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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      In 1951 Herbert Keller wrote the lyrics for the song:Our home
      these are not just the towns and villages.
      Our home is also all the trees in the forest, our home
      is the grass in the meadow, the grain in the field and the birds
      in the air and the animals of the earth.
      And the fish in the river are home.
      "Our homeland" is one of the most sung songs of the post-war period in eastern Germany and was a song by the pioneer organization Ernst Thälmann. Every child socialized in the GDR learned this song at school and as far as I can remember it was sung with dedication due to its gentle melody, composed by Hans Naumilkat, and the absence of any battle slogans.In the post-reunification period, the song was also adapted and used in various films.When I was exploring Rostock today, I remembered “Our home” and wondered what “home” means to me beyond the mere textual content and: Where is my home located?
      I also wondered what it means for people to feel homeless. Is home where you live?
      I will have to take a few more steps on my way to answer these questions for myself.

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    4 days ago

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      And which worlds do you know and experience?The world
      ... of birth,
      ... of life,
      ... transience,
      ... the chronology,
      ... the symmetry,
      ... the colors,
      ... of flowing,
      ... the silent one,
      ... of the noise,
      ... the languages,
      ... the feelings,
      ... the plants,
      ... the noises,
      ... the animals,
      ... of survival,
      ... of the wind,
      ... of the rain,
      ... the sun,
      ... the human,
      ... the communication,
      ... the beauty,
      ... the perfection,
      ... the Wonder,

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      And which languages do you know and live in?The language
      ... of the things,
      ... of the mind,
      ... the animals,
      ... of the love,
      ... medicine,
      ... the politician,
      ... the economy,
      ... the herd,
      ... the unit,
      ... the prophet,
      ... the music,
      ... the painting,
      ... of violence,
      ... the future,
      ... the youth,
      ... the nature,
      ... the plants,
      ... the birds,
      ... of faith

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    July 7, 2020

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    July 6, 2020

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      So that the thoughts come to rest.

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      • July 6, 2020

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    July 5, 2020

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      "Anyone who hears Bautzen thinks of jail!" Wrote a Saxon regional newspaper in summer 1999.And this thought had manifested itself in me for many years.
      I sensed that I would not do justice to this exclusive perspective of the 1000 year old city. Nevertheless, three decades after the peaceful revolution had to pass before I set out to discover Bautzen in all its diversity.
      Actually, I had only planned a tour of the medieval town center, and yet it didn't leave me in peace to want to know how the history of Bautzen l and ll prisons is thought - the culture of remembrance is cultivated at this place of remembrance.The quite modern concept of the culture of remembrance describes the “history in memory”. It is a collectively shared knowledge of the past, which carries the peculiarities of groups in their consciousness over generations.The partly very magnificent buildings in the city center have a proud, sublime character. I find it interesting that the sculptures u. a. of angels, gods and sun symbols are never at eye level. You have to raise your eyes to be able to see the figures that appear to float above everything, apparently on the walls of the house. Each tower is a castle in its own right.The memorial is surrounded by huge mansions, where formerly prison workers and the architecturally imposing courthouse used to live.
      In today's times when u. a. as a consequence of remembering, renaming streets, tearing down buildings and falling sculptures, there is a violent dispute as to how “correct” remembering works.
      What works in this memorial. It does not need extensive explanations about the injustice system. Every cell, every grid, every outdoor courtyard lets you feel how history was made here.
      It is a place for quiet tracing, and yet the injustice that has happened to the politically persecuted cries out loud even after 30 years.
      Here in Bautzen, at this place of remembrance, a culture of remembrance is developing.

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      • July 5, 2020

  7. Alex.spielt.Cello and Tbrnds went for a hike.

    June 30, 2020

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      Just as it is hopefully granted to many people to go through the natural stages of life well-accompanied by maturation to (hopefully) reasonable adults - individual phases also include the expression of very special preferences, which one lives out extremely enthusiastically.During my youth z. B. I was violently struck by a blue color phase. "Wanderer" remembered yesterday in a commentary on her own "blue phase" and I experienced this as well.
      In addition, a clique was founded from a group of pubescent girls that did not exist in a very stable manner. No, we did not inflict wounds on ourselves, so that we could become blood sisters based on the beloved Indian films. We were given a note signed by all the candidates that they were now part of the "click". In these busy times, friendships with girls ended more quickly than the ink in the signatures dried.
      And last but not least, my taste in music at the time was quite strange.
      During my studies, I developed a preference for silent films from the 1920s.
      The great mess of my silent film heroes, who accompanied me through my childhood and early adolescence and made me laugh a lot, now increasingly gave way to the confrontation with the foreshadowing cinema films of the Weimar period.
      Seeing the one-hour silent film "The Symphony of the Big City", underlaid with the original orchestrated film music from 2007, later opened up a hitherto unknown view of my Berlin.
      The Russian filmmaker Dsiga Wertow documented his view of 24 hours of everyday life in a Russian city with "The Man with the Camera" in 1929, just as Walther Ruttmann had two years earlier when Berlin woke up in the morning, the lively, almost hysterical day-to-day activity and that came to rest filmed the city after a wildly sinful nightlife.
      Today's path led Torsten and me, in accordance with the musically and figuratively separated sections of the "Großstadtsinfonie", from the first gentle steps through the concentrated and constant strolling, including smaller breaks in the collection, to the happy ending of a very varied hike through flora and fauna, Urban and rural.“The City Symphony” follows its own, lively meter, has its oscillation between serene calm and hectic activity, is relaxed between the silence in the intimate small room and the large background noise of a pulsating, intense life. Being a resident of this city can create a feeling of great loneliness, but also one of great connection - living in the midst of a colorful community.

