OUTDOOR-REISEBLOGGERIN MIT HERZBLUT AUS DEM RUHRPOTT 🤗Mein neuester Blogartikel mit ganz vielen Tipps und meinen Erfahrungen zur Trekking-Ausrüstung auf dem Kungsleden und Padjelantaleden in "GREEN ADVENTURES IN DEUTSCHLAND"Das erste Buch, an dem ich mit NRW-Outdoor-Tipps mitgewirkt habe -  „Green Adventures in Deutschland“ ist ganz frisch erschienen im Polyglott Verlag. 🥳 Insgesamt 15 Outdoor-Blogger:innen stellen ganz besondere Naturerlebnisse in Deutschland WEITWANDERUNG AUF DEM ALPE-ADRIA-TRAILIm Herbst 2019 bin ich 750 km vom Großglockner über Kärnten und Slowenien bis nach Muggia an der italienischen Adria gewandert.Eine unvergessliche Erfahrung! Kommt mit und begleitet mich auf den ersten Etappen!Etappe 1-3
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  1. COUCHFLUCHT went for a hike.

    November 21, 2021

    13.8 mi
    2.1 mph
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      My second day on the Wispertaunussteig, and this one too has a lot to offer! Both in terms of the variety and the demands of the hiking trail! 🤩Today I am hiking from Hesse to Rhineland-Palatinate, from the Taunus to the Rheingau and from the Wispertal to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley to the wine village of Lorch am Rhein.From Espenschied I get to a steep forest path very quickly. On the descent I have to be very careful not to slip on the wet autumn leaves, as there could be a slippery root or a slate rock lurking underneath.But I actually make it unscathed to the historic Werkerbrunnen in the Sauerbornbachtal, a covered Sauerbrunnen, to which a narrow and slippery staircase leads down. The fact that the water contains a lot of iron cannot be denied when it comes to the red color, so I would rather forego a tasting.Shortly afterwards I discover the next mystical place: a bat cave, which is somewhat hidden by the stream. 🦇I now hike uphill over enchanted paths and autumnal forests until the Wispertaunussteig really gets me going. It's so steep up a slope that when I get to the top I almost need an oxygen tent. With all the autumn leaves, it is sometimes - even in spite of the numerous markings - to find the right path in some places.At the Blideneck castle ruins, I first plop down on the viewing bench and relax a little from the exertion.As on the day before, the Wispertaunussteig now leads through an enchanted stunted oak forest with moss-covered rock shapes. Then it goes varied over wide fields with Taunus distant views towards Ransel.At the open-air museum (Landmuseum Ransel) there is also a really nice-looking restaurant with a beer garden, which unfortunately was not open.But I actually discovered a vending machine with food for hikers in the small town of Sauerthal and I was all the more happy about the bag of chips I had earned. 😉As soon as I'm out of town, the next ascent is not long in coming. The Wispertaunussteig knows no mercy. 😉 So I shuffle further and further uphill along natural forest paths, but am spoiled with great views of the Sauerburg opposite. The rising November fog that envelops them ensures the matching moody look of this imposing hilltop castle. It's hard to overlook the fact that I've now landed in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site.Through a colorful autumn forest I come to the wide ABC meadow, why is it always called that ... maybe one of you knows? 😊From here, the path to the Nollig nature reserve is not far away. This plateau is a stunning landscape in itself, but is topped by the first view of the Rhine. The view of the Middle Rhine Valley is breathtaking and my anticipation of arriving in the wine village of Lorch skyrockets.I reach the Rhine and Wisperblick pavilion via narrow serpentine paths and cannot get out of taking photos. However, it is now already 5 p.m., so that the bedtime lighting is already switched on in the valley town of Lorch.So, as difficult as I can part with the romantic view, let's go downstairs with me!
      However, I no longer expected a section that could almost compete with an alpine via ferrata. Quickly dug the headlamp out of my backpack, and then slowly and carefully work my way downhill along the steel cables, metal steps and slate rocks.
      If you are not that sure-footed, you can also bypass this passage via an access path to the Rheinsteig.At the defense tower of the Nollig ruins - again and again with great views of the Rhine and Lorch - I finally arrive in the valley with tired legs. The last section of the Wisper, which flows into the Rhine here, finally accompanies me to the banks of the Rhine. The Wispertaunussteig officially ends here, and I congratulate myself on my performance.And now, quickly to the hotel, out of your dirty clothes and off to the next wine tavern, because these great two days of hiking have to be celebrated with a vino!A short, but great and intense hiking experience that I can only recommend! Especially in November, when the woods are so deserted that I can count my encounters with other hikers on one hand!

