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About nib!

Vor allem Descendeur!^^Die meisten Kilometer sitz' ich mittlerweile im Sattel von nem ROSE Backroad (BJ2019) und neuerdings auf nem BMC URS. Aber ich komme aus der Mountainbikeecke 😇. Hin und wieder geh' ich auch Wandern.
Meine Homebase ist Mittelfranken, aber ich bin umtriebig ...
FlickrPhotos: flickr.com/photos/nib

Distance travelled

19,846 mi

Time in motion

2097:51 h

Recent Activity
  1. went gravel riding.

    4 days ago

    ❄️ gezuckert & gesalzen - DiAftrWrk

    25.9 mi
    14.4 mph
    600 ft
    625 ft
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    1. It's Tuesday, there's a lot going on in Biro, but what can you do, it would have been dark an hour earlier.

      ... luckily almost no precipitation 🙃.

      .. and luckily the laundry room hose water was 'warm' enough to shower off the frozen dirt.

      ... the URS definitely needs mudguards too!


      Cleaning the hardware

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      4 days ago
  2. went for a bike ride.

    6 days ago

    33.9 mi
    14.8 mph
    1,050 ft
    1,050 ft
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    1. It was actually supposed to stay dry, at least from above, but it didn't quite work.

      In any case, there is a lot of salt lying around on the bike paths, almost unpleasantly loud 😉!


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      6 days ago
  3. went gravel riding.

    7 days ago

    26.4 mi
    14.8 mph
    500 ft
    475 ft
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    1. It looks like the virus has passed me by, at least I was still negative yesterday, i.e. 5 days after definitive contact. 🍀

      There will be another measurement tomorrow.


      I still had a sore throat this morning, but it was supposed to rain again in the afternoon and the rose definitely had to be handed in

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      7 days ago
  4. and went for a hike.

    November 18, 2023

    2.92 mi
    2.0 mph
    300 ft
    275 ft
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    1. We definitely need to get some fresh air, was the announcement.

      Thought about it for a moment, then realized that you could drive almost all the way up to the Friesener Warte by car. So a good plan for a little trip with a walk.

      Worked well ✌🏼

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      November 18, 2023
  5. went gravel riding.

    November 17, 2023

    35.5 mi
    15.3 mph
    1,400 ft
    1,425 ft
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    1. I made it onto the bike shortly after 4 and enjoyed a good half hour of light ✌🏼.

      Also arrived home cold, clean & dry.


      Have a nice weekend everyone.


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      November 17, 2023
  6. and went for a bike ride.

    November 14, 2023

    31.4 mi
    14.1 mph
    800 ft
    775 ft
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    1. But it was about time... to finally bring up this classic again: 🤘🏼






      ... only 20 minutes and we would have stayed mostly dry 🤭😇.

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      November 14, 2023
  7. and went for a hike.

    November 12, 2023

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    1. On to the bright stones! However, it was quite gray at the start, but a bit of blue peeked out every now and then.


      There are a few stories about the cold tree, a little further we found a real battlefield ☠️🧟‍♀️.


      Then, contrary to expectations, came a section with a number of mushrooms. A few fell victim

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      November 12, 2023
  8. went gravel riding.

    November 10, 2023

    27.6 mi
    16.5 mph
    775 ft
    750 ft
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    1. The front mudguard is already on again. However, the thread inlet in the fork is no longer completely tight 🤔, so I immediately ordered a double-chamber syringe Uhu Endfest. But everything still held up.

      Plus it only dripped for 2 minutes otherwise it was dry ✌🏼


      Off to the weekend.

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      November 10, 2023
  9. went gravel riding.

    November 9, 2023

    26.7 mi
    15.1 mph
    775 ft
    750 ft
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    1. So, the bright times are definitely over now and the dark, cold and wet routine is still hidden. 😉

      ... I'm also missing my mudguards, that needs to be corrected very quickly. There aren't any winter tires on it yet and putting on the sauna onesie... well.


      But when I'm in the saddle and on the move.... great 🤘🏼

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      November 9, 2023
  10. went gravel riding.

    November 1, 2023

    69.3 mi
    13.5 mph
    3,900 ft
    3,825 ft
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    1. Driving 111 kms on November 1st was anything but intentional, awesome! 🤘🏼


      The weather ox predicted that the holiday would be nice, so the plan was to drive through the 'last' north-east tiles in 2023, because that doesn't lend itself at all to an after-work tour.


      It was clear to me that it would be dirty

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      November 1, 2023
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