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      • June 30, 2020

  8. Tbrnds and 2 others went for a hike.

    June 30, 2020

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    1. Tbrnds

      Fontane writes:It is reflected in your stream
      Landmarks, castles, palaces, domes:
      The Julius Tower, the fairy tales and legends
      Until back in Roman times,
      The Schildhorn, where, conquered in a fight,
      Prince Jazko dedicated himself to the Christian god,
      Harlunger Berg, the topmost place
      Our first chapel carried foresight
      The Plauer Schloß, where shivering in the morning
      Hans Quitzow was hidden in the reed bed,
      The peacock island in the dark
      Johannes Kunkel glowed ruby glass
      Babelsberg Castle and “Tegel Castle
      Nymphs, swans, flashing sails,
      Whether red brick, whether stone gray,
      You transfigure it, Havel, in your blue.
      At the Spandau S-Bahn station, we took over the baton from Karen and Cornell, who provided us with this wonderful starting point.For us it went along the Havel over the Tiefenwerder meadows, through the Teufels- and Postfenn, on the Drachenberg, on the Teufelsberg, along the Teufelssee, over the Karlsberg, past the Grunewald tower, over the Havelhöhenweg, along the Strandbad Wannsee and then we made another round on the island of Schwanenwerder.Overall a great tour - Alpine and Mediterranean Berlin.You can find Alexandra's tour here:

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      • June 30, 2020

  9. Alex.spielt.Cello went for a hike.

    June 28, 2020

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      "Like that in Schöneberg
      So common is ... "
      Yes, and what else did Marlene Dietrich remember when she thought of a month long ago in Schöneberg, corresponding to her role in the operetta "Like Once in May", written in 1913?
      She went to Nollendorfplatz, where Claire Waldorf played, to the famous Cafe Woertz and to the cinema. She got her first bike, was happy about an autograph from the artist Valentino Casal and she: kissed, kissed, kissed.
      In the Nollendorfkiez the girls kissed the boys and boys the boys and girls kissed the girls - and not just in secret. They also met in many locations that bore such auspicious names as: "Geisha - The really intimate place of all friends", "DéDé - The night bar of the gentleman, nights without women" and "La Garçonne - lesbian bar - gentlemen only in Accompanying women ".
      What kind of colorful life can be assumed behind the local names "Original Monmatre-Betrieb", "Die Goldene Kugel" or "Musik-Diele mit Elite-Tage"?
      In Schöneberg, in the area around Nollendorfplatz, there were almost 60 bars and meeting places, which were lively points of contact especially for the gay and lesbian scene at the time of the Weimar Republic.
      The British-American writer Christopher Isherwood lived there during this time and provided the template for the musical "Cabaret" with his autobiographical novel "Goodbye to Berlin".
      Like many other people who had to flee Germany due to their beliefs, descent, political orientation or sexual orientation after Hitler came to power, Isherwood and his partner Heinz Neddermeyer left Berlin in 1933.
      Most of the relevant bars and pubs were closed at the time, converted into SA bars, they fell victim to the destruction caused by the Second World War or had to make way for a new building in the post-war period.
      Today many people come together in the Nollendorfkiez under the symbol of the rainbow: red stands for life, orange for healing, yellow for the sun, green for nature, turquoise for art, blue for harmony and purple for spirituality.Of course, Schöneberg has much more to show, to teach, to explain ... to live.To discover this and more, I set out today.

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      • June 28, 2020

  10. Alex.spielt.Cello went for a hike.

    June 21, 2020

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    1. Alex.spielt.Cello

      No - not all of my clothes!A few days ago I stumbled across the following headline while looking through my morning newspaper reading: Beige interior - a house like porridge.
      What an unappealing color name! So I thought at first.
      Looked at the photos associated with the article and had to recognize: I live in a porridge apartment myself!
      No, I don't carry any porridge childhood trauma with me and my beige living environment is broken by blueberry milk blue, strawberry cake red, waffle cone brown, lots of cotton candy white and a little corn soup yellow.But even the ultimate ice experience in smurf blue for many children evokes a more positive association than the color name of the slimy end product from the mixture of grain and water.Before a painter came to me, I wondered if I shouldn't even paint the walls more creatively than the achromatic color white. I hear from many sides: Nothing works without tinting!
      But no - there are no more colors on my walls such as: "Poetry of Silence - Dignified Light Gray", "Melody of Grace - Subtle Pink Violet" or "Roofs of Paris - Romantic Gray Brown". (What is not all!)
      I committed a true sin of color in my first own student booth. I thought I could upgrade the very small hallway with a color between dark pink and rust red. I had probably seen this color somewhere and hadn't considered the claustrophobic tightness of 3.5 square meters and 2 meters high.
      After that I was cured of daring color experiments for (almost) all times.
      And since I wrote a lot about colors today: You can also hear, taste, smell and feel them.
      Maybe more on that later.
      On my tour today, I had first decided to see them first of all - because: Colorful, yes colorful ... the streets of Berlin.

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      • June 21, 2020

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