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      • November 21, 2021

  2. COUCHFLUCHT went for a hike.

    November 20, 2021

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      Say YES to NOvember. 😉 No matter how gray and cloudy the weather outside, no matter how loudly the couch is calling us and the world is taking on ever crazier features, luckily hiking is always possible - and that's a good thing! 🙏This time I have chosen a small but crisp 2-day adventure: the Wispertaunussteig, which officially runs 44 km along the Wisper river from Kemel to Lorch am Rhein.Never heard of it? I haven't either! Better known are the 14 "Wisper Trails" circular hiking trails that have been certified in the Wispertaunus in recent years.Early in the morning I start completely sleepy and still completely without expectations in Kemel and soon reach the somewhat inconspicuous Wisperquelle. Its splashing will be my companion for the next two days, because it meanders sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right, and sometimes below me through the picturesque Wisper Valley.Fortunately, my fears that it will no longer be autumn enough are not confirmed. I am happy about all the splotches of autumn leaves that make the November gray so much more bearableThrough the sleepy village of Wisper with its historic bakery, the Wispertaunussteig now leads me to my first highlight: a kind of ridge path through a rustic forest full of gnarled oaks that certainly have a few stories to tell.After the idyllic Wispersee, I then hike over a beautiful little path through yet another mysterious and mystical forest. The fact that there is no other person here besides me makes it seem a little spooky.Rock formations made of slate and a cave, in which, according to a legend, the "wild female" once lived, make this section of the trail a magical place. But the November days are short and I still have a long way to go. If I want to arrive at my stage destination in the light of day, I have to "get into the pots" a little.So I continue to follow the course of the Wisper, crossing it here and there, over small wooden bridges and doing a few vertical meters on the side. The Wispertaunussteig goes up and down through the Bachtal, so that a little stamina and surefootedness cannot hurt.At the lookout points "Geroldsteiner Tor" and "Dickschieder Fenster" I briefly enjoy the view of Geroldstein and take a breather after the long ascent.Shortly afterwards the character of the path changes and it is no longer so heavily forested. Great views over the meadows, forests and fields of the Taunus lead me past Dickschied.But then on the Spitzley I dive into my absolute favorite piece of forest on the whole Wispertaunussteig. The exciting path between all the slate rock formations is just a dream. Crippled and moss-covered oaks seem to grow out of pretty much every rock and in every exposed place. Incidentally, there are also supposed to be mouflon game here, but unfortunately I couldn't spot any.The last ascent to my stage destination in Espenschied is dragging on, my legs are slowly getting tired and my hunger is becoming louder and louder.And so I am really happy when I reach my long-awaited holiday apartment just in time for dusk and can first recover from this varied, but also really exhausting day of hiking.Let's see what awaits me on tomorrow's stage to Lorch am Rhein. Part 1 has already convinced me! 😊

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      • November 20, 2021

  3. COUCHFLUCHT planned a hike.

    November 5, 2021

    92.0 mi
    2.2 mph
    6,850 ft
    6,275 ft
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      Vastness, silence, unrestrained wild nature - I found all of this on my nine-day tour on the Padjelantaleden north of the Arctic Circle. This tour describes the entire route.You can find all the details about my nine stages in this collection:

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      • November 5, 2021

  4. COUCHFLUCHT planned a hike.

    November 5, 2021

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      The Kungsleden - also known as the Königspfad - is probably Sweden's longest and most famous long-distance hiking trail.You can read how I hiked it in eight days in this collection: -Lapland.

