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  1. Trekknik (Niklas) and Sandra_H went for a hike.

    3 days ago

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  2. Trekknik (Niklas) and Sandra_H went for a hike.

    June 6, 2021

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    1. Klaus

      Indestructible the 2… 😜👍👏

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      • June 7, 2021

  3. Trekknik (Niklas) and Sandra_H went for a hike.

    June 3, 2021

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    1. Trekknik (Niklas)

      Today we actually wanted to take a nice bike tour to Düsseldorf and before that I wanted to have a nice jog around the Elfrather See. But what are good plans for? To be thrown overboard because of better plans. Our better plan was to be vaccinated spontaneously on Wednesday! Remaining ramp before the holiday practically. And since the side effects were not absent, we looked for a long walk as an alternative. We were still missing this tour from the hiking guide "Hikes for the Soul" and is really the relaxation tour it is advertised as. Direct hit! So the wedding day can also be spent comfortably. :)

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      • June 3, 2021

  4. Trekknik (Niklas) and Sandra_H went for a hike.

    May 30, 2021

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    1. Klaus

      Finally pictures with blue skies 🌌👍👏

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      • June 1, 2021

  5. Trekknik (Niklas) and 2 others went for a hike.

    May 23, 2021

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    1. Trekknik (Niklas)

      komoot relay hike "1,000 km through NRW" (by Büchi) E49:From Baal to WickrathWeather: sun & clouds in the mix :)Start: Hückelhoven-Baal Bf / 08:45 a.m.
      Destination: M'gladbach-Wickrath train station / 2:30 p.m.
      Info and tour description:
      Today should be more relaxed than yesterday! No rain was announced and the legs weren't tired. Today was Sandra's tour officially (, but her cell phone and Komoot don't harmonize so brilliantly, which is why I started again. So be it.
      The tour didn't start as relaxed as expected ... In Wickrath you have to walk hundreds of meters to reach the other platform safely. So we had to run to catch the train. At least it was then empty ;-)
      The tour itself was very relaxing!
      The first highlight came at Baal: The Haberger Busch is almost a primeval forest and very nice to hike. Erkelenz was also worth seeing and we took a short lunch break in a park. On the outskirts of Erkelenz we then reached the mustard and spice machine. Wonderful, here we stocked up right away ;-)
      In the end we reached Wickrath Castle in the best weather. You don't need to tell anyone that it's nice to look at.
      Now we're through and are looking forward to the next relay hike ;-)
      The corresponding collection:
      The organizer (hats off!): Https://

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      • May 23, 2021

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    1. Trekknik (Niklas)

      komoot relay hike "1,000 km through NRW" (by Büchi) E01:From Emmerich am Rhein to EmpelWeather: ☁️🌧Start: Emmerich am Rhein Bf / 09:30 a.m.
      Destination: Empel-Rees Bf / 1.30 p.m.
      Info and tour description:
      At 8:30 a.m. we arrived in Empel-Rees for the first time and parked our car. Since there is currently no train traffic but only SEV commutes on the right-hand Rhenish Lower Rhine, we decided on a feeder tour by bike ( We've carefully left the bike rack on the car since last weekend.
      And already while cycling we knew that it would not be too much fun in terms of weather. But there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. And since we had the right clothes with us, we didn't let our good mood be taken away.
      So we started in the pouring rain around 9:30 in Emmerich and quickly came across the X1 (Arnheim - Lippstadt) on the Rhine. We followed this path through the next villages and only left it late at Hueht Castle.
      On the way we were able to visit a couple of churches in the Lower Rhine region, which I would particularly like to mention here, because - although they were Catholic - they had raised queer flags. We think that's a great sign!
      There were still other highlights to be found on the rainy tour:
      - Honey house near Praest (unfortunately still empty)
      - Hueht moated castle
      - Haus Empel ruins of a moated castle
      The tour is more suitable for cycling afterwards than for hiking afterwards. But it was a great stage for the relay hike.
      We were very happy to participate again!
      The corresponding collection:
      The organizer (hats off!): Https:// In terms of format, I used Jan. Thank you very much for the organization, the collection, the great descriptions and, and, and ...!

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      • May 22, 2021

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  8. Trekknik (Niklas) and Sandra_H went for a hike.

    May 16, 2021

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    1. Trekknik (Niklas)

      For today's "I like trees day" we have chosen a suitable tour!
      Since we were looking for a relaxation tour at the same time, we were (again) in the book "Hikes for the soul - Wohlfühlwege Niederrhein" (see Collection -wohlfuehlwege-Niederrhein) find what they are looking for. Sandra and I decided on the "refreshment tour" called "Seven Sources - From Damerbruch to Paesmühle" ... A stroke of luck!
      On the one hand, we were extremely lucky with the weather and only got briefly wet. On the other hand, the group today kept the promise made in the book: Refreshment tours invigorate body and soul.
      We were mostly alone and the path led through small forest sections that smelled wonderfully and glowed wonderfully green. Pure spring!
      In addition, there were highlights to discover with the old casino of the air base, today a lost place, and the seven springs area at the Paesmühle.
      With the moderate length of 12.3 km, I can 100% recommend the tour!
      We are already looking forward to the Whitsun weekend when Jan (Büchi's) next hiking season is coming up.
      [* unpaid advertising for the book *]

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      • May 16, 2021

  9. Trekknik (Niklas) and 2 others went for a bike ride.

    May 9, 2021

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