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  1. hallunke went for a bike ride.


    1. hallunke

      Perhaps the penultimate bakery tour this year.
      In the meantime, I have not disappeared, I have not had much time.
      Since November I'm sitting in a course on 3D graphics. Highly interesting, demanding, exciting - if we had had such wonderful tools in my active working life (toy designer) ...
      As a sample, some pictures of virtual realities (that is, where I am NOT long gone today).
      The connoisseur will notice that e.g. The Mont Saint Michel is completely wrong in the bay, but for my purposes, that was fine (+ in virtual reality it's just a turn around a mountain).
      Connoisseurs will continue to notice the photo (with the ship - Port Seton) in the interior. I did not copy that from a well-known bike video, I was there myself in 2010, long before I knew anything about Danny MacAskill.
      I would like to have a virtual mountain bike integrated somewhere in the scene, but there I still have to tinker. But the current BIKE lies on a shelf in the entrance area ...
      On the terrace there is a table that I had seen in a holiday home in Holland (Domburg).
      Enough virtual fuss - back to reality? Well, the bread roll this morning went little Christmassy through the pouring rain, I was soaking wet (the rolls too).
      Since I prefer to escape again into the virtual:
      Happy Christmas to you all
      stay healthy
      stays athletic
      remains mountain biker (cyclists, hikers, whatever you like ...)
      stays curious and interested
      stay as you are

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      • 24/12/2018

  2. hallunke went mountain biking.


    1. hallunke

      For about four weeks, I am in a pretty nice, but also a little time-consuming training. Since I drive in the morning just in the dark the few miles every now and then back in the dark.
      Today we had fifteen minutes earlier, almost it was still light (well, a little) - came out is a short round in the Saalkreis ...

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      • 14/12/2018

  3. hallunke went mountain biking.


    28.5 km
    19.8 km/h
    320 m
    330 m
    1. hallunke

      At the moment it gets dark so fast, during the week I'm almost in the dark on the bike (so to speak, the round trip to the current "job").
      There were a few other things going on today, but in the afternoon there was still a small window of opportunity. So did not think long and go - and it was just fine, just came back at the last light of day (but I would have had the lamp in my backpack).
      Nice tour, some ways I knew so far only as a pedestrian ...

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      • 25/11/2018

  4. hallunke went hiking.


    8.20 km
    5.5 km/h
    120 m
    130 m
    1. hallunke

      ... and in the afternoon we went out again to Tarnewitz. Here is a new harbor complex with marina and fishing port emerged.
      The nature reserve Tarnewitzer Huk has experienced many decades of military use, unfortunately, the area is still contaminated with old ammunition and therefore completely blocked.

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      • 18/11/2018

  5. hallunke went hiking.


    10.8 km
    4.3 km/h
    110 m
    120 m
    1. BlauFleckenQueen

      Oh, on the Baltic coast 😀

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      • 18/11/2018

  6. hallunke and Dublee went mountain biking.


    49.0 km
    21.4 km/h
    360 m
    360 m
    1. hallunke

      Today, the 13th Auewald MBO took place south of Leipzig. Teams of two had to find several hiding places within a given time. There were different rating points, with timeout there would have been point deduction.
      We were allowed to start at 11:10 (not 11:11 clock) - punctually at the start began a short rain, since the card was already softened). Then we scurried through the terrain around the new Tagebauseen.
      Note on the Apelstones:
      A certain Dr. Apel left in the 19th century. Erect 48 such stones to commemorate the Battle of Leipzig. Some of these Apel stones were immediately incorporated as a guide for the search.
      Good idea, even with a historical background, but also for the search itself.
      Oh yes, we made it to the minute, could also prove some found hiding places and in between the rain stopped too.
      So a completely successful event.

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      • 11/11/2018

  7. hallunke went for a bike ride.


