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    1. Witwe Bolte

      Hike over the southernmost Haßberge, the mountain peaks northwest of Baunach.
      Start / finish is the station of Baunach, attached also a large parking lot.
      # A path is completely impassable between the quadrilateral jump and Reckenneußig, the place must be circulated.
      # From the Jewish cemetery up to the quarry on the Lußberg I took a singletrack. That was not a good idea, in the upper area it did not go on. In the area of the old quarries, the forest seems to be renatured over a large area as a "primeval forest"; You have to work knee-high through abandoned old wood.
      # The off-grid routes have all turned out to be paths or paths. Only when descending from the small runner in the direction SO, you have to improvise in the upper area.
      # In the area of the quadrangle hill and the quarries, I have "looked around" a lot.
      # About 2/3 of the way leads through the forest.
      # Very nice is the trail over the Stiefenberg with the castle stable Stufenberg.
      For interested parties, I also verified a planned hike because of the two way problems and the "herumschauens" verified.

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      • 06/12/2019

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    1. Witwe Bolte

      A walk with rocks, caves, castles, palaces and lots of forest! The "transit routes" of the plateau between Aufseß and Greifenstein run largely uneventfully through the forest on good paths.Findings:
      1. Between Aufseß and Greifenstein, an imaginary leg turned out to be almost impenetrable afforestation. It has to be circulated.
      2. The off-grid descent from the eastern highlands to the Devil's Hole and the subsequent resurgence have proven to be very difficult. The area is very steep and interspersed with rocky cliffs, paths were not visible. A pity, but I'll skip the devil's hole in the revised tour. Alternatively, interested parties can run the tour of Oberaufseß to Unteraufseß on the state road, then you come right past the Teufelsloch.
      For Nachläufer I make a correspondingly improved planned tour "round hike Aufseß-Greifenstein-Reckendorf (verified)" free.

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      • 05/15/2019

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    1. Witwe Bolte

      Nice hike with some crisp specials.
      The path at Dreiländereck the community border / demolition along the direction Katzenstein grows in some places with Weisdorn. That was not a good idea to get through it. So I change the planned tour at this point and walk around the path through the old section attachment and the old hat.

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      • 04/22/2019

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    8.74 mi
    2.1 mph
    1,325 ft
    1,350 ft
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    1. Witwe Bolte

      Quite a bit longer, exhausting and varied tour of good trails and single trails, with a few meters.
      Once again, I am frustrated that when documenting the tour, the HL of Komoot are not inserted and arranged in the right place between the pictures.
      When exploring the castle stables / section fortifications in the area I have expired this. I clean up and shorten this in the verified planned tour, which I also indemnify.
      > A look into the ring wall on the castle hill, is recommended. Easy and fast to reach from the hiking trail.
      > The off-grid from the forestry path down turns out as Waldwg, only about 100 m blocked hollow path must be circulated.
      > The HL "Telecommunications tower on the Wachknock" can not be integrated by me although I stood next to it.
      > Due to time constraints I had to shorten the loop around the glider runway (just under 2 km). I recommend these strangers in any case! and leave them in the verified scheduled tour, which I also exempt. See
      > From the HL "Friesener Warte" down to the forest exit in front of Wernsdorf, it's a fantastic, altogether 3 km long single trail.
      > Shortly before the finish, the path led through an ultimately impenetrable reed thicket. I'm putting the tour on a bike path.
      That was it. See also planned tour "circular walk Geißfeld-Kälberberg-Friesener waiting-Wernsdorf (verified)".

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      • 05/01/2019

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    1. Witwe Bolte

      Varied hike with long runs in the Nuremberg countryside.
      The longer off-grid above Oberkrummbach is a field or sunken path.

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      • 04/20/2019

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