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Das wichtigste Stück des Reisegepäcks ist und bleibt ein fröhliches Herz.

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  1. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    4 days ago

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    1. Chris Walk

      After a long summer without having made another round with NSG today😻
      The beautiful afternoon weather was exploited. Between us: the access is still locked with a padlock. All other entrances are free, and I can still climb over the gate😁
      In the meantime it is very peaceful on the pond of the NSG, only four gray herons, a couple of mallards and a pair of swans could be seen in their quiet zone. For this I was able to take a closer look at the herd of mother mares and their teenage foals, as a reward they were allowed to nibble on my rain jacket ... 😂

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      • 4 days ago

  2. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    5 days ago

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    1. Chris Walk

      Today with the good news that the young swans got through the summer well, even in the rain😜 ...

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      • 5 days ago

  3. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    6 days ago

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    1. Chris Walk

      I haven't been out much in the last week - so I had to do a quick lap before dark😻

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      • 6 days ago

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    1. Chris Walk

      Sunday evening in front of the TV: "Oh, Ursula Bruns, Immenhof - exhibition?" - "Can you make a tour out of it? - Is anyone else crazy enough?"Yes, you can - and there is someone who is crazy enough to take part! Jenny!Compared to the theater that Ursula Bruns made around the pony farm story at the time, the exhibition in the Nottbeck house's garden shed is modest. But nicely done nonetheless, and there's a little more to learn about the author. And if you want, you can test yourself on the course - okay, Jenny did it for my sake. But I think she does very well as a jumping amazon ...A need made us go to the main museum, where I was particularly interested in the children's book department and where we discovered the treasure: a reading cave in the catacombs of the Nottbeck manor! Exciting!From Nottbeck we went to Stromberg, with a detour via a viewing platform at the radio tower. A good view of the Sauerland was promised there, and we had that too, with clear weather and the observation of a flock of crows trying to drive a bird of prey from their territory.In Stromberg we were drawn to the castle ruins, but the Lamberti Church is also worth seeing. The ship is set in a special light by the ornate lead glass windows, and the organ gallery is built entirely from beautifully carved wood. You shouldn't be put off by the sober, chalky-white exterior. Directly opposite the church, mass visitors are sure to fall into the Druffel distillery to enjoy a morning pint with plum schnapps (typical for Stromberg) and the like ...The castle ruins are pretty inconspicuous from the bottom of the valley. Many paths and paths lead up more or less steeply, we chose the path past the swimming pool because we had already walked so much asphalt that a little park and forest floor was good. The point of attraction on the summit is certainly the pilgrimage church, which we left behind, because the keep (there are only rudimentary sections of the wall and no more buildings) was more interesting for us with the views and also with a few benches in the sun, where we were first had a vespers.In order not to get back to the car in the pitch black, we left Stromberg through the outer castle gate and also walked past the Stemich farm shop, because as soon as the sun went down, it quickly became dark again. In the dark we reached Haus Nottbeck, which was now illuminated, and drove home into the night.It was nice, Jenny, thank you that you spontaneously wanted to come on this rather unusual tour with little nature. Next time we will swim again through the Ems and the Canal into the Venn in the middle of the forest, I promise

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      • 6 days ago

  5. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    October 2, 2021

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    1. Chris Walk

      This morning I had an appointment with two friends🥰 in Recklinghausen for breakfast at Café Helene😋.
      If you eat well, you have to shake off the calories again, so I parked in the north, in the old parking lot of the hall building and allowed myself a little tour of the city.
      I've been to Recklinghausen so often, to shop, to sing (in St. Peter, in the old tram depot and also in the festival hall), but I haven't really walked through the city with my eyes open either🤦‍♀️.
      I already knew the city wall (I skipped Castel Sant'Angelo) and the old alleys, but I have never paid attention to the relief of the city on St. Peter. At this point was the "original cell", probably a courtyard from the 8th century - who would have thought that when you see the cobblestones today?
      On the way to the Altstadtschmiede, an event location that originated more from the individual theater, you normally pass the old pharmacy ⚖️ ignorantly. This is a half-timbered building that is artfully framed in a high baroque style with a "new" facade.
      And the Protestant church in the south of the old town, named after the Swedish King Gustav Adolf, is one of the oldest Protestant churches in the district.
      In front of the town hall (some consider it the most beautiful thing in West Germany ...) there is a characteristic fountain: "Citizens carry their city" - this is how you express your love for your homeland!
      Despite the hooded building, there are still a few things to see at the train station - and I don't just mean the gray heron guarding the fountain lady (she reminded me a bit of the figurine from the world premiere of Mozart's "Magic Flute"). And while we're on culture ...
      Breakfast is a long break without photos in the tour, and on the way back I thought to myself: "Oh, if the way is so short, just go to the Festspielhaus🎭 ..." And because I was already there , I also ran on to the public observatory🔭, because I've never noticed it either. Through the grounds of the old zoo (today it is only a petting zoo of reasonable size, but in 1930 the zoo had real zoom dimensions) we went back to the parking lot.
      It's good that the weather held up, even if the sun didn't come out until I was at the car. But it was a nice round with once again amazingly new views🤩!

