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▪︎ Ich bin Jan, begeisterter Wanderer, Radfahrer & Bergsteiger aus dem Rheinland
▪︎ Als (fast fertig) gelernter Forstwirt bin ich viel im Wald unterwegs und möchte Euch mit meinen Touren für die heimische Flora und Fauna begeistern und gleichzeitig Wissenswertes über das Ökosystem Wald vermitteln
▪︎ Am liebsten bin ich in den Alpen unterwegs, dabei zählt das Allgäu zu meinen Lieblingsregionen
der.buechi.komoot@gmail.com youtube.com/channel/UCbydKHfi2CJBjdQgN-2V21A*** Abkürzungen ***
DAV: Deutscher Alpenverein
- SK: Sektion Köln
E = Etappe
ERZBK: Erzbistum Köln
EXK = Exkursion
FBZ = Forstliches Bildungszentrum
H = Haltestelle
KWT = Kleinwalsertal (Vorarlberg 🇦🇹)
NLP = Nationalpark
- HBW: Hamburgisches Wattenmeer
- NSW: Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer
NRW: Nordrhein-Westfalen
NSG = Naturschutzgebiet
- KW: Knechtstedener Wald
RRR = RadRegionRheinland (Thementouren)
SW = Staffelwanderung (komoot)

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8,031 mi

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  1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠 went for a bike ride.

    3 days ago

    8.43 mi
    12.2 mph
    100 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      FROM NATURE # 1 - Species science floraToday I put my promise into practice. This is how this tour came about.So far I have repeatedly addressed topics from nature, the environment and the forest. This is the first tour where the focus is on experiencing nature.
      Today's tour is mainly about species science in the area of flora (plants).
      I hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures and look forward to further tours where I can bring you closer to the forest and other topics.I hope at least you can see the captions ...The corresponding collection:

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      • 3 days ago

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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      Today I picked up my bike from work. Due to the constant rain, I left it yesterday.
      Today it stayed dry and it was a reasonably nice hike to Delhoven. In the end, I spontaneously decided on the X3 (Hackenbroich & Chorbusch) instead of hiking through the fir bush.
      [If you have any comments: NO, I didn't follow the X3 100% and YES, I was also on the way to Cologne city area ...]

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      • 4 days ago

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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      Another round through the heather.I think I've never been so often on foot in the heather as in the first half of 2021 ... 🙈😂😂

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      • 5 days ago

    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      NSG Zonser Grind & NSG Urdenbacher KämpeWeather: ☀️Info and tour description:
      Today I wanted to leave the car behind and decided to take a tour in front of the front door.
      So I hiked through the Zonser Grind nature reserve and the Urdenbacher Kämpe nature reserve. I could see the typical Lower Rhine landscape (NSG Zonser Grind) and typical meadow landscape (NSG Urdenbacher Kämpe) in direct contrast.Due to the spatial separation by the Rhine, this tour has probably not yet taken place.[The twittering of birds can be found on YouTube ⬇️]The YouTube 🎥:

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      NLP Eifel | Dreiborn plateau, Urftsee & VogelsangWeather: ☀️🌤Start: 🅿️ Walberhof / 9:35 a.m.
      Interim destination: Urft dam / 10:50 a.m.
      Destination: 🅿️ Walberhof / 2:45 p.m.
      Info and tour description:
      We started at the 🅿️ Walberhof.
      We reached our first destination, the desert of Wollseifen, very quickly. From here it went on to the Urft dam. We hiked on past Urftsee to the Victor Neels Bridge. From here it went through the former NS Ordensburg Vogelsang and further into the Morsbachtal.
      At the Eifel-Blick Modenhübel we had a nice view of the surrounding area before we went back to the starting point.
      A nice tour through the national park with the highlights of the Dreiborn plateau, desert wool soaps, Urftsee and the former NS Ordensburg Vogelsang.That was donation hike number 2. 😉👍🏻Markus' tour:
      The corresponding collection:
      More links:

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      • May 9, 2021

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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      Altenahr | Engelsley, Teufelsley, Ümerich & HornbergWeather: ☀️🌤☁️Start: 🅿️ Martinshütte / 7:30 a.m.
      Interim destination: Ümerich / 10:20 a.m.
      Destination: 🅿️ Martinshütte / 1:25 p.m.
      Info and tour description:
      I started in the Martinshütte car park. From here I hiked to Are Castle.
      Further on the ridge path it went to Engelsley North and South. Then I hiked uphill to Teufelsley before going downhill again to Reimerzhoven. From Laach the next ascent to the Mohrenkopf and Ümerich followed and again a descent to Mayschoss. From here the largest ascent to the Schrock to the Hornberg took place. I hiked over the Lingenberg to Kreuzberg.
      Finally there was a rather harmless "alpine" passage below the Ditschhardt back to the parking lot.
      The altitude difference was the first goal, the second goal was to cross the Engelsley and the third and most important goal was to collect donations (komoot.de/user/draussencrew?ref=amk)! 😉A great lap, even if I had to improvise a little in between because of the closed bridge. So it has become a kilometer more.
      If you walk the last part from Kreuzberg at the beginning, the tour will get a 💯% hiking recommendation from me!
      The corresponding collection:
      The Relive 🎥:
      Instagram post:
      More links:
      - altenahr-ahr.de/de/wissenswertes

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      • May 8, 2021

  7. Büchi (Jan) 🤠 went for a bike ride.

    May 5, 2021

    11.2 mi
    10.9 mph
    275 ft
    300 ft
    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      Stormy 🌬 and a lot of headwind ...
      Now and then a few drops 💧 from above ...

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      • May 5, 2021

  8. Büchi (Jan) 🤠 went for a bike ride.

    May 3, 2021

    11.3 mi
    10.2 mph
    150 ft
    150 ft
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    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      This morning there was a great atmosphere again .... 😍

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      • May 3, 2021

    1. Büchi (Jan) 🤠

      On the go looking for herbs and plants in the forest

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      • May 2, 2021

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