. Not far to the parking lot.

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      • September 30, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      After exactly 3 months of compulsory break, today I try again to hike - albeit a small one - to company. This led me to Haslach's local mountain. Now let's see what the foot says about it!

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      • September 27, 2021

  9. Südschwede went mountain biking.

    September 25, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      It's done! For me, city cycling will - probably - end in 2021. So today to Hausach for an ice cream - I invited my wife to do it - as a silent reward for the hardships of the last three weeks.I will announce the status in the next few days:

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      • September 25, 2021

  10. Südschwede went mountain biking.

    September 24, 2021

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    1. Südschwede

      From Haslach to Hornberg on well-known cycle paths. In Hornberg then up the Schwanenbach. I completely underestimated this valley. Thought it was going up in the direction of St. Georgen. Yes, far from it. The valley was tough and I will be prepared for it in the future. In the Schwanenbach, about halfway through the Gasthaus Lamm. Past the Schindelloch to the Mooshof from 1717. After this farm there is a gravel path over to Holops. The path leads through beautiful forest, hardly any view. Up here - Holops - you have a nice view. Now it's back on asphalt towards St. Georgen. The Gasthaus Staude is on the way. Past the high forest to the Obersteinhalden. There made a pan on the left to come out at the Vorderer Christbaunerhof. After crossing the B 33, follow the valley cycle path downwards. After 2.3 kilometers right, under the train to Kohlbühl. First on a bike path that then merges onto the state road in Brigach. We follow this road for 2.2 kilometers to the Hirzbauernhof. The Brigach, a source river of the Danube, rises in this courtyard (Brigach and Breg bring the Danube along the way). After returning to the main road, we follow it to the Fuchsfalle and turn right there in the direction of Triberg. After 2.2 kilometers we reach the historical gallows - sign on the road. After a few hundred meters we reach the European watershed Rhine / Danube, cross the street and drive on a gravel road up to the Stöcklewald. Here a hiking home and observation tower. On a gravel path with roots down to the Stöcklewald campground (not a campsite!) Where we turn towards Triberg. After 1.1 kilometers we reach the Gutachquelle - which is actually in the forest - and the Hubertus Chapel. Nice place to take a break, benches available. Once there was a farm here that has gone missing. We continue on the same path and then turn right up the hill and stay on this path to the Kienzlerhansenhof. Across the street and immediately a fantastic view opens up to the Hornisgrinde. Next - be careful not to lose your way here, our goal is the Inselklause near Adelheid. Over the street in the Schwarzenbach which we follow to Reinertonishof. Shortly afterwards right to the NFH Küferhäusle. Follow the path up to the ridge, here a nice view of the Weißenbachtal, opposite is the Rössle ski lift. Continue on the way in the direction of Rohrhardsberg. Past the fern farm, we later reach the valley station of the Rohrhardsberg ski lift. A kiosk invites you to take a break. Continue via Ochsenhof, Schrankenbaum, Schänzlehof up to Gasthaus Schwedenschanze. A breathtaking view is offered here. The area is also called Heiliggeistloch. From now on the roads get worse, sometimes with rubble, sometimes with roots and yes, sometimes with everything. So it goes over the Yacher Höhe on the Yacher Höhenweg to the Dohrerbühlhütte which is reached after approx. 3.6 kilometers. It is only approx. 360 m to the paragliding launch site south of the Tafelbühl. Wonderful view of the Simonswäldertal and the Feldberg in the background. After another 230 meters we come to the north take-off point with an equally magnificent view over the Elz Valley to the Vosges. One last wobbly piece of descent and we reach a forest path. We follow it again for 2.2 kilometers and drive a very steep climb here - I had to push! - up. Only a few hundred meters and we reach the Hörnleberg. Fantastic 5 star plus view. Via the station path, past the Hörnlebergerhütte, it goes through the Erzenbach to Ober winds. Over the bike path to Elzach through the city and drive over the corner street up to the Biereck. Since I wanted to fill the "Hundred", I wanted to take a swing across Roser's Häldele and Breitebene to Haslach.

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      • September 24, 2021

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