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      • October 2, 2021

  6. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    September 30, 2021

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    1. Chris Walk

      A gift day -
      is something that has to be exploited😻
      And so I took the day, the nice weather and a handful of good humor and jumped out of bed this morning with the most difficult question of the day: Ammeloe or Alstätte? 🤔
      I decided to go to Alstätte due to the 4 (!) Minutes shorter travel time and went to Witte Veen.
      I parked in Alstätte because - who knows me, knows - the tour previously saved by Markus from Reken was too short for me, I wanted to walk more than 10 km, and so I thought: "Have a look at Alstätte! "Yes, there isn't much that is spectacular there, I didn't even look for Höger's Hues home, I couldn't get the church on the picture in a good light - and Kuchel's Natz is no longer alive either ...But I kept walking, along a hundred meters long orchard path, whose apples I could also help myself to, until suddenly I was at the first entrance to the Venn. A small path leads to the pond, but it is so overgrown that I don't know whether it will be tolerated at all ... 🤔The area on the German side has a bit of a resemblance to the Kuhlenvenn, as the paths around the Venn are mostly paved.
      On the Dutch side, it goes through the Fens on the forest floor, over wooden planks, between wet meadows😻. Even without the water birds, which are certainly numerous in spring, the landscape is varied and worth seeing👍
      Also and especially the heather area in front of the Haarmühle (here is a link to the story: haarmuehle.de/alte-wassermuehle-und-witte-venn/historie) is fantastic ...
      After the restoration in 2000, the hair mill went back into operation as a drive for generating electricity. The adjoining rooms house a small open mill museum, in which you can also take part in guided tours.
      We went back to Alstätte via the old Mühlweg, unfortunately for the most part along Buurser Straße. If you like it less busy, you should follow the Fietspad from the hair mill to the Gerwinghook👍😃

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      • September 30, 2021

  7. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    September 29, 2021

    3.09 mi
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    50 ft
    75 ft
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    1. Chris Walk

      ... autumn is coming🍁🍂 in huge trains🌾🌫️⛈️

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      • September 29, 2021

  8. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    September 25, 2021

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    1. Chris Walk

      It is again the cantata service 🎼🎶 announced in the Evangelical Church on the market - and this time in a special setting, in the cultural series "Aufbruch". For this purpose, the artist Dorothee Bielfeld made an installation in the church that appears questionable, which even under the circumstances does not seem to have succeeded - it has, as a symbol for change in the church, the traditional - admittedly dusty - seating arrangement " broken up "and the benches repositioned partly on top of each other, upright, at an angle. That may be reminiscent of the 🌊 flood disasters in summer, against this background the installation was not really successful.In any case, it is now an exciting place to make music, because that is also new: the orchestra and choir sit in the ship, the audience, the community, on the gallery. The service takes place from the altar behind the singers. Let's see how it will arrive tomorrow morning from 10 o'clock ...Today was a rehearsal, relaxed singing among old friends, and then I went hiking. I wanted to get to know the "hinterland", the "outback" of Kettwig, this old city, which has also become a victim of the community reforms and sometimes Düsseldorf, sometimes Essen, but could also be a city on its own!I did my planning freely - and either I had a lucky hand or there weren't many options, but in large parts my lap corresponds to the Kettwiger Panoramasteig, which of course goes much further east, and I know the section.
      It was not planned that the silhouette of my hike would look a bit like Bart Simpson, but it fits the topic of "artistic design" 🤣😂
      So today it was a nice little sightseeing tour with buildings that were / are unknown to me, with forests that were simply left to themselves after industrial use (mining), with little unobstructed view - I had expected more of that in Ickten, but even here I couldn't really see into the distance.But the circle strikes back to art and culture, if you look at the installation on the Ruhr, but also if you pass the Bögel Villa, which has been owned by the architect Werner Ruhnau since 1995, who, together with Yves Klein, is my home, the music theater in the Revier in Gelsenkirchen, built and decorated.It went up and down a few ways, but the best encounter I had with Ennie and Fly, two 3 and 1.5 year old Australian Shephards who were initially skeptical, but then really wanted to play with me. And because her owner was very nice and also lives in Ickten, we walked back to the settlement together, and she told a little bit about life in Ickten, a previously dark spot on my map.Shortly across Meisenburger Strasse, to Kettwiger Höhe with the Springer pond, and then I was back in the center through the old Kettwiger settlement with some wonderfully renovated huts, where I had my car.Green 🟩✅🟩 was the tour, I have to say that! It's fun to take a closer look at Kettwig. And the new loop of the Panoramasteig over Ickten was definitely a good choice of the initiators👌