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      • November 5, 2021

  5. COUCHFLUCHT went for a hike.

    October 29, 2021

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      Menno, already the last day in the Vulkaneifel. Little Sabrina doesn't even want to be picked up from the autumn paradise! 😉Today's hike starts again directly at the beautiful Sporthotel Grafenwald in Daun-Gemünden. What a day! It froze at night and there is still hoar frost on the meadows everywhere. The gentle morning mist in combination with the first rays of sunshine creates a magical play of light in the forest. I love it! 🤩As soon as I have reached the bottom of the Lieser, I already start the second stage of the Lieser trail from Daun to Manderscheid. Even on the first day of hiking in the Vulkaneifel I was impressed by this path, and even today I fall for it quickly.It goes back on the usual narrow paths along the slope, while the Lieser winds quietly, flat and gently through the landscape below or next to me or presents itself a little wilder with small rapids.Shortly after the Üdersdorfer Mühle I cross a meadow and hike through an idyllic and varied landscape. Incidentally, the Lieserpfad is identical to the eleventh stage of the Eifelsteig and leads me over small wooden bridges and narrow paths through the Liesertal.At the Blümchesauhütte I take a longer rest on a panoramic lounger that looks far too tempting. Next to me a pretty wooden bridge, in front of me the gentle lapping of the Lieser, the sun shines in my face - that's how it can be endured. 🤩Soon I will reach the Kobeslochhütte, and here there is not only a beautiful view of the Liesertal, but also something very special to discover. A short but steep and very exposed path (secured with wire ropes) leads to the Kobesloch below. This small cave used to serve as a secret hiding place for a farmer's son and vagabond and is still a particularly rustic place today. However, you should definitely only dare to descend if you have a good head for heights and are sure-footed. Even if it's only a few meters, the exposed path is not without it.I am slowly approaching Manderscheid and shortly before the village I meet again at the beautiful Rulandhütte, which I liked so much on our first hike on the VulkaMaar path. With great views of the Oberburg and Niederburg, I finally reach the place and decide to add a piece of the Manderscheider Burgenstieges to it.What a good decision that I have to pat myself on the back for. The dream path here has almost an alpine character, it goes up and down over narrow, exposed and rocky paths. Behind every fork in the road there is a new perspective of the Manderscheider castles. I am absolutely thrilled with all of these postcard motifs and the adventurous route guidance! 🤩At the upper castle I am actually completely alone again and enjoy the view from the tower of the keep of the lower castle opposite and the Lieser, which meanders in the valley. That's nice!And the winding paths along the wooded slopes down to Niederburg are no less fantastic.The Niederburg from the 12th century can be visited for a fee of EUR 3, - which I did as the grand finale of this favorite hike. There is really a lot to discover in the large area of this castle ruin. Not only recommended for fans of the Middle Ages!Ladies and gentlemen: Please make sure to continue hiking🤩 Have fun!Addendum 11/13 : If you are in the mood for more tours for hiking and mountain biking in the Vulkaneifel, I published the detailed article on my blog yesterday. 😊 And here comes the link. Have fun while

