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    1. Willigipfel

      Chic rhyming. 😊👍
      Do you have the same shoe size? Great shots.

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      • 08/11/2019

  1. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Today, with the help of Komoot, we re-planned the IVV walk so that we passed the respective checkpoints, but were completely on the other side of the valley, opening up so many new views and beautiful scenery.

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      • 08/04/2019

  2. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


    12.4 mi
    2.9 mph
    1,150 ft
    1,150 ft
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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Today, during our hike in the Franconian Forest, we had some raindrops on our way for the first time in a very long time. And then again immediately powerful sun and with it an immediate significant warming.
      At the start area we met hiking friends from Eggenfelden, who had arrived by bus. How small the world is. 😄

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      • 08/03/2019

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Way back: 37 participants, warm in the sweat, sun ☀️ and clouds ☁️ 25-30 degrees Celsius. Arriving at the destination, the longed for rain 🌧, combined with a small thunderstorm p, set in punctually.

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      • 07/28/2019

  4. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


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    1. Markus

      Route 66❓

      • 07/21/2019

  5. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


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    1. LoKi 🚴

      Who actually pours your flowers at home when you're gone? 😄
      That is not exactly rare ...
      Or do not you have any, because you're always in the countryside while hiking? 😊

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      • 07/21/2019

  6. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Description: Hike in one of the oldest nature reserves in the district of Bamberg. It was already designated as NSG in 1986 and serves to preserve the gorge-like Juratal. We traverse the valley and enjoy silence and undisturbed nature. The steep slopes and rocks in the valley were never used agriculturally. Their openness is due to grazing. On the way back to Heiligenstadt you walk along the Leinleiter.Starting point: Heiligenstadt / parking lot at the entranceTotal length: 11 kmMarking: "Frankenweg" (Heiligenstadt to Leidingshofer Tal), partly local hiking trails "Roter Ring", "Gelb Horizont"Special features: nature reserve Leidingshofer TalRefreshments: Heiligenstadt, VeilbronnWe turn towards the Leinleiter and the center of Heiligenstadt. With a little luck we will see trout in the stream. We follow the signs of the "Frankenweg" which now accompanies us to the Leidingshafer valley and reach the marketplace framed by half-timbered houses. Here we can admire the Easter fountain in the Easter time. A visit to St. Vitus Michael's Church is also worthwhile. We cross the square and keep left towards the main street. We follow the road to the right and turn left into the Steinweg, at the first opportunity on the right up the "Stüchter Berg" until we reach the Wacholderweg via a staircase. This leads us out of the village to a small forest path. After 1.9 kilometers, we leave the road in a curve, turn right into a small green path and walk to the school mill. Here, shortly left and after a few meters right again into the road to Veilbronn. Stay on the road until the Hotel Sponsel-Regus is reached and turn left into the paved road. After 600 meters we leave the road. The "Frankenweg" leads us now into the gorge-like valley of the NSG along the Mathelbach, past an imposing rock face. At the end of the valley we keep sharp right and walk first along the edge of the forest, then through the deciduous forest. A worthwhile detour leads to a viewing pavilion with a view of Veilbronn and the natural monument "Totenstein." Shortly after the detour we leave the "Frankenweg" and follow the mark "Roter Ring" down through the forest back to Veilbronn descend the footpath, turn left at the first possibility and after a few meters turn right into the cycle path in the direction of Heiligenstadt.We follow the cycle path, cross the state road and continue our walk along the Leinleiter direction Heiligenstadt.After about 900 meters we leave the cycle path and Follow the sign "Yellow Level" through Traindorf and continue along the river until we reach Heiligenstadt.

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      • 07/14/2019

  7. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Today we said goodbye and started the way back home. This Sunday with highs of almost 40 ° C will probably stay in the memory of many participants for a long time.

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      • 07/01/2019

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    1. Söhni 🏃

      The Hollfelder Marienweiher pilgrimage is already mentioned in a miracle book by Marienweiher around 1600. This shows that more than 400 years ago, our ancestors visited the pilgrimage site in the Franconian Forest to solicit comfort and help in their concerns. In these records, however, it is not mentioned whether the pilgrims at that time were single pilgrims or groups of pilgrims; nor about whether they came regularly.In old publication books of the parish Hollfeld the pilgrimages to Marienweiher from 1827 are mentioned. Since then, this year has been regarded as the beginning of the annual and regular Marienweiher pilgrimage. Nearly 200 years have passed since then and many people have their concerns and worries carried to Marienweiher during this time and also came back mostly comforted home. A pilgrimage also has a lot to do with fellowship. It is a group of people who set out together. A pilgrimage is a way fellowship, prayer community and faith community. If something socializing is added, this strengthens the community character even more.

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      • 06/29/2019

  9. Söhni 🏃 and Anne went hiking.


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    1. Söhni 🏃

      Today, together with Anne, I have undertaken a pre-migration for a planned tour next year. I was mainly concerned with the scheduling, which are to be considered in addition to the hiking trail. Planned halfway through the tour is a guided castle tour in the Felsenschloss Freienfels, a lunch or coffee break in the idyllic Waldmühle and the visit of three churches as well as short stays at some great vantage points or highlights.

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      • 06/23/2019

About Anne

Wer langsam schlendert, sieht am meisten von der Landschaft.
Sprichwort aus England
An Sommertagen mit günstiger Wetterprognose bewegt sich ein buntes Völkchen hurtig durch Ebene und in Berglandschaft. Es wird gewalkt, gejoggt, geradelt und gewandert - wer zur Spezies des "Homo sportivus" zählt, spult Kilometer und Höhenmeter ab und blickt regelmäßig auf Schrittzähler, Pulsuhr oder Wandernavi, um die Effizienz zu überprüfen. Selten bleibt dabei Zeit, die Landschaft in Augenschein zu nehmen - höchstens, um den nächsten Gipfel anzuvisieren, die Bewölkung zu beobachten oder ein Selfie als Leistungsnachweis für die virtuelle Community zu schießen. Seltene Pflanzen werden dabei eher übersehen und Vogelstimmen durch Gespräche mit AktivitätsgenossInnen oder Musikberieselung überhört. Wie schade! Helmut Qualtinger beschrieb unsere blinde Getriebenheit in seinem "Halbwilden": "Ich hab zwar keine Ahnung, wo ich hinfahr', aber dafür bin ich g'schwinder dort!" Das Schlendern müssten wir heute wieder regelrecht üben. Dabei hilft uns die bewusste Entschleunigung dabei, Stresshormone abzubauen und uns so als ganze Menschen zu beruhigen. Auf dass wir unsere Umgebung wieder in vollen (Atem-)Zügen genießen können!

Anne’s Tour Stats

Distance1,917 mi
Time592:54 h