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    1. Cornell

      Today I had a quick afternoon walk. Unfortunately she could not start late because I was stopped. At the beginning of the tour and every now and then very briefly there was a bit of drizzle and then on the last 4 kilometers it was pouring a bit more. But the rain was no reason to end the tour prematurely.Start today was in Schmargendorf at the bus stop 'Salzbrunner road'.
      From here the trail leads along the following striking points: Forckenbeckstraße park and reservoir with Kreuzkirche Wilmersdorf, Kissinger Platz, Salvatorkirche, Kolberger Platz, Berkaer Platz, Schmargendorf town hall, Betty-Hirsch-Platz, the embassy of Qatar, Robert Stolz facility, Forest Grunewald, north shore Grunewaldsee, Hundekehlegraben and Hundekehlefenn, dog canine lake, Steffi Graf Stadium, S-train station Grunewald, Karmielplatz, villa district Grunewald, Hagenplatz, Diana, Rabbit jump and rabbit jump, Koenigssee, Rhoda Erdmann Park, St. Michaels home , Bismarckbrücke, Herthasee, Hubertussee, Paulsborner Brücke, Hochmeisterkirche, Katharina-Heinroth-Grundschule, Chabad Haus, Olivaer Platz, Ludwigkirchplatz with St. Ludwig's Church, Fasanenplatz, Berliner Festspiele in Schaperstraße, Nürnberger Platz and finally ends in the Bavarian Quarter.
      The pictures in the dark are unfortunately not so good or out of focus.

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      • a day ago

  2. Cornell went hiking.

    4 days ago

    1. Cornell

      After my morning visit to my parents in Johannisthal, my father and I drove by car to Strausberg to bring a cousin of my mother to the Altes Kino medical center in Schöneiche for an eye surgery and then drive her back.During the 2 hours wait I made this little round trip through the town Schöneiche near Berlin.

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      • 3 days ago

    1. Cornell

      Today for a change no afternoon hike, but a nice round trip with Mandy, her husband Stephan and the youngest son Till-Lennard. The track was planned by Mandy.The round trip starts in Groß Schulzendorf and leads over the Lindenberg to Jühnsdorf and on to the west bank of the Rangsdorfer See. At the reed belt located here, the NSG Rangsdorfer See, the path leads along to the Seeschule Rangsdorf and to the Rangsdorfer See. Next we went over fields on Glienicke TV tower and continue on the vineyard back to Groß Schulzendorf.Many thanks to Mandy and family for the beautiful Sunday and the great round trip!The recording of Mandy (Wanderpurzel) can be found here:

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Cornell

      Also today I made a short afternoon walk, the 4th in calendar week 7, which ended again in the dark.Start of today's hike is the tram stop 'Marktplatz' the line 88 in Rüdersdorf. From here it goes behind the old tram shed and up to the viewpoint overlooking the open pit Rüdersdorf. In a curve, it goes a bit along the open pit and then down to Kalkberger church.

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      • 7 days ago

  4. Cornell went hiking.


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    1. Cornell

      This short afternoon hike was put together again at short notice and leads from Konradshöhe to the S-Bahn station Tegel.Start was on Falkenplatz in Konradshöhe. From here we went over the Eichelhäherstraße and the Schwarzspechtweg to Bärbelweg, the riverside path along the Havel. At the southern tip of Tegelort, it first goes in eastern direction and later in northern direction along Tegeler See.
      From Barschelplatz residential buildings have to be bypassed via Scharfenberger Str. And Tegelorter Ufer. From the end of the residential area, the Black Trail or the Uferweg is followed by the Tegeler Forst and along the Tegeler See.
      At the Waldhütte, the track 'An der Malche' is turned along the Großer Malchsee and followed by a short detour to the 'Dicken Marie', the oldest tree in Berlin.
      At the Hannah-Höch-Denkmal we hit Tegeler See again. The Tegeler river and the entrance to the Tegeler harbor are crossed over the Tegeler Hafenbrücke. On the Greenwich promenade it goes past the dock Tegel to Kanonenplatz. Through the decorative arch the Borsig dam is followed. Turn in front of the Borsigdamm bridge and along the shore of the Tegeler See lake you return to the Kanonenplatz. Now it is turned into the residential area of Alt-Tegel and reached via Brunowplatz and Brunowstraße the S-Bahn station Tegel, the goal of this tour.