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      • September 25, 2021

  9. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    September 23, 2021

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    1. Chris Walk

      The first day of autumn! 🌾
      And the second maskless day in the Netherlands! 🇳🇱
      And hiking day🥾, the most important of all !!!
      Today I had to go to the high moor with a cat again, I already know the area pretty well and there is currently a lot of construction on site, so I drove across the border. Shopping, of course, but also hiking. Because I've always been interested in what the landscape between Oeding and Winterswijk looks like away from the Kottenseweg.Amazingly beautiful, I mean !!! 😻👍 I was allowed to leave my car at the Motomarkt and go. And first of all I was drawn to the water mill "Den Helder". This mill has a very old history and was completely restored by the current owner in 2016, but is no longer in operation. This includes the Plekenpol manor, an absolutely idyllic piece of earth, but I don't know whether it is private, I didn't dare to enter the property despite the squirrels ...We continued along the Boven Slinge to the Kottenseweg. A dream for friends of the brook lowlands, because people can relax here🧘‍♀️. The Gelderland government is currently trying to make certain attractions such as the three water mills and the trails interesting for visitors, I think the insider tip shouldn't become too popular😜, otherwise the original, the mystique that still characterizes this place, will be lost.Another gem, but probably not that popular in the area, as there is a public petition against it, is the estate "De Zonnebloem". Once equipped with a large nursery with a huge stock of flowers, the owners, who probably live somewhat alternatively, have now gone to the market with camping, labyrinth, small nursery (unfortunately closed today), pony stable and art workshop, which bothers the neighbors. I thought there wasn't much going on there, and the people I met were very friendly, tried to break German - because my Dutch is even more fragmentary - and made a decent impression🤷‍♀️ ...Back on the Kottenseweg came a short dry spell, because you have to walk this connecting road along a Zeitland to get to the other side in the direction of Rosenhaege. It's good that there is the great Fietsenbahn, some streets in Germany are not equipped with that width👍😀We then went to Rosenhaege past a playful young stallion herd. This is a country house with a fee-paying rose garden, which is, however, well cared for. For visitors and buyers of the plants, there is the Kotten in the entrance area, which has been converted into a "Celtic Koffiehuis" according to British design. I was there in winter two years ago, but by car. The Koffiehuis was open today and there were people sitting around the café on the terraces. I took my lunch break here and enjoyed the peace in nature.Actually I had expected that the way back via the villages would be similar to the Münsterland farmers with a lot of asphalt, or here more cobblestones. But I was pleasantly surprised. My route took me over beautiful dirt roads, through small sections of primeval forest and natural paths along a small natural zone, where I also found the Mondriaan sign, which Martina and Markus had recently found.At the end of the day in Winterswijk, I quickly stopped by FC Trias (nothing going on, no training), and I was particularly interested in the natural ice stadium - it could easily be used for athletics competitions in summer.All in all, I can say it's totally pleasant, but it's a strange feeling to go shopping without a mask again. Based on today's experience, however, it makes sense, I think. And I am really pleasantly surprised by Kotten, this stretch of landscape off Winterswijk. I would love to come back !!! 🤗😻👍

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      • September 23, 2021

  10. Chris Walk went for a hike.

    September 20, 2021

    5.21 mi
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    150 ft
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    1. Chris Walk

      So, after yesterday everyone was wondering about a house round with little pictures (😂), today I went shopping with my eyes open again. The following found:- at 10 o'clock in the morning horses have breakfast
      - the herons don't like me and they never let me take nice pictures😭
      - I will never rummage through the compost with my bare hands again (have I ever done that?), because the black rot beetle obviously likes to hang around there, which is non-toxic, but still aggressive and whose defensive secretions irritate the skin ...
      Have a nice week to all of you😻👌😻🤗

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      • September 20, 2021

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