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      • October 29, 2021

  6. COUCHFLUCHT went mountain biking.

    October 28, 2021

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      Wide views of the volcanic Eifel, enchanted castle ruins in the middle of the forest, the massive rock formations of the Gerolsteiner Dolomites and lots of forest paths and trails - that's roughly how I could briefly summarize today's mountain bike tour. 😊Since I have never really liked to keep it short, here are a few bonus words. 😉We reach our first destination via beautiful forest, meadow and field paths with wonderful views.
      At the Nerother Kopf at 659 meters you can see the remains of the old Freudenkoppe castle ruins in the middle of the forest. The way the sun shines through the walls amidst the autumnal colored leaves has something of the backdrop of an adventure game. 🤩 Only a few steps away from the listed ruins, we even find a really large cave that invites you to go on a small expedition. The millstone cave made of lava rock was created - as the name suggests - because millstones were once knocked out of the rocky volcanic rock. In any case, a flashlight makes sense if you want to take a closer look at the impressive vault.
      Over a couple of nice trails (attention: it gets really steep here) we drive up to the Dietzenley lookout tower and we are amazed that this is wonderful
      Golden October Day no other people are here. And that although the observation tower is located directly on the Eifelsteig. It is completely quiet and we enjoy the magnificent all-round view of Gerolstein and the Vulkaneifel. And it's not just the view that's special here. About 2,500 years ago there was a Celtic housing estate with pastures on the Dietzenley, which was protected from attacks by ramparts.
      We take a break at the picnic benches and first relax a little from the sweaty climb.On the way to Gerolstein we pass the Burgblick refuge, which immediately reminds me of Sweden. It could just as easily be on the Siljansleden in Dalarna somewhere. 😍 Here in the middle of the limestone and karst rocks of the so-called Gerolsteiner Dolomites, it sits enthroned on a rock massif and offers a great view of the Kasselburg near Gerolstein.In Gerolstein we make a short detour to the Löwenburg and then treat ourselves to a spaghetti ice cream in the sun. After all, the calories have to be destroyed somehow. 😉Our way back to Daun is no longer so heavily forested. Small Eifel villages, idyllic hilly landscapes and mostly paved paths bring us from the Kylltal cycle path to the well-developed Maare-Mosel cycle path. From here on it's a pure pleasure tour that doesn't really require a mountain bike. But that's not tragic. So we arrive back relaxed at the starting point of our tour near Daun. 😊Addendum 11/13 : If you are in the mood for more tours for hiking and mountain biking in the Vulkaneifel, I published the detailed article on my blog yesterday. 😊 And here comes the link. Have fun while

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      • October 28, 2021

  7. COUCHFLUCHT went for a hike.

    October 26, 2021


      Enough sat in front of the laptop, I really have to get out again!It's time to give yourself some real fall overkill. Time for the Vulkaneifel. 🍁🍃🍂For 4 days I am hiking and mountain biking around Daun and already on the first day I experience an almost outrageously splendid explosion of colors.The VulkaMaar trail, which begins in Manderscheid, was voted "Germany's most beautiful hiking trail" in 2021 by the readers of the hiking magazine. And Manuel Andrack also raves about the Lieserpfad, some sections of which are also part of the VulkaMaar path. I am really looking forward to being able to form my own picture. 😊First of all: Please be indulgent with me that the pictures appear here wildly mixed up again. In retrospect, I simply cannot manage to place them in the right places on the track. 🙈 Well, autumn is motley and my mix of pictures, it fits ... 😉The circular hiking trail, which is actually 27.5 kilometers long and can even be walked in two daily stages, starts with a view of the upper and lower castle of Manderscheid. I shortened it a little and adapted it for my day hike without leaving out the most beautiful sections.I already experience the first great panorama from the Balduinshütte, including a little autumnal morning fog. The narrow Lieserpfad is just what I like. Wild, rocky and varied, it goes high above the Lieser, always along the steep slope.The next refuge at the Robertskanzel is not long in coming, and I would like to take a long break from each one of the views.Even a few small, wire rope insured passages on the slate underground now have to be overcome. A little surefootedness can't hurt, but overall everything is very easy to do. In any case, the Lieserpfad on this section on the steep slope is really impressively beautiful and, especially in all the autumn colors, a real treat! 🤩The Germanenbrücke on the way to the Wolfsschlucht was destroyed by the flood, so you have to follow a small diversion. There is a small waterfall to marvel at at the so-called whirlpool pots of the Kleine Kyll.But I found the wild, romantic and enchanted Wolfsschlucht, where the volcanic past of the Eifel is visible, even more impressive. Untouched nature, moss-covered stones and trees, at the end of the gorge large basalt columns in an old quarry.I scramble uphill over rocks on a winding path and really have to be careful not to slip on the slippery stones.After the beautiful view of the Eifel from the Mosenberg vantage point, the next highlight is waiting for me: the Mosenberg volcano adventure park. Volcanic rock used to be mined here, because the Mosenberg is actually an extinct volcano, the history of which you can learn everything about on many information boards. The pebbly surrounding area of the crater has something of a rugged Martian landscape. Pretty impressive!We continue to the almost circular Windborn crater lake, a volcanic crater filled with water. The Vulkaneifel really lives up to its name!
      On the rock formations above, I even enjoy brief summit happiness at the summit cross before I leave the official VulkaMaar path from Bettenfeld and shorten towards Manderscheid.
      I now wander across wide fields and lonely forest paths and hardly ever meet another person. Until I finally come back to the VulkaMaar path behind the Vulkaneifel nature campsite to complete the circle.This section is again identical to the Lieserpfad, which, like at the beginning of the tour, is narrow, adventurous and beautiful. This rocky and exposed trail is just a dream to hike! 🤩Above the Lieser, from the Rulandhütte I can again enjoy fantastic views of the Liesertal and the Manderscheider castles.A well-rounded affair and definitely a top tip if you want to hike in the Vulkaneifel. I'm excited!Addendum 11/13 : If you are in the mood for more tours for hiking and mountain biking in the Vulkaneifel, I published the detailed article on my blog yesterday. 😊 And here comes the link. Have fun while

