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  1. Starmbi planned a hike.

    October 15, 2020

    6.12 mi
    2.3 mph
    425 ft
    425 ft
  2. Starmbi went for a hike.

    October 13, 2020

    6.49 mi
    3.1 mph
    350 ft
    200 ft
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  3. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    April 17, 2020

    7.84 mi
    11.6 mph
    50 ft
    100 ft
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  4. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    August 30, 2019

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    1. Kosmetik

      And again past us 😱

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      • August 31, 2019

  5. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    August 24, 2019

    19.9 mi
    9.7 mph
    250 ft
    225 ft
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    1. Starmbi

      The botanical garden is a real highlight.
      If you are even a little interested in plants
      (And if it's just the starter salad :-) should definitely stop by.
      There are plants from all over the world in 2 greenhouses, the plant dome and on the park-like terrain.
      Admission is free.
      On botanischergarten.hhu.de
      you can inform yourself about guides.

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      • August 28, 2019

  6. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    June 22, 2019

    19.9 mi
    8.4 mph
    425 ft
    350 ft
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    1. Starmbi

      Time drove the parallel route through the Urdenbacher Kämpe. Significantly more pleasant to drive from the surface!
      However, returning to the original path - planned by Komoot - is an impertinence. See Figure 10. Bicycle must be carried uphill over tree trunks and arms / legs burned by stinging nettles.
      Better before over the bridge (picture 9) back to the original way.

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      • June 22, 2019

  7. Starmbi went on a Tour.

    June 20, 2019

    5.21 mi
    6.4 mph
    75 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Starmbi

      Should actually be a longer tour.
      Because of rain but was only after the fabled Myriameterstein gesucht.😉

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      • June 20, 2019

  8. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    June 11, 2019

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  9. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    June 10, 2019

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    1. Starmbi

      Difficult route: you will have to carry your bike! ;-)
      Background to this route:
      The route between Cologne and Dormagen leads only via the B9, because the Bayer plant is "in the way".
      Now I found an unfortunately undocumented route, where a commuter "drove" through the factory.
      Only after much persuasion Komoot let me tinker this route. Now I know why!
      Parallel to the train tracks you have to cross it once. This is only possible over a bridge!
      See cover picture.
      So carry the bike (over 20kg with pockets) up and down on the other side.
      For road cyclists with their 10kg racers maybe an option, for me as a commuter rather not, although the way is very well maintained and also more beautiful than it comes in the photos' over.

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      • June 10, 2019

  10. Starmbi went for a bike ride.

    May 22, 2019

    20.0 mi
    13.0 mph
    350 ft
    350 ft
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