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  1. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    about 4 hours ago

    5.72 mi
    3.0 mph
    625 ft
    600 ft
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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Golden autumn 🍁 has fully applied. Today everyone wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather, the streets were already noisy on the way there 😩 the Gutenberg hiking car park as well, one was already parking on the lawn 😡 (can't be nature lovers). Our tour also led past the Lange Steige hiking car park, there was no more free space where all the people were, “in any case we were almost alone on our tour” we continued to the Goldloch, through Schlatstall, to the small waterfall and to the sintered terraces , but even there the masses weren't around. In any case, we had a dream day of hiking alle everyone stays healthy ’

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      • about an hour ago

  2. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    7 days ago

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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Hello, today we left pretty late and it was worth it. Randecker Maar was still a bit in the fog, we went on to Ochsenwang and when we went in the direction of Breitenstein, Klara showed something again ⛅️ There were a lot of hiking groups on the way today (mostly on the Breitenstein), we had a great view, then a dark one Cloud haunted - but this one was harmless. Actually, the sculpture trail should be included in our planning, but we didn't see anything 🙄 maybe Manfred can help das then the Schopflocher Moor and, whoosh, this tour was over again. Greetings to all hikers 🙋🙋‍♀️

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      • 7 days ago

  3. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    October 17, 2020

    4.16 mi
    3.6 mph
    575 ft
    550 ft
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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Today a leisurely round only on paved paths ☺️ also Klara 🌞 occasionally came across 😎 with a beautiful view of Altbach, past the horse paddock and the Christmas roast a great playground for the little ones, really very relaxed this tour 😎

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      • October 17, 2020

  4. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    October 13, 2020

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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Inspired by Matze Kniewel, today we went to Sulzburg from Erkenbrechtsweiler, thank you very much for sharing 🙏 My dear Scholli, that was maybe a tour, on Betzenjörgfels a great view, the Höllenlöcher von Hochwang impressive, the zigzag descent 😲 the recording only shows straight ahead🤣 you had to be careful, further down it got a bit muddy, we just took a tippel step 😅 arrived at the Sulzburg we were happy about the view 🤗 of course we stopped at the Sulzburghof, onion tarts and new wine, Öpchen preferred the sweet . So now it went on and if you go down you have to go up again 🤪and the ascent was not so easy, we are no longer 30 😉☺️or it was due to the stop that we were a little out of breath, but already forgot, it was a great tour anyway 🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♀️

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      • October 13, 2020

  5. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    October 12, 2020

    6.19 mi
    3.1 mph
    950 ft
    875 ft
    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Beuren is always worth a hike 🥾😁Start and end at the open-air museum hiking car park. First we went to our favorite place 🤩 (viewpoint under the Engelberg) you have a great view. We continued through the vineyards to Beuren. A thick rain cloud came at the ski hut, so we waited until the rain 🌧 was over, not bad, we enjoyed our curd bags during that time 😋 we continued on the Philosophenweg to Hobölle, there you can walk all around with a great view. At the Tobelweiher it started to trickle 💧💧 we were still lucky until we got to the car 🍀 then a shower really started 🤪

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      • October 12, 2020

  6. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    October 11, 2020

    7.57 mi
    3.4 mph
    1,050 ft
    1,050 ft
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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      The tour begins and ends at the Alter Hau hiking car park, it goes to the sculptures path, Naturfreundehaus Strümpfelbach, across the vineyards to Karlstein, the Sandburg vantage point and to Strümpfelbach, from there towards Lobenrot and the hiking car park. From the weather everything was represented, clouds ☁️ rain 🌨 and at the end of the tour Klara 🌤 also showed something. It was great 😉🍁🙋🏼🙋🏼‍♀️

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      • October 11, 2020

  7. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    October 2, 2020

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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Since nothing was planned, we simply went back to the Schurwald 🌳 towards Stumpenhof after lunch. The sun ☀️ passed pretty soon but the temperatures were pleasant. The tree walker (picture 5)) we met again 🤭😁 We walk a lot in this area and it never gets boring 🤓 the new autumn color of the leaves 🍁 is blue 🤗🤣 Most of the time you walk in the forest 😉🥾 also great for cycling 🚲 drive.

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      • October 2, 2020

  8. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    October 1, 2020

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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Housework done🤪Weather still nice ⛅️ off to the forest 🌳 🥾

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      • October 1, 2020

  9. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    September 30, 2020

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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Komoot was again just annoyed when uploading the pictures 😒Pictures 2-8 belong at the end 😩Start and end at the hiking car park Torfgrube, continue over the Schopflocher Moor footbridge, then a short detour to Gußmann and Gutenberger Höhle🦇🦉are closed due to Corona . A little bit back it went to Schopfloch and on to the hiking car park Bahnhöfle. We stopped at the Albengel guest house 🍻 (food was delicious), which is right near the Torfgube car park. 🙋🙋‍♀️

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      • September 30, 2020

  10. Ömchen & Öpchen went for a hike.

    September 27, 2020

    6.17 mi
    2.9 mph
    725 ft
    750 ft
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    1. Ömchen & Öpchen

      Start at the Lobenrot hiking car park. Pictures 3 and 4 belong to the end, when will it finally work 😧 It goes through the beautiful forest 🌳 to the Eichensee. With a bit of luck 🍀 we saw a kingfisher, but no chance for a photo eiter further through the vineyards to the view - natural monument 7 Linden. There was a lot going on at the royal marble run today, the children had a lot of fun and the parents were probably happy to be outside again with the little ones. At the end of the tour the clouds became less and the sun came out, but by then we were already on the way home. Nevertheless it was nice for us again. 🙋🙋‍♀️

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      • September 27, 2020

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