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      • October 26, 2021

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      A longer mountain bike tour was actually planned for today. Actually, I didn't expect so many great animal encounters either. And that can take a long time for me ... 😉😍In the early morning we start the tour directly at our accommodation, the Sporthotel Grafenwald in Gemünden near Daun.Our first destination, the Gemündener Maar, is still pretty much shrouded in fog, which makes it seem really mystical. The northernmost and smallest of the three Dauner Maars was created, like the other maar lakes, by a volcanic steam explosion. Fascinating how great the density of evidence of the volcanic past is in this region.On the steep ascent to the 561 meter high Mäuseberg we work up a sweat and hope for a great view as a reward. Unfortunately, because of the fog, we can't see anything from the listed Dronketurm and can only guess at the panorama.Shortly after the descent from the plateau on a beautiful single trail, I am more than compensated for the first disappointment. A large herd of goats grazes at our feet and makes my heart leap. Some enjoy the idyllic distant view, others are more interested in my cell phone and want to nibble on it right away. 😉After I can finally part with them, we cross a meadow with a view of the maar and drive over trails, forest and field paths down to Lieser in the direction of Üdersdorf. At the Tettscheider Waldsee we first take a little break, as it is far too idyllic here to just continue. The refuge by the lake has an almost Swedish flair.Our next stop is the mountain bike trail park "Koulshore". Behind the name, which is composed of the Eifel dialect term "Koul" for lava pit and the English word "Shore", there are technically tricky single trails with many wooden Northshore elements. In itself a guarantee for fast-paced action with curves, jumps and a pump track. However, we are admittedly a little disappointed at how much the site has been neglected. Everything seems a little neglected, as if nobody really cares about the maintenance of the cool trail park and driving technique course. It's a shame!So we drive back towards Dauner Maare and enjoy a great view of the Schalkenmehrener Maar from above.Schalkenmehren itself is a cute little Eifel village with a few half-timbered houses, nice cafes and restaurants. A high path leads to the so-called Maarsattel, a hill between the Schalkenmehrener and Weinfelder Maar. Time to enjoy beautiful views over the "eyes of the Eifel" again.As we are now near the Dronketurm again, we decide to make a second attempt to be able to admire the panorama without fog. And when we follow the single trail in the familiar direction, I can hardly believe my eyes. Instead of the herd of goats, a larger group of donkeys is now waiting for us, grazing in the same place. No more trace of the goats. The donkeys let me freak out, however, and we start off with a longer photo and petting session, which the donkeys even seem to really enjoy. And of course I even more so.To top it off, we can now enjoy the wonderful view of the maar in all the intense autumn colors from the Dronketurm. Wow!A small but nice tour that I can absolutely recommend to you! 🤩ADDENDUM 13.11. : If you are in the mood for more tours for hiking and mountain biking in the Vulkaneifel, I published the detailed article on my blog yesterday. 😊 And here comes the link. Have fun while