    29.1 km
    17.6 km/h
    260 m
    260 m
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    1. hallunke

      ... just roles, today, must be.
      some comments:
      1. Holleben:
      elongated street village with always a lot of traffic. On a parallel street are the village church with beautiful paintings in the interior, then a beautiful old watermill and even the castle with a shell room from the baroque (is not always open).
      2. Art in construction:
      I do not know exactly whether this work of art at a local service point should point out the confusion in dealing with public administrations ...
      3. University campus on Heiderand:
      here has the Martin Luther University u.a. a geological faculty, the Institute of Physics, the University and State Library, the Institute of Agricultural and Nutrition Sciences, etc., etc. and also this greenhouse for research purposes on various plant varieties.

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      • 09/11/2018

  8. hallunke and Merseburger went mountain biking.


    74.3 km
    17.4 km/h
    530 m
    540 m
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    1. hallunke

      Today again a meeting with Udo to a tour in the floodplain between Merseburg and Leipzig.
      Meeting point was the Neumarktbrücke in Merseburg, since I had already 17 km on the clock. Udo brought the "bonsai" from Merseburg, so we were three today.
      We continued on Wallendorfer and Raßnitzer See, past Zweimen, Hordorf etc. direction Domholzschänke. Here a little refreshment, then it went to the way back.
      From Lochau, the Merseburgers turned off to reach Merseburg again south of the Weiße Elster. First I wanted to go straight through the floodplain to Osendorf, but then I drove the beautiful bumpy path to Döllnitz and then made an arc through the park and the Horseshoe Lake Dieskauer.
      A very nice tour with great weather and great riders.

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      • 07/11/2018

  9. hallunke went mountain biking.


    1. hallunke

      Today again in the same direction as yesterday, and even in glorious sunshine. On the way back from Höhnstedt I had then still three kilograms of apples in my backpack.
      And again there was a lot to discover left and right of the way ... and somehow I was dressed too warm (on my speedometer the temperature was 18 ° C, max it should even have been 23 ° C)

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      • 06/11/2018

  10. hallunke went mountain biking.


    47.5 km
    17.9 km/h
    450 m
    430 m
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    1. hallunke

      ... a nice area + the fog makes it even more interesting. Today I have a look at Müllerdorf and tried some ways that I did not know.
      In Müllerdorf there are old agricultural implements everywhere (mostly plows) that point to the Museum Zappendorf / Müllerdorf. The cannon on the pillar is made but from a stovepipe itself ...

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      • 05/11/2018

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Fahre gerne Rad, gerne auch mal übern Berg...
Dabei zeichne ich viele der Radtouren und Wanderungen auf, aber ganz sicher nicht alle (wenn ich z.B. mal schnell in Halle unterwegs bin).
Ansonsten interessiere ich mich für alle Aktivitäten, die Outdoor möglich sind, wie Wandern und besonders Kanufahrten (habe früher Kanu-Slalom trainiert). Kanu könnte ev. auch eine Rubrik hier bei komoot werden!
Sonstige Hobbies: Kultur, Kunst, Musik, Fotografieren...
Ich stamme aus einer Zeit, wo es noch völlig normal war, per Karte zu planen. Dank früherer Motorradaktivitäten bin ich auch ziemlich sicher in der Navigation per "Erinnerung". Komoot ist nun für mich ein Helferlein bei Radtouren und Wanderungen. Man findet schon vorab viele Wege, die man sonst vielleicht gar nicht benutzen würde...
Ich habe inzwischen die schöneren von meinen alten realen Touren per GPX-Import zu den "Gemachten" hinzugefügt. So existiert jetzt eine gewisse Ordnung. Wenn man die jetzt noch an ihr richtiges Datum schieben könnte...
In einer komoot Vorgängerversion gab es die Funktion "Notiz" für Beschreibungen. Das war sehr gut, schade dass sie weggefallen ist. Man kann nun zwar auch Kommentare oder Highlights hierfür nutzen, ganz glücklich finde ich das aber nicht.
Bei meinen Touren also immer noch die Kommentare lesen, meist gibt es hier eine Beschreibung!

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