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      • 14/02/2019

  5. Cornell went hiking.


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    1. Cornell

      Today's tour was again a spontaneously planned route to enjoy the sun. After visiting my parents in Johannisthal, this tour started at the crossing Baumschulenstraße / Sonnenallee, at the former border inspection post.It leads first over the Berlin Wall Trail along the Heidekampgraben and through the beautifully landscaped Schulenburg Park with the fairy tale fountain. Then the Sonnenallee is followed to the Ziegrastraße at the Estrel Hotel and the Neukölln Schifffahrtskanal, which is now followed to its mouth in the Landwehr Canal mainly on Weigandufer and Maybachufer. Now the Landwehrkanal is followed. At the Thielenbrücke you change to the Paul-Lincke-Ufer. On this side, the path also leads through the Böcklerpark.
      At the Waterloobrücke the shore side is changed again. About Waterloo shore, Blücherplatz, Tempelhofer shore, past the Museum of Technology and on Schoeneberger shore the path now continues to the park on Gleisdreieck - West Park, in which now inflected. The park is crossed to the exit Kurfürstenstraße and then swung into the Nelly Sachs Park. Then the path leads over the Dennewitzplatz, the Bülowstraße, Frobenstraße, Schwerinstraße and Zietenstraße. The latter meets Winterfeldtstraße. This leads past the Winterfeldtplatz and on to the Bavarian Quarter, where the end of the tour is reached on the Viktoria-Luise-Platz.

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      • 13/02/2019

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    1. Cornell

      Also today again a short and spontaneous tour in the afternoon which also ends again in the dark. In the afternoon, the sun lured me out and on the way the light was partly very good for taking pictures.This time the tour will take you from the Potsdam central station through the Nuthepark to the park Babelsberg, which will enter the Havelhaus and will leave again at the former gatehouse III / Mühlentor to Babelsberg Nord.Outside the park, the path leads to and across the courtyard of the Oberlinhaus and past the Kulturhaus Babelsberg (the former town hall). Then we went over the Weberplatz with its old buildings and the Friedrichskirche and then over the Plantation Square. Passing the Antonius Church, the Park Babelsberg will again be entered at Pförtnerhaus II and wandered through. After passing all major sights in the park, he will leave via the parking bridge to Klein Glienicke.At the hunting lodge park Glienicke Berlin city area and here the district Wannsee is reached.
      Here the path leads along the side of the hunting lodge and through the park. On Königstraße the bus stop 'Schloss Glienicke (Berlin)' and thus the end of this tour is reached.

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      • 11/02/2019

  7. Cornell went hiking.


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    1. Cornell

      After 1 night the short visit ended in Warnitz at noon.The track was recorded with Endomondo.

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      • 09/02/2019

  8. Cornell went hiking.


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    1. Cornell

      This was a spontaneous short visit to a friend in Warnitz (Oberuckersee).The track was recorded with Endomondo.

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      • 09/02/2019

  9. Büchi and 3 others planned a hike.


    16.4 km
    4.8 km/h
    130 m
    120 m
    1. Büchi

      Hello Cornell, Frank and Wilhelm,I am in the JH am Wannsee from the 24th to the 27th of April. And of course, once I'm in Berlin, I'd like to meet you as well (Wilhelm already knows)How about you, Frank and Cornell? Are you in Berlin at the time?
      Of course it is stupid, so during the week, but maybe we will find an appointment together.
      I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to Berlin. This time I'm more about the "green" Berlin, the "touistic" rest I know more or less.

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      • 05/02/2019

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