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      • October 27, 2021

  9. COUCHFLUCHT went for a hike.

    October 9, 2021

    8.52 mi
    2.4 mph
    75 ft
    475 ft
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      Ok, the time has come. This is my last stage on the Kungsleden, and admittedly I am quite melancholy and wistful when I leave Abiskojaure in the morning. The weather also depresses my mood, it rains sometimes more, sometimes less. And to be honest, it's not that I'm particularly looking forward to civilization.I don't feel like turning my phone back on later and seeing 6459504580 unread messages. I still haven't had enough of the landscape, all the reindeer, boardwalks and the incomparable atmosphere in the mountains.But it doesn't help, I have to go and slowly trot towards Abisko. It's amazing what's going on on this very first official stage of the Kungsleden. Suddenly the boardwalks even have two tracks, and I really have to smile. Probably right before left also applies here ... 😂.I walk past a small Sami village and enjoy the creaking sound of the wooden walkways under my feet one last time. The mountains slowly fade behind me, while the birch forest is getting thicker and thicker, and the path leads me right along the thundering river for most of the time.At the last meditation place I have another wonderful view and take a longer break. Maybe a little bit, so that my Kungsleden adventure doesn't end too quickly ...Unfortunately it doesn't take long before the river gets wilder and wilder and finally narrows to Abiskojakka Canyon. Pretty impressive and beautiful!Well, and then a short time later I'm actually at the official start or, for me, end point of the Kungsleden. Strange feeling. Slightly irritated, but overjoyed in spite of everything, I march towards the huge STF mountain station in Abisko.And what do I see and hear first? Cars!!! Two pieces! 🙈 You can't imagine what a strange feeling it is when you suddenly stumble back into civilization. But I admit: I'm still really looking forward to the shower, a comfortable bed and dinner!So that's it of my Lapland adventures!
      I tell you, it was unforgettable, and I already miss this intense time as hell ... 😍🙏. At the same time, I am extremely grateful that I was allowed to have this experience!
      Do you still have questions?

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      • October 9, 2021

  10. COUCHFLUCHT went for a hike.

    October 8, 2021

    12.6 mi
    2.3 mph
    275 ft
    1,225 ft
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      This is the longest of my eight stages on the Kungsleden. Normally I could have shortened the first four kilometers along the Alesjaure river bank with an STF water taxi, but that no longer drove due to the end of the season.But that wasn't bad at all. On the contrary! I found the route along the lake simply fantastic 😍. Well, ok, it was hideously muddy and boggy, but the views were amazing!And that generally applies to the whole stage. It is one of my absolute favorites on the Kungsleden. I think that day I took most of the photos during my entire time in Lapland - I was so fascinated by the landscape and once again by these intensely bright colors. So this is just a mini selection of my photo yield of the day 😂.For the first 15 kilometers of the stage I practically only hiked past lakes, first on Alisjavri, then on Radujavri and finally on Ahpparjavri. All of them practically merged, and one was more beautiful than the other.Otherwise I couldn't get enough of the vastness of this unbelievable and surreal landscape. I became more and more melancholy because that was my penultimate stage on the Kungsleden.Towards the end of the route I cross the tree line again and it becomes more and more wooded on the way to Abiskojaure. I walk past a wild and deeply cut, impressive gorge and suddenly I'm already in Abisko National Park.Slowly my feet are also getting in touch and I'm really happy when I find what is by far the BEST shop on Kungsleden in the Abiskojaure hut. I have to control myself not to buy the whole shop empty while the owner just grins in amusement because I keep screaming enthusiastically that there are still chips and co. Here at the end of the season. 😉Somehow I lost the feeling of satiety on this tour anyway. I can neither get enough of the food nor enough of the landscape ... 😉🤩😂.

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      • October 8, 2021

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