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2,499 mi

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956:48 h

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  1. Juschu went on a Tour.

    3 days ago

    Sigmarswangen ⛅️NW👟🦯🦯Ein Stück 🏠ums und durchs 🏡Dorf

    2.99 mi
    3.7 mph
    125 ft
    125 ft
    1. Juschu

      Since the weather ⛅️ still looked promising today after we were back home 🏡, I decided to do a little fitness 🦯👟🦯 lap. And so it went out of our village 🏘 past meadows and fields and back to Sigmarswangen. Had a nice little chat in front of our shop 🛒 and then off home 🏡!

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      • 3 days ago

    1. Juschu

      First of all, the time ⏰ and the average can't 🤷 ♀️ be right! But whatever, it can't be changed.

      Today we did 3 things in one fell swoop. I had a vaccination appointment, Jürgen had a dentist appointment and 2 packages should go on the journey! I was done super fast and still had quite some time until

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      • 3 days ago

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    1. Juschu

      Most wonderful 🌤🌞 weather this afternoon, which made you want to 🥾 walk a tour from the front door. Since I still have to walk alone at the moment, I thought about going on a hike 🥾 this time! First I walked to the hiking car park 🅿️ and then through the Stumpenwald to the Eichwaldhütte and on to

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      • September 21, 2022

  3. Juschu went for a hike.

    September 14, 2022

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    1. Juschu

      Today Jürgen 🧍 ♂️ had to go to Tübingen again for an appointment. And of course I 🧍🏼‍♀️ rode with us, especially since our Steffi offered to drive us there 🚗 and pick us up again😊! Was great! 👍🏻Since it will take longer today, I picked out a small tour around the university clinics 🏥 and changed

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      • September 14, 2022

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    1. Juschu

      This morning we had an appointment in Tübingen, quite early, so that afterwards we decided to hike from 🅿️ Castle 🏰 Hohenentringen. The weather was great again today 🌞. Haven't walked there for over 2 years and we wanted to see if our tree 🌲 is doing well. So we ran 🥾🥾 through the Friedwald and

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      • September 12, 2022

  5. Juschu went for a hike.

    September 11, 2022

    1. Juschu

      After it stopped raining in the late morning 🌧 , we decided to run a little lap near home 🏡. So we drove 🚙 to Böhringen, where we first filled up quite cheaply ⛽️ and continued to Schlichem in the place where we parked 🅿️. From the parking lot we walked 🥾🥾 under the Autobahn 🛣, past fields and

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      • September 11, 2022

  6. Juschu went for a hike.

    September 8, 2022

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    1. Juschu

      This year is the Mostbesen again 🍷🧹 in Boll, from September 7th to 13th at the multipurpose hall! The afternoon weather was 🌥 sunny 🌤 and so we decided to go on a hike 🥾🥾 to Boll! The range of food and drinks, such as must and beer 🍷🍻🌭🥓🍞 is great! You get into nice conversations with good

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      • September 8, 2022

  7. Juschu went for a hike.

    September 6, 2022

    1. Juschu

      Today we went to ☁️🌥Gunningen🚙 to go for a run there🥾🥾, it's right next to the town hall 🅿️. First we walked to the Felix Chapel ⛪️ a beautiful chapel ⛪️ in a simple shape and with great stained glass windows. Then it continued up the hill. On one side the Hohenkarpfen (912m) ⛰ towered up and on

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      • September 6, 2022

  8. Juschu went on a Tour.

    September 5, 2022

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    1. Juschu

      Today there were again 5 🦯🦆🦯 mallards in the forest 🌲 🌳 🌳🌲 on the way!

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      • September 5, 2022

  9. Hans Jürgen Maisel, Hubert and 68 others like this.
    1. Juschu

      After our Melina was picked up again yesterday 🏡, Jürgen planned this beautiful vineyard tour in the afternoon. First researched and then planned is probably better said! So we drove by car 🚙 to Neuhausen an der Erms in the morning. 🅿️are available there, on the edge of the vineyards. Before we went

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      • September 